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Artist Vs Poet - “Favorite Fix” [Acoustic]

Video’s from last October. Check out Joe K playing my acoustic guitar. Dudes are awesome. Still love this.


Remember the Free Credit Score commericals?

Yeah, that band is from Detroit and performed for my old website last October. They’re actually pretty good. Watch this if you haven’t unfollowed me yet.

The American Secrets - “Let’s Not Stop”

As some of you know, That Common Kid and I recently started a YouTube where we post exclusive interviews and performances with some of your favorite bands.

Well, we decided to take this whole thing a step further. Not only did we set up a TCDC Media Twitter page, we set up the official TCDC Media Tumblr.

On this new blog, we will be posting more exclusive material such as songs, interviews, contests, and news that you won’t be able to find on our personal accounts.

So take the time to click “Follow” and you will have instant access to everything we have to offer.


Valencia talking about It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. 

My old website. Going through the videos now; this one’s from December 2010.