here’s my very own teacher crush playlist!! most songs can be found on iTunes, Youtube, or Spotify!! i hope you like it xo

1. More Of You -Mozella

2. Love -Lana Del Rey

3. Work -Charlotte Day Wilson

4. Boarding School -Lana Del Rey

5. Lovefool -The Cardigans

6. Without You -Lana Del Rey

7. Campus -Vampire Weekend

8. Lowlife -That Poppy

9. Born Too Late -The Poni-Tails

10. Older -Birdy

11. I Want You -Marian Hill

12. The Other Woman - Lana Del Rey

13. Religion -Lana Del Rey

14. One Way or Another -Blondie

15. Why Do You Let Me Stay Here? -She & Him

16. Academia -Sia

Some psychological observations about Tim McVeigh taken from the book by his former attorney Stephen Jones - Others Unknown: Timothy McVeigh and the Oklahoma City Bombing Conspiracy.

I was also worried-greatly at times-about his mental condition. Back in October 1995, I remember, he had called the office and said it was urgent he speak with me. It so happened I was in Washington at the time. Rob Nigh was with me, and Dick Burr was in Houston. When I finally got him on the phone, he told me he was “about to lose it.” I assumed he meant an emotional or mental breakdown, and I managed to get Dr. John Smith on his emergency number. Dr. Smith immediately went to the prison and spent a number of hours with Tim, that day and the next. Tim did calm down-the ground rules the three of us had agreed to specified that Tim could say whatever he wanted to Dr. Smith and Dr. Smith would never repeat it to me–but I was sufficiently concerned that I called in a highly respected Oklahoma City physician, Dr. Michael Crawford, to give Tim a complete physical. Crawford pronounced him in excellent physical shape. At various times I’d had Tim examined by other psychiatrists and psychologists, looking for something that might help us establish a defense, but none found evidence of incompetence, insanity, or any mental defect or condition.

One of them, Seymour L. Halleck, M.D., of the University of North Carolina’s Department of Psychiatry, did warn me that I was making a serious mistake letting Tim talk to so many members of the defense staff. McVeigh was manipulative, he observed, and would seek to divide us and play one off against the other. Unfortunately, I didn’t follow his advice, thinking it more important that he feel the full community involvement of the defense team with him.

What I did do was ask Ann Bradley, who had already proven her analytical skills, to review all of Tim’s statements to us and the memoranda of interviews, in order to determine what psychological themes emerged and what inconsistencies she could catch-in other words, whether he was being truthful or deceptive with us as reflected in his own words. I asked Randy Coyne to help by preparing a detailed comparison study of what Tim had said about each person whose name he’d mentioned-another form of cross-checking.

Several weeks later, Ann delivered her report, which she entitled, “Is He Lying or Isn’t He?” It was long and, to say the least, highly disquieting, organized into a series of propositions with examples.

Proposition one: “He has lied to us in the past, which even he admits.” She quoted Tim, from early in the case, saying he had decided to cooperate with us and disclose all because he “felt like a shit yesterday” for lying. The pattern, however, had been repeated many times.

Proposition two: “The better part of his adult life is predicated upon lies, deceptions and cons.” Many examples followed, and the observation, “Tim is a masterful manipulator and con man and he is applying the same techniques on us that he did on others.”

Proposition three: “His story is riddled with inconsistencies.” There were many such, but one of the most disturbing was whether Tim knew there were children in the Murrah Building. He’d stated that he didn’t know about the nursery, then clarified that to he hadn’t known about it till three days before the bombing. (What, I wondered, did he find out three days before the bombing, and from whom?) On the other hand, he remembered saying to Mike and Lori Fortier, several months before the bombing, “I told them, you know, children may die, there may be a pregnant woman working there or there may be someone walking down the street or someone may have taken their child to work with them. Do you understand that?” Ann took this as evidence that he knew full well about the day care center.

Over and again, in Ann’s analysis, Tim had said and advocated the opposite of what he truly believed, and even when not completely lying, was prone to hyperbole and exaggeration. She noted that Tim claimed to have placed fifty-seventh in the country on the U.S. Marshal’s service exam, and second out of 70,000 applications for a toll collector’s job on the New York State Thruway but had been denied these jobs because of affirmative action! This led to observations about his unshakeable belief in his own leadership skills, and the difficulty he had acknowledging any other serious players because to do so would diminish his own role and status.

Your fist tightened on the cold surface of the table, feeling his hands roam your body teasingly - almost a silent dare to make you moan louder - his fingers finally trailing down your stomach to play with your clit through your underwear. Adding the pressure that you so desperately craved.

“You’re already so wet for me” he whispered, moving his index finger in a slow circular motion - “I can’t believe I have you like this, all wet and ready for me… we could get caught you know…” he moved your panties to the side, your breathing getting heavier as he finally slid his fingers between you “such a naughty little girl, seducing an older man like this” he Began to suck on your neck, leaving Hickies for the whole world to see…. only you know the true person who left the mark, nobody would expect your well respected teacher would do that to you. It was improper. You moaned as he moved his finger at a steady rhythm - his other hand slowly playing with your clit.

“Oh you’re so good for me, I love you like this. You have no idea what it’s like, do you?” You were too busy trying to keep your voice down to respond to him - “having to walk around like you’re just another student, it’s like your whole existence is based on mocking me. Tormenting me, well you know what? No more. You’re mine, baby girl. All mine, I don’t fucking care how improper it is”


You were jolted out of your day dream by the very man you were thinking about, your face flushed and breathing a little uneven -

“(Y/n), are you alright?” He asked, his eyes staring into yours making your breathing just that little bit more uneven.

“Yes sir, sorry I… I zoned out”

“I can see that…” his lips were turned into a little smirk, only you could see it… “I can’t imagine what’s made you so flustered” you bit back the comment of ‘you’, simply opting for a small, shy smile. “…well, I can think of one..” his tone was knowing, almost smug, and you were sure the rest of the class heard your heart thumping in your chest. He sent one last look at you, before addressing the class about some project that he was handing out.

You were left with an empty feeling as he walked away, for it would always be his existence that would mock and torment you.

Saturday III

We got back to school and kept talking the rest of the day as much as we could, it was a pretty good day.

She gave me a little alien sticker from a local artist, I loved it and thanked her a lot.

Her parents couldn’t make it to the meeting and so I went to the principal and asked him if it would be wrong of me to take her home, he told me that not at all and he thanked me for offering to do it because he was going to but it was late and he had plans with his family. Then I asked A if she needed a ride home and she came very close to me and almost whispered “well I do but you wouldn’t get in trouble?“ I told her that I already asked so she got really happy and thanked me because she didn’t wanted to take the bus.

She lives pretty far away, like 30 minutes away from school. She kept asking me to let her drive, she told me that I looked very tired and that she should drive and all kinds of excuses to get to drive so I told her that she could drive to the gas station because I was already low on gas.

She drives pretty well, but she was incredibly nervous. I could hear her breathing and she kept touching her hair.

So I charged gas and she went to get some candy, she got me my favorite candy and I kind of hugged her for a moment.

I left her at her house and her sister came out to open the door and when she saw that a car was parked she ran, literally ran, to see who was in the car I guess. Her sister came to the pasangers window and I said an awkward hello, we had met before so she knew who I am, she said hello and she looked back and forth between me and A that was still standing at her door and raising an eyebrow. I got super nervous and told her that the principal asked me to drive her home because it was late and she kind of noticed that I was afraid so she told me not to worry and thanked me and then when she was walking towards A she said “I can’t believe you actually got that poor guy here”
And A told her to shut up and yelled me not to listen to her and they both laughed and started fighting but playfuly.

Later A texted me: “Hey, sorry for my sister. I had a great time, thank you"
I answered: “Don’t worry about it. Me too"