Richard Lapham- I have a passion for psychology,  and I focus my work on understanding human nature and our consciousness.  I’ve explored how we perceive and internalize visual information in the past, and I am currently interested in  Jung’s collective unconsciousness, specifically the idea of archetypes. Using myself as a tool of exploring the unconscious, I visually document how my mind shapes and realizes familiar archetypes in a mash of mixed media. This process usually takes me through cycles of building up a space/subject and breaking it down again. The closest I’ve come to understanding my own unconsciousness is in the moments of ambiguity between a recognizable subject and total abstraction. 

Title: Three Nude Figures  13 x 19”. $900. Mixed media (oil paint, pastel, digital c-print, white gesso). 

Albert Stern (Stickrust) “My paintings are not portraits. They are inspired from the work I do as an acupuncturist and body worker. As a healer I work with my clients’ bodies as well as their energy, spirit, and personal power. Through this healing work, I watch people transform, grow and find their Personal Light. Transformation is not always easy or pretty but it is always beautiful. It is a powerful journey full of darkness and light. My paintings look to capture the beauty of the journey.  These paintings are created with my hands, fingers, and minimal tools. No brushes are used. Albert paints, teaches, and works with clients in Denver CO." 

Sarah Eisenlohr- “My most recent collages are based on themes that are specific to my personal life. They are the byproducts of the mundane, predictability of our days and the more substantial moments that leave an impression on our minds. By creating new context within old photos with things like floating rocks, over-sized feathers and wandering figures, they become nostalgia-inspired landscapes of quiet discoveries and daydreams.”

Title: Decor (Magazine collage)

Haejung Lee - “My obsession of documentation is reflected onto my artistic practice.  I make art because I want to, but more importantly, I make art because I feel the need to. It is like I’m rushing to write something down on a piece of paper before I forget, before the rushing of the blood or thumping of the heart fades away and disappears completely. I feel a strong need to spill it all out before my imagination alters the purest form of truth, dilutes the authentic emotion until it becomes something else entirely. My artworks represent little pieces of me that have been archived, which otherwise may be forgotten through time. They are the proof of my existence. They become almost like photographic images that captures both the physical and emotional aspects of moments in my life." 

Title: Inevitable, 2014- 15” x 18” - NFS


Mary Pelc "is an illustrator based in Gdansk, Poland. She Graduated in 2012 from the Faculty of Graphic Arts, Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz, Poland with a Master of Arts degree. She also earned a diploma at Editorial Design Studio where she took part in many exhibitions.

Mary has since become an experienced graphic designer where she tries to juxtapose strong content with subtle imaging. Main subject of her works is human body and emotions which it express.“

Title: Blue (digital art, 42x42 cm )

Magda Dudziak - “I am a multidisciplinary visual artist working primarily in collage, mixed media, sculpture and printmaking. My recent body of work reflects my interest in fragmentation ( fragments of memory), displacement, human emotions, passage of time, loss of innocence and human relationships. It fascinates me that I am able to deconstruct and interpret already existing images to create new meaning(s).

I’m currently pursuing my BFA at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.”

Exposure/collage on paper, 2013

Kevin Corrado ”is a fine artist attending SASD for graphic design. His photography walks the line between lyricism and surrealism, never straying to far from either. When a piece calls for a model, he either uses himself or a close friend. His compositions are simple and elegant: The imagery could be best described as quiet and peaceful - at times seeming to transcend the boundaries of the image.”

Title: A Desolate Dream

Cherelles Appleton - The images I make are a surreal take on the representation of the body through photographic media. Sometimes they are humorous, sometimes unsettling. I use cut outs from fashion editorials and adverts to create strange assemblages, with the body as its central subject. The body has been an enduring interest for me; originally setting out to work in performance, I used my body as material, influenced by the work of experimental dramatists like Meyerhold, Grotowski and Berkoff. Rather than working from the interior to produce believable representations of emotions, I was interested in working from the outside in, using exaggerated and sometimes bizarre movements and gestures to express emotion. I try to separate ‘the self’ from the body and focus on what is left. Reducing still further by using photography, my collages employ the flatness of the photographic print as a distancing tool, so whilst the ultra crisp fashion images suggest a depth, the cut edges remind the eye of their 2D nature. The body is cut, distorted, reconfigured and assembled into absurd beings, insect like or grotesque.

Title: Tristan, 2014- collage on board 42x59cm 

Enrico Varrasso- “This piece is from a series of images i made a couple of years back. they were created digitally by combining layers of vector line art, scanned textures and painted surfaces. always get a great response from them.

this piece isn’t available just yet but you can pick up two others in the series from Pi Creative Art, they sell them in sizes ranging from 18”x18” all the way to 41”x41” on paper, canvas, metal and acrylic (the metal and acrylic are amazing to see, adds a new dimension to the pieces)”

Title: Sphere 3-7 

AMEXXVPHOTOGRAPHY -I am student from the UK in my final year  of Film and TV production; although I am a photographer and a visual artist. With my images I want to create something completely different from the original ‘photograph’

Title: A sort of self portrait.

Hom Nguyen “When in front of the monumental portraits of Hom Nguyen, the eyes are captured. a smell almost emerges from the painting. The painter makes the idols unstable  and looks deeper in the inmost depths of their souls.

the french painter Hom Nguyen radically transformed our insight of humanity.
 By combining the emotion of the realism and the explosion of the expressionism, demonstrates not only maturity but also stunning artistic sensitivities. The impact is here, violent and irremediable.”

Title: Prince

Kelvin Brown-“I’m an abstract painter and graffiti artist currently living and working in 30°15′0″N 97°45′0″W.

To me, my work is more about the process than the finished piece. It is analogous to when I was an elementary school student: the studio is my playground, the process is recess & the finished piece results from the whistle being blown.”

Title: Flashback -2013, spray paint on paper-18 x 24 in. Price: $85