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If you’re not following The Collective 57 shame on you! They are a wonderful online gallery that showcases a wide variety of emerging artists. Each entry is thoroughly documented and credited to each individual. They are doing great things and I’m quite flattered to be apart of this thriving organism. 


The Sequence Series, is a reflective process of continual constant sifting through ideas about city, environment, and inhabitants.  Through this process of daily photographing of my city environment, I reflect on the way these spaces are inhabited and influenced by  how people move through and are effected by their surroundings. By sifting through the photographical information, I can choose key areas of visual importance to recreate and communicate movement, tension, and emotion. These drawings, lines and color on a surface, connect a series of pieces that work together to create a storyline, dependent upon how the viewer approaches the works. The story is mostly left to the viewer to interpret based on their unique intrinsic experience with similar architecture and daily functions. Original photographs from the series that directly influenced these pieces have been left throughout Louisville for anyone to collect and have a piece of the larger works.   

Title: Market Street Alley Intersections - The Sequence Series (2013)  

15inch x 15inch Oil, Ink, Aerosol, Photo, Canvas 225.00

Albert Stern (Stickrust) “My paintings are not portraits. They are inspired from the work I do as an acupuncturist and body worker. As a healer I work with my clients’ bodies as well as their energy, spirit, and personal power. Through this healing work, I watch people transform, grow and find their Personal Light. Transformation is not always easy or pretty but it is always beautiful. It is a powerful journey full of darkness and light. My paintings look to capture the beauty of the journey.  These paintings are created with my hands, fingers, and minimal tools. No brushes are used. Albert paints, teaches, and works with clients in Denver CO." 

Kevin Corrado ”is a fine artist attending SASD for graphic design. His photography walks the line between lyricism and surrealism, never straying to far from either. When a piece calls for a model, he either uses himself or a close friend. His compositions are simple and elegant: The imagery could be best described as quiet and peaceful - at times seeming to transcend the boundaries of the image.”

Title: A Desolate Dream

Enrico Varrasso- “This piece is from a series of images i made a couple of years back. they were created digitally by combining layers of vector line art, scanned textures and painted surfaces. always get a great response from them.

this piece isn’t available just yet but you can pick up two others in the series from Pi Creative Art, they sell them in sizes ranging from 18”x18” all the way to 41”x41” on paper, canvas, metal and acrylic (the metal and acrylic are amazing to see, adds a new dimension to the pieces)”

Title: Sphere 3-7 

Hom Nguyen “When in front of the monumental portraits of Hom Nguyen, the eyes are captured. a smell almost emerges from the painting. The painter makes the idols unstable  and looks deeper in the inmost depths of their souls.

the french painter Hom Nguyen radically transformed our insight of humanity.
 By combining the emotion of the realism and the explosion of the expressionism, demonstrates not only maturity but also stunning artistic sensitivities. The impact is here, violent and irremediable.”

Title: Prince

Sandra Dieckmann -“The best folktales have a dark edge. Conversely, the best folk art pops with colour - perhaps as a visual way of whistling in the dark, perhaps a celebration of the richness of northern Europe’s storytelling tradition. Sandra Dieckmann’s nature inspired illustration has got that elusive, comfortable yet disquieting quality in spades. (Digital Artist Magazine)Sandra Dieckmann was born in a tiny Moo-town full of cows, fields and trees in Germany. In a tree house to be precise. Her mother was dangling by one arm when she gave birth and Sandra flopped out and landed on the back of a hawk who brought her home to his nest. There she learned to fly. That way she made her way to Great Britain in 2002 where she made friends with some pens and a magic black cat called Little Crumb.She now works from her studio in East London as a Freelance illustrator and artist. 

Drawing & playing with colours and building herself a magical nest filled with textures, patterns and furry faces. Her work mainly evolves around nature, wildlife, dreams, longing and observations and is inspired by all that touches her personally. Time and space. Nature and music. Feelings, friends, conversations and learning …Sandra’s skills have been applied to a wide array of international commissions and projects - working with clients like Random House Publishing, Atomic Skis and Utne Reader. In 2011 Sandra was chosen by Oscar Winner Shaun Tan as the Upcoming Talent in Illustration in the UK for her image ‘Fox Tree’”

Title- Seconds Behind

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Kelly Blevins- Kelly Blevins is a 2 dimensional artist combining the oddities of philosophies, politics and the nude body. "The body of work I produce is generally large in scale to create clear, strong statements in relevance to

universal concepts related to human nature to create a specific presence. Each drawing starts by applying

charcoal powder with a large brush for basic shape and composition. Thereafter, an eraser and a charcoal

pencil are used to develop a realistic representation of my visions.

Title: Tible - 60” x 82", charcoal on paper, (2013)

Jan Valik- I believe brushwork, strokes on the canvas and awareness of the moment are primary choices for which painting constitutes the presence within itself. It is no longer only perception-like which is the outcome, for me the process goes much further, becoming a reason for experience and exploration. It brings me to the unknown, yet not unconscious action, expansion of flexibility and broadening of the meanings in the works. Though I want each painting to be and stand for its own field, there, present, and yet interrelated and open to the possibilities of interpretation, emotion and contemplation.

Landscape as a profound experience, I consider it as both, inner and outer world merging and melting into the each other, from which something really (has to) happen and leaves an imprint, which I cannot other than work with.  

I involve myself in a painting as a tactile process, looking for that connection and mutuality originating in the space-like feeling in the landscape/inner/outer experiences.

Most currently I am tracing that line of approach in art and in the painting (mark making medias), regardless of cultural backgrounds, as the most vital one for my continuation.”

Title: Cloudless, yet not starry -oil on canvas, 190 x 140 cm, 2013

price: upon contacting the artist 

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Kelvin Brown-“I’m an abstract painter and graffiti artist currently living and working in 30°15′0″N 97°45′0″W.

To me, my work is more about the process than the finished piece. It is analogous to when I was an elementary school student: the studio is my playground, the process is recess & the finished piece results from the whistle being blown.”

Title: Flashback -2013, spray paint on paper-18 x 24 in. Price: $85

Eva Bowan, “born in Krakow, Poland, is a multidisciplinary artist, always seeking new outlets of self-expression.

Starting off as a visual artist she has later expanded her array of skills by making music.

Her creations are often a result of inspirations collected during studying Psychology back in Krakow, currently she’s studying Professional Musicianship in Brighton, UK.

Eva Bowan naturally creates captivating surreal worlds and electronic soundscapes inviting on an introspective journey. Her works are a mixture of dreams, hidden fantasies, haunting fears, observing the nature and overanalysing the world around and within.” 

Title: The Art of Thinking, 15 x 21 cm


“Abstract painting, for me it is a pure and honest expression that goes deeper than the surface image and in my opinion is the visual equal of that lyrical expression. It can encompass a gamete of topics from places and people to emotion and fantasy; or be the topic itself. Defining it for me is difficult because it’s like defining love! It is what it is and is unique to every individual because their interpretation which is based on their experiences, their emotion, and their beliefs. It is an art that requires the viewer to not only visually experience the art but interact with it, the dialogue is there just let it happen. In painting, like life we are looking for emotional triggers and connections. Harmonious movements and understood meanings that connect us to what we have felt or wish to feel.  The simplistic movement, shape, or color can deliver a powerful emotional response; wanted and unwanted. It is through these understood connections of color, shape, and movement that I strive to deliver my beliefs, emotion, vision, and experiences and capture it in my work.

        In my current work I rely on the artistic experience within the act of painting and the painting’s history. First with the artistic experience I’m looking at the emotional interaction coupled with the process in which the painting was created. The emotional
interaction resonates back on the understood meanings and how as individuals we have connections to certain movements, shapes, and colors.  The process can be looked at with respects to process art and action painting. There is an interaction that transpires between the artist and the painting, a dialogue that directs and holds accountable each movement. In regards to the painting's  history it is often overlooked by the viewers, as we tend to look at what is in front of us and not at what lead us to this moment. I try to let the history remain present in the final painting as it can give meaning, context, and depth just the same as an individual’s history defines them.”

Title: Silent 24" x 48" Mixed Media on Panel 2013 $1050.00

“London based artist Anne ‘Blondie’ Bengard explores the relationship between people, personalities and imagination within her work. With an open minded, free and playful approach, she aims to encourage the viewer to adopt an unrestricted attitude. The use of juxtapositions and undertones of dark humor and eroticism within her subject matter often lead to provocative yet sensuous images.  Her distinctive style is heavily inspired by Japanese manga, portraiture, pop surrealism, super realism, and above all a love for colour and texture created with water based mediums.

Since graduating from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London in 2010 with a BA (hons) Performance design and practice, she has embraced multidisciplinary collaboration with other creative practitioners to further develop her personal work and ideas.

  Pastel Cure- Watercolour, Drawing Ink, Gouache, Acrylic
81x62 cm - 2013- NFS   To view more work visit -  

Teiji Hayama’s work join together western and Japanese influences, combining different art historical periods varying from Christian art, Greek mythology, subculture to Japanese culture.

Hayama’s work depict young girls evolving into women, a physical and mental transitional stage involving social and psychological changes. They represent messengers whose glassy, ambiguous gazes remind the viewer of the importance of life.
The portraits are pure and uncovered. Nudity is not nakedness, but a form of innocence – one and unique entity showing the purest essence of the human being.
Thin and long limbs of depicted girls contrast strongly with their musculature. Their bodies are atypical, blending both fragility and strength, and therefore expressing their desire to keep going.
Pale, or at times even livid skin, resembles ancient beauty, but at the same time clashes with the girls’ juvenile and well rounded cheeks.
The experience provided by Hayama’s work has many levels and is full of contrasts.

TitleCeleano, oil on canvas, 80 x 60 cm, 4200 USD