Richard Lapham- I have a passion for psychology,  and I focus my work on understanding human nature and our consciousness.  I’ve explored how we perceive and internalize visual information in the past, and I am currently interested in  Jung’s collective unconsciousness, specifically the idea of archetypes. Using myself as a tool of exploring the unconscious, I visually document how my mind shapes and realizes familiar archetypes in a mash of mixed media. This process usually takes me through cycles of building up a space/subject and breaking it down again. The closest I’ve come to understanding my own unconsciousness is in the moments of ambiguity between a recognizable subject and total abstraction. 

Title: Three Nude Figures  13 x 19”. $900. Mixed media (oil paint, pastel, digital c-print, white gesso). 

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If you’re not following The Collective 57 shame on you! They are a wonderful online gallery that showcases a wide variety of emerging artists. Each entry is thoroughly documented and credited to each individual. They are doing great things and I’m quite flattered to be apart of this thriving organism. 


Graffiti Abstract #5 24" x 48" Mixed Media on Panel 2013 www.bradleycarterart.comAbstract painting, for me it is a pure and honest expression that goes deeper than the surface image and in my opinion is the visual equal of that lyrical expression. It can encompass a gamete of topics from places and people to emotion and fantasy; or be the topic itself. Defining it for me is difficult because it’s like defining love! It is what it is and is unique to every individual because their interpretation which is based on their experiences, their emotion, and their beliefs. It is an art that requires the viewer to not only visually experience the art but interact with it, the dialogue is there just let it happen. In painting, like life we are looking for emotional triggers and connections. Harmonious movements and understood meanings that connect us to what we have felt or wish to feel.  The simplistic movement, shape, or color can deliver a powerful emotional response; wanted and unwanted. It is through these understood connections of color, shape, and movement that I strive to deliver my beliefs, emotion, vision, and experiences and capture it in my work.

André Schmucki- "Was born on january 31 - 1967 he received a b.f.a. in the 90’s- from hdk - zurich and lucerne university of applied sciences and arts. He came to preeminence in the 1990’s during a time when many artists - critics and collectors were quietly championing a return to the art of painting. 

Upon first glance andré’s work seems to mirror the surrealists fascination with the subconscious and collective memories. However andré’s transcends the initial surrealists strategies by consciously choosing subject matter loaded with cultural connotation.

Visual Manifestations 

“It is commonly believed that the primary function of dreams is to psychologically balance and compensate for matters left unsettled during our waking hours. In the dream world, the censors of our mind dissipate and the material in our heads becomes fluid and nonlinear—our past memories, fears and desires all surface symbolically, revealing to us a deeper understanding of ourselves. Metaphorically, this is how I have come to understand my artwork. I see my art as a visual manifestations of my subconscious mind - images that bypass intellectualization to reveal authentic feeling.”

Title: Shielding - 2013 - oil on canvas - 30cm x 40cm - 2200.- euro To view more work visit-

Stefano Bonazzi- ”Is a self-taught web designer and digital artist hailing from Ferrara, Italy. Bonazzi uses a unique combination of techniques from charcoal drawing, photo editing, and digital photography to produce his works.

“All my work is infused with the prospect of life as a snub, a disillusioned and cynical vision that leads me to concentrate on the negative aspects of things. This way I look at reality, however, does not want to be a disenchantment end in itself, but rather an alternative viewpoint to spread niceness and false constituent of the bottom of our society. My creative path winds through the representation of states of mind tormented, but never definitive.

I am fascinated by the infinite shades in between that color our contemporary life, I love the gray rather than black and white. The feelings of anxiety and discomfort, which in some way belong to each of us, as well as the approach that we have about death, it usually issues hidden by a company that paints itself as omnipotent and ethereal, are the focal points around wheel to which my work. Misleading image of a false reality loaded artificial colors, dyes prefer a picturesque vision and reduced most essential. I find it particularly congenial to the realization of my representations digital technologies, a veritable kaleidoscope of nuances of expression that allows the artist to infinitely expand its scope of intervention and evaluation. ”

Nightmare #10
Digital composition printed on photographic fine art paper, framed.
Size 70 x 120 cm

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RERY-“Born in Taiwan, Rery grew up in Montreal and now works in Paris for nearly ten years. Her work reflects fascination with existing cultural confrontations and diversity. While her vision of the world may be like that of a child - pure and naive - her comprehensive background is covered and enriched with multicultural sophistication and a sense of appreciation. From the manga she read and calligraphy she practiced during her childhood to the contemporary art of the 21st century, her inspiration comes from a variety of sources: the clichés of society, emotions of everyday life, people she loves or meets, her daydreams…”

Garden inside portrait of / collage with the work of G.Benard  Website | Tumblr

Sandra Dieckmann -“The best folktales have a dark edge. Conversely, the best folk art pops with colour - perhaps as a visual way of whistling in the dark, perhaps a celebration of the richness of northern Europe’s storytelling tradition. Sandra Dieckmann’s nature inspired illustration has got that elusive, comfortable yet disquieting quality in spades. (Digital Artist Magazine)Sandra Dieckmann was born in a tiny Moo-town full of cows, fields and trees in Germany. In a tree house to be precise. Her mother was dangling by one arm when she gave birth and Sandra flopped out and landed on the back of a hawk who brought her home to his nest. There she learned to fly. That way she made her way to Great Britain in 2002 where she made friends with some pens and a magic black cat called Little Crumb.She now works from her studio in East London as a Freelance illustrator and artist. 

Drawing & playing with colours and building herself a magical nest filled with textures, patterns and furry faces. Her work mainly evolves around nature, wildlife, dreams, longing and observations and is inspired by all that touches her personally. Time and space. Nature and music. Feelings, friends, conversations and learning …Sandra’s skills have been applied to a wide array of international commissions and projects - working with clients like Random House Publishing, Atomic Skis and Utne Reader. In 2011 Sandra was chosen by Oscar Winner Shaun Tan as the Upcoming Talent in Illustration in the UK for her image ‘Fox Tree’”

Title- Found You There

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Sarah Eisenlohr- “My most recent collages are based on themes that are specific to my personal life. They are the byproducts of the mundane, predictability of our days and the more substantial moments that leave an impression on our minds. By creating new context within old photos with things like floating rocks, over-sized feathers and wandering figures, they become nostalgia-inspired landscapes of quiet discoveries and daydreams.”

Title: Decor (Magazine collage)

Yuriy Ibragimov - The more an artist realizes the surrounding regularity, the further he or she freely notices their artistic views. With this said, I also approach with ambiguity and opposite visions by not refusing realistic structures. By showing emphasized feeling with a bit of gentleness allows me to pronounce the vivid dynamics of life with the intentions of introducing specific reality and multicolor in my work. But when glancing at some of the works, chances are some first impressions might emit a sense of disorder or chaos but when carefully examining the content one can soon realize that there is distinct existence being portrayed. Furthermore, by using specific techniques of layering wax and encaustic oil paint, and collage allows me to bring the works visually alive when blending colors into their organic fates as intended by nature. Because I constantly use these methods of painting, I continuously reap their benefits of improving my visionary as an artist. Ultimately, my perpetual search of uniqueness fuels my artistic appetite to find an artificial connection to nature’s beauty by using old techniques to craft a variety of naturally intended abstract illusions.

Title: A - Pastel on Paper 26 x 30 

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“I have always been fascinated by the dramas of human existence and how they are expressed as I attempt to capture isolated moments of introspection in my paintings, often to emphasize the solitude and thoughtfulness that comes when someone contemplates their inner self.  These explorations of the human form through semi-urban and semi-abstract portraitures reflect the personal journeys of the subjects and speak of complex, storied characters. I tend to focus on specific human emotional states and represent them in their dissected simplicity.  My work may at times appear pessimistic, but in essence I am simply capturing those moments when pessimism and hopelessness are being confronted, acted upon and ultimately conquered and replaced by realization, awareness, calmness and a more positive sense of self. These moments never kill us, but only make us stronger.”

Title: ‘Violet’ acrylic on wood, 90cm x120cm

Mary Pelc "is an illustrator based in Gdansk, Poland. She Graduated in 2012 from the Faculty of Graphic Arts, Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz, Poland with a Master of Arts degree. She also earned a diploma at Editorial Design Studio where she took part in many exhibitions.

Mary has since become an experienced graphic designer where she tries to juxtapose strong content with subtle imaging. Main subject of her works is human body and emotions which it express.“

Title: Blue (digital art, 42x42 cm )

Michael Vincent Manalo- “Life has always been a fascination to me; from those inevitable school fights during the elementary years to those wild days of puberty; from the lonesome people in the parks to the 8-inched mohawked people during concerts; from feeling someone else’s warmth to dealing with the blackness within. There were a lot of emotions - pain, happiness, love and warmth, glory, success, failures, torture, jealousy, excitement, rage, pride. All these converged and met at a common point in time and space and created who I am, what I want to explore and what I hope to achieve.

Vast images come to my mind each day as a result of the radical emotions that fill me in each heartbeat. I try to recreate it as soon as I could by combining photographs and techniques in illustration to recreate those concepts in mind.  I forge these images and try to relate them to the popular tales of human drama. I try to recreate these stories by illustrating my own interpretations of these emotions or sometimes literally creating the picture wherein the emotion can be distinguished.

When I started, I wasn’t aware that I started a quest: so for now, until I decide to stop, I will try to free people’s minds, and allow them to withdraw from reality and give them the opportunity to dig into a wild roller coaster of a vivid dream.”

Title: The many faces of a heartbeat- Digital Mixed Media- 100x50cm 2013 $1300 (Editions of 10)

$1200 - Editions of 10

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The Sequence Series, is a reflective process of continual constant sifting through ideas about city, environment, and inhabitants.  Through this process of daily photographing of my city environment, I reflect on the way these spaces are inhabited and influenced by  how people move through and are effected by their surroundings. By sifting through the photographical information, I can choose key areas of visual importance to recreate and communicate movement, tension, and emotion. These drawings, lines and color on a surface, connect a series of pieces that work together to create a storyline, dependent upon how the viewer approaches the works. The story is mostly left to the viewer to interpret based on their unique intrinsic experience with similar architecture and daily functions. Original photographs from the series that directly influenced these pieces have been left throughout Louisville for anyone to collect and have a piece of the larger works.   

Title: Market Street Alley Intersections - The Sequence Series (2013)  

15inch x 15inch Oil, Ink, Aerosol, Photo, Canvas 225.00