I’m at Anime Milwaukee debuting my Blue Diamond cosplay! So far it has been received VERY well, although it’s technically still in WIP stage (next stage is the bead embroidery hell stage). The Tiny Blue Pearl prop made for great effect, although she’s not quite done either (I forgot her tiny sheer dance skirt).

If you’re at AMKE, come say hi! I can’t really see with this thing on, so I may roll right by you.


Oh man, so everyone is posting their participations in the Homestuck fandom–I guess I should too! I’m not a writer, I can’t make music, nor can I draw, and I’m pretty quiet (one might call me a little bit lurky). What I can do is make stuff, teach, and maybe cosplay a little bit (but only a little ^_^). So I have my own cosplays, some tutorials, and like, a book full of questions I have answered from younger cosplayers!

And I still have stuff I want to finish! I have Dave doll, and some other things, and I still haven’t cosplayed Rogue of Void Roxy! And I have to make that jacket so Kai can cosplay Jaspers! Oh, and beekeeper troll when the game comes out! There is no choice–I’m in it for the long haul. It’s not over yet!

What I may have contributed isn’t really much, but I have made a lot of friends, and this fandom has given me a sense of awe over the wealth of creativity and inspiration.

By the way, if any of you want to check out my other cosplays or tutorials, my crafty and cosplay tags are #stuff i make and #tc25cosplay! I usually remember to crosslink to deviantart for the tutorials.

Bonus stuff that didn’t really fit:

Of course I had to cosplay my fave kid! (scarf knitted by jumpingjacktrash)

Another devart prop tutorial–Homes Smell Ya Later!

Cuvier Safiro fantroll doll from Be The Seadweller Lowblood!

Jaspers bag!

flamingbluecherry  asked:

Hi! :33 I'm curious, what did you use for your teeth in your Kanaya cosplay? And I have to say you were an awesome cosplayer at Ramencon!

::blushes:: Thank You. I Am Very Happy My Costume Turned Out So Well.

Your timing is perfect! You know all those pop-up Halloween stores that are appearing everywhere? I buy the individual fangs kit from there! Like these guys:

External image

My favorite shop is Spirit Halloween because I prefer the Scarecrow brand. No matter which shop you choose, make sure to go online and print any coupons you can get and knock a couple bucks off the cost, because they’re about $20 for a set!

Instead of using the molding kit that comes with the fangs, I put my fangs in with these:

External image

They last all day (6+ hours), and I can still drink cold beverages with them in (although I use a straw). Also, it’s not as gross-tasting as the gooey kind, and it’s easier to carry a few extra strips than a tube.

I hope this helps you out; let me know if you have any more questions!

Here’s another shot of Galley.

I had the damnedest time getting a cell phone pic that was not COMPLETE FUCKXNG GARBAGE (Chris had the good camera in Masquerade and I was derp-faced most of the night for whatever reason) but this one shows most of the suit, the damage, and the goggles.

I’ll have better shots soon though.

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YAY~! It’s the weekend, which means:

I got to work on cosplay today!

know I have paint on my face, and I’m pretty sure I have it in at least one ear.  I’m only maybe 25% done…

…and I’ve been either laying tape, mixing paint, and painting all day. 14 hours.  ::flops over::

Galley’s blood color was difficult to mix–it’s an interesting shade of yellow-green, but my printer won’t agree with either computer screen!  One ref image came out kind of olive-brown and the other one came out somewhere in the vicinity of lime. I just gave up and just mixed my own shade of Gemini goldblood.  Thanks to the black background and the lighting in my apartment this time of night/morning, it looks super-bright.  It’ll look less so if I decide to dirty it up some–still debating whether I want to be dirty and beat-up or clean and beat-up.

External image

This is a close-up of the pattern-mapping I did a while back ago–I can’t draw people correctly so I just googled a person wearing a black zentai, chose a shot with the right pose, and drew all over the printout. (Note to self: In the future–if I ever have to do this again, that is–I must remember to turn my SafeSearch back on when searching for zentai reference pics.  There is a lot of NOPE under that keyword.)

I kind of had to wing the part from the crotch on down because there aren’t any drawings detailing the lower part of the suit the same way.  I started on the left side first and just kind of fudged it based on the patterns in the torso, then I changed up and decided to repeat the patterning on the sleeves for the other leg. Now I’m kind of torn whether I should do both legs like the sleeves or go with the way it is on paper… ?

For the back I…honestly forgot about that part until I started painting (eheheheh PTL).  I mean, I obviously have to either reverse the pattern or make something up again. I keep bouncing back and forth about it.  Fortunately I gave myself lots of time to work it out.

It’s looking so damn pretty right now!  I’m probably gonna cry when it comes time to shred this thing.  I definitely have to get photos in it during the short time it’s in pristine condition.

I was idly looking through my Facebook tags and I noticed that someone happened to catch me at the only Promstuck meet I ever made it to.
This was in 2012–I forgot to get any pics of myself and I really kind of stayed off to myself except maybe talking to two people most of the evening (because I felt SUPER OLD). I was probably talking to one of them in that pic (we were sitting on the floor for the welcome bit, so this pic was probably taken from in front of the stage area).

But anyhow, have a pic of me in Promstuck Sollux! (lower right, since I’m obviously not the subject of this photo) I felt dapper as hell in that getup - I even made a vest chain with silver bee buttons.

kinqpizza  asked:

I'm sorry if you get this a lot. But what makeup do you use for your Sollux cosplay? If its Ben Nye, how do you even keep it on? I tried putting it on, even with the final seal and it always comes off, leaving a mess everywhere!

(I don’t get it a lot—or at least not on tumblr—so I’ll gladly tell you!)

I do use Ben Nye! I can’t use water-based makeups (not even with a fixative) because I sweat a TON, so it has been the only one to work for me without making my face itch.

First I wash my face really well with an exfoliating scrub to get rid of most of the oil, and then I moisturize with oil-free product and let it dry.

After that, I apply the makeup with a foam makeup wedge.  I put it on pretty thickly, starting from my nose area and moving outward, making sure none of my natural skin color shows through. I don’t do my eyelids or underneath my eyes until I’m nearly done, because it’ll only crease and I’ll have to reapply.  Before I do my eyes, I step away from the mirror and do something else for five minutes and come back and touch up any thin-color areas I didn’t notice on the first go. You can use the creme makeup to contour during this step as well.

Next step is to powder, starting with the eyes.  I use Ben Nye Neutral Set with a terry powder puff.  I’ve heard you can use baby powder or other setting powder, but the Neutral Set works for me. The key to this is using a LOT of it.  Creme makeup absorbs a surprising amount of powder. I pretty much just dump out about a tablespoon full of it at a time, pat the puff into the powder, and pat the powder on while gently pressing it into the makeup (Kind of difficult to explain that—you don’t want press hard enough to rub the makeup off, but you do want to kind of grind the powder into it. It takes a while to get the motion down, but when you do it becomes second nature).

I powder my face in sections—eyes first, then my forehead, then my nose and cheeks, my mouth and chin, then my ears, and then I touch up my neck and powder that last.  I usually go through at least two tablespoons by the time I’m done, and I apply enough that I actually see the whiteness of the powder build up on my face.  At that point, I take a really soft powder brush (my kitty paw brush) and dust off the excess.

The way I test that I’ve powdered enough is to wash and dry my hands and pat my nose a few times.  If no color comes off, then I’m done!

I actually play up my contour at this point with powder products. Use really soft brushes and you won’t damage the creme or setting powder.

Only then do I apply the Final Seal. And that pansy “spray a mist into the air and walk into it, letting it gently rain down on your face”?


Close your eyes (raise your eyebrows and roll your eyeballs upward so you won’t squint) and mist your entire face. Some of my friends use hairspray to good effect if you want to try that. Let it dry before you touch it.

There—all done~! (Or at least you’re ready to put on the finishing touches, like eyeliner, mascara, and blush…)

Hope this helps, and thanks for asking!