Hey, uh, Tee, did I - did I mention I have you and Jordan working together tonight?

                         I’m asking you,will you marry me?
                         I love you, but I can’t. I’m sorry.

No.  No, ‘cause you said we were on alternate shifts.

Update #1 [G]

Hey :)
I wanna write my first update and it’s gonna be about G.
I really think, I have strong feelings for him.. I don’t know if I would call it love, but it’s definitely a huge crush.
So, we had him in normally in our math lesson.
First, we talked about our p.e. classes next year. And guys, I would swear he looked at my piece of paper to check if I take the class in wich I might see him again! (He don’t asked anyone of us which one especially we want to take) But yeah, you know, maybe I was just over thinking..
After that, I saw that he was limping. He told us that his leg hurts but someone in our class changed the topic like immediately so we haven’t spoken about it. I was just like: Ahh that was the perfect chance to ask him what happened!! But I don’t had the courage to ask him by myself after that.. I think my own fault.
Maybe I have the chance to ask him tomorrow in class. I hope so.
We had eye contact a few times. It was really nice but also a little bit awkward (you know this tention)? I don’t know..
Oh shit I really really like him. Even if I want not to. Or maybe even so.

little-baby-doll  asked:

hi!! im @anothershittytcblog i just wanted to kinda ramble about something for a sec so im sorry ive been getting really positive signals from g (my tc) lately and it makes my heart happy. when were alone together he calls me tay or tay tay, which really makes my heart happy. hes been paying a lot of of attention to me in general. and he (talking about his front backpack pocket thing that he calls a butt) said i could touch his butt😂. and i told him my birthday is in 2 weeks ans he was (1/2)





Background [ 1920x1080 ] 300 dpi Time - 2 hours Layers - 15


2 verions - One has dark bars to add a “cinematic” effect and also has coloured lines to add more of an glitch effect.(picture 2)

Here is a background for you guys :). I started this during school and finished it at home. It’s sort of cell shading but here is G Li Tc H an H2ODelirious background. ALso he has a raccoon hoodie :3. 

Plus big thanks to @watch-and-learn-kid for her beautiful beautiful writing. It has kept me inspired and still going. Thank you Sam so much :).
The one time my TC thing did a thing

So my TC (Mr. G) was super into comic books and I was too at the time and he convinced me to start a comic book club, I know, it’s nerdy but I don’t care. And we had like three members and he invited all of us to his house to watch one of the newer marvel movies because he knew I was a huge fan of RDJ and so my friend picked me up and we all (her, her boyfriend, and I) went to his house and he was like hey do you guys want pizza and them we ordered it and the movie we were going to watch wasn’t working so they decided to watch a different movie and I wanted to not look weird in front of Mr. G so I said anything was fine and they chose a scary movie and I’m a huge wimp. Within the first five minutes of the movie he noticed and asked me to come to the kitchen to help him with something and he asked me if I was okay or if I wanted to change the movie and I said no because again, I didn’t want to look wimpy or like too young. He said okay but he insisted on sitting next to me and he did and it was amazing because he let me lean on him and he kept whispering to me before the scary parts and he just just super protective and it was the best thing that ever happened to me with a TC

Ash: OMG!!! That’s so freaking cute!! You got to go to your TC’s house??! Not fair! Lol. This is one of the best stories I’ve heard, like, it’s not inappropriate or anything, just cute. Oh man having your TC to lean on during a scary movie, #goals. Hopefully something like this will happen to me someday, lol, probably not, but I can dream. Thanks for sharing! <3