Here are 20 tc questions for you. I hope you have fun answering them. I’d love to see you reblog this and let your followers ask you a few of those. (You can also ask me some of them 😂😅)
I tried to only take questions that don’t give so much private stuff of you and your tc away. I hope it worked out.

1. How old is your tc?
2. How old are you?
3. Does your tc have a loud voice or a silent voice?
4. Does your tc teach you this year?
5. Does your tc have fluffy hair?
6. Is your tc emotional or rather cold?
7. Is your tc a popular teacher at your school?
8. Why did you fall in love with your tc?
9. Do you know your tc’s favourite colour?
10. Do you know what music your tc likes?
11. Do you think your tc knows how you feel for them?
12. Do you and your tc have something like a friendship?
13. Do you know if your tc has any pets?
14. Do you know if your tc is in a realationship?
15. Do you know if they have kids?
16. Is your tc tall or short?
17. Do you talk about different things than school with your tc?
18. Does your tc have a nickname for you?
19. Does your tc tease you in some way?
20. Have you ever told one of your friends about your feelings for your tc?


The Royal Romance

Inside Choices is a behind-the-scenes blog from the Pixelberry team. Got any suggestions for future blog posts? Let us know!

It’s been an exciting few weeks at Pixelberry! Spring is in full bloom, and with it, we’ve seen the release of the newest The Crown & The Flame book and Endless Summer’s grand finale – and yes, Endless Summer: Book 2 is currently in the works.

But that’s not all we’ve got in store for you! We just released The Royal Romance, a thrilling whirlwind of love that doubles as a spin-off of Rules of Engagement. It’s the first of several new books we’re hoping to unveil throughout the spring and summer.

The Choices team is pretty much constantly hard at work on current and future books… but I did manage to snag the two writers from The Royal Romance for a quick chat:

Let’s hit the basics first. What is The Royal Romance about?

Jennifer: ‘The Royal Romance’ is about a normal girl who has one magical night with a prince and makes the spontaneous decision to travel to his kingdom to try to win his heart. But will you end up with him or fall for someone else along the way?

Kara: We’ll sometimes start off with a guideline, kind of like a one-line prompt. For Rules of Engagement, for example, our goal was something more dramatic than The Freshman and following four different characters. For The Royal Romance, our premise was to write a fish-out-of-water romance about a normal girl who gets swept into the world of royalty. We knew we wanted there to be some kind of competition element to it, so what we ended up with was something like a cross between The Bachelor and The Prince and Me–all of the thrill of falling in love with the adventure of traveling and trying to compete for the person you love.

It’s always fun spotting the crossovers in different Choices books and seeing the universe grow. How did you settle on the idea of creating a Rules of Engagement spin-off?

Jennifer: We’d already started developing the kingdom of Cordonia for Rules of Engagement, and when we found out we’d be making a romantic, royalty-focused book, it seemed like a good opportunity to expand the world and dig deeper into what it’s like there since you don’t see it very much in Rules.

Kara: Technically, The Royal Romance is also a continuation of The Crown & The Flame, though that may be a little more subtly done! One of the characters, Olivia, is a descendant of Zenobia, who appears in book 2 of TC&TF. Readers can probably tell that we love crossovers. Part of that’s because we all love seeing what the whole team is working on, so we play all the Choices books. But part of it’s also because writers will switch books when we need to help out with something else. For example, Jennifer moved from The Freshman to help launch Rules of Engagement. The writers from Most Wanted are currently working on Endless Summer and #LoveHacks, as you might have figured out from all the mysteries and jokes! Braidwood Manor had a writer from The Freshman on it, which is why there’s some cameos there.

Sometimes it can be hard when you work on a story for so long to then move on to start up another book. Leaving The Crown & The Flame to focus more on Rules and The Royal Romance was really difficult for me because I love those characters so much, but TC&TF was fortunate to have two other amazingly talented writers to keep it going. We’re always excited to get the chance to tell new stories, tackle new genres, and experiment with new ideas, but I think we all also have so much love for the other characters and worlds we’ve created that it breaks our hearts to leave them behind. I think that’s why we have so many crossovers in the whole game! It’s our way of taking our worlds with us.

What do you personally love most about The Royal Romance? And what are you most excited for our readers to encounter?

Kara: One cool thing we really wanted to do was have people get to pick their prince. This is the first time we’ve let you customize a love interest! Another thing I’m excited for is that because we’re using the same customizable character as #LoveHacks, we were able to get more skin tones and facial features so players have more options for how to customize their own character, too.

Jennifer: Also, we’ve had a lot of fun building up the characters around the Prince, and if dating a prince isn’t your cup of tea, it’s quite possible there are other lady and gentleman suitors for players to encounter.

All of our books have, to varying degrees, some romance in them. But this book is unabashedly about romance - it’s in the title! What are your thoughts on romance as its own genre?

Jennifer: I love romance and reading romance! Whenever I talk to people about it, though, they usually bring it up in a guilty way like maybe it’s something to be embarrassed over or perhaps because some don’t really see it as real literature. It makes me sad when people feel like they need to be ashamed of what they like! It feels sometimes like certain genres are deemed less literary or worthy, and I feel like the genres that get called out are often ones that are loved by women or young adults. A certain genre might not be for everyone, but that doesn’t make it less important to the people who care about it.

I think romance stories have a lot of heart, and that’s something I love in storytelling. To me, ultimately, a good romance is about seeing how people relate to one another and find meaning in their life. Connecting with people–whether it’s romantic or not–is a fundamental part of existing, and romance stories have the opportunity to explore that. And if you can find something real in what you’re reading, then isn’t that the point?

This book came together while you were simultaneously working on Rules of Engagement. That’s taking multi-tasking to a whole new level. How do you do it? Just how much coffee do you drink in a day?

Kara: Sometimes it feels like we never stop working! When you love the stories and the characters as much as we do, it can be really hard to stop thinking about them, even in the middle of the night. Plus, Jennifer and I have been best friends since high school, so we spend a lot of time outside of the office together, and when we’re excited about a project, we can’t stop talking about it. On New Year’s Eve this year, we were brainstorming The Royal Romance while everyone else was watching the ball drop.

At the end of the day, though, this isn’t just a job to us, and I hope it shows in the stories Choices puts out. It’s crazy how much we end up caring about the characters and the stories we’re telling. I think that’s the hardest part. We love writing and we want to do our best, tell the best story, and write something that will touch people. In most other forms of writing, you’d get a lot more time to agonize and revise, but we’ve got to hit weekly releases, so when Wednesday comes, time’s up. There’s a lot of pressure to write well, write fast, and, in this case, to build something new in a very short amount of time. The scariest thing is feeling like with so many things that go into every chapter and every book, and so many deadlines to hit, we might mess something up and let our fans down. But when it all goes right and we put out something that readers love, it makes it all worth it!

Finally… I’ve got to know. What’s your favorite fairy tale princess story?

Kara: Sleeping Beauty! I was convinced after I heard that story that my parents would some day reveal that I was actually a princess in hiding…

Jennifer: Cinderella. I love it as a transformative rags-to-riches story and also as a tale that you can see told across many different cultures. I do tend to favor more modern interpretations though, like the novels Just Ella or Ella Enchanted which are two of my favorite books.

Thank you for taking the time to chat! And to all of you reading along, The Royal Romance is out now – check into your game for a whirlwind of love, adventure, and more! Hope you love it just as much as we do.



1865-1900  Very Long Victorian Hair 

In the Victorian era a woman’s hair was often thought to be one of her most valuable assets. Styles varied quite a bit throughout the nearly 7 decades of Queen Victoria’s reign, with everything from simple middle parts to elaborate pieces made from human hair being in fashion. Accessories such as combs, pearls, hats and bonnets each had their time in the spotlight throughout the 1800s. Victorians weren’t as serious as people think they were, but they sure took their hair seriously. 

Haircuts weren’t exactly a thing yet for women.They did occasionally trim split ends, or even singe them, but long hair was viewed as being ultra-feminine and desirable.

Part 1 Of Insanely Long Victorian Hair


I’ve created a TC Challenge for May! I tried to come up with fun new questions and on one day there’s also a task to do. I really hope you all like it!

Day 1 – Have you ever said something embarrassing to/in front of your TC?
Day 2 – When did your TC start teaching you? Does he/she  still teach you?
Day 3 – Do you know anything about your TC’s childhood/youth?
Day 4 – Describe your TC’s eyes.
Day 5 – What’s your favourite outfit on him/her?
Day 6 – How do you try to impress your TC?
Day 7 – Describe what you think your wedding would look like. What are you both wearing? Who’s invited? What’s for dinner?
Day 8 – Have you ever caught him/her staring at you? How did you react?
Day 9 – If you would buy your TC socks, what would your chosen ones look like?
Day 10 – If he/she visited your family for any reason and you’d have to cook, what would you cook?
Day 11 – If you lived together, would you rather have kids or pets with him/her?
Day 12 – What is your opinion on age gap relationships? Do you think a certain age gap isn’t good anymore?
Day 13 – What would you do if a friend told you she had a crush on your TC?
Day 14 – Do you know when your TC’s birthday is? How old is he/she?
Day 15 – What would you do if he/she found your blog, knew it was about him/her but he/she  was still trying to figure out whose blog it is?
Day 16 – If you were on a class trip with your TC and a friend of yours wasn’t feeling well in the middle of the night, would you be the one to knock on your TC’s door loudly and wake him/her? Would the sight of his/her sleepy face and pajamas be worth standing there in your own pajamas and with your sleepy face?
Day 17 – Can you remember what happened in the last dream you had about your TC?
Day 18 – Has your TC ever had a conversation about you with your parents? If yes, what did he/she say?
Day 19 – Think of a song that reminds you of your TC and tell us your favourite line from it.
Day 20 – What was the best mark you had in one of your TC’s tests? Did he/she say something to you about it/write something on it?
Day 21 – Have you ever stalked your TC online? If yes, what did you find? If no: do it and tell us what you find, it’s fun!
Day 22 – Does your TC come to school by car/tram/bus? Car: Do you know what car he has? Tram/bus: If you come by tram/bus as well, have you ever seen him at the station or on the vehicle? Did you talk to him?
Day 23 – Did your TC ever change something on his/her appearance or wear  something different that didn’t suit him/her?
Day 24 – Where do you think you’d live with him/her  and what would the interior look like?
Day 25 – Does your TC do any sports that you know of?
Day 26 – Does your TC bring coffee or tea to class? If yes, what does his/her cup look like? If no, do you think he/she is a coffee or a tea person?
Day 27 – 5 things that make him/her your ideal partner.
Day 28 – A song, film and book you would recommend to your TC.
Day 29 – What do you think about the TCC and how has it helped you?  Plus task: Send a TCer a message with what you love about them/their blog to make them smile.
Day 30 – A new language you would love to learn together with your TC.
Day 31 – What does your TC smell like?


I made these for the TC Community because I thought it’d be a fun way for us to get to know everyone’s TC and bring us closer and yeah I don’t know. So I guess just reblog and message someone numbers if you want them to do some or you could just reblog and then fill it all out yourself, whichever sounds like a better idea to you. Sorry if they’re lame.
1. What does your TC teach?
2. Does your TC have any cool talents/hobbies?
3. What kind of music is your TC into?
4. How old is your TC? Do you know their birthday?
5. Do you know your TC’s middle name? If you feel comfortable sharing it, what is it?
6. What is the most physically attractive thing about your TC?
7. What is the most attractive thing about your TC personality-wise?
8. What does your TC look like?
9. What does your TC sound like?
10. What is your TC’s relationship status? Any kids?
11. Does your TC have any side jobs or previous jobs that you know about?
12. What is your favorite outfit that your TC wears?
13. What is your favorite moment you’ve had so far with your TC?
14. What is the most random thing you know about your TC?
15. What are your TC’s favorites that you know of? (color, band, drink, book, movie, etc.)
16. Does your TC have any habits you’ve noticed or phrases they say all the time?
17. If you and your TC were alone in their classroom after school and wouldn’t get in trouble for anything, what would you do?
18. What is something you’re dying to tell your TC, but haven’t been able to or are afraid to?
19. Are you able to tell when your TC is having a bad or stressful day?
20. If you could dress your TC in anything you wanted, what would you choose?
21. How close are you to your TC?
22. Do you ever dream about your TC?
23. If given the opportunity, would you date your TC even if it had to be done secretly?
24. Do you think your TC has any romantic feelings for you?
25. Is there anything you regret telling your TC?
26. Do you have a nickname that you use for your TC when talking about them on here? What’s the meaning behind it?


theater challenge[1/5] quotes 

well, it wasn’t always like that. for four years, the city of light went dark. there was violence and swastikas in the streets——- and then came the liberation. but, how can you feel liberated when your city’s been crushed? there’s still no food or electricity; when friends and neighbors are being betrayed and guns still firing in the night. see, some things about a war—– they don’t just change over night. but, it’s from the ashes of war that friends were made and new loves found. and that’s what it was like on the day jerry mulligan decided to stay in paris——- oh, and it starts like this.