tc in manila

Hello TC Family, Joel here. Just wanted to let everyone know what’s been going on these days. We’ve been keeping very busy lately and I’m quite excited about what’s to come. Being in a touring band is funny…you can be at home for a monthfeeling like you’re not really doing much at all and then BOOM you’re traveling and playing shows going nonstop with a full schedule! Right now we’re experiencing the latter and, honestly, that’s what I prefer. 

So we just got back from an amazing show in Manila with our buddies The Maine and Nick Santino. Aside from the fact that Manila is always an incredible experience, we also go to be there with friends which made it such an unforgettable trip. The photo I posted is us enjoying breakfast at our hotel before some interviews. The day after we played the show (which was so much fun!), we were fortunate enough to visit a shelter and meet victims of the typhoon. We met some of the families, donated water filtration systems and played some basketball with the kids. It was a very humbling experience that really put things into perspective. Suddenly my “problems” didn’t seem like such big problems after all. I’m working on a video of our entire experience over there so that’ll be posted soon! 

Now that we’re back, we’re jumping right into writing. It’s been quite some time since we last wrote but that excites me. It’s always interesting to see what comes out after that long of a break. I have faith that it will be something special.

And then we’ve got our tour in March with We The Kings! By then I’ll be stoked to get back on the road and see all of you again…and I’m sure some new faces as well!

Lots of exciting stuff coming up! We’ll try to take as many pictures and videos as we can during the whole process to keep you guys in the loop! Hope everyone’s 2014 has been great so far. Have a wonderful night TC Family! Love you all!


Innocent and Nervous

Innocent? Okay, fine, not so much. But definitely nervous. 

[Part one here.]

This is part deux of my This Century Live in Manila blog! I hope my thoughts are more coherent now, but I don’t think a few hours is gonna cut it. Oh, whale.

Obviously, like any other Monday, I had to go to school, but on top of that, I had a test first thing in the morning. Thank God for the being one of the first to be picked up by the bus; that means longer time to study!

Anyway, the day flew by and before I knew it, we were on our way to Eastwood! The ride was pretty stressful, to say the least, because Erycka’s car was coding so we had to wait fifteen minutes to switch but we got there just in time to grab the last of these bad boys:

and a couple of meet and greets! Waiting was hell because gates opened late and we were all cramped up together in line, and two hours isn’t a short time to wait in that position, either. They let us in at around 7:40, and the show started at 8!

Disclaimer: Most concert pictures aren’t mine. They never (or, rarely) are. Credits to keightestrabo, ate Anne and my friend Angela!

Just again: I didn’t know what to feel. I was able to snag front and center AGAIN, thanks to my wonderful friends who allowed (and even helped) us cut. GOD, THE FEELING. They opened with Hopeful Romantic again, and the speakers were literally in front of me so when the first note was played, it wasn’t just played. It was blasted. The thing was, I knew I would have appreciated it if I hadn’t thought it was going to damage me eardrums, but that was alright because when I looked up on stage, there were four perfect people standing (okay, one of them was sitting) there.

And thus, perfect night part two commenced. You know it doesn’t get any better when not only do you get to experience a concert in the exact same place (crowd-wise) twice in a row but you also get to experience the exact same things. 

Take Mr. Perfect (read: Joel Kanitz) for example. He already managed to make me die around five times last Sunday, and whoop-dee-doo, it looked like he was going to do it again. I don’t remember when he did (actually, since I found a video of it, now I know he read it before Paper Planes), but he did and I will never ever forget that he did: he read my “Hi I’m Denise” sign. Again. Out. Loud. He. Said. “‘Hi I’m Denise.’ Hi Denise,” and he was looking down at me AGAIN and we had a moment AGAIN and then I died. He also read Athenna’s sign, which said Athenna with arrows pointing down, but he pronounced her name as “Atheh-nnuh” and she was so annoyed, and I told her, “That’s okay. It’s not your fault, it’s not Joel’s either. Your parents are just such hipsters.”

Exhibit B: Sean didn’t acknowledge just one sign this time. The first sign he acknowledged was the “Hi I’m Denise” sign (it’s now my favorite sign, you guys) and he waved at me, OKAY. Then he saw the “RYAN GOSE WHERE JOEL KANITZ” sign and HE SMILED. HE SMILED AT ME. OKAY HE GOT THE JOKE I’M FREAKING FUNNY NOW.

(This picture space was initially reserved for Athenna’s picture wherein Ryan looks like he’s looking at the camera but he’s actually looking at my sign but I finally got a hold of it!)

Actually, the real achievement was when Ryan smiled at the sign because technically it was /his/ sign, but that was during the meet and greet. I held it up and he smiled and I just felt accomplished that they actually found it funny.

Alex didn’t disappoint, either. Before the signing started and Joel was thanking a couple of people, I caught his attention by waving at him and he made this really funny face and then waved back JUST UGH HOW PERFECT CAN A BAND GET.

They switched the set list up for last night a bit, because they played Paper Planes somewhere in the middle part and then Everywhere, Everything last. Athenna and Annika started crying and I swear I TRIED TO CRY TO BECAUSE IT FELT RIGHT BUT I COULDN’T I AM LIKE A WALL I HAVE NO FEELS WHEN I NEED THEM UGH

Here, have more pictures of Joel Kanitz because he is a) adorable, b) amazing, c) super nice and d) my fiance.

Okay, meet and greet time! 

When the concert ended, I pointed all my friends to the left side because I knew that’s where the line starts. The guys came out around 20 minutes after the show ended and immediately, Joel went on thank everyone (everywhere, everything okay I’ll stop) and he said something about “messing up the bedsheets” in Richmonde, and yes, I shouted “THAT’S WHAT HE SAID” and the guys didn’t notice at first but then Sean started cracking up (and that is why I love him YOU COULD TOTES HEAR HIS LAUGH FROM WHERE I STOOD) and then that picture above happened. I CANNOT HANDLE THE CUTE.

I got to the front of the line real fast, but when I got to Alex, Athenna had already stolen my idea of teaching Alex how to call Sean “kuya” but instead taught them “manong” which thankfully (well, not in Athenna’s case) they didn’t really get so when I got to Alex, I explained the whole thing again and said, “You know, Kuya’s much easier to say. Kuya Sean,” and he said, “Koo-yuh?” and I said, “Yup!” and he said “Can you repeat that again for me?” so I did and he turned to Sean and said “Kuya Sean.” TOO MUCH CUTE. Anyway, he signed my notebook again and I had written the same question for everyone as I did for Joel on Sunday–“What’s your best pick up line?” Here comes the funny: HE WROTE ALMOST THE SAME ONE AS JOEL. ALMOST. He wrote it how Joel first did–starting with a you. One of them has to be wrong, lol.

Sean next! Me: “Hey Seaaannnn~” Sean: “Hellooooo~” And again, he was so incredibly nice and asked how I liked the show and of course I told him the truth and said they sucked (just kidding, I would never!) and he just HE WAS SO NICE I DON’T EVEN KNOW HOW TO PUT IT. He read the question and looked up at me and smiled mischievously and I DON’T KNOW. He also misspelled Tennessee but that’s alright because he’s Sean freaking Silverman. At least it’s a long word. Joel once misspelled 'neither’ when he replied to one of my tweets, lol.

Ryan after Sean! I told him (for the third time this year) that I played the drums and (for the third time this year) he told me that was awesome. And then (for the second time this year) I told him he owed me a drumstick and didn’t give me one and again, he said he tried.

No Ryan. No you didn’t. JUST KIDDING YOU KNOW I LOVE YOU. He looked down at the notebook and thought for a while and I assume he came up with nothing because he said, “Well, I don’t have one, but this is what I always say….” and ta-daaaaaaaa!! Afterwards I told him I got his towel from yesterday and I was rambling on about how it smelled so good and how he probably sweats perfume or something and he gave me this weird look OH MY GOD WHAT WAS I THINKING I also wanted to ask him about his cup of beer but Joel was available and soo……..

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND JOEL! His question was obviously different this time because I had already asked for a pickup line last Sunday. I don’t think I thought this one through because there were so many other questions I could have asked, such as “Why are rubber ducks yellow?” or “What is (4x + 3) squared?” but no0oo0o0oo0o0o0o; I had to be so braindead. When I got to him, I can’t believe I did this but I did and I said. I said. I said “Helloooooooooo,” again. God, Denise, why? He said “Hey!” and then he proceeded to write on my notebook. Then he looked at me and OH GOD HIS EYES and then he smileD and said “Hi Denise.” A G A I N. OKAY THERE I DIED. SWEET. BABY. JESUS. I was so speechless omg so I just laughed and then asked for a high five AND WOAH HIS HANDS WERE BIG I NEVER EVEN NOTICED BUT W O W.

And then I ran offstage and started screaming, as per usual. I actually had another meet and greet, but I had to leave then because I was riding with Erycka and Kuya Rey had been waiting so I gave the extra bracelet to Victoria and now she totes owes me YAH HEAR VICTORIA!! 

So, what a way to end the metaphorical concert year. I mean, not the year-year, technically, because December just started….

Can I just say this weekend has been spectacular? Starting with my birthday last Thursday (ooooh rhyme), Friday when these happened:

(JOHN O'CALLAGHAN GREETED ME A HAPPY BIRTHDAY ON TWITTER. BE HONEST, HOW MANY PEOPLE CAN SAY THAT? As of now, just me and my bandmates, since I was on tweet limit and had to resort to using the band account.)

(TC also greeted me but the screencap was on my phone so….uh….)

((Skipping Saturday because nothing happened)) Last Sunday was the best and yesterday was a close second, too!

Looking back at this year, though, I just realized I had not met any band or band members prior to last February, when I met Andrew and Halvo from Rocket, everyone in FTSK except for Kyle Burns (Damn!) and (very briefly) John Gomez and Brian Dales. Then from there, I met This Century for the first time, We Are the In Crowd, The Cab, then (finally!) The Maine, and now, This Century twice more. I think it’s safe to say this has been the best year yet.

And this needs to be said: if you’re not already a fan of This Century, you should be. They make great music and they are great people. They deserve everything that’s coming to them. 

Let’s just put it this way: if the world were to end on the 21st, I think I would have died a happy girl.