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When does evil begin?

Seeing the headlines about Charles Manson today gave me the idea to make these. Headlines about infamous killers set to their childhood photos.

Top to bottom: Ted Bundy, Richard Ramirez, Jeffrey Dahmer and Dylan Klebold.

Richard Ramirez Laughing In Court.

(New rare footage from “Monster In My Family” S02E02 The Nightstalker - Richard Ramirez 10-01-2017)

In July of 1995 JonBenet won her first title, Little Miss Charlevoix. For the rest of the summer she attended multiple home town parades in Michigan, perched on the back of a convertible. The little girl proudly wore her sash, and enthusiastically waved to parade goers as she passed by. JonBenet had been so excited about her first win that she had small posters of herself wearing her sash and crown made up to pass out to all of her family and friends. With the help of her mother, JonBenet signed each photo with her name and a big XOXO.