tc beer

Imagine #1

(I wrote an imagine yesterday and thought I’d share it and see if you like it. I wrote it for myself but I wrote it gender neutral so there you go. Also, it’s quite short, sorry.)


It’s a warm summer night, your parents are out of town, on vacation in a city you hate because there’s nothing to do for people under the age of 80. You are laying on a blanket under the stars on your back lawn with a couple of cold beers, your friend had just left. You don’t know how long you have been laying there and frankly you don’t care. It’s summer break and you have nothing to do, no homework, no tests to study for. Just relaxation. When you feel someone sitting down beside you, you jump up. When you see who it is your heart rate slows a bit again. “Gee! You really scared me TC/N!”
“Sorry, Y/N. Saw you through the window, lying there alone, thought you might want some company. May I?” They pointed towards the beer. “Sure, help yourself.” Still a bit dazzled you sit back down on your blanket beside TC/N. “So what were you doing?” They ask. “Just watching the stars, drinking some beer. I’m not lonely, you know, F/N was just here.” ‘Dammit! Why’d you say that! What if they go now?’ You already prepare to scream at yourself internally later, in case they leave now. But they don’t.
“Didn’t say that.” They give you a quick side-glance before they turn back to stare at the stars again. You lay back down on the blanket and feel them do the same beside you. Right as their hand accidentally brushes yours, as they lay down, a warmth spreads inside of you, that has nothing to do with the humid temperatures of a summer night.
“You do this a lot lately, any particular reason?” they are looking at you again, their face so close you can feel their warm breath on your lips. “So, you’re stalking me now?” You give out a soft laugh. “No, but you know being your neighbour and all, I sometimes look out the window. You didn’t answer my question, though.”
“I don’t know… I guess I just have a lot of good memories regarding stargazing on hot summer nights.”
“Including some cute boys/girls trying to make a move, I guess.” They keep staring at the stars chuckling softly, you can see the silhoutte of their chest rise and fall in the pale moonlight.
“No, not really. Only friends, cute boys/girls were out of bonds.” You try to make out their facial expression, it’s hard since you can only see shadows, but suddenly they turn their head.
“Wanna make some?” they whisper as their face moves closer to yours. As their features get more visible, your heart starts to beat so strong it’s getting hard to breathe. As you finally feel their soft lips on yours, your mind is blank. There’s nothing else. Just this moment; TC/N and you, kissing underneath a sky full of stars. You close your eyes and start to relax as they wrap their arms around you. The synchronized movement of your lips, their hands traveling your body; it’s better than you ever could have imagined. When they break away to catch their breath and to look you in the eyes again a naughty grin spreads on their face.
“We should do this more often.”