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Nobuyoshi Araki in Shanghai, Bangkok, Amsterdam, and Taipei (1997-2003)

TC Questions/Prompts

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1. If you had 24 hours to live, what would you tell your tc? What would you do with them?

2. What’s something you know about your tc, but nobody else knows?

3. If your tc was an animal, what animal would they be?

4. What does your tc look like? Are you attracted to them romantically or sexually (or both)?

5. If you could tell your tc anything in the world without being judged or hurt, what would you say?

6. What would be the perfect date with your tc? Describe it!

7. If you could change one thing about your tc, what would it be?

8. What subject does your tc teach? Do you like that subject?

9. Make a little playlist of your favorite songs that remind you of your tc! (1-5 songs)

10. If you could be doing anything with your tc right now, what would it be?

11. If you could give a gift to your tc without it being awkward, what would it be? Have you ever given your tc a gift?

12. Do you do anything special for your tc’s birthday? If so,  what?

13. Suppose your tc is married or taken, but they love you back. Would you risk their relationship with their spouse/partner to be with them, knowing they love you back?

14. Write a quick poem or song about your tc!

15. Do you believe in love at first sight? Was it love at first sight with your tc?

16. How do you imagine your tc’s house/room to be like?

17. What’s your favorite physical quality about your tc?

18. Would you want to have children with your tc, if you were together?

19. What’s your favorite outfit of your tc’s? Describe it!

20. Would you rather a) love your tc for a long time, with no prospect of an actual romantic relationship or b) be rejected by your tc, but knowing that you told them your feelings and that’s what counts?

Reasons Having a TC Sucks

1. You love him too much to put his career and reputation on the line.
2. You always get the feeling he’s leading you on because you’re too analytical and hopeful.
3. You feel terribly guilty for liking them.
4. You can’t tell a soul.
5. You always think that he knows you like him, even when there’s no way he could.
6. You just can’t seem to let him go.
7. You can’t concentrate when he’s nearby. You completely freeze up and can’t talk.
8. You go out of your way to bump into him even when it’s super inconvenient, causing stress on your actual relationships (family, friends)
9. You spend so long in the mornings planning the perfect outfit on days when you have a class with him.
10. You know he won’t express or admit he has feelings for you even if he did. Which he doesn’t.

~~~ -K
4 kinds of moods with TC

1-Sassy: I just want to be the best bitch with him in bed. I’m the bad bitch. When I see him is just like F U C K M E .
2-Romantic: I just want him and cuddle him and watch Netflix with him and I want him sleeping on my legs while I strokes his hair. I want to kiss him in his car while his driving me home, cook with him in his apartment. I want me and him, just us.
3-Hater: He is an asshole, I hate him, he didn’t look at me when he walks past, why he don’t flirts with me!, why he laughs with that bitch? Dude I’m right here, OK fuck off, I hate U,
4- Depressive: we’ll never be together, he doesn’t love me and I just think about him all the time, I’ll cry on my pillow until I fall asleep, it shouldn’t be this hard, my mind is killing me, get out of my mind, I miss him sooooo much, It will never happen.


Tucker Carlson vs another trans activist.

Holy shit that activist is a dense fucker. He has NO answers. He dodges question after question.

TC: 1

Trans activist: 0

cute tc questions!

1. do you know any of their favorite shows, movies, books, ect? what are they?

2. what type of drunk do you think they’d be (silly, sleepy, ect)?

3. are they a cat or a dog person? or neither?? if you don’t know, what do you think they are?

4. one day they’re asking for music recommendations bc their playlist has been dry. what song(s) do you suggest them?

5. what’s their color? not race wise, but if they were a color of the rainbow, what would they be?

6. what spongebob character would they be? (bonus: what spongebob character would you be?)

7. what was the last thing they said to you? how long ago was it?

8. have you ever gotten them something for their birthday? if not, would you get them something in the future? what would you get & why?

9. what hogwart’s house are they (or what house do you think they’d be?)?

10. have you ever dreamt about them? were there any cute dreams? or really weird, odd dreams? scary dreams? ect ect

11. what language(s) do they speak?

12. what is your fondest memory of them?

13. do you have any nicknames for them?

14. do you see them being a night owl or an early bird? or both? or neither??

15. what’s their zodiac sign(if you know it)? what’s yours? are y’all compatible?

16. are you friends with them on facebook? follow them on instagram or twitter? any other social media they have that you know of?

17. what kink do you bet they’re secretly into?

18. do you have a song for them? a song tucked in the back of your mind that always makes you think of them?

19. they come up to you one day and ask, “what’s your favorite meme?” how do you respond lol??

20. if they were in a band, what instrument would they play?

21. do any of your friends or family know about your crush?

22. if they found out you had a crush on them, how do you think they’d react & respond?

23. when was the last time they laughed in front of you? who/what made them laugh? what’s their laugh like? 

24. how do you think they deal with stress?

25. what do you think their favorite holiday is?

26. what are they like when they get angry? is it adorable? a little terrifying? were they ever angry with you?

27. what do you think their favorite disney movie is? do any disney characters remind you of them?

28. do they play any instruments? what instruments do you imagine them playing (if any)? 

29. do you know any of their fears? what do you think they’re secretly afraid of?

30. when was the first time you realized you had a crush them?

  • 1: Do you have any nicknames for your TC?
  • 2: Is your TC in a relationship?
  • 3: Your TC's hair color?
  • 4: A song that reminds you of your TC?
  • 5: Name 3 things you love about your TC.
  • 6: Name a thing you dislike about your TC.
  • 7: Best thing in your TC's looks?
  • 8: When your TC is angry, what is he like?
  • 9: Is your TC a cat person or a dog person?
  • 10: Tell about an embarrassing moment with your TC.
  • 11: Where would you take him/her on a date?
  • 12: What kind of music your TC listens to?
  • 13: Have you told to your friends about your TC?
  • 14: Last text message from TC?
  • 15: Age gap?
  • 16: How often you see your TC?
  • 17: How do you act around your TC?
  • 18: How would you react if they confessed their love to you?
  • 19: How does your TC act around you?
  • 20: What is your TC's best outfit?
  • 21: Is he/she a good teacher?
  • 22: Do you tell your problems to your TC?
  • 23: Does your TC have any nicknames for you?
  • 24: Do you flirt with your TC?
  • 25: Would you kiss your TC? What would the situation be like?