You occupy my mind so much that sometimes I find myself in a state of shock when you pass me in the halls. It’s a bit overwhelming to realise you’re actually there when the only time I usually get to see you is when I’m daydreaming. 

Did you ever think that you would love someone so so much?
Like, I’m not even really friends with him, yet I love him so freaking much, sometimes it hurts deep down in my chest and I get genuinely sad.
I NEVER thought I would feel this way about him, I mean I only see him at school - during break, shortly after school and sometimes even when he drives to school - I don’t even see him for long periods of time - a maximum of 50 minutes on two days per week maybe the other days maybe 2 mins total. It still lights up my day so much, If you’d only new..
I would have never thought I’d fall for him since he is completely different from what I thought I’d fall for. He has such a different character.
I feel like I know him so well from what he told and how he acts but really? What do I really know about him? I guess not that much, but, oh god, I’d love to know every oh-so-boring thing about him. I wish we’d experience things together, go on adventures.
But that will never happen because I’m just another one of your students and in about two months you won’t even live near by anymore and I’m sure in that time you’ll also have forgotten my name and won’t even remember who I was. And you know what? It kills me. It fucking hurts, sometimes I just don’t know what to do anymore because I’m in such pain.
—  04/07/2015, thoughts at 11:33pm while looking at the stars
TC Imagine

“Honey!”, you shout. “Look what I’ve found!”, holding your old diary in your hands, an article sticking out of it on one of the last pages.
(TC/N) enters your room and nearly trips over one of the many moving boxes your room is filled with.
You clear your throat and start to read: “Teacher ((TC/A)) claims to be in love with one of his students! I wouldn’t have thought he’d be like this, a collegue of the mentioned teacher states, shaking his head when we interview him. It’s a wave of shock and insecurity going through the school as a teacher asks for being displaced to another school, so he could finally be with the student he fell in love with. After some investigations that showed that he didn’t do anything illegal to her (so far), his wish was getting fulfilled and only a few months later the student showed up at a school concert with her former teacher being her plus one. We couldn’t save ourselves from all the looks we gained, the student, 16, claims. But we knew that it wouldn’t be easy. My mother still refuses to sit on the same table with him. But I am of legal age in this country, so she can’t forbid my love to (TC/N) and our relationship. Especially because he did everything to make it legal before we came close…”
“Oh, (Y/N), you kept that awful article?”, (TC/N) asks unbelieving and softly taked the article out of your hands to examine it closely.
“Of course I did.”, you answer and pack your diary into the open moving box in front of you.
“It’s incredible..”, (TC/N) says lost in thought.
“I know, right?”
You are 18 and a half today, recently graduated and the both of you decided to move in together. In another city where not every student know about (TC/N)’s background with you and is afraid of being molested by him. Which is total rubbish. Because he loves you. For more than 2 and a half years.
“Who would have thought we would make it - despite everything everyone says…”, (TC/N) says looking at you.
“I did”, you smile standing up to give him a short kiss. As you back down, he grabs you by your waist to keep you close.
“I love you”, he whispers, looking deep into your eyes. You always couldn’t resist these eyes.
“I love you, too”, you whisper back and kiss him another time.
“But now, help me to pack my things. I finally want to say that I live together with the love of my life.”

(TC/A) - TC’s Age

July TC Challenge Day 4

4) What would be the perfect first date for you two?

Well, we’ve had a little meeting before where we were alone and it was outside of school and it was perfect but it wasn’t really a date.
So I’d say the perfect first date would be to just get out of the city, out into the countryside. We could just go hiking, eat, take photos and - most importantly - talk about everything and nothing. I don’t really care about what we would do on a date as long as there is nobody to disturb us and we can spend a nice day together. :)