A Baby Blue Polo and Waders

I went to see him this morning as I always do. I really needed to see him, ‘specially after the weekend I had. I got off the bus and ran into a friend of mine who I hadn’t seen since we worked together over the summer. I shocked him and he asked what I was doing.
I told him that I was on my way to see a friend of mine. He asked who it was and I told him it was Dale, but I used his last name. My friend laughed and left. I continued on my way to Dale’s room. He wasn’t there yet, so I stood outside of his door like I normally do when he’s not there.
I changed the song that was playing to a Fall Out Boy song and started listening to it as I was waiting for Dale. A kid walked up - well, it was the same kid who’s been coming to talk to Dale, and he’s on crutches. Anyway, the kid came up to me.
“He’s not here yet?” He asked, nodding his head to Dale’s closed door.
I shook my head. “Nah. He should be here in a few minutes though.“
The kid asked what time Dale usually gets to school and I told him. A few minutes later, Dale came ‘round that corner. He hadn’t noticed me yet, and he was walking kinda depressed-like. He looked so good in his baby blue polo and khakis.
It was still un-tucked and I couldn’t help but grin. He’s such a goofball. He lifted his head and then he saw me. His face lit up and he just smiled at me. 
“Hey.” He said, grinning.
I blushed. “Hey.”
The other kid turned on his crutches and looked at Dale. “Hi.”
“How you doing?” Dale asked.
He was looking at me. He was smirking too as he dug in his pocket for his keys. The other kid answered. Dale shook his head, grinning, as he unlocked the door. I let the kid on crutches go into the room before me. He made his way over to a desk and sat down. 
I stood beside Dale’s desk as he checked those scientific devices again and turned on the other set of lights in his room. Dale came over to his desk and started putting his lunch in the fridge. He’d glance up at me as he did what he was doing.
“How are you doing, (his nickname for me)?” He asked, grinning.
I smiled. “I’m here. Talking to you. I’m better because of that.”
He grinned, and whispered, “So…you’re telling me that I’m making your day better?”
“You always make my day better.”
He grinned. “You make mine better too.”
I blushed. 
“So…is that your Dollywood cup?” Dale asked, referring to the cup I had in my hand.
I explained that it was actually a friend’s and she had coffee in it and gave it to me. He mentioned that he saw my friend at a party the day before. I asked about the party since I knew about it. Then, he cocked his head to the side and looked at me.
“Yes?” I asked.
“Just thinking about how you knew. It makes sense because she works at your school.” He replied.
I nodded. The kid on crutches started talking to Dale as he walked over to a pile of waders he had laying on the floor. 
“How was your weekend?” Dale asked, looking at me. 
“You could say it was ok.” I said.
“I could say that, yes. But…would you say that?”
He looked up at me. “Fair enough. I get it. You don’t have to say anymore.”
I gave him a grateful smile. The kid on crutches looked at me.
“What did you even do this weekend?” He asked.
I had to think about what I could tell him. I couldn’t tell him that I got in trouble everyday for stuff I hadn’t even done and that was out of my control. I could tell him that I did homework and jammed out to 90s music. I told him that. Dale cracked up laughing.
“You jammed out to 90s music?” He asked, grinning.
I nodded, smiling. “I did.”
“Who and why would you jam out to 90s music?” The kid on crutches asked.
Dale and I both looked at the kid in pure shock.
“Uh. We do. Because it’s good.” Dale and I both said at the same time.
Dale and I looked at each other.
“Jinx. You owe me a coke.” He said, grinning.
I laughed. “Got it.”
He laughed. “You know 96.5 plays 90s music all weekend long.”
He nodded. “Yep. How were you listening to 90s music?”
“I have a playlist on YouTube.”
He chuckled. The kid and Dale started talking. I looked at my iPod, and realized that it was time for me to go. I walked closer to Dale who was now on the other side of his room.
He just grinned at me as I stood on the other side of the table he was at. I looked at him.
“I’ve got to go.” I said.
His face fell. He dropped the waders he had in his hands and walked over to me. He wrapped both his arms around me. I wrapped mine around him. He held me close. I laid my brag on his chest.
“I hope you have a good day.” He murmured.
“I hope you have a great day too.” I replied.
“I better see you tomorrow.”
I giggled. “You can count on it. There’s nothing I’d rather do.”
He chuckled and held me tighter. He let go of me after a moment. I we walking away when I turned to look back at him.
“I’ll try to learn something in my one class today.” I said.
He cracked up laughing. “You go learn something in that one class of yours.”
I giggled. “You got it, boss.”
He shook his head, grinning. “Goofball.”
The kid on crutches looked at me in shock.
“Wait. What? You only have one class?” He asked.
I nodded and Dale chuckled. The kid looked at me still in shock as I walked closer to the door.
“How do you only have one class?” He asked as I was almost out the door.
I peeked my head back in the room. My gaze caught Dale’s, who was grinning. I looked at the kid.
“‘Cause.” I said, and walked out the door.
I could hear Dale’s laughter as I walked down the hallway.

Teeth Hygiene Throughout History 

The first toothbrush was not patented until 1857. Obviously from accounts in history of even the wealthiest and most royal of people having brown teeth, that most people didn’t get them all too clean. That was probably because of the methods that were used. 

* Rinsing mouth with water to remove gunk from mouth.
* Rubbing teeth with a clean cloth to wipe tartar buildup and left over food particles from the teeth.
* Chewing herbs to freshen breath, mint, cloves, cinnamon, sage
* Using “toothpicks” to clean out the teeth.
* Mint and vinegar mixture, used to rinse out the mouth.
* Bay leaves soaked in orange flower water and mixed with musk.
* “Barbers” would also be used as dentists and would extract teeth that were rotting or bothering a person profusely. They sometimes were able to muck out the junk in teeth and create a filling of sorts.

* Rubbing teeth with the ashes of burnt rosemary.
* Powdered sage rub used to whiten teeth.
* Vinegar, wine and alum mouthwash
* After dinner comfits were eaten to freshen breath

* The same practices for cleaning were in use, but the “barbers” aka dentists had begun to learn more about dentistry.
* The first dentures, gold crowns, and porcelain teeth, were constructed in the 1700’s.
* 1790 brought about the dental foot engine, similar to the foot pedal of a spinning wheel, it rotated a drill for cleaning out cavaties.
* The first dental chair was made in the late 1700’s.

* They again used the same methods.
* A letter from Lord Chesterfield to his son urges the use of a sponge and warm water to scrub the teeth each morning.
* The recommendation of using one’s own urine in France was widely flouted by Fouchard, the French dentist.
* Gunpowder and alum were also recommended.

Bullying at Columbine: Eric & Dylan

Both Eric and Dylan:

-Name calling, especially gay slurs (There was an incident in which a jock went up to Devon Adams and said, “Why are you talking to that faggot, are you a dyke?” After she spoke to Dylan)

-Making fun of their clothing (Trench coats, combat boots)

-Making fun of their music tastes (They listened mostly to industrial rock music)

-Throwing items in class (Paper clips launched using rubber bands were common)

- Pushing, shoving (Pushed into lockers, this was proved in this home video) 

- Bottles, mostly glass being thrown at them as they smoked in the smoker’s pit.

- A cup of fecal matter was thrown at them in one incident.

- Being squired with ketchup and having Skittles candy thrown at them in the cafeteria. (They would come home with ketchup stained clothes as this happened almost daily)

- Falsely accused of carrying drugs and alcohol 

Dylan Klebold:

- Pelted with ketchup covered tampons by seniors (He told his mother this was the worst day of his life)

- Being falsely accused of smoking Marijuana to the point of being pulled out of class and having his clothes and locker searched.

- Being picked on for his interests and learning skills.

Eric Harris:

- If Eric’s gym team won a game against the jocks he would get hit several times in the face with balls 

- Frequently pushed against lockers by jocks in the hallways.

- Students joked about Eric’s Pectus Excavatum and laughed when he took of his shirt to the point where he no longer took his shirt off to change during gym class.

- Picked on for being shorter than other students (Eric was 5′9)

- Picked on for not being from Colorado.

When asked about the jocks, Dylan responded to his mother, “I’m six-four, they don’t bother me too much, but they sure give Eric hell”

There is a misconception that Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold were not bullied at Columbine. The reality is that they were bullied, and those are just a few available examples. Please spread this post.

One could say
that I write my best poems
when I’m either falling in love
or falling apart

But then again,
these two states
are so incredibly close to each other
that sometimes,
they are even the same.

—  // writing poetry
  • Harry:[on his birthday] Y'know what? I am going to do something today. I'm not just gonna sit around like some old man. I'm gonna get something pierced. Like my uh, like my nose or my tongue or something.
  • Ginny:Really? 'Cause you know that hurts.
  • Harry:So what? You know the way I see it-
  • [Ginny pulls a hair out from the back of Harry's head]
  • Harry:Ow! Son of a BITCH!