The Boyz as types of flowers

*Requested by Anon*

Sangyeon: Gardenia; a flower with a strong scent most prominent during a rainfall, fitting for our strong leader no?

Jacob: Moon Flower; a flower that only blooms at night, perfect for quiet, cute Jacob

New: Purple Saxifrage; a flower that can survive in extreme cold, small and cute just like baby New

Juyeon: Begonia; an edible flower with a sharp citrus taste, our cooking master

Q: A White Lily; a flower anyone knows, has a long stem to represent our long necked boy

Kevin: A Rose; a classic beauty, need I say more?

Haknyeon: Blue Vervain; a plant commonly found on farms, this one is just right for our farm boy Haknyeon

Sunwoo: Thistle; Sunwoo is cute but he can also be a little shit which is why a thistle fits him so well

Eric: A Sunflower; those things can GROW, ergo they are extra much like Eric

Hwall: Babies breath; a cute flower everybody knows, perfectly captures the sweet Hwall

Younghoon: Daisy; charming and simple, to represent our cute innocent boy

Hyunjae: Rhododendron; Hyunjae can be mischievous, this flower is a warning “beware!”

The Boyz: Daffodils; a flower that means new beginnings :)

~Admin N

cracksandcraters  asked:

how much have you actually seen Tenra Bansho Zero in play? the flavour as written mostly seems to convey the 'default' playstyle as a relatively serious, emotionally charged affair, lots of 'i want this but it conflicts with my needs/orders/the wishes of x' dilemmas; but whenever i've actually seen/heard it in play it's kind of started at gonzo and just gone further off the rails from there?

I think it’s a mistake to assume that those two things are mutually exclusive; in the game’s source material (i.e., all the 90s anime ever), they’re really, really not. The trick isn’t to avoid the gonzo in order to achieve pathos - it’s to achieve pathos via the gonzo.

The Boyz as kkt announcements about The Boyz

Sangyeon: hi “I love eric” I’m dad

Jacob: thiccob

Hyunjae: I never thought I needed Q in a dress

Younghoon: Apparently the symbol for heat is Q and now everything makes sense

Juyeon: I love eric

New: “Love me like Younghoon lololove me like Younghoon”

Kevin: anyway monster rookies in da house woop

Q: (Creepy voice) hey there kids ya wanna buy some changmin


Hwall: im lke hi Hak what you doing and hes like hi bitch noot much about to murder your whole entire being and thenhe puts on a headband and now im crying bittxh im crying

Sunwoo: Hak is a big baby whom I love/Haknyeon is a baby boy whom i love and appreciate

Eric: tbz is a ‘u have to be 170cm or over’ club

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The Boyz as Colors:

~requests are open~

Sangyeon: Lilac

Jacob: Mint Green

Younghoon: Bright Red

Hyunjae: Orange

Juyeon: Soft Gray

Kevin: Lemon Yellow

New: Light Blue

Q: Pastel Orange

Haknyeon: White

Hwall: Burgundy

Sunwoo: Violet

Eric: Pastel Pink

~ Admin M