Great Expectations || Madco

After putting everything where they needed to be for Marco when he came home from checking over the club from when they were gone, Madison sighed as she felt the nerves kick in on hoping that he will be just as excited as she was. They have wanted this for so long and she just wanted every little surprise she did to be perfect. She looked over the cupcakes with the little signs on them, taking her finger into the icing and smiling as she licked it. The glass of whiskey was right beside them, two cubes of ice in the glass with it. The brunette looked over the kitchen and nodded before she went to fix everything up in their bedroom.

She slowly walked into their bedroom and checked over the desk with a box, moving it so that it was noticeable enough for him to see it. She took a deep breath as she opened the box just enough for it to be easily done, a smile forming as she looked what was inside and slowly closed it, leaving it slightly open. Her eyes traced over the box, looking down as she felt Gemma at her feet. Picking the Frenchie up, Madison kissed her head with a smile. “Wanna help mommy surprise daddy?” The brunette carried her as she went over to the nightstand to adjust the frame that she designed. Madi went to the bathroom, adjusting how she held Gemma and stared down at all the tests that were laying on the counter, moving them into a line for after he’s seen everything.

Setting Gemma down, Madison set her hand on her stomach as it sunk in even more than it did before. She didn’t know where to wait for him, thinking that she could just lay on the bed and relax as he came into the house. Climbing on the bed, the three dogs following her, Madison set her hands on her stomach with a smile as she heard the man open the door and await for all the surprises she had in store for him, especially the big one.


I joined Team Valor today! At first I was worried, because I got to level 5, and Willow didn’t immediately appear, and offer me teams to pick from. Then I thought, ‘Hold on. It might not be a glitch. Lets go to the gym, and see if that works.’ And it did!