Without a single care in the world, Antonio was placing stickers al around his shoes. His mother had told him not to, but who can resist scooby doo on crocs?! Certainly not this kid. Especially since it always caused a funny reaction from Lorenzo. Which was another reason he was placing them on his shoes, Lorenzo was coming over for a play date!

I have long said that I think we need a little more vanity in this society and a little less self-esteem. Because self-esteem is what tells you that it’s okay to wear sweatpants to your kid’s piano recital, and vanity would never let that happen.
—  Luke Burbank, TBTL
Her album’s not even out yet - she’s a kid. Everybody should probably back off just a little bit, cause it’s kind of verging onto bullying.
—  Jen Andrews on Lana Del Rey, TBTL #999, 1/19/2012. You know, basically the same thing Whitney Cummings said, but she’s not the Internet’s most hated comedian, so maybe you’ll take her more seriously.

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Do you hate Olicity?

No, I do not hate Olicity. Long story short, I just feel that it was rushed, and I don’t really enjoy it or the show that much anymore for several reasons.

“Short story long” after the cut.

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TBTL at 1000

But then, contradiction has always been part of the show’s DNA. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, the genius of TBTL is that it recognizes the profundity of the mundane. It’s silly and sublime, intellectual and inane, naive and yet knowing. It’ll take the time to explain how the Large Hadron Collider works as well as how to seduce an airline attendant into giving you free drinks. Too Beautiful to Live is all about finding that very delicate balance within the contradictions of our own lives. We’re Ira Glass and Hot Greg. Drew McFrizz and the Grammar Lady. The New Yorker and TMZ. In fact, we’re all Luke and Jen, and, okay, sometimes even Sean.

As I said in my obviously premature eulogy, TBTL has always reminded me of a slice of lemon meringue pie. At its best, it’s the perfect combination of sugar-spun fluff and tart flavor. When taking a bite out of TBTL, you have to make sure you taste both the meringue and the lemon, or you’ll miss the point. Some people, unfortunately, can’t get past the meringue. But if you stick with the show long enough, the lemon will always out.

Remarkably, TBTL still matters.


— Tom Tangney

                  ‘  If Alfred asks why the soup pot is SINGED I didn’t do it. 

                    IN OTHER WORDS– he is totally responsible & does not
               want to get busted. More importantly, Jason does not want to
               get  on  Bruce’s  bad  side  ( again )  for   accidentally  setting
               something, that  really should  be nearly  impossible to, on fire
               when he knows he is no t allowed to cook  without supervision
               a helping hand.