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How to Raise Evil Spawn

Do tell them they’re not good enough.
Do put pressure on them to succeed.
Do stress the importance of being evil.

Don’t feed them with any regularity.
Don’t give them a warm place to sleep at night.
Don’t give them clean clothes to wear.

Always turn your back on them when they try to hug you.
Always humiliate them in front of their friends.
Always tell them how powerful you are.

Never tuck them in at night.
Never tell them you love them.
Never kiss their owies.*

*by kissing a wound, you draw the weakness into yourself. do this for no one.

—  Mal’s Spell Book, page 142

okAY so i’ve decided that over the next several weeks i will be making scream edits sort of like this for most of the scream characters ( i’d say all but it will take awhile so ) they will be posted on my personal / edit blog / resource blog @ emilysfitch

Another Neopets TBT, even though it’s almost Friday.

Here’s the first two pages of a pitch I wrote to convince Neopets executives that closing down the most visited land on Neopets.com for the sake of The Faeries’ Ruin storytelling was a good idea.

Losing pageviews on a site that makes a large part of its revenue via ads is a big deal. Especially pageviews numbering in the billions, with a ‘b’. We weren’t asking for a small favour here. This was substantial, so we did our homework. The rest of the presentation lists out things like which parts of Faerieland would be closed, how many pageviews/gameplays would be lost, how we were driving people to the plot through those closures, and what pages were being added during the plot that would hopefully cover the losses and then some.

I went in hella prepared, son.

And it turns out they didn’t even really balk. They completely understood that it was important for the story, saw that we were vigilant when it came to the numbers, and backed the plan completely.

So, yeah. A thorough pitch with solid reasoning plus cool execs who appreciated the importance of immersion equals ruined faeries. Sorry, Fyora.

(P.S. The blue is me looking back and laughing at that end date. We were so optimistic! It only took us two and a half more months to finish it. -_-)