tbt meaning

Y'all. I just realized I will be truly devastated if The Bold Type gets cancelled.

hey kids just here to relay a message that someone on instagram is trying to start a lil hashtag called #theboldtypelove where they’d share ur thoughts about what tbt means to u n why it should be renewed to freeform if u wanna check that out


get to know me meme [12/50 female characters]: Katie Fitch

“Mum, I can’t have children. I went to the doctor’s yesterday and they said there’s nothing they can do. I wanted to tell you but you were too busy shouting. It’s all about you. I didn’t want to let you down, but you let me down. I really needed you and you weren’t there. It doesn’t matter, Mum. The house and the money - I don’t want it. I’m not gonna be you. I just want a mum who loves me no matter what.”

Update on the Markimation - Subnautica

still work in progress =
Intro - hello everybody my name is bubblebutt (not yet) 
Entering game - this is cool (not yet) 
Part 1- this is still cool (not yet)
part 2 - farming (not yet)
part 3 - captain almost dead message (not yet)
part 4 - talk about seeing firework (not yet)
part 5 - shook (finished)
part 6 - TBT you mean (sketch done)
part 7 - farming (not yet)
part 8 - get teleported by the warper (not yet)
outro - dies and he scream professionally (not yet)

there might be a few changes here and there later on but, we’ll see, have another clip by the by

Rewatch Info and Guidelines

Hey guys! 

Some guidelines and tags for you to help with organization and such.  I’ll put this info under the TDB Rewatch Tab. 


  • TDB Rewatch - pretty much everything I post will be tagged with TDB Rewatch. 
  • TDB Rewatch [episode] - this tag will be for the individual episodes for example: TDB Rewatch New York - will be for episode 2x22, and all the posts I do for that episode will have the same tag. 
  • Meta Monday - the meta posts will all be tagged with this
  • Tuesday Polls - all the polls related to the rewatch will be tagged with this.
  • Fan Wednesday - announcements for Fan Wednesdays
  • TDB TBT - announcements for Throwback Thursdays
  • TDB FLF - announcements for First Listen Fridays. 
  • TDB Weekly Round Ups - on Saturdays, I plan on having weekly round ups for all the content put out that week, and this will be the tag for that. 

I’ll put up links to each of these things as we go along.  

**A note about tagging** 

If you are putting up original content - you can tag todaydreambelievers in the tags and I’ll see it.  If you are reblogging you must @-tag me – meaning within the body of the text, not the tags, you must put @todaydreambelievers so I can see it.  Also - the more you tag, the easier it is for my volunteers and I to figure out where to put it in the round-up.  

You are also welcome to also submit or send me things in case I miss them.  And as always - there’s no deadline.  I can always add something on to a weekly round up no problem.  

Here’s how the week will work: 

1. Sunday: A main episodic post will be posted on Sunday morning.  You guys are welcome, however, to watch the episode whenever you like.  If you want to watch it on Sat night - feel free! If you want to watch it on Wednesday morning of the following week - that’s cool, too.  Don’t feel bound to my exact time - I’ll just be doing the post on Sunday mornings.

Things I’ll add to the round ups - a general reaction post to the episode.  Things I won’t - live blogging  reactions that are a sentence or two at a time. 

TDB Podcast will continue to do it’s regular new episode on Sunday nights as well.  

2. Monday: It’s Meta Monday! Have an analysis that includes the episode of the week? That’s meta! Meta doesn’t have to be solely about one particular episode - for example you can discuss Klaine’s story line in Never Been Kissed, The First Time, and New New York - and tag it with those episodes, and I’ll include the meta on those three round up posts.  

I’ll also probably post some questions to get conversations started, but don’t feel obligated to try to answer them.  

3. Tuesday: I’ll have a new poll every Tuesday - and they’ll be done on Google Forms so it’ll be easier for everyone (hopefully).  My goal is to post the results on Saturday. 

4. Wednesday: Wednesdays will be for fan related things - fic, art, vids, etc! This stuff, though, will all be reblogged on @todaydreambelieversfic.  Reminder: Anyone can become a member of the fic bog and post things on there themselves. 

5. Thursdays: Thursdays are TBT - meaning bringing back old memes, cast interviews, news articles, and fandom riots.  You can also write up what it was like in fandom at the time if you feel inclined. 

6. Fridays: Fridays are for music - and discussion about the music of the episode, or music you wish had been in the episode, etc, etc. 

7. Saturdays: I’ll post the round up of stuff everyone has posted along with the Tuesday poll results.  

**DISCLAIMER**: No wank guys. I mean, I know we all rag on Will Schuester because he is the worst, but there’s a difference between being objectively critical of something and wank or bashing.  And I want this to continue to be a safe place.   No bashing of Kurt or Blaine.  But absolutely no bashing of the actors, their families, the crew, RIB (I know, I know), other posters, or me.  Basically - be respectful and kind.  Wank gets people automatically blocked, so please don’t try it. 

If you guys have any questions at any point - please let me know! 

~spaceorpahn18 <3


#TBT to when “the kid” and Mean Joe Greene taught us that no matter who we are, we can help each other find happiness. #AmericaIsBeautiful