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These biographies of Mulder and Scully from the X-Files official site during season 9 are amazing. Scully’s ultimate joy put all of their lives into jeopardy? Mulder and Scully naturally reproduced? Mulder was ever in perfect health? Since when is X-Files spelled with a lower case f?

Update on the Markimation - Subnautica

still work in progress =
Intro - hello everybody my name is bubblebutt (not yet) 
Entering game - this is cool (not yet) 
Part 1- this is still cool (not yet)
part 2 - farming (not yet)
part 3 - captain almost dead message (not yet)
part 4 - talk about seeing firework (not yet)
part 5 - shook (finished)
part 6 - TBT you mean (sketch done)
part 7 - farming (not yet)
part 8 - get teleported by the warper (not yet)
outro - dies and he scream professionally (not yet)

there might be a few changes here and there later on but, we’ll see, have another clip by the by

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All I can really say right now is that I'm incredibly proud of you. You put a lot of work into that post, Amanda. A lot of work and care. That's all I can really say since I'm just more or less at a loss for words. You're fantastic and I hope you always remember that.

                WHAT  the fuck don’t compromise me like this

-old man benny boi w long hair even at 40/45, he combs it back and tucks it away into his coat collar but at home its more loose.- the “"ash”“ in his hair doesnt mean the sort of cool undertone anymore, it literally means he’s going grey rip. esp at his roots. He only ever powders for very formal events, it might even be out of fashion in the 1800s in the US of A? In europe men had shorter parted hair in the 1800s?? but the americas were a bit behind ngl.- bit selfconscious bout his silver roots
- still tall, bit thinner though, but he has a bit of a gut now. heh.
- the muscle he had in the war , which has beeeen seventeen years? kind of remains, legs, back esp.
- in an au he marries emmeline bell aka abbi’s girl ❤ and she deeply adores her man ok? loves his hair and his soft crow’s feet.


get to know me meme [12/50 female characters]: Katie Fitch

“Mum, I can’t have children. I went to the doctor’s yesterday and they said there’s nothing they can do. I wanted to tell you but you were too busy shouting. It’s all about you. I didn’t want to let you down, but you let me down. I really needed you and you weren’t there. It doesn’t matter, Mum. The house and the money - I don’t want it. I’m not gonna be you. I just want a mum who loves me no matter what.”

ok you don’t know how devastating the spanish - american war was for abel . like , first he lost to a country that just reached a hundred years old and second he had to give up his territories ——— his fucking children , that he loved so much . like imagine a parent having their child just taken away from them ; THAT’S the pain he felt after the war like !!!

APOLOGIES. I basically told every single one of dashes on my blogs that I was going to be online at a certain time aND LIKE COMPLETELY DIDNT DO THAT ! ! I’ve been going through the stress of applying to colleges & also gushing over a new possible muse even though I have plenty…

Cas & Moa in Motunui hcs (because look I need something happy right now)

these work for before and after they start going out

  • the first time Moa brings Cas to her home, she warns him to be wary of her dad’s bad jokes. Which he doesn’t get at first, so he unfortunately falls for the ‘consider the coconut’ joke and Moa is groaning. For once can you not be so embarrassing dad?
  • everyone on Motunui already loves him. The people of Motunui are generally welcoming, though with limits, but for a friend of Moa’s, they happily make him feel at home
  • Tala also lowkey just adopts him as her grandson and is probably the first to realize that Cas has a thing for Moa but never said anything, obviously
  • honestly her entire family just practically adores Cas, which makes Moa really happy. She even repays his kindness to having dinner with his fathers by letting him have the biggest welcoming dinner Motunui could possibly give, even if it’s in her home
  • After the second or third trip there, Moa shows him the mountain where the stones are. She sorta has a strategic way of giving a tour of her home, but she always waits for some. She’s weird that way. It’s a fond moment because she slowly lets him in about her entire ancestry and the role she’s got to play in some shape way or form in the future. It’s also a moment where she willingly lets Cas see how unsure and doubtful she is and he just reassures her that it’s going to be fine
  • Meeting Pua and HeiHei is…an interesting experience. Pua was a bit protective of Moa at first but he warmed up to Cas eventually. HeiHei is just…HeiHei. He’s gotten a bad habit of kinda ruining the moment between Cas and Moa (especially more when they’re dating). Somehow at some point Cas finds himself trying to keep HeiHei from almost dying constantly. He is generally concerned about her chicken, but more than likely finds it endearing that she has a lot of faith in the potential of her somewhat suicidal chicken

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Bigger ladies? Slender ones?

         ❝ my taste tends to lie in a bit of a curvaceous form— but that’s not to say i wouldn’t give a woman with a different build the time of day. ❞