“Look at us, Meera. A crippled boy with a direwolf, a simpleminded giant, and two crannogmen a thousand leagues from the Neck. We will be known. And word will spread. So long as Bran remains dead, he is safe. Alive, he becomes prey for those who want him dead for good and true.” Jojen went to the fire to prod the embers with a stick. “Somewhere to the north, the three-eyed crow awaits us. Bran has need of a teacher wiser than me." 

“I ride a motorbike and I have a full face helmet on, which covers pretty much everything other than the eyes. I was sat at the traffic lights and a cyclist came up to me, looked at me and said ‘I loved you last night in Game of Thrones, well done mate!’ It was the day after my first episode aired and I turned around and said 'How the hell did you recognize me?’ All he saw were my eyes.”