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Flirting Attempt
  • Newt: Hi, Y/N. *Leans against a tree and tries to look cool*
  • Y/N: *Raises eyebrows* Hey, Newt.
  • Newt: How's it going? *Tries to give a sexy look but ends up looking like he's having a stroke*
  • Y/N: Fine... are... are you okay?
  • Newt: Absolutely, now that I'm near you. *Tries to come closer but trips and falls face-first onto dirt*
  • Y/N: *Kneels down and helps Newt up* Oh my god are you alright?
  • Newt: *With a bleeding nose and a twisted finger and muffling a scream* Fine.
  • Y/N: Newt, you really need to get your nose checked out by the medjacks and I think your finger is broken.
  • Newt: *His nose gushing now and finger dangling 270 degrees* I'm fine.
  • Newt: *Falls over again and lands on his face*
  • Y/N: Oh god.
Congratulations (Thomas Brodie-Sangster smut)

Summary: After winning awards, you and your boyfriend Thomas share some celebratory sex (it’s better than it sounds, believe me)

Word count: 4.7k - about half of that is the smut ;)))

Warnings: this contains smut!!!

A/N: I kinda created my own awards show and just ran with it haha. This is the first time I’ve written about TBS (aka the literal love of my life??) and I’m not really sure if anyone reads imagines about him. If you’re interested, however, I happen to think this is quite good :) also v smutty.

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“Over here!”


As you walked down the carpet, you couldn’t help but grimace.

A net of voices spread across the air, sounds melding together in a way that smothered you. In addition to the loud words and yells, the occasional flash of bright, white light would cut across your vision, rendering you temporarily blind. 

Aah, the sweet joy of stardom. 

Taking it one step at a time, you forced yourself to move across the scarlet carpet, posing in front of a white wall with the logo of the awards show printed across the backdrop. Giving a large smile, you stayed in place for a few moments before moving onwards.

“How are you feeling tonight, Y/N? Confident? Nervous?” A voice stood out as you passed by a group of journalists. You paused and turned to face a camera, microphone being thrust in your direction a moment later.

“Honestly? I’m bloody terrified. Excited, of course, but scared.”

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[subject-a0] Masterlist

Hello! A lot of you have been asking for my masterlist and unfortunately, I can’t seem to open that link on mobile??? So I don’t know if any of you can either but either way, I decided just to make a text post masterlist as well just so it can be viewed on mobile. I don’t know if there’s an easier way because I’m such a granny with technology but anyway, here is my masterlist! I’ll try my best to remember to update this regularly along with the masterlist page I have!

Subject A0 x Newt

In The Glade [ All

In The Glade Spin Offs [ All ]

In The Scorch [ discontinued ]

Newt x Reader

Thomas Brodie Sangster x Reader

Love, Actually [ All ]

Thursdays [ All ]


TMR Cast

Overprotective || Newt

Originally posted by allur-es

Summary: Newt sets his rules straight and claims what’s rightfully his.

A/N: Short, filler imagine. Life’s been throwing a lot at me, hope y’all understand.

“So you’re telling me that she’s the only girl here in the middle of sixty or so boys?” Thomas was baffled. He frowned. “Isn’t that kind of hard for her? Y’know…”

“I guess,” Newt shrugged. “I hope not.”

Thomas gave him a confused look, to which Newt sighed.

“I make it quite clear to the others that if they do anything of the slightest that makes her feel comfortable, I’ll have their heads,” Newt spoke of it like it was the most normal thing ever.

“She seems to be really important to you.” Thomas muttered, eyeing his moonshine.

“She’s my life,” Newt said almost immediately. ”I’d fight off whatever buggin’ touches her if that’s what it bloody takes to keep her alive.”

As if on cue, you take a seat beside Newt, waving shyly at Thomas.

“Hi, Thomas,” you smile at him, wrapping your arms around Newt.

“Hi, Y/N.” he smiled.

“How’s the Glade so far? Has Gally gotten to you yet?” you teased.

“Nah.” he looked down, uncertain of what he should say. “I sure hope he doesn’t.”

You laughed. “Gally may be intimidating, but he’s a teddy bear inside.”

Newt spoke up. “That’s only when he’s around you, love.” and you were reminded of the subtle but constant conflict between Gally and your boyfriend.

“He’ll come around.” you replied, leaning on Newt’s shoulder.

“You tired?” Newt looked at you.

“I know you are,” you smiled, reaching out to stroke his cheek. “You should stop fussing over the Glade too much.”

“I’ll stop when the shanks get their klunk together.” Newt huffed, turning to Thomas. “I’ll take this one to bed before things get crazy.”

You pouted. “Oh, please. Minho hasn’t even started yet!”

“You are not going to watch Minho get drunk, Y/N.” Newt stood up and pulled you up with him.

“I’ll say good night to Minnie, at least.” you pleaded, to which Newt nodded and sat back beside Thomas.

“Minho’s the closest thing Y/N has to a brother,” Newt explained. “He’s good for her. He likes to have fun with her but he also knows when it isn’t bloody safe anymore. He takes care of her when I’m not around.”

Thomas nodded. “I can tell why you all like her so much.”

Newt chuckled. “Well, off I go. If I don’t go to her now, she’ll never leave his side.”


Newt turned his back to Thomas and was about to limp away when Thomas spoke up.



“Take care of her, okay? Don’t break her heart.”

Newt smiled sadly at him “If anything, she could break my heart by simply smiling.”

How Page 250 Was Read
  • Dylan: (flipping though the script) What! Really? were gonna film this next week?
  • tbs: Owww, Really? poor newt
  • Dylan: NO!!!!!! Not my baby (grabbs tbs hugging him tightly)
  • Tbs: Dylan I cant breath...
  • Dylan: I Will not harm you Baby
  • Tbs: thats great Dylan but I think your killing me now...
  • Dylan: shhhhhh (patting tbs' head)
  • Tbs: (loses consciousness from lack of oxygen)
Newt Imagine: “Make Me”

Request: “Hey, can you do and imagine for nr.1 with reader x Newt, please.”
     “Make me.”

Warning: Very slight smut | TMR | Word Count: 1,859 (Hope you like this, this was a pretty quick but fun write so I really hope you enjoy it too!)

The Glade felt like it was on fire. You shifted uncomfortably in your tank top, fanning yourself every few minutes in between your work. The sun was glaring angrily down today, bringing the Gladers into a slow, lazy lull by noon.

“Y/N!” You heard a hoarse voice call you from a distance. You already knew it was Newt, your closest and oldest friend in the Glade, so you didn’t bother to turn around. You were feeling much too tired.

“Y/N!” He called again, this time with a twinge of annoyance at your lack of response. You sighed heavily before turning and squinting unresponsively in his direction. He rolled his eyes, walking towards you steadily, before stopping right in front of you. “Y/N, what are you doing? It’s past noon, Fry needs the meat to start cooking. You’ve been workin’ on that shuckin’ animal for hours now.” He furrowed his brows in seriousness, though his ruffled sandy blond hair and soft brown eyes made it hard to take him seriously.

You sighed and looked at him carefully. “I’m on it, I’m on it… It’s just so shucking hot, Newt. I can barely focus.”

Newt eyed the sweat beading on the side of your face and the hair clinging to your forehead stubbornly. “Alright, love, finish what you’re working on and then go take a shower. That ought to cool you down.”

You huffed and began slicing up the last bits of meat, hurrying to get them to Frypan.


As soon as you stepped into the cold shower, you shuddered with relief, half shaking from the freezing sensation, and half relieved to finally feel clean again. You didn’t worry about being the only girl in the Glade, because you had, more than once, proved yourself capable of taking care of anyone who dared try anything with you. Sure it had landed you in the Slammer once or twice, but that was a small price to pay for being able to take a shower in peace. No one had ever bothered you when you were in there except…

“Y/N,” that same voice called out. You groaned. You had never been so annoyed to hear Newt in your entire time in the Glade.

“What now?” You yell angrily over your shower. “Can’t I just have one moment of peace today, Newt, at least in the shower?”

Newt paused to stand in front of the showers on the other side of the barrier, not facing your direction. “Fry said he asked you to slaughter two animals, but he’s short on meat for the bonfire tonight. Any idea why?”

You grumbled and turned off the shower, accepting you weren’t going to ever be able to properly finish it anytime soon. You grabbed the towel to your side and wrapped it around you before padding your way out to face Newt, glaring angrily. Newt awkwardly looked in your direction, trying not to glance below at your body, even though you two were usually comfortable with each other, being best friends.

“No, Newt, I have no idea why –” You stopped short as it hit you. You remembered that in your anticipation to take a shower you had forgotten the second chicken… “Shuck.” You muttered only, biting your lip.

Newt raised an eyebrow. “Something the matter, Y/N?”

You roughly pushed past him, colliding shoulders with his. “Nothing’s the matter, Newt,” you snapped. “Go away.”

“Y/N,” Newt warned slowly, lowering his voice slightly, though it became raspier than ever because he was so parched. The heat was clearly getting to him, too. “Y/N, come back here.”

You continued walking.

“Y/N, don’t you dare walk away from me!” Newt shouted at you, though you were already halfway to the Homesteads now.

You shrugged simply and waved sassily back. “Watch me, Newt!” You called back out to him.

As quick as a whip, Newt ran up to you, grabbing your arm and swinging you around to face him. “Y/N, I am your second in command, you will do as I say,” he ordered you roughly.

You made a face and pulled yourself out of his grasp. “Make me,” you challenged, sticking your tongue out at him, and before Newt could even react, you turned and started running in the opposite direction. You clung to your towel desperately, regretting not putting on clothes immediately. You swore to yourself, but refused to look back to see if Newt was gaining ground on you; he undoubtedly was: even with his limp, you were encumbered by the towel, forced to run slower. As his unmistakable footsteps began grow louder behind you, you flung yourself into your hut and shut the door, though you knew that couldn’t keep him out for long.

Newt pounded on the door in a split second. “Y/N! Don’t make me barge in there. I will drag you out of there myself if that’s what it takes to get you to finish your work.”

You smiled to yourself, suddenly overcome with a desire to embarrass Newt. “I wouldn’t do that if I were you,” you called out warningly in a sing-song voice. “My towel fell off, and I’m trying to get dressed…”

Newt immediately withdrew from the door, but was resilient. “I’m not falling for that, Y/N! I’m coming in there in one minute, and you better be dressed.”

You pouted, creeping closer to the door to taunt Newt. “But that’s not nearly enough time, Newt,” you whined. “But you already know that, don’t you?” You smiled wickedly.

Though you couldn’t see Newt flush, you could hear him falter. “Y/N, d-don’t be ridiculous - I know what you’re trying to do. I don’t care. If you’re not dressed, it’s your own shuckin’ fault.”

You shrugged, slipping out of the towel and leisurely started putting on your clothes. “Alright, but don’t be surprised if you see me n –”

The door to the hut burst open, but you were wearing only your underwear and a large t-shirt, that was barely reaching a couple inches into your thighs. You smiled victoriously, pleased to see Newt’s red face, clearly more embarrassed now than in the showers. It didn’t help Newt and you had always felt attracted to each other, even started falling for each other as you grew closer in friendship, but neither of you acted upon it because Alby forbid it. Now, seeing Newt’s eyes reluctantly trailing over your half-exposed body, it made you want to forget there were any rules in place. 

Newt clenched his jaw and crossed his arms. “Go ahead,” he said in a hardened tone, trying to mask his obvious reaction at seeing you half-naked. “Get dressed.”

You raised an eyebrow incredulously. “Seriously?”

Newt gazed at you stonily, and only gestured for you to proceed getting dressed. You scoffed. You threw your jeans at him and flopped down onto your bed, sticking your tongue out again at him. You had pushed your luck too far. Newt closed the distance between the two of you in a flash, and climbed over you on your bed, pinning you down against the sheets. He glared at you with darkened eyes. “Do you think that I’m joking, Y/N?”

You panted slightly underneath him, unable to help but think this was the first time Newt had ever gotten on your bed. You had been on his plenty of times, but he had never been on yours. This was different. “Not anymore,” you replied breathlessly, afraid of what he would do next.

Newt nodded. “Good that. Now be a good girl and do as I say,” he growled at you roughly.

You smiled mischievously up at him, fully aware that he was still hovering over you, his face just inches from yours. If you just leaned up… “And what if I don’t?” you asked teasingly.

“I’ll punish you,” Newt said tonelessly.

You lifted yourself up slightly, meeting Newt’s cheek with yours, your lips brushing against the side of his face as you moved to whisper playfully in his ear. “I’d like to see you try,” you threatened, your lips pressed against his skin hotly.

Newt jerked back surprisedly, before his eyes filled with a new look of… lust. The wild, crazed desire finally unleashed within him, Newt grabbed you by the shoulder roughly and pushed you down against the bed, smashing his lips against yours. He kept you pinned down as he delved deeper into the kiss, your lips opening and parting to meet his. He pressed his tongue against your mouth, pulling away before giving you two hot kisses with tongue, each time exploring deeper and deeper. You gasped in order to catch your breath, taken aback by the suddenness and rushed manner of Newt’s kisses. He didn’t even give you a chance to catch your breath before lowering himself down on you again, pressing his lips to yours with a deep hunger you didn’t know he had in him.

You flicked his tongue with your own, moaning at his every touch. The blonde, instantly turned on by the sounds your moans, cupped your cheek, pulling you even closer to him, and you trailed your fingers up to tangle them within his disheveled hair. You smiled at his eagerness, and as your mouth twisted in victory you pulled away teasingly. Newt tried to lean down to kiss you but you merely turned your face slyly, laughing. Newt groaned in frustration and looked at you inquisitively, panting heavily. You watched him as his eyes followed you as you scooted back to the top of the bed. “It’s so easy to get you, Newt,” you giggled.

Newt raised his eyebrows in arrogant surprise. “Oh yeah? Sure about that, love?” He slowly crept forward and suddenly lunged to tackle you against the soft sheets, and though you laughed and tried to wriggle your way out of his grasp, Newt’s strong arms forced you against his hard chest.

You gasped for breath in between pouts and cried, “That’s no fair, Newt!” Newt smirked and flipped you over, releasing you playfully against the bed, running his hands up the side of your body until he reached your arms, which he moved up by your head and pinned your hands under his. He laced his long, rough fingers through yours and raked his teeth down the side of your neck, causing you to drop your head back against the sheets. You arched your back, surrendering yourself, as he lowered his wet kisses down your neck.

He paused, watching your eyelashes flutter and small, gasping breaths escape your lips. Seeing you crumble under his touch made him smirk, swelling his heart with pride that only he got to see you this way. “All’s fair in love and war, Y/N,” Newt whispered in your ear and pecked it with a small kiss after.

You smile and take his cheek into your hands, turning it to face his sweet caramel eyes towards you. “Well, if this is what a little war with you brings, I’m not complaining,” you winked and pulled Newt down to kiss him again.

Left Behind - Part 2

Request: Please continue left behind 😍💕

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Word Count: 1349

Warnings: Spoilers for The Scorch Trials movie

A/N: Yay! I finished it! Thank you for requesting, anon, and I hope you enjoy!

Part 1 | Masterlist | Part 3

After spending what you thought was a week in a small, white room in WICKED, you were going crazy. The only times you saw somebody was when the same woman brought food every morning, afternoon, and night. Every meal was unpalatable.

Finally, after what you counted to be the ninth day in there, a man armed with a gun came into your room. He said nothing as he grabbed your arm and pulled you down the hallways. You didn’t put up a fight.

At the end of the hallway was a metal door. The guard swiped his card and a light on the door flashed green. He pushed the door open, and guided you inside.

The room held big Bergs. The man motioned for somebody to open the Berg in front of them and after the door was open, he guided you into it. Inside you saw Ava Paige and more guards.

The guard shoved you onto the ground.

“Stay there,” He grumbled and walked away.

You stared at the ground as somebody started the Berg and we flew away. You didn’t know where we were going, but hopefully it was better than the facility.

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A Day in The Glade || Vows

Request:  A cute and fluffy Newt and Y/N wedding in the glade please!

A/N: I love this request. However, I find a grand wedding with all the gowns and the aisle too impractical. It simply doesn’t add up. They were put in the Glade for a wholly different reason and it seems unlikely that the Creators would allow it.

As a result, I wrote a little intimate exchange of vows between Newt and the reader instead. I hope this is satisfactory.

As I was writing this, I was listening to a Filipino song, Alipin, which translates to “servant”. It emphasizes how infatuated the singer is with a girl, and he sings about how happy he is in her embrace and what he’d do to keep things that way.

Word Count: 637

You lay quietly on your bed, waiting for Newt to finish his nightly rounds to check on the Gladers before returning to bed himself. You were exhausted. Everyone seemed to be eerily clumsy today and you barely had a minute to catch your breath, let alone see Newt.

Finally, your hut door opened and closed. Newt removed his upper clothing, sighing exhaustedly. You watched him get himself ready for bed -  a sight to behold. He glanced at you briefly.

“You alright, love?” he kept his hands busy with his hair, eyes fixed down in focus.

“Just really tired.” You muttered. “Like, really tired. I know I shouldn’t complain knowing what you put up with every day, but…” you trailed off, and Newt sat on the bed next to you, looking at you intently.

“You didn’t bloody catch anything, did you?” he put a hand on your forehead as you shook your head adamantly, a little bashful. Newt had to take care of everyone in the Glade, and he still had you to worry about even after he works.

“Well, I have to tell you something.” He smiled brilliantly, and you sat up then he took your small hands in his bigger, calloused ones. “I remember my parents.”

“Really?” you smiled enthusiastically, shifting closer to him. “Tell me more.”

“That smile…” Newt sighed. “I’m a slave to that smile.”

You blushed.

Newt continued. “They were mad in love.” He smiled at the thought. “My dad was head over heels infatuated with my mum.” He paused to look at you under his lashes. “You remind me of her, y’know.”

You froze, then prompted him to continue.

“Men would always line up at her door even after they married, and dad always scared them off.” He chuckled. “I don’t usually tell people about my memories unless they help us get out of this buggin’ place, but I’m telling you this because… I want us to be like my parents.”

You looked at him confusingly.

“I want you to marry me.”

You nearly laughed at the thought, but there was a possibility that he was being serious, so you politely stayed silent.

“I know it sounds pretty bloody stupid,” he shrugged. “But I want to make you a promise… officially. Just the two of us will know.”

You nodded in understanding.

“Y/N…” he breathed, and you relished in the way your name rolled off his tongue, the way his lips caressed the word you answer to. He tightened his grip on your hands. “I love you. I’ll make sure that you know it – feel it – every single day before the sun sets. I promise to compromise my happiness for your own, my safety for your own. I promise to accept every facet of you unconditionally. I promise to be there to protect you from what could steal your smile away from your face.”

Only awe could be found in your eyes as he delivered his vows. He slipped a relatively well-carved ring on your finger.

“I’ve been working on this whenever I’m not needed. Took a bloody while, but I hope this’ll do. This isn’t any form of wedding, take it as a promise ring.”

Giddy tears filled your eyes. “I don’t have any romantic vows,” you confessed. “I just want you to remember that once I’ve said that I love you, there’s no turning back.”

As cheesy as it sounded, it seemed to satisfy him. “That’s more than enough.” He smiled, his eyes smiling with his lips.

He pulled you in for a hug, and you lifted your legs and wrapped them around his torso. You stayed there for a long time, your forehead buried in the crook of his neck. You felt your eyelids grow heavy, and you let sleep overtake you, bringing Newt’s whispers along with you.



thomassangsterstanposts submitted:

hi, could u plzdo an imagines where you are part of the cast of tmr tdc and that you and tbs are always whispering thing to each other during interviews and fluffy stuff and they are secretly together nad htey like smoke together while cuddling and five yr age gap plz

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Heart-Filled || A Newt Imagine

Originally posted by sundaze-e

Summary: Newt and Minho had to endure a night in the Maze. The reader wakes up to an all-too-pleasant surprise. Fluff though, so… yeah.

 A/N: Look at that adorable face. Also, I was sleepy as ever when I wrote this so I don’t even know. Don’t get me started.

Word Count: 1168

“It’s getting dark,” you commented, storing the last of the monthly supplies. “Can I go meet up with Min and Newt before they get to the Map Room?” you turned to Clint, who was listing things down.

“Sure,” he shrugged. “The Hut’s practically empty. Be quick, though, no more than ten minutes.”

You thanked your Keeper before shutting the door behind you. The doors were already closed. Newt and Minho were probably already in the Map Room. You were about to return to the Hut when you saw Alby walking towards you, catching your attention, so you met him halfway.

“Hey, Alby, what’s up?” you smiled politely at your leader.

He had a grave look on his usually dominant face. Your smile vanished.

“Y/N…” he trailed off, inhaling deeply. “They didn’t make it.”

It took a little longer for the words to sink in. It could mean something else… but no, the words clearly held one meaning.

Newt was inside the Maze.

All came crashing down, and you muttered an inaudible “excuse me” before rushing toward the Deadheads.

You were torn between preparing for getting familiar with the feeling of pestering emptiness in you and hoping he’d be there, alive and well, when the sun comes up. The rational part of you wanted to settle for the former choice: Minho and Thomas got lucky the first time around, it seems unlikely that Minho will get lucky the second time.

All of a sudden, the walls seemed quite tempting. But you continued to run, focusing your eyes on the obliviously mourning Gladers as you went. Gally – the person who made sure you had enough to eat, Thomas – the boy who never let you anywhere near the Maze doors, Chuck – the little brother who always lifted your spirits with his innocent yet wise insights… they all loved you, needed you.

You reached the crowd of trees, finally, and leant against the nearest tree you could find. You began to process everything, - well, you tried – but the tears came flowing down uninvited.

You promised. You thought, the idea ripping your heart to pieces. He did promise. He always does.

Every now and then, when time calls for it (or when Alby says so), you watched Newt prepare for a day in the Maze, pushing away the obvious uncertainty of whether he’d return or not.

One night you told Newt about your concerns, and ever since, he always promised that he’d return to you, that he’d be careful, that he’d watch the time. He always kept his promise… until now.

He promised.

Your thoughts lingered to the boy, the boy you entrusted your life to.

The boy whose arms you slept in every night, who vowed to make you both a new life outside the Maze, who always put you first before anyone including him, whose voice you wake up to every morning – husky, thick and loving.

It was fully dark now, and you remained still, uncertain of what to do. A flickering light began to ease its way towards you.

“Y/N?” Thomas.

Gally held the torch in his hands. Both boys looked at you sympathetically, eyes fresh of tears.

“Let’s get you to your room,” Thomas whispered, voice cracking.

When you didn’t respond, he lifted you up in his arms and began walking to yours and Newt’s room, Gally leading the way with the light.

The bed was uncannily cold. The room was too quiet and still, and it formed an ache in your stomach, a certain emptiness you knew would never leave.

Sleep never came. Instead, tears you willed to stop never did. You only felt your eyes get heavier when the sun’s rays began peeking through the door, and sleep finally found you.

The boys probably didn’t bother waking you, because you woke to the boys’ voices, Alby’s the loudest, commanding the Track-Hoes to lift the craters elsewhere.

The tears threatened to arrive along with the thought of his absence. Consciousness fully took over, and you shut your eyes then rolled to your side and let yourself grieve.

Well, you tried to roll to your side.

You opened them slowly to see a hint of pale skin and tousled light brown hair. Your fingers ran across the bare back that faced you. A hint of familiarity hit you, and you let your fingers dance to his hair.


“I’m sorry…” he whispered, his back remained facing you.

You didn’t respond, and you withdrew your fingers. He took the opportunity to turn around and look at you.

His gaze was intense and apologetic, but he was also determined to get a response out of you. He reached for your hand and placed it on his bare chest.

“Talk to me, love.” His expression was worried, and he pressed his hand on yours.

You kept your gaze on your hands on his chest. You missed him, truly. But you were angry at him for worrying you so much. For breaking his promise, technically.

“I was ready to jump off the wall.” It was all you can say. You didn’t want to say it, but the second bitterness overtook your thoughts, the words rolled off your tongue. And for the first time in two years, you saw Newt cry.

It was a gentle sob, two tears rolled off his cheeks and his shoulders didn’t shake. He didn’t move at all.

You were both silent for a long while and you were contemplating leaving when Newt took you in his arms, tightly. It was a wonderful feeling. Home.

You began sobbing again, curled up in his arms, your own arms embracing yourself under his. He pressed his forehead on your head, rubbing your back. When you finally calmed down, he spoke.

“I’m not doing that again, love. Ever.”

“That’s very convincing, Newt.” You spat bitterly, and you felt him cringe. The  guilt came as soon as the words left. You whispered a soft apology.

“I love you, Y/N, in case you’ve forgotten already.” He breathed deeply. “If that is the case, I’ll remind you every day.”

“I love you, too.” It was barely audible. You felt an unexplainable peace, knowing that the boy you loved so dearly, your safety and the responsible captor of your heart, was here in your bed, willingly yours in return.

“I think of you, y’know.” He commented. “Every time I run in there, all I could bloody think of is what I can give you out there.”

You remained silent, giving him nothing but a sniff.

“I wouldn’t be doing this if you weren’t here. I do all this for you. Just say the word, love, whatever you want, I’ll dedicate my life to finding it.”

You raised your chin up, your nose just under his jaw. You breathed in his all-too-familiar scent and relished in the feeling of his bare skin against yours, emerging butterflies in your stomach.

You.” It came as a whisper, but the weight of the word remained the same. “I want you.”


The Maze Runner - Newt Smut - Keep It Down

Hey could you write “1. You and c/n accidentally wake up the other gladers by being really loud” for newt please? And with female pronouns xx

AN: I have got so many smut requests you guys xD good thing I like writing them. Thanks for the request I decided it to make it a little different from the rest ^•^

 Warning: smut and swearing


 Panting, you ran back through the wall and into the Glade. You’d slowed down eventually stopping not far past the wall and taking a minute to catch your breath. You loved being a runner. You didn’t know whether it was the thrill off running or the fact you weren’t cooped up in the Glade all day but, no matter what, you were always happy to get back to your boyfriend Newt after a long day. Jogging over to him slowly, he greeted you with a wide smile and you joined him on a log by the fire. 

“Good day, love?” He asked. 

“Yeah the usual, I guess. Nothing new.” You sighed. 

“I’m sure you’ll find something soon. And in the meantime I’m just bloody happy to see you everyday.” You smiled leaning on him. He knew exactly what to say to make you feel better. 


Frypan began to serve up dinner and the two of you sat on a log just the two of you and you laughed and talked with the other boys. It was getting late and you decided after a while that you were going to go back to your area the boys had given you, being the only girl, and go to sleep. 

Getting undressed and into bed, it wasn’t long before you heard the familiar heavy footsteps and Newt walked over climbing under the blankets to join you. You soon drifted off to sleep with Newt’s arm around you and your neck buried into his chest breathing in his comforting smell of earth and tea. 


You woke early the next morning. Too early. But by the time you’d realised that, you couldn’t fall back asleep. Judging by the faint sunrise in the distance, you guessed you had about an hour before the other boys woke up. You got up and went to get dressed not really knowing what else to do. 

“Y/n?” You heard a low mumble. 

“Newt? I’m sorry did I wake you?” 

“No it’s okay love. The longer I get to spend with you the better.” He got up with you and threw on his shirt and trousers. 

“So what do you want to do with this extra hour or so?” You asked. 

“We could go to the deadheads?” He suggested. The deadheads was a special place for you and Newt. You used to sit under one specific tree and it was where he’d confessed his feelings for you and then a while later you’d lost your virginities to each other under the same tree. 

“All the others are asleep so we’ll have the whole bloody place to ourselves.” He added. 

“Sounds good.” You said holding his hand as you began to walk. 

You got to the deadheads and sat under the same tree as always. You sat and picked at the grass when you felt him staring at you. 

“What?” You asked looking up at him. 

“You’re so bloody gorgeous y/n.” 

“Shut up idiot.” You laughed blushing. 

“I’m serious, you’re beautiful.” He said pecking you on the forehead. You looked down at your feet. No one had ever called you beautiful before and meant it. You smiled slightly and Newt cupped your face in his hands. 

“Let me show you just how beautiful you are to me.” He whispered before kissing you roughly on the lips. Your tongues battled for dominance but, as usual, he won and you submitted as his tongue dominated your mouth. You tangled your fingers around his dirty blonde locks tugging on them gently causing him to moan softly. He unlatched his mouth from yours and moved it down to your neck nipping and sucking on the skin until he’d left small red patches marking your neck claiming you as his own. 

He pushed you down slightly so you were now lying on the ground and he was leaning over you and you felt his hand move down towards your trousers as he unbuckled them. Pulling your trousers down towards your ankles he began leaving a trail of kisses up your thigh sending shivers through your body. You felt his breath over your heat as he hooked his finger into your panties and pulled them down slightly. 

“So beautiful.” He murmured. “And wet I see.” He added sending a blush creeping up your neck and face. He discarded your underwear and sucked the skin around your heat leaving more marks and you bucked your hips desperate for him. Then you let out a moan as he fulfilled your need placing his lips on your clit and sucking on it gently. 

He began to lick up your slit slowly teasing you and you raised your hips slightly. 

“Newt, don’t tease.” you whimpered. “Plea-” you cut yourself off by letting out a loud moan as next thrust two fingers into you curving them up to meet your G spot perfectly. He reattached his mouth to your clit sucking on it hard and moving his fingers in and out of you getting faster and faster. You could feel your orgasm was soon approaching. 

“Fuck Newt!” You cried as he got faster and continued thrusting. He sucked on your clit curving up his fingers to hit your g spot perfectly time and time again. You knew you weren’t going to last much longer, not with the ungodly moans leaving your mouth. 

“UGGHHH NEWT!” You screamed as you reached orgasm completely oblivious to how loud you were. He slowed down his fingers and licked the juices from around your entrance softly. Sucking his fingers dry, he pulled you up so you were sitting leaning against the tree panting. 

“You’re beautiful y/n.“ He reminded you. "I love you." 

"I love you too Newt.” You said kissing him. “Let’s go see if the others are up yet." 


You walked out to the logs where breakfast was being served hand in hand to see almost all the boys were up and Frypan was already making breakfast for everyone. 

"Wow you’re all up early today.” You commented noticing the sun was still barely up and the maze walls were still closed. 

“Well it was hard to get any sleep this morning.” Minho stated simply. 

“What do you mean?" 

"You,” Thomas butted in. “NEWT UGH NEWT!” He mimicked you making you turn a furious shade of red. 

“The whole glade heard you. And the grievers I’d imagine the racket you were making.” He laughed as you hid your head in Newt’s chest. 

“Glad someone had a nice wake up anyway.” Minho said. 

“Sorry guys.” Newt said patting you on the head gingerly. “I’ll try to make sure y/n keeps it down next time. I’m just too good I guess.” He grinned.

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im so fucking emotional like fucking hell my poor newt doesn’t deserve to end up like that