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It has been so LONG since I have attempted to draw any sort of anime character and holy cow I am rusty as shit. I have just been obsessing over Meliodas and Elizabeth, but there isn’t much work of them so…I made my own? She is wearing that sort of armor you see in the manga btw. I am not a fan on her waitress outfit personally

Its so weird that i hear the word “taco” almost daily here and there but only “taco bell” makes me start singing in my head “Fast food greasy taco i love” and “NO TOMATOS ON MY TACO, NO TOMATOS”

Thank god there aren’t any Taco bell places in Mexico or i would never be able to get rid of the song playing in my head

Okay so Vidia at the end of Tinker Bell reminds me of Snape at the end of Prisoner of Azkaban….HEAR ME OUT–

infuriated that the person they hate isn’t being unfairly punished

  • bc Vidia knew Tink only accidentally got the thistles stampeding (after she told her to try to round them up) yet was angry to see the other fairies accepting/trusting Tink’s offer to help fix the preparations for spring
  • Snape knew Sirius was innocent of the crime they were about to let dementors suck his soul out over (he was in the shrieking shack that night, also he knew about Pettigrew) yet he was furious to see that Sirius escaped that fate
  • Snape then leaked about Lupin’s lycanthropy to get him fired even though Remus hadn’t actually done anything to him, just because he was petty

….just because they want revenge on that person for whatever offense they think they committed

Tink’s offense was…..trying to befriend Vidia? Vidia wanted her to get humiliated from their first conversation, when she let Tinker Bell believe that tinkers could go to the mainland. She was satisfied to see Tink embarrassed at the Queen’s review.

Remus’s offense was…..being friends with James, who Snape hated? Remus didn’t even bully or attack Snape in the memory we see from their school days, that was only James and Sirius.

And though Remus was polite to Severus as teachers throughout 3rd year, Severus still tried to out his secret and humiliate him by making Professor Lupin’s students learn/write about werewolves while he was “sick” during the full moon.

For more parallels,

  • Vidia and Snape are also both the best around/masters at what they do (fast flying and potions respectively)
  • and have been on the wrong side of the law (Vidia plucked Mother Dove and is banned from coming near her, has stolen dust many times; Snape was a Death Eater) and flawed moral compasses
  • plus are unfriendly/loners/sarcastic with a soft spot for only one person (the oft-portrayed-as-a-redhead Prilla for Vidia; the redhead Lily for Snape)
  • Both have dark/black hair, gaunt, pale skin

it’s that time of year

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tis-i-a-turkey-wing  asked:


ok lets get it in a nice neat list:

  • drilling to 69 ft for that good oil™
  • the universe is a swarm of bees
  • ^^^ also a stick man
  • artisan discourse
  • if you dont hand roll ur bagels or boil them in a kettle ur a fake
  • lasers… more lasers
  • don juan ribero wont take paulinas money or her grandchild
  • “talent,,,, not money”
  • grandchild in response just stands in front of where he works
  • why cant i use a calculator in the english section???? ?
  • angle dab
  • $45 meat n veggies
  • t h e  l i v i n g  b o s s e s
  • local gulf toadfish is triggered by dolphin pops
  • silver tree = maple tree,,, rb for tree equality
  • pop pop pop
  • comic, romantic, and gritty train station announcer voice or bust
  • more. so much more u cant fit it in the entirety of the stickman

tl;dr a mess


Stawpp😂😂😂 “When girls start their Fall hoodie stealing spree #tb”

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