Bathroom Sex

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Tittle: Public Bathroom Sex

Pairing: Tbs x Reader

Requested: Yes

Rating: S for smut

Warning: public smut

     “Will you stop that!” Thomas groaned, his hands tight on my hips. I turned to look at him, a look of fake innocence on my face. I knew what he was talking about, I had been grinding up against him for the past hour, trying to turn him on. By the look I was getting and the hard on against me I knew I was doing just that.

   “Stop trying to get the dress? I thought you said you wanted it?” I asked sweetly, holding in a giggle when he glared at me.

   “You know what, come with me.” He said suddenly, yanking me from the clothing shop. As I followed behind him I couldn’t help but smirk. Honestly this was all his fault. He looked so good in those dark washed jeans that hugged him in all the right places. The white t-shirt that was peaking out of a black leather jacket, one that made my center throb. Tommy in leather was my weakness and when you add in the messy styled hair he had I was soaked and longing for his fingers.

   “Where are we going?” I asked, biting my lip as he lead me past the food court, which just happened to hold Dylan and his girlfriend. Tommy ignored them both and pulled me down the hallway that held the bathrooms, shoving me into the first family washroom he came across. Before I could say a word he had pinned against the door, his hands pushing up the bottom of my dress as he slammed his lips against mine.

   “You have to be so hot. Grinding on me like that.” He muttered against my lips, his hands moving freely along my body. “Then look so damn innocent when I call you out.” He groaned, bucking his hips against me so he harden member brushed against my aching core.

   “Fuck Tom.” I groaned, leaning my head back against the door as he began kissing down my jaw to my neck. He hummed, bucking his hips again as he sucked on my sweet spot. As his hands slid down my sides and fiddled with my underwear, I began pulling at his belt, trying my best to undo quickly.

   “Do you have any idea what I want to do to you?” He muttered, biting his lip as pulled back. As he spoke he began to rub me over my panties, smirking as I instantly began to moan. “I can’t do what I want to do you, so I am just going to have make this quick.” He hummed, smirking as he yanked my panties off. Once they were around my ankles, he undid his pants, pulling his harden member out and giving it a small pump before slamming into me.

  “Tommy.” I moaned, his hand instantly falling over my mouth.

   “Shh baby girl.” He groaned as he  began thrust into me, his free hand rubbing my clit. “We can’t let them hear.” I nodded and let my head fall onto his shoulder as began to slam into me. I let out a soft moan, my hands digging into his arms. I could tell I was getting close, my stomach was tightening, my limbs shaking as I my high washed over me. Tommy came after me, a groan leaving his lips.

   “When we get home, we are so having a round two.”

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What are your TBS noncannon ships ?


Picture this. A studio apartment, bare floors that has so much wood stain they’re almost black. Sam got tired of Chloe warming her feet on her at night she bought a load of rugs that are scattered all through the room. There’s one window that’s in just the right position to let in light all day, luckily it’s the biggest window. Chloe has commandeered it and installed a massive desk in front of it, overflowing with paper and paints. There are coffee mugs all over, some filled with charcoal sticks, others pencils and paintbrushes, others still with forgotten chai tea. The windowsill is filled with plants whose leaves drip down and trail across the desk. A fat, marmalade cat dozes in the sunshine. Sam has an armchair, piles of history books stacked up next to it, that she loves to curl up in and research places to go and visit. Chloe sketches the the curve of her smile, the delicate twists of hair as they fall in front of her eyes, the small bones of her wrists.

Sam/Chloe/Mark ot3
Mark and Sam getting so into researching and history they get louder and louder without realising. Mark and Chloe getting into paint fights and Sam coming home to them and the floor/walls covered in colour. Regular date nights of jenga and bad movies and pillow forts with fairy lights