It’s Lou!!

Honestly I love the idea that she has like. Short hair that just kinda does its own thing and sticks up everywhere, cause hey, if her Lightning Shenanigans™ make it stick up slightly more, who’s gonna notice? Also lots of pockets cause she’s Very Busy with her research work and has to carry stuff everywhere

also I don’t think I like photoshop much for drawing, gonna stick with Medibang after all lmao

slight update for TBS fans:

The third chapter is 90% done. Some scenes need to be rewritten and then polished before going into the final stages!! I’m really excited about it <333 I’m so exhausted and I hadn’t even realized I almost hit the 9k mark for this chapter like HOW. But then again, once I rewrite scenes, the word count might change hmmm.

But I will say that the logicality in the next chapter is gonna give people some feels pfffft. Hope to have an update soon! It’s just late because of life hitting both @fangirltothefullest and me hard at the moment. We haven’t forgotten this AU at all :P

the two (and a half) main genres of fiction podcasts

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Thomas: I’ve been dropping them the most insanely obvious hints for like a year now. No response.

Newt: Wow. They sound stupid.

Thomas: But they’re not. They’re really smart actually. Just dense.

Newt: Maybe you need to be more obvious? Like, I don’t know, “Hey! I love you!”

Thomas: I guess you’re right. Hey, Newt, I love you!

Newt: See! Just say that!

Thomas: You can’t be fucking serious.

Newt: If that flies over their head then, sorry, but they’re too dumb for you.

Thomas: Newt…