tbqh so am i

kavinsky’s pack of dogs aka my favorite misguided boys. i realize i’m posting this in the literal middle of the night, but it seems appropriate.

i finally figured out what i wanted all of them to look like and wanted to practice their faces before i did a whole big drawing with ‘em!

Sometimes I’ll come up with random equations then solve for the derivative. It’s honestly A LOT of fun especially when I’m waiting somewhere. 

For the first 3 years after initially learning calculus I’d come up with something that had a bunch of sin/cos/tan and log and e functions and whatnot and just keep going down to figure out the 2nd/3rd/4th derivatives. 

So, this is going to sound like highkey projecting and sue me if it is BUT

I do headcanon that Ford has done the same throughout all his life. Progressing from long division when he was really small and up to high level physics and theory-based equations throughout and well past college. 

This habit was probably especially big during his college years when he’d be in a class that was so easy for him that he’d get bored and end up just littering his notes with tons of equations and drawings. 

Featured above: Some in-canon support. Check out that page there. Doodles AND seriously complicated equations. 

Which, even for a highly advanced child, that’s not homework that would ever be assigned to him at that age. Brief personal experience mention in tags if you don’t trust me on that.

Granted, the creators could have put those equations to paint Ford as a genius child (while still intending it to be his classwork), but they could have easily put down Calc work which would have been at least semi-believable homework assigned to him. 

Also considering that a generic high school course doesn’t require calculus classes, it would have achieved the same effect for most people watching the show. The assumed effect being ‘holy moses he was SUCH a smart nerd child.’

keith headcanons just ‘cause i’ve been staring at his goofy mullet for so long in photoshop lately:

  • dog person, but is a cat at heart
  • really sensitive movie/tv watcher, if he cares about the movie/show he doesn’t want to miss anything. he’ll get frustrated with others when he can’t hear a joke or he’s distracted during an important plot point
  • prefers to watch with closed captions on
  • smiles to himself every time he reads [DRAMATIC MUSIC PLAYING]
  • has gotten into multiple altercations at more than one fast food restaurant
  • (usually the local 24-hour mcdonalds)
  • when he chews gum he pops it, loudly, without remorse, doesn’t even realize he’s doing it
  • has never paid more than $15 for any article of clothing, ever
  • maybe it’s maybelline, maybe it’s that he only can be bothered to wash his hair once a week
  • he doesn’t give even half a shit about what people think of his hair but just for his own sanity + to keep it out of the way when he hasn’t had the time to get to it, he has a bunch of hats… baseball caps and beanies mostly. he throws it up in a low pony/bun, slaps on the hat and he outtie. but that’s only when he gets so grody even he can’t handle it
  • always has at least (1) one hair tie on him at any given time. just in case. all the girls at school knew they could hit up keith if they needed one
  • goes to a family-owned corner store for all his lowkey shopping needs because major corporations (+ capitalism in general) give him hives
  • does his laundry at the laundromat. he’s the dude who waits until he has nothing but the clothes on his back and sits on the washer in his grimy black undershirt and boxer briefs while the little old ladies tut at him and offer him butterscotch candies
  • doesn’t drink any soda except for fanta
  • hardcore netflix binger. keith, it’s been 72+ hours. house of cards can wait. please go to bed
  • gets that Warm Fuzzy Feeling® whenever someone shows him casual verbal or physical affection because he is love-starved okay he needs that Platonic Good Good™ pat his shoulder call him pal he needs it to survive
  • vending machine junkie, he’ll eat anything out of those things
  • (also they’re easy to get quick food from for cheap… a Must on his budget)
  • can and will get an attitude if u interrupt him when he’s in the middle of something. u should have known better
  • zero to savage in .3 seconds
  • watched teletubbies as a kid

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I'm sick of people saying Sansa isn't "Stark enough" Also tired of seeing how headcanoning Sansa (just in my mind/art) as Queen is criminal. My intention isnt to erase other characters. I personally don't care if she is QitN in canon. I'll just be glad if GRRM gives her a decent ending. But only imagining Sansa as Queen surely cant be a crime. Sansa has given me a lot of hope irl; helped me deal w/ depression so wanting her success,happiness rulership even it's cathartic

Hi! QitN Sansa anon here. I just wanted to rectify that the word I wanted to use instead of cathartic was therapeutic. I think they both mean same but I’m not sure. Sorry. English is not my native language and I struggle w/ it. Thanks for understanding.

Hello Anonny!

First of all, please don’t apologize for your English, it is seriously EXCELLENT! It’s probably better than mine tbqh. Secondly, I AM SO SORRY THIS TOOK ME SO LONG TO ANSWER! I have no excuse, I am The Worst. 

Getting to the down and dirty of your ask… My dear Anonny, I totally hear you; and if it makes you feel any better, you definitely aren’t alone! Your frustration is honestly one of my main ~grievances~ with fandom and why I honestly having a really hard time engaging with like 85% of the ~meta side~ of fandom. I am in some fandoms, GoT/ASoIaF included, that have some incredibly smart and talented meta writers who are so passionate and hardworking and insightful. The things that they come up with sometimes completely blow me away! It can be easy to fall down the meta rabbit hole and get caught up, especially when people are seeing all these interesting things and coming up with all these amazing and intriguing theories that you NEVER would have thought of. But on the flip side, it can be really frustrating when the meta you are reading just doesn’t resonate with you at all. I mean don’t get me wrong, I am Here for meta as a concept and I usually really love seeing what people come up with. My issue is often in the execution. Sometimes it feels like meta crosses that ~fine line~ between showing you one way to think vs. telling you how to think

I definitely see the value in discussing different interpretations of stories and characters, and I even enjoy reading most of them. But too often I feel like people forget that meta is still just an interpretation, it’s as though there has become this ~thing~ where calling something meta automatically makes it infallible. But it’s really important to remember that with meta in regards to literature, while it’s generally meant to be an academic and unbiased approach generally, is still just one person’s interpretation of the facts as they see them. Meta has somehow become this competition about Who Is Right and Being the Rightest, and it just completely disregards how inherently subjective and personal fandom is. I will always and forever maintain that is absolutely impossible to be completely objective in fandom; your opinions, your biases, your Faves, are always going to affect your interpretations and and resulting opinions, that’s just human nature. I don’t get this whole demand for objectivity thing; if people were truly objective about fandom, I don’t think we would even be having this discussion, because no one would be discussing much of anything. Yeah, its important to maintain some level of objectivity, especially when you are having discussions with other people about fandom, but tbh being ~completely objective~ all the time sounds pretty boring. Honestly, I feel like most of the time people who claim they are being “totally objective” when they talk about things like character arcs, possible end games, ect. are even less trust worthy than those people who are up front about their favoritism; imo it usually means they are either totally unaware of their own biases, or that they refuse to acknowledge them.  

I also feel you on the whole thing of “headcanoning Sansa as QitN is erasing other characters,” it’s frustrating to me as well. Because you’re right, wanting Sansa to be in a leadership role does not automatically mean you are disregarding other characters. Positions like Q/KitN or Lord/Lady of Winterfell are exclusive positions by nature, there are always going to be unequal power dynamics based on that alone. It’s also like you were saying, seeing Sansa in a position of power and leadership role can definitely be cathartic and therapeutic (I think both words work btw!). As a character who has essentially been completely robbed of her agency and self determination and has been at the mercy of others for almost the entire series, it would be extremely satisfying to not only see her regain some of her autonomy, but also be in a position where she could control her own fate. It would also be really satisfying to see a character like Sansa who has had to rely so much on her more feminine, intellectual “soft power” to be in a position where she is clearly powerful in a more traditional, tangible sense. Does she have to be QitN for these things to happen? No, obviously not. But then it also stands to reason that none of the other Stark siblings HAVE to be in that power position to be important either, the same basic logic applies. To say that Sansa fans are “sidelining” or “disregarding” or “erasing” other characters by theorizing or headcanoning that Sansa could be QitN or Lady of Winterfell then means that fans of ANY OTHER CHARACTER who headcanon or theorize about that character holding a position of power in the North are therefore intrinsically sidelining/disregarding/erasing Sansa based on their own argument. Honestly, debating like that sounds tedious and counterproductive and more than a little annoying. Because honestly, it could go on FOREVER, we could be here for the rest of our gd natural born LIVES arguing about this. People are always going to disagree with you, that’s just life. And they are free to do so, just as you are free to disagree with them. But there is a notable difference between disagreement and downright derision; one is totally fine and can be done respectfully, and the other is kind of a dick move. 

And also, like I was talking about earlier, our faves are our faves. In fandom, you are allowed to concentrate on YOUR FAVE and their significance and where you see their story going. That is totally and completely 100% legit! Characters like Sansa are very easy to connect to and care about, especially for people who see themselves and their own struggles in her story. And I think the same goes for Arya… They are these two young characters who experience similar trauma and abuse and honestly just horrendous things that no child should ever have to experience, and they deal with it in such vastly different narrative ways. Arya takes action and lashes out and lets herself be sad and angry. Sansa rationalizes and compartmentalizes lies to herself and everyone around her in order to get through the day. Sansa is pretty much a poster child for traditional femininity, while Arya’s character has so much focus on defying gender roles (or disregarding gender completely in the case of the faceless men). Both have their moments of weakness and strength, both have their aptitudes and their flaws. Relating to and connecting with either on a personal level, as is common with fictional characters, is completely possible and understandable. That’s one of the most beautiful things about the Stark Sisters imo, together and separately they appeal to such a wide array of readers. 

There is no “wrong way” to fandom, there are no “wrong reasons” to love certain characters or story lines, there is NOTHING wrong with Sansa Stark being your favorite character and caring about what happens to her. And also, probably an ~unpopular opinion~ (but idgaf tbh), there is nothing wrong with caring about Sansa (or any of your faves) more than you care about other characters! It’s natural, you are not doing anything wrong, and your interpretations and opinions are no less valid than anyone else’s. That’s the great thing about fiction, it is literally impossible to have a “wrong” interpretation of a fictional work. You don’t even have to agree with the author to be ~right~ about a work of fiction because according to “death of the author” an author’s intentions and biographical facts should hold no weight in regards to an interpretation of their writing; a writer’s interpretation of his own work is no more or less valid than the interpretations of any given reader. Debate is fine, discussion is cool, dialogue about differences of opinions and interpretation can honestly be awesome. What’s not awesome though, is when people think that their interpretation is not only and absolutely correct one, but the sole correct one. That seems, like, wildly narrow minded and more than a little bit cocky tbh. Fandom isn’t a dictatorship; no one’s interpretations are law that can be enforced, no one’s preferences are superior, no one’s faves are automatically more important, and no one is The Great Supreme Rightest (or whatever a fandom dictator’s title would be idek)

So the point is Anonny, YOU. ARE. VALID. Fandom is all about connecting with a story and it’s characters because they make you feel things. Something or someone in that story made your sweet little anonny (or in my case, cold dead salty) heart fall in love. So just keep fandoming and loving Sansa exactly how you want in a way that makes you happy!

(And on a totally mature, adult end note: fuck people who say Sansa isn’t Stark enough, what ever the hell that even means!? They are just jealous they don’t look that Boss 👏  Ass 👏  Bitch 👏  decked out in furs like a badass Northern Lady Pimp! QUEEN SANSA OF THE HOUSE SNARK, FIRST OF HER NAME!!!)

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English people can just about manage to clap along to we will rock you and after that we get confused (as a musician I too am ashamed of my country tbqh...)

i’m so embarrassed for yall


Colin Firth in Pride and Prejudice Episode 1, Part 2

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Well she started off with tattoos in her first design I made when I was like 12 lol and I always imagined her with them but I didn't know what tattoos to give her and I was too lazy to draw them (I still am tbqh) so I just.............didn't give her any for a time

Oh I see, that makes sense
Still, a drawing of her without tattoos feels so unnatural rip
I like the ones you decided upon/gave her
Wait, when was everything finally set? like Jackie, William, and Gideon had different relationships and way WAY back then, the crows were crows the whole story right? That and the musical setup-