tbqh so am i


I wanted to do something in order to celebrate Zero Escape’s release on steam but it somehow turned into a showcase of my FAVES from each game

kavinsky’s pack of dogs aka my favorite misguided boys. i realize i’m posting this in the literal middle of the night, but it seems appropriate.

i finally figured out what i wanted all of them to look like and wanted to practice their faces before i did a whole big drawing with ‘em!


Colin Firth in Pride and Prejudice Episode 1, Part 2

– let’s redo this, because i did this ages ago and i’ve got lots of new folks now! like this post if you’re okay with me approaching you for plots, sending you ask prompts/memes that you reblog, or even making a random starter for you. in turn, if you like this, know that you are welcome to do the same for me! i would love to interact with all of my mutual followers tbqh, so by showing me that i am able to interact with you easily, you should know that you are able to interact with me the same. ♥ ]]