Valentine’s POV (First Night in Town Pt. 1)

I noticed she was at the Casino when I first arrived. She was sitting at the bar watching some band (something about a pair of panties?). I mean, of course I noticed her, she was exquisite, but I’ve been around for a very long time, and I know when a girl has baggage; from across the room, I could tell without doubt, this girl had some baggage.

I flirted with a few different girls throughout the night, made a few friends, but I was looking for a little more than a new number in my phone. 

The place began to empty, I hadn’t thought of the beauty in the red dress for a while when I walked into the gambling room. I saw her, giggling and laying down more chips at a black jack table. It was almost 3am, and the place was practically deserted. I went and sat down. 

“Put me in for $1000, please.” I directed towards the simbot. 

“Woah, big spender!” She giggled again. It was kind of.. cute. I watched her finish her drink, and she turned her concentration back to the cards. 

“So, are you here alone tonight?” She snorted without taking her eyes off of the table. “What is it?”

“Are you really going to make me the third girl you’ve flirted with tonight?” Well, I guess she noticed me, too. 

Ella’s Hood Happenings 

Valentine Mathias