The Beatles Meme - 1/1 Beatle Wife: Yoko Ono

“People hate her, they really do. Did you know that to Yoko someone is a verb in America? It is something that boys say if they’re hanging out with you too much and they’re going to school or they have a band. It’s almost a myth that’s used to suppress women. Y’know, ‘You’re gonna Yoko me. You’re gonna destroy me.’ And this woman put up with racial inequality from Fleet Street, she put up with being accused of breaking up the best band in the world, she put up with people’s idea that she castrated this man and then, worst of all, she had her best friend, her husband, the person she lived for, die in her arms in front of a fortress that she’d hidden herself in for 20 years. And I just feel that the world media should apologize to her because she handled it with so much dignity.” - Courtney Love (1993)


The Beatles Meme - 1/1 Fifth Beatle: Stuart Sutcliffe

“Stuart was a great artist, but he was still searching for his style when he died. The work he left is great, but he could have done so much more. I wonder, though, whether he would have had a hard time if he hadn’t died. It would have been so difficult for him to be accepted as an artist and an ex-Beatle.“ - Astrid Kirchher