tbl melbourne

I dedicate the following to Team Renner ....

We’re a fabulous fandom, let’s focus on the good things that it brings - happiness, fun and friendships, and being a small part of supporting Jeremy’s career.

Here, have a gifspam flashback to the Melbourne premiere for The Bourne Legacy back in August 2012 - LOOK AT ALL THOSE HAPPY FACES ….

Rennerisms...Have you seen my chems?

I just realised that I never really got around to posting pics or info about the Bourne Legacy premiere in Melbourne because well…I had no photos of me because I took them for everyone else. But thanks to the wonders of the internet, there is footage of me and Jeremy around that the wonderful trvllngjwllr made into gifs. That is me in the left corner, i was Lady Loki, with very big lashes ;)

What’s that? Want to see me talking to him? well here.

That girl was fangirling so hard, it was the most adorbs! You know what else is adorbs? My friend bouncing and giggling with excitement!

I got a signature on my Hawkeye picture and one of my friends gave me her cardboard poster because I kept rubbing myself against it so much that she came to the conclusion that I would give it the attention and love it deserved xD

~ Much love to Renner’s Portaloo Crew <3