I was tagged by stephanooch

Last tv show you watched: The Amazing Race!! If I’m home on Fridays, I end up watching it with my mom. I’m pretty sure we live vicariously through the teams as we travel across the world.
Last song you listened to: The Girl by City and Colour on my Pandora station.
Last text you sent: “Haha I did!”
Last movie you saw: Into the Storm I half-watched (and I don’t know why) and I also watched Maleficent, which I loved
Last thing you drank: Currently drinking white wine.
Last thing you ate: a cherry poptart, too sweet :P
Last thing you read: I’m finishing up Rules of Civility (an amazing book!) and am getting read to start In the Afterlight.
Last item you bought: Hahaha I bought Kristoff and Prince Eric dolls from the Disney Store – started my Christmas shopping early!
Last person you spoke to in person:
 My dad asked me about pretzels, so my dad. LOL

I tag tbirdatmywindow! Just cause! Whenever you see this T, fill it out and it’ll make me smile!! :)