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I saw your instagram drarry edit (amazing btw) but do you ever wonder what they're tumblrs would look like?

the edit is here for context! thank u sm :’)

  • ok
  • so
  • draco probably makes tumblr first
  • let’s be real
  • he’s organized as hell
  • organized tagging system and all that jazz
  • keeps to his aesthetic
  • runs only two blogs
  • 3 if u count his NOW INACTIVE anti harry potter blog where he roasted harry 25/8
  • the url is @/potterstinks duh
  • also had harry blocked at one point
  • his main blog is a studyblr
  • the url is @/dracostudies
  • handwriting made for royalty!!!
  • perfect notes!!!! perfect grades!!!
  • his description is probably smth like:
  • draco, eighth year, slytherin and proud. // read the faq before asking!
  • his other blog is @/slytherindaily, which he runs with blaise, pansy & theo
  • basically:
  • welcome to slytherin daily, a blog dedicated to providing fellow slytherins with the latest news, tweets, and updates on (the best) hogwarts house. we track #slytherindaily.
  • now for harry
  • harry’s blog is literally a MESS
  • barely posts anything
  • when he posts tho, he gets at least 7623763 notes
  • reblogs lame as fuck memes
  • he still has the default tumblr theme aND DEFAULT FUCKING ICON
  • doesn’t tag anything???
  • i mean???
  • url: @/harryjames
  • because he tryna be low key abt being famous but failing tbh
  • k thks bye