so i remember reading on post a few weeks ago some sort of meta on the difference of how bucky’s landing is different from the winter soldier, something about tws landing probably damaging his own body by the way he lands but not caring since his goal is to complete his mission without caring wth happens to himself meanwhile bucky’s more careful’s like yanno, he’s taking care of himself

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Last movie I saw: nerve
Last song you listened to: cliff’s edge by hayley kiyoko :)
Last show you watched: rewatched some of the 100
Last book you read: idk something for school
Last thing you ate: those mint chocolate things by after eight oml fav
If you could be anywhere right now, where would you be: london?? paris? japan is cool too 
Where would you time travel to: shit what idk I’d probably want to go to the beginning of time for science or something,, 
The first thing you would do with lottery money: move to somewhere nice and get an apartment there
What fictional character would you hang out with: cosima niehaus probs
Time right now: 17:34

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I don't really understand why you left sugascript but you said bc reasons so I respect that tbh idek why I'm sending this I just feel like I need some sort of closure??? Cause your old blog was my favourite and I was shocked af when you suddenly disappeared and idk I'm a weird person

it is a part of my creative process. I have done it in the past before – check out the blog @anonathea as that was my first blog / persona that I have written on / under and then gradually abandoned because my writing style has shifted and changed. I accidentally made it a big fucking deal by titling my blog hide & seek and a lot of ppl took it as me trying to get attention by making lots of ppl find my new blog – when in actuality I just thought it was a cute title to have to hint that I was still on the site but I was not advertising where. but because I had a much greater follower count than I did on anonathea, the whole thing fucked up and ppl got mad and it was just ridiculous like I just wanted to peacefully renew my creative process as I have done so in the past and ppl took it personally like I owed them something.

so yeah that is why I do not really like talking about it because it somewhat turned into something really bitter and gross. imposters popped up and faked being me by reposting my stories, one even went to major lengths and posted a photo of my face to claim they were me, etc. another blog cropped up that was set on exposing my new blog and called me selfish for not letting my readers know which new persona I was writing under. whereas when I was anona thea – I literally just stopped posting on the blog and there was no follow up by anyone, no argument, and so I guess I expected that again when I decided to end my sylvia smith era. guess not lmao.