The hero and the sharpshooter

anonymous asked:

Why is Ink called "Ink" when he's made out of paint, uses paint, and drinks paint to sustain emotions? Of course, I understand "Ink" being a preferable name over "Paint", but it's a bit perplexing.

If you want a relatively good reason, ink is not necessarily black, it can be colored (I literally checked to make sure and have info), so maybe it’s all a lie.

Maybe Ink doesn’t use paint.

Maybe he uses ink.

His own blood.


immortalizedroot  asked:

The character of Tommy Oliver is written as being of Native American decent (despite the actor being white). Frankly, I don't care if Tommy is male or female, but the character should stay Native American. I'm majorly feeling Devery Jacobs, Nikki Gould, or Amber Midthunder as female Tommy. Also... I'm LIVING for your Trimberly fanart.

Oh that’s so cool, I didn’t know that!! AND A 1000 TIMES YES FOR AMBER MIDTHUNDER AS TOMMY OLIVER HOLY SHIT

Popping in to bring you some Scarebeast and Riddler.

I like the idea of Scarebeast being a monster to everyone, but to Eddie he’s a total dear and it makes Eddie feel extra special. Look how smug Eddie looks.

He also likes bringing Scarebeast along to negotiations that don’t lean in his favor haha.

the original creator of this tee has deactivated their blog, so I couldn’t find their terms of use, but if there are any problems I can take it down. the blouse comes in @citrontart‘s Neutrals Palette + two rosy swatches (I think I’ll keep adding them to my future content!).

the mesh is NOT included - grab it HERE!


  • do not re-upload my CC/Sims.
  • do not claim my CC/Sims as your own.
  • feel free to recolor, but do not include the original mesh.
  • tag me if you use any of my creations. I would love to see them in your game!

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credits: @citrontart

  • Hermione: What do you two want to do?
  • Harry: I dunno. What do you want to do, Ron?
  • Ron: I dunno. Hermione?
  • Hermione: If I knew, I wouldn't have asked. You decide!
  • Ron: Well I don't know either! Harry. Come on mate, what do you want to do?
  • Harry: I don't know!
  • Ron:
  • Harry:
  • Hermione:

One last good man.

Give him to me
and I will turn his
body into a body,
and not the kind
that means ‘weapon.’

Give him to me
hungry, starving,
and I will feed him
and fill him and
fill him and.

Give him to me
rough and aching.

The city lights can
slide over his face
in orange shards,
bruises like oil slick
beneath his eyes.

Give him to me
and I will make him
into the shape of
something I can
care for, or at least
something I can
touch with my hands.

Give him to me
teeth and all.

I will take him
dead or alive
or anything
in between.