Okay guys. Some of my friends told me that lots of gifs, screencaps, video cuts, and bromides/photosets I posted here has been reposted on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Tbh it’s not the repost thing that made me disappointed. But the lack of decentness (is this even a word?) to ask permission first is.

This is one of the cause that made me stop uploading stages/musicals/movies here or in livejournal.

Maybe I’ll just stop posting anything, period.

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Imagine memey human making star watch Shrek 1 and 2

those movies are a fucking masterpiece so of course a memelord would love them

and Starscream is most definitely a huge memelord.

he doesn’t get a lot of the jokes, because a lot of them are human-centered, and he just doesn’t have the correct frame of reference for that. but the things that rip on pop culture, the things that are easily researched, he loves.

he especially loves it when PH points out that “Farquaad” is supposed to be “fuckwad.”

“you mean his entire purpose is to be a fuckwad–oh, that makes sense now…”

i wish that more people would take a page out of miyazaki’s book and actually learn how to deliver a pro-environmental message without coming across as annoyingly preachy or anti-technology and progress

ATTENTION: For anyone who reads fanfiction without leaving feedback

Here’s a few things you should know:

Fanfiction is a gift

Fic writers don’t have to share their works with you. They don’t have to write them at all. They do it and they share it because they’re fans of the show/book/movie etc. just like you, and they want to contribute to everyone’s enjoyment of fandom.

Fanfiction is hard to write

You need a lot of creativity and passion to write fic. You need a ton of motivation and drive to write a complete fic, let alone a good one. Fic authors write for hours and hours and hours, often staying up late into the night just to write. They write through job struggles and personal issues, resorting to phones and tablets when their computers are on the fritz, tapping away on public buses and trains just because they can’t find any other time to write.

Fanfiction is free

Fic writers give away thousands and thousands of words of pure fandom magic, and you get to consume all of it for the wonderful price of nothing. The only reward writers receive for themselves (besides a sense of accomplishment) is the response they get from you, the reader. Some don’t even feel that accomplishment until they see kudos and comments telling them how much their work was enjoyed. 


No matter how much time you have, even just clicking the kudos button takes less than a second. And if you have time to read 5k words at one go, it’s no stretch at all to take a few more seconds to type ‘good job!’ or ‘i loved this!’ in the comment box and hit send. 

Still not convinced?


Fic authors LOVE hearing from you. Don’t worry about whether you think you’re going to phrase your response well. That’s literally the last thing we care about. Just knowing that you had a good time with something we made is EVERYTHING to us.


I have a very special challenge for you, my friend.

Write a fic.

Go forth, and write a complete, well-structured, well-characterised fic with organic, stimulating dialogue interwoven into a proper, fully fleshed-out storyline. 

Publish your work for all the Internet to see.

And then get back to me.


I only just found out about this

Are you saying that the live-action movie has replaced Shang with some random gary stu OC whose straight guy boner™ is instantly activated once he realizes Mulan is actually a cute girl and not a guy

People on my feed are saying that Disney’s doing this because they’re trying to dodge “bi speculations”, and this is after making such a big deal about being progressive re: Le Fou in Beauty and the Beast - what’s wrong with Shang liking Mulan a lot when he thought she was a guy (and to end up still liking her when he found out the truth, which is how it should be)?

Like wow, you can miss me with this tbh, Disney has done it again

Edgy Fluff Hcs

A promise is a promise and i am a onion of my words;

  • Dark tends to have a lot of muscular problems due to how stressed and overwhelmed he is in a constant daily basis, he often suffers a lot of spine/back pain and headaches due to this. 
    Anti is totally aware of this and that is why when Dark is laying down ( when he ever lays down) Anti sits on him so he doesn’t move and starts doing massages on his upper back. 
    You can hear the cracking Dark’s back while he does so, those were very needed.
  • Then Dark stretches like a grumpy cat and is tbh so pleased but won’t thank him cause that would mean being nice.
  • Anti says ‘you’re welcome’ anyways. 
  • Dark is fan of romantic movies with sad endings, Anti prefers action movies or horror with gore. 
    Even though its not what he prefers Anti sits through Dark’s old-timey novellas without complaining.
    He says he can hear Dark’s faint heart beat faster while he watches them though he is showing no emotion.
  • When dark is-uh- preparing the meat for a dinner he often invites Anti to do it because he knows how much he enjoys the gore of it. 
    Anti looks like a 5 year old with a new toy every single time. 
  • As i already said before, Dark washes Anti’s hoodies cause the virus is just lazy. But he does not stop there, poor man ends up doing the full laundry very often. 
  • Anti knows how soul wrecking (from his point of view) is to wash clothes so in a exchange he ends up cleaning Dark’s room. When it ever needs some sort of cleaning. 
  • Dark has a tendency of scratching the back of Anti’s ears when he does a good job on something. Anti loves it. 
  • Even though it is rare, when Dark has his downer moments Anti is the one to drag him out of his room or even medicate him accordingly. In these Dark is almost unresponsive so that takes a lot of effort. 
  • In the other hand when Anti has his psychotic episodes it always ends up with Dark hugging Anti tight and locking him on place so he does not create any more havoc on their home. Anti does the impossible to break free, from mutilating the back of Dark with his claws of chewing his neck out, still does not work because Dark is determined in not moving, no matter how much it hurts. It takes at least a week for Dark to recover from the bad ones, which is why under his neat suit sometimes he is wrapped in bandages.
  • Even though these two are constantly colliding due to how different they are, they managed to have a working and healthy (in their sense) living environment. These took years to generate. You can say they finally learned to appreciate the differences they have.
  • Dark has a collection of ties, Anti tries to help by stealing getting him new ones, even though he is not aware, Anti has a terrible fashion sense and the ties end up being awful in patterns.
  • Dark still uses these ugly af ties his fav one is the one with the ugly flamingos on it. 
  • The main reason Dark got into cooking ( and is now a amazing chef) and hunting is because in the early days Anti would simply not eat at all.
    This would end up in him being a sack of bones for days which Dark found both disturbing and worrying. 
  • “What type of food you like?”
    “A type i cannot get locked up in here.”
    “Try me”
  • Oh and let me mention of cheesy Anti gets when he tries to calm down a furious Dark.
    “No it is not, i would sell Mark to Satan for a corn chip and you know that. I’m here and I listen, please calm down, it’s okay, tell me what is bothering you.”
  • Anti wears Dark’s suits when he is out of clean clothes, these often are too big for him so they look hilarious on him, except the pants, the pants are always too short for Anti.

I have more so ya’ll let me know if you want me to write more.

Omg when I read this at first I thought it said JD so I published that my bad lmao

She totally would tbh like she loved musical JD because he was Sensitive™ and a Good Person™ but movie JD is outwardly super closed off and callous so she’d totally hate him and be like “w h y are you such an asshole you don’t even care about anyone tf!! Cold blooded killer much???” And musical JD would be in the background like “that’s my gf y'all look at her go”

tbh before I saw the movie Split, I was thinking it was going to be as problematic as a lot of people are making it out to be.

But,honestly, after seeing it,as a victim of trauma, I really liked it. The main character wasn’t evil. No. It is shown that there are evil parts to him,but he is a man being overtaken by a very,very severe case of Multiple Personality disorder.  Just my two cents. It didn’t strike me as outright being offensive unless you’ve literally never met someone with a mental disorder.

Social Media: The Outsiders


  • He prefers Twitter tbh.
  • Pony is always breaking the silence in the house and laughing out loud at the tweets he’s reading.
  • Soda and Steve are always running to him to see what the tweet was so they can laugh too.
  • He occasionally goes on snapchat, but when he does his story is always a picture of the sunset.


  • Soda is more of a tumblr kind of guy.
  • He’s secretly a nerd and he follows blogs that post memes and movies/tv shows he loves.
  • He spends most of his time on his phone.
  • He interacts a lot on tumblr so he gains a good amount of followers.


  • Steve also likes tumblr.
  • Sodapop and him are mutuals on it.
  • They’re always sending funny videos to each other.
  • Steve is the type of guy to find a meme on the internet and crack a joke about it in real life.
  • He always brings up memes and goes up to someone in the gang and he’s like “look that’s you”.


  • Uses too much emojis.
  • He texts Soda and Ponyboy when they’re looking at memes like.
  • “The only thing you need to be doing that ends with ing is cleaning not memeing”.
  • He sends Soda and Ponyboy supportive memes.
  • “You meme so much to me”.


  • This! Boy! Loves! Snapchat! And! Vine!
  • He’s always taking photos as a way to relax.
  • He’s always taking pictures of everyone and they’re amazing.
  • He’s always taking selfies with Ponyboy and Dally.
  • Ponyboy is always texting him.
  • The memes between these two oh my lord it’s too much even for me.
  • Johnny is always referencing to memes he saw on the internet in real life.
  • Whenever the gang is out Johnny is always making them laugh because of it.
  • Johnny is pretty popular on vine.
  • 4 of his vines have gone viral.
  • He’s always inviting others to be in his vines.


  • He’s probably the ultimate memester in the gang.
  • He loves going on all type of social media.
  • “Hey Two-Bit did you see the meme abo-”.
  • He already knows about it and cracks a smile.
  • The gang has a groupchat and Two-Bit is the one who makes most inside jokes.


  • He doesn’t use Twitter/Tumblr much.
  • Dally is more of a texter.
  • But he regularly texts Johnny
  • Sometimes he takes pictures of Ponyboy when he least expects it and he has the flash on.
  • So all you see is Ponyboy’s face as he gets hit with the brightness of Dally’s flash.

The Groupchat:

  • Two-Bit made the groupchat originally.
  • So when the boys couldn’t hang out all at once they could still communicate and have fun.
  • Two-Bit’s icon is a picture of himself in his Mickey Mouse shirt making the funniest face he can think of.
  • Darry has a nice picture of his kid brothers as his icon.
  • Sodapop’s icon is a kermit meme.
  • Steve’s icon is a picture of Ponyboy with “smartass” written above him.
  • Dally’s icon is one of said pictures of Ponyboy getting hit with the flash of his camera.
  • There’s so many inside jokes in the gang.
dating taehyung would include:
  • museum dates
  • coffee shop dates
  • listening to jazz all the time
  • talking about life at 1am
  • cuddling
  • a lot of sleepy kisses
  • morning kisses
  • honestly a lot of kisses tbh
  • late night drives with the windows rolled down and singing loudly
  • pda!!1!!!
  • amusement park dates
  • goofing around together
  • telling jokes all the timeeee and laughing out loud
  • members getting annoyed with how affectionate you guys are
  • road trips~
  • taking dogs out for walks to the park
  • karaoke night
  • netflix and chill
  • did i mention kisses
  • movies on the couch wrapped in a fluffy blanket
  • carrying you to bed after you fell asleep on his shoulder
  • tucking you in and placing a kiss on ur forehead before joining you in bed
  • kisses
  • a lot of them
Modern Hugh Apiston Headcannon

- Would probably look somewhat grunge style wise

- Flannels, ripped skinny jeans, maybe those cute jean jackets idk

- But would probably also be a precious flower boy 

- Sweaters, cute beanies

- Dead ass makes memes

- Really into memes tbh

- Makes a lot of puns 

-Bee Movie No. 1 Stan.

- Would probably be Panic! At The Disco / Halsey as fuck

- Unironically has a Save The Bees blog

- Pretty yellow aesthetic

- Really into Harry Potter, dead ass Hufflepuff

- Really likes The Office

- Precious bean

- Really good student

-  Would be on a soccer team

- Probably would go vegetarian 

- Really nice to everyone 

- Precious bean.

- Not big on coffee, really likes hot chocolate

- Fluent in French

Talking about Lefou. Spoilers.

I’m seeing a lot of people say stuff like “everyone was in an uproar over NOTHING! Lefou wasn’t even GAY!!” But tbh I found him to be super flaming throughout the whole movie😂 I mean, jeez, he and Gaston were practically spooning in the tavern! And whenever he says “nobody bites like Gaston” and he lifts up his shirt and there’s a bite mark?? I was like “LEFOU!!! THIS IS A FAMILY FILM PUT THAT AWAY!!” And when he booped Gaston’s nose and just

He was super gay the whole time.

But I’m glad he didn’t end up with Gaston and found his guy at the end. That was nice😄

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favorite javid and/or sprace fics?

oooooooh okay so idk how to link things (also im on mobile so) but heres a list!!!!  if i can figure out how to link i’ll edit this at an unknown later date)


-Better Than Batman by oneorangeshoelace (ao3)
       ive read this so many times ive lost count tbh, its so well written and in character and super relatable, 10/10 would read again

-Just Come Back To Me by csi_sanders1129 (ao3)
       angst, quite sad, daveys gay as hell and fully believes in jackie boy, 10/10 would read again bc  w o w  its so in character and could basically be a sequel to the 1992 movie

-Rejections and Reactions by IGuessIWriteStuffNow (ao3)
        i just found this one but i love it a lot already 10/10 for gay happy boys

-How I Spent My Summer Vacation by studentnumber24601 (ao3)
        this ones a tad but long (40 chapters!!) but its finished and in character and scandalous and amazing and i would read it again but sadly i do not have the time. 9/10 for the time it takes to read 40 chapters

-literally any 5+1 thing im such a sucker for those


-Betting Aces by byrd_the_amazin (ao3)
       hoooooo boy this is one of my all time favorites tbh, race is so cute in it and theres mutual pining!!! theres not enough j*ckcrutchie for me to be grossed out so its !!  9.5/10 newsies caps (lost a half cap for my notp)

-“Screw It” Is Key When Making Important Decisions by byrd_the_amazing (ao3)
       this author kept me alive i stg all their stuff is amazing!!! this one is angsty too but it resolves itself!!! its lovely and emotional and i love it 10/10 its the best

-And There Reigns Love by Naimonia  (ao3)
       a grossly fluffy 5+1 sprace fic!!! the Best and Purest of all sprace fics, 10/10 for characterization and fluff

-Collecting Favors by redsuspenders (ao3)
       W O W a multi-chaptered fic with sprace, blush, and javid and a very well-structured storyline? mmhmm sign me the FUCK up, 10/10 good shit

these are the one i could find!!! theyre all on ao3 and most are in my bookmarks!!! give these lovely authors lots of kudos and love!!