Modern Hugh Apiston Headcannon

- Would probably look somewhat grunge style wise

- Flannels, ripped skinny jeans, maybe those cute jean jackets idk

- But would probably also be a precious flower boy 

- Sweaters, cute beanies

- Dead ass makes memes

- Really into memes tbh

- Makes a lot of puns 

-Bee Movie No. 1 Stan.

- Would probably be Panic! At The Disco / Halsey as fuck

- Unironically has a Save The Bees blog

- Pretty yellow aesthetic

- Really into Harry Potter, dead ass Hufflepuff

- Really likes The Office

- Precious bean

- Really good student

-  Would be on a soccer team

- Probably would go vegetarian 

- Really nice to everyone 

- Precious bean.

- Not big on coffee, really likes hot chocolate

- Fluent in French

For real, I’m pretty excited to see The Black Panther, because not only does it look super good, it’s a superhero I have no idea about!

Like, I don’t read superhero comics much (don’t have an interest in them, tbh) or watch a lot of superhero movies unless it’s good to me or has a good super I like (Wonder Woman’s a top fave). Already we’re saturated in a lot of Superman, Batman, Spiderman movies so I know most of the stories.

Black Panther, I have no idea about, and I look forward to the story and characters it will tell

anonymous asked:

What do you think about the end of CW? Tony legitimately tried to kill Bucky and yet Steve sends him a letter saying he'll still be there if he needs him? Steve's a good man but it seems like he'd draw the line at that. Thanks!

i’m getting a reputation as the Go To for beef with Tony aren’t i adibaiubsdb. 

Tbh, there’s a lot in this movie that makes like…no sense to me. Literally, I made a post about it. And I, like you, was also like “??? umm Tony just behaved like the entitled headache that he is for the whole film and literally tried to kill Bucky bc he wanted to hurt you and didn’t care that what had happened to his parents wasn’t Bucky’s fault or his choice, why are you writing to him saying you got his back?” 

But then I thought about it, and it kinda shows yet another difference between Steve and Tony. It shows how they couldn’t be more opposite. Regardless of your stance on Steve/Bucky as a romantic pairing, everyone can agree that the most important person in Steve’s world is Bucky and vice versa. And the most important people in Tony’s world are Pepper and Rhodes. 

Earlier in the film when Tony gave Vision the order to blast Sam out of the sky, and Sam moved and it hit Rhodey and he got hurt, Tony’s reaction was to lash out and blast the person he held responsible for what happened, Sam (who wasn’t actually to blame at all, that was also on Tony and Vision in almost equal measure but not the point i’m making). Sam flew down to help straight away and Tony blasted him with an electroblast. And then after that he gets all up in Natasha’s face for letting Steve and Bucky go, despite the fact Steve and Bucky were actually trying to stop a serious threat. 

Then when Tony is out here looking for blood with Bucky and Bucky ends up, once again, down a limb and bleeding on the floor and Tony is still trying to hurt him, still trying to kill him, Steve depowers the Iron Man suit, picks up Bucky and walks away. And then he reaches out despite Tony actively wanting to kill the most important person to him and is like “if you need me, i’m there”. Tony’s instinct is to react to things with violence and aggression, Steve’s is to respond with an olive branch of sorts. I think it just shows that of the two of them, Steve is significantly more level headed than Tony. 

Having said this, I would not be offering any olive branches, i’d be like bitch bye, i’m kicking it here in Wakanda with King T’Challa. Tony? idk her, hope she’s well. 

New Star Wars

Pew pew pew! There’s a new Star Wars! As much as I like making fun of the Star Wars conspiracy theorists I wasn’t expecting to like it. I really didn’t like the force awakens-it was fun for sure but as a movie it was completely limp! There was so little worldbuilding there was so much that was shown and not told, and the characters were pleasant and pretty much nothing else.
The Last Jedi was sooooo good! For a bunch of reasons but the underlying thing is the plot structure tbh! A lot of blockbuster sort of movies since Avengers omit their second act (but extend their first a bit)these days to fit in long third act action sequences. Tfa was an example. This sucks because the first act going on for that long is boring and the long climax doesn’t feel earned. Rian Johnson however, fulfills the demand for a longer climax by just extending the runtime of the movie to accommodate it. And the plot structure here is immaculate-you can stick a pin in the midpoint for instance. And that it’s three complicated storylines that have to dovetail neatly for that to happen only makes that more impressive!
Rian is also an obsessive worldbuilder. The amount of thought that was put into the inhabitants of an island that exists for the purpose of isolation is incredible, the thought but into Canto Blight (is that it I can’t quite remember) is stunning-no place is one-note they are all complex systems into themselves! And really that’s what people loved about the original trilogy more than anything else, was the world.
I also think people are treating this as an auteur film to an absolutely baffling extent when criticizing it! A wholllle fuckton of people worked on the thing! And the idea that like Johnson is some sort of Wiseau esque maniac that let his vision get the best of him and that someone like JJ Abrams (who btw loved the script lol) wouldn’t have the power to have him change the stuff he wanted to change?
Also the jokes-some miss sure but the first scene? Hilarious. The fish nuns? Great. The banter between Luke and Rey? Awesome!
All in all it’s literally the only Star Wars film that made me geek out like this! So good!