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unpopular theatre opinion: i literally detest the phantom of the opera

AGREE TBH……….like i love the music but it’s just so boring to me oops sorry

and that makes me feel horrible because it was one of the first musicals i ever listened to but it’s not my??? cup of tea u feel, i like more modern/less uptight things


ルームシェア★素顔のカレ JP (Season 1) ~ 菊原千尋 (Kikuhara Chihiro)

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hey-o friends! tomorrow is my birthday (i am v excite), and so i feel like giving a revERSE BIRTHDAY PRESENT :o (basically i want an excuse to make people stuff pls love me)


first place:

  1. a pack of some subpar icons (i’ll keep making ‘em till i get bored idk)
  2. maybe a subpar promo graphic??
  3. maybe a subpar theme background??

second place:

  1. a pack of some subpar icons
  2. maybe a subpar promo graphic??

third place:

  1. a pack of some subpar icons


  1. you’ve gotta be following me pls
  2. likes & reblogs both count but pls dont spam people
  3. rp blogs only
  4. if u promise to give me ur firstborn child i’ll give you an extra entry
  5. giveaway ends 24th june 1:07am gmt+1 (is that even uk time rn?? who even knows. it ends 1:07am uk time)



theme backgrounds:

here, here, here

At a bland wedding where nO ONE IS DANCING

Even though I really like the idea of Lapis becoming a Crystal Gem, it’s probably not very likely to be honest. At the very best, I think she’ll just try to live peacefully in the ocean, avoiding the Crystal gems, if the Malachite situation gets resolved. Steven would do his best to visit his beach summer fun buddy daily, and if for any reason Lapis needs the Crystal Gems’ help (though this is probably unlikely as well) Steven would be the perfect mediator between Lapis and Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl.

so when i first started posting phil stuff here, i wanted to only post phil stuff and not really anything about the other genesis members because i didn’t know anything about them or their names or anything. 

and then i started learning more about them through tumblr and watching billions of videos, especially the making of the mama album because that is like the cutest thing ever and i feel like i need to watch it again, but then after learning some of their solo stuff and how adorable they are, i can’t imagine not knowing anything about them anymore because genesis would not be genesis without all of them. 

and i am really glad i started posting things here because otherwise i probably wouldn’t know crap about anything except phil(which would still be okay but not the same) 

and the whole making gifs thing is what made me keep watching videos and i just wanted to say a thing about how i grew a giant love for each of them, mike and tony especially because i know more about them now than like peter or steve, and i don’t know all that much about chester or daryl either but they are also amazing based on what i do know about them. and i am always trying to learn more. 

but the dork tri-squad will probably be my top favorites forever. 

i get a little upset finding blogs where its like they ship everything you don’t and anti-ship everything you do?? like it kind of feels like they’ve punched me lightly in the teeth