tbh some of those asks are quite... weird so I dunno what to reply it with hahaha

UPDATE: Life, Asks and Why So Silent

So some of you still have been sending me asks that I haven’t answered for a while now…

so… I’m SO SORRY. I know I have been so active before and now this blog is so quiet it’s like, am I alive or what??? Truth be told, my new job is quite a bit busier than my previous one. I work for about 9 - 10 hrs a day, from 9 AM to 6 PM on the minimum, and what with adjusting to new places (office and living space) and new things to learn, I’m just so…. exhausted whenever I come home??

I try to draw as much as possible when I’m not too tired from work, but honestly nowadays the only really free time I have is on Saturday and Sunday, and I use all of those weekends to draw Fandom hardcore cos otherwise I have no time to do so on weekdays. I have been quiet cos I just … prioritise making new contents. I’m sorry I haven’t been answering a lot! :-/

But do know that I am free on the weekends, so you can tell me how’s your week/day going! :D