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1/4 So I had a lovely little thought. I love Toshinko, the idea of Ace!Toshinori and that he doesn't fall in love until after he's retired. He has time to focus on other things aside from his work. When it happens he thinks there's something wrong with him. He goes to Chiyo to see if it's his health declining. When Toshi is told it's something completely different he's a little scared. He has no idea how crushes work and ends up asking around for advice.

2/4 What he gets is a mixed bag of answers that leaves him wanting to stop having a crush altogether because of how damn complicated this stuff is. Toshi won’t admit who he has a crush on. He’s smart enough to know that it’s probably a big ‘no’ to feel something like that for one of your student’s parents. He goes about things pretending that there’s nothing to worry about. Maybe not realizing that he and Inko are steadily getting closer.

¾ It’s Inko that asks if he likes her, not an easy feat for someone as shy as she is. Accepting his own feelings by this point he admits it. Inko feels something for him too with how he’s been there for Izuku and their relationship as an unconventional family as well. Only problem is, Inko’s still married. While Hisashi isn’t really in their lives it’s hard to let go. Whether it’s out of shame or something else. Toshi feels like an idiot and Inko feels guilty.

4/4 While they agree to not pursue their feelings it’s not as easy as that to squash them. They still like each other a lot and have gotten a bit too comfortable with each other. Izuku would probably be quick to notice the sudden distance between them and start to worry. Had something bad happened? Was it something he had done? What can he do to try to fix this? (Sorry for the big ask! m(_ _ )m )


Ace Toshinori gives me life, tbh. And I really like the idea of him not falling for anyone before he retires. I have to say that the idea of him going to Recovery Girl to see if something is wrong with him made me laugh. When he explains how he’s feeling she just kind of looks at him over the top of her glasses and says that it sounds like he developed a crush on someone, not that he’s physically ill. Toshinori is shocked because yes, he isn’t feeling bad (the opposite, actually) but it’s definitely weird and he doesn’t know how to deal with it. 

GOSH CAN YOU IMAGINE HIM TALKING TO HIS FELLOW TEACHERS AND TRYING TO GET ADVICE. Mic says that doing fun things with them is the best way to go about dealing with crushes. Aizawa (I headcannon him as aromantic and asexual) just says something along the lines of not pushing too far and shrugs. Midnight says that the best part of any romantic relationship is ‘exploring’ and Toshinori doesn’t push for details. Nedzu goes into a very long lecture and Toshinori forgets most of it. But he thinks he gets the point - romantic relationships are very complicated and he’s glad he hasn’t had to worry about them for a very long. Whenever they ask who he has ~feelings for~ he can feel his face turn completely red and he never answers. 

He might try to pretend everything in normal where it concerns Inko, but he has A TIME with it. He knows how to conceal information and can be stealthy when a situation calls for it, but in this case he has to ‘act like usual,’ which is VERY HARD BECAUSE THIS ISN’T THE USUAL. HELP. (He feels very much like the fluffed-up otter pup left screaming on the top of a lake while his feelings dive down SOMEWHERE HE DOESN’T FULLY UNDERSTAND. x)

Inko asking if he likes her is very relieving. He’s not a liar, and maybe putting it out there will help. Inko isn’t shocked to hear that he does have feelings other than platonic for her - she’s an old hat when it comes to romance, after all, and Toshinori, bless his heart, couldn’t quite pull off his act. She tells him that she has feelings for him as well, and then the conversation stalls.

She told him a while ago about Hisashi, about their agreement - she raises Izuku on her own while he works overseas. They both know that what they have can’t go very far. Toshinori feels like an idiot - falling for his successor’s mother was hardly a wise thing to do, and she’s still married at that. Inko feels guilty and confused. Hisashi isn’t around, but the relationship they had was a good one. But … was time romaticizing their marriage? He hadn’t been around in years, had stopped calling soon after he was settled overseas. Izuku could hardly remember anything about his father, beyond what she told her son herself. But she’s still technically married to him, and doesn’t feel like she’s in any position to act outside of her legal marriage. They both agree to not allow whatever this is to go any further.

Izuku instantly notices the way they act differently around each other. There’s a distressing distance between the two of them, and they stick to ‘safe’ conversation topics, like his training or the weather. Before they had been growing closer, becoming friends, laughing and telling jokes. Izuku briefly wonders if Toshinori told her the secret of One-for-All, but that idea is quickly discarded. His mom would have talked with him if that were the case. The only other reason he can think of is that it was, somehow, his fault.

He tries to fix it, talking to both his mom and All Might about the other. The only real thing that he notices after his efforts is that they act a lot more awkward, not looking directly at the other and leaving their sentences open. Eventually Toshinori and Inko have to both agree that just avoiding it isn’t helping Izuku in the slightest, and may in fact be actively worrying the boy. 

They talk again.They agree that what they’re doing right now isn’t helping anyone, and it hurts both of them to be so distant with someone they’ve become friends with. They decide to not make any actions that the either is uncomfortable with, while still enjoying each other’s company like they had before. Inko voices the option of contacting Hisashi. It’s something that should have been done a long time ago, quite frankly, and now she has even more incentive to contact her legal husband. 


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Heeey 💖🌸


1. First impression: ok so i heard a lot about you before i followed you (blame amber) and all i could think of was how great you are and how lucky she is to have a friend like you ♥️
2. Truth is: i was a bit scared to meet all of you tbh bc like you’ve been such a tight group and lmao here i come but you were so nice and i could see how great you all were together and that just made me very happy and i’m very grateful that you included me as much and yeah idk 
3. How old do you look: 20s
4. Have you ever made me laugh: yes you did, if it wasnt you yourself it was probably bc of a story amber told
5. Have you ever made me mad: again not possible 
6. Best feature: gosh um your big heart full of love, youre a very strong person and very honest
7. Have I ever had a crush on you: i have a lot of friendship crushes yes
8. You’re my: favorite to see on my dash and in my mentions and i havent decided on a team name just yet, throw in some suggestions if you want 
9. Name in my phone: nothing, tragedy number #3
10. Should you post this too? Yes

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D-I-C-K-S for the A-Z favorite character meme.

Dick?  As in the nickname for “Richard”?  because Dick doesn’t have any other meaning…

*cracks knuckles*

D -  Deadpool.  I know I’m a bit of a fairweather fan (ive only read a few of his            comics), but that movie made me laugh and smile during a very dark time          of my life, so I owe it a lot.  And across every medium, humor is always my        favorite genre.

I -  Iroh [ATLA].  If only everybody had an Iroh in their life, the world would be a        much better place.  (PS, I’ll never quite get over Leaves From the Vine…my        heart…)

C -  C.C. [Code Geass].  Tbh she was the only thing that kept me watching                Code Geass, I liked her that much.  I love the badass girls who give the              cocky protagonist shit and save their ass.  Plus her product placement                fueled love of pizza is pretty Relatable ™.  

K -  Katsuragi Misato [NGE].   Misato took everything i loved about CC and                multiplied it by 100.  She’s so badass, but such a realistic character, with all        her fears and emotional baggage.  and Damn she is such a babe.

S -  Saitama [OPM], my faithful tumblr icon.  He wins the Relatable ™ prize by        far, and i loved him so much that my thirst led me to writing my first ever            fanfic, for OPM!

[bonus round, “Richard”, the origin of “Dick”]

R -  Rick Sanchez [Rick and Morty].  such a dick but so well characterized

I - Marik Ishtar [from the Yugioh abridged series].  i cheated with the I in his last      name bc abridged thiefshipping is lowkey my favorite ship of all time

C - Colonel Mustang [FMA:B].  god i love him

H -  Hanazawa Teruki [MP100].  he’s an Icon

A -  Aizawa Shouta [BNHA].  a true daddy 

R - Reigen Arataka [MP100].  the sweaty man that made Me sweat

D - Deku [BNHA].  such an inspirational boi.  started out not liking him but now i       adore the child

Why SKAM is literally so great

- It deals with important issues in our society, in a respectful and realistic way. Themes such as mental illness, feminism, religion and LGBT play huge and important parts in the show. 

- It shows that nobody is perfect, and that we all have room for personal growth. The characters often have prejusticed thoughts towards certain issues (such as the ones above), but they learn and get more educated through-out the show. It’s all about understanding and acceptance, which I think is a very beautiful and important message to send.

- The way it’s made is actually genius. It happens in ‘real time’, posts updates everyday, and incorporates social media in both its fictional characters and the way the website is run. However, this is also a bit dangerous, because if you’re like me, you’ll get completely hooked and check for new updates every 5 minutes, which is quite stressful tbh. But still genius!! It makes it feel so real.

- The attention paid to detail is incredible. The symbolism. The facial expressions (thanks to the talented actors). How much there is to read between the lines. It’s so well-made. Oh, and the soundtrack is amazing. The song choices fit so well with the scenes. 

- It’s a freaking emotional rollercoaster and somehow manages to affect you deeply. You’ll probably cry. But also laugh, smile and just feel warm and happy inside. 

- And lastly, because it’s so relatable, it reminds you that you’re not alone

my venture into self love:
I feel extremely insecure about my body and face. I feel like my nose is too big compared to my top lip. I feel like my top lip is too thin, curved weird, and shows too much of my gums. I feel like my hair is too thin. I feel like my tummy is too soft and my arms are too fat. And I hate this photo because it shows all of those flaws. But I’ve actually decided to love this photo. There’s somethin beautiful about it I think. This boy who I was friends with when I was little took my phone and was taking a bunch of photos and I was laughing and so happy because it was my first time seeing him in 5 years and it was like nothing ever changed. And he took this photo of me in his string of photos. And whereas I noticed all my flaws I noticed the good things too. The smile wasn’t my usual “selfie smile”, it was a smile of pure happiness & joy. My tummy has a little bit of roundness but who cares, I absolutely rocked my outfit. My cheeks were rosy and red from laughing so much. I was genuinely happy and it made me feel and look beautiful in this photo and I’m really really //really// proud of myself for owning up to it because lately I just haven’t felt confident at all in myself. (Tbh I have Dan and Phil to thank for this. They’re making me so much happier in my own skin and I can’t thank them enough. The impact they’re having on my life is insane)