tbh this anime is boring sorry

Well yeah that’s my ugly self, I’m just here looking to meet some new friends, I’ve posted here before so why not do it again ya know.
So a bit about myself, I’m 18, I like to cook, anime is the shit, I listen to indie, alternative, and rap, I love meeting new people 😛, I really don’t know what to put in bios tbh and if I do try it makes me sound boring so ask me things you want to know about me, I’d prefer talking to people from California (Bay Area) or somewhere else if time zones aren’t too far apart. I’m really shy at first and will soon open up to people and I’m a huge fucking flirt I’m so sorry oops. As long as you’re not a creep or looking for nudes hmu 🤗
I’m also looking for people to play Pokémon with or maybe skype?? Idk something fun rather than just texting all day, boy or girl it doesn’t matter just don’t be weird 👋