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Lance and Keith are cuddling..
  • Lance: Hey babe, you know how I'm bi, right?
  • Keith: Yes.
  • Lance: You know what that means? ;)
  • Keith: .. you're attracted to people of your own gender and people of other genders?
  • Lance: .. well yes. But! It also means out of all the people in the universe I could have dated, I chose you!
  • Keith: Awh babe. There's only like 7 people on this spaceship including ourselves and tbh Pidge wouldn't touch you with a ten foot pole if you tried to date them; Shiro and Allura are a power couple that no being can get between; Coran likely isn't over the people he's lost; and Hunk is your best-friend. I was your only option really.
  • Lance: .. I would still totally date Hunk.
  • Keith: Okay point.
  • Lance: So you would rather I had said "hey babe I had only two dating choices and I went with you"?
  • Keith: Not really, but I'd have appreciated your honesty.
  • Lance, whispering: Even if a had a choice from every being in the universe, I'd still chose you.
  • Keith, shoving a hand in Lance's face while blushing: O-okay.

yknow those friends/ppl who are always like “you’re not too much to handle!!! you’re not a burden at all!!!” and you want to believe them you really do
but how can i when i cant even handle myself, when my literal existence is a burden to myself. when eventually everyone just ignores most of the things i say and tbh it’d be better for everyone if they just forgot about me

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How about some headcanons for Kageyama finding out his sister is dating one of the other setters he admires/etc? (like akaashi, kenma, suga, any other setters you'd like to include!)

so sorry for not being alive on here… just busy with school and extracurricular activities. i am sorta active on the instagram page though.. so theres that. its @datboisakusa -mod owl


  • He would be soooo awkward at practice from then on???
  • Like he wouldn’t know whether to call Suga oniisan or to continue with Suga san. 
  • At first he honestly wouldn’t approve, but after realizing that they cant get nicer than Suga, he would approve. (of course he wouldn’t tell Suga this though.)


  • Ehhh…. He wouldn’t really be bothered since Akaashi lives in Tokyo and they live in Miyagi. 
  • He would be tbh just waiting for the long distance to kill the relationship which is why he doesn’t really care. 
  • He did think at one point that it would be cool to be Keijis future brother in law… I mean he IS the setter for a top 5 spiker.


  • Weird??? like he is a game nerd and he’s dating his sister??? he’s closer to Hinata than he is to him???
  • Accepts it cause he feels like Kenma has no bad intentions, i mean come on, all he does is play on his psp or on his phone. 
  • Wonders how it works anyways because of the distance and then realizes well he’s always on his phone so they must talk 25/8. 


  • He does not want his sister to be dating his senpai. nope. sorry. cant do it. 
  • He would try to accept it but then thoughts of Oikawas little fan girls trying to butt into their relationship would not be okay with him. 

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so i really don't know much about mandos, but i agree w your ideas on surrender. to me, (some) mandos were similar to like. citizen soldiers? as in they fought to protect their family and clan and way of life. and if the absolute best way to do that was to surrender, then why shouldn't they? there's no point in throwing away your life. 'dying's easy, living's the hard part'

The thing is, mandalorian fandom likes to present this … idk, idea? Vision? That “All Mandalorians” are warriors, always, all the time, and generally … no society has really developed for longevity if 100% of the population were soldiers all the time. So, yes, you’re absolutely right: there were many citizen soldiers. I basically agree with everything you said, tbh, and like … here’s why. It’s gonna take me a while to get to the point so I’m sorry in advance.

Like, the thing is, if we look at societies in our history on this planet, many of the cultures and vast empires that did comprise of mobile armies also comprised of a large population of noncombatants. People, as a rule, cannot survive on only knowing war. It’s just not realistic.

We also have canon and Legends showing us the same thing: a large portion of mandalorian society are non-combatants. They’re civilians, general citizens. They have day jobs, they have specialties, they have crafts. There’s children that go to school daily, there’s children that are home-schooled, and so on and so forth. There’s farmers, and smiths, and doctors (and politicians, and lawyers) and etc etc etc

“Dying’s easy, living’s the hard part,” is exactly right. And, tbh, the fact that mandalorians have a specific word (not a phrase, an actual word) for ‘throwing your life away foolishly, not brave’ points to an emphasis in cultural thought. Individual words don’t develop to be part of a vocabulary unless a word is necessary and needed to represent a specific thought or idea.

Societies cannot survive on military, alone, and to be honest … there’s this weird conceptualization of the word “surrender” that has been twisted to mean something it isn’t. And it’s turned into this horrible thing of never-do-it, in order to puff up how tough and strong someone is, individually.

“Never surrender” is an incredibly individualistic idea that, for the most part, is not supported by a culture that is borne out of a clan and culture first society. It makes sense in a society that worships individuality, because the individual’s freedom and personal actions are seen as holy, and responsibility and culpability to others is seen as chains to hold one down and restrict self expression — even for the self destruction that comes with never surrender.

But in a society that is developed from a clan first, culture first, family first perspective … “Never surrender” doesn’t have a positive context. Individualistic attitudes and behaviors are not positive when they’re put before the welfare of the family. Mandalorians core tenets focus and emphasize clan, family, people, first. There is no positive meaning to convey in an individualistic sentiment, because the individual is putting their pride first, and forgoing their responsibility to their family, their clan, and the people who depend on them.

And, I think, that extreme difference in basic cultural understandings, is the main underlying issue in what does it mean to surrender and how should it be treated in mandalorian culture. Western society, specifically, is incredibly individualistic, and that affects perception and understanding of “basic givens” (what we perceive as human nature, what we’re taught to be morally righteous, what is selfishness and how it’s punished/rewarded, etc) and interpretation of fiction — in this case mandalorians, who are based off of community-focused societies, textually, but are often written in the hands of people who are incapable of finding some kind of middle ground or nuance between individualist vs community. 

Sabine Wren, as an example, is actually a fantastic representation of what it means to be mandalorian. She, essentially, embodies her culture totally — and yet she also freely expresses her individual self. These things don’t always have to be diametrically opposed, but they often are.

Anyway, that was kind of a dramatic tangent lmao sorry. Actually, to touch on another point: I’m sure someone is going to read “they would surrender” and argue that it goes against one of the core tenets of mandalorians (answering the call to battle), but I would actually argue against that thought.

Mandalorians, in general, are actually welcome to disagree with a Mand’alor if they disagree or feel that that leader is not worthy. That’s an actual thing! Mand’alore have to actually work to earn respect, and the implication is simple: if that person then did something incredibly foolish or threatening, the people following them can outright stop following them on the spot. As Mand’alor, the leader’s responsibility is to the people, first and foremost. Where the people are required to fight for Mand’alor, they only have to fight for a Mand’alor they recognize. That recognition can, and is encouraged, to be revoked at any time if they don’t prove their worth in holding that title.

Sometimes, if surrendering is the wise choice, and the Mand’alor refuses to pursue it, then the citizen can, in fact, revoke recognition of Mand’alor. Individually, it could be seen as a betrayal, granted — but that action is generally not one taken individually. We’ve already seen it happen in The Clone Wars, too, so it’s not something that is just theory — though in this context it’s a refusal to surrender to a false Mand’alor. Still, the basic machinations apply: disavow a proclaimed Mand’alor to fight for mandalorian continued survival. 

And like, on first glance? Mandalorians absolutely are the “Proud Warrior Race.” But dig even a little deeper, and that superficial description fails to address all the intricacies of the people — and how survival has become integral to a shared cultural identity, because of past actions, because of a refusal to surrender.

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i'm too scared to go into the yoi tags tbh, i'm happy that there's new yoi content but... why did his shirt have to go up like that.. most of the people i follow that are talking about it aren't being gross but i'm scared to see gross stuff (and knowing this fandom, i'm sure there's stuff like that)

yeah dont go into the tags tbh. people are being so gross in there to the point that you’ll wanna claw your eyes out. i really wish ppl in this fandom would stop being such creeps.

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some hcs: so like, when kev & arn go out for Starbucks, Arnold has mayb a cool frappe or hot chocolate, but kevins going wild- he'll have the drink with the weirdest name- he has so many points on his Starbucks card- he's a gold member now and whenever there's a new drink he'll try it and acts like a Starbucks expert- but he secretly isn't really sure of the differences between some of them and arn is just like "WHY DO YOU GET THEM THEN" and Kevin is like "idk???"

Aaah this is a good one omg!!! Kevin and Arnold’s friendship is everything to me tbh

(Send me more headcanons!!)

have some bex/debbie are cute gfs headcanons because i need them in my life. mostly for @rocketdocket and @dingleautomotives because they’re the best tbh!

  • debbie is really good at doing her own hair (obvs) but she loves when bex is all sleepy and soft and insists on braiding debbies hair in the morning before work, so she just lets her at it. most of the time its perfect and debbie has a permanent smile on her face all day, knowing her girlfriend did her hair that morning, but theres been a few mornings where bex has been about 90% asleep and debbie’s had to sneakily redo her hair on the way to open the garage
  • rebecca makes a point of always stopping into the garage at least once during the day, under the pretence of bringing debbie lunch or coffee, but its mostly to have a cheeky snog around the back of one of the cars (cain has caught them more than once and just… despairs)
  • rebecca and sarah get on so!! well!! it’s not quite the same, but rebecca knows how it feels to lose a parent, and she understands how much sarah misses andy, so she does her best to be there for her (because sometimes its just too hard to talk to your mum about these things)
  • when sarah goes back to the hospital for treatment again, rebecca takes as much time off work as she can so she can be with sarah whenever debbie can’t, and one time, debbie rushes to the hospital after she’s had to cover at the garage, and bex and sarah are cuddled up in the hospital bed, watching terrible movies and giggling at all the cheesy lines
  • debbie hates rebecca’s hat collection, so rebecca wears them twice as often, because when debbie gets worked up and pissy, it’s more often than not led to debbie shoving the hat off rebecca’s head and pushing her into the back of a car/the sofa/anywhere remotely horizontal and absolutely shagging her brains out
  • rebecca loves classic cars so they go to all these classic car shows and events, and debbie finds the most perfect old school mini cooper for rebecca and secretly buys it and rebuilds it for rebeccas birthday (and its yellow, because it’s rebecca’s favourite colour)
  • they’re gross and in love and it all started as a secret affair when they were doing their business thing but then they lived happily ever after goodnight and goodbye 

Tbh one of the things I really appreciate about My Hero Academia is it’s honestly the most realistic portrayal of teenage characters I’ve seen in a long time???

It understand that these are both kids and yet not quite kids anymore. All of the adult characters understand that these kids are capable of really great things, but they understand that they’re all still developing and growing. They push them because they know they can go far, but they also (most of the time) know when to pull them back and protect them.

And the kids act like teenagers?? They have goofy competitions to see who decorates their room the best, and they are sometimes rash because they don’t have quite a grasp on their emotions (as teens do). And yet they know how to be responsible, they know how deal with serious situations and all that jazz.

Anyways the point is there’s a lot that’s really great about it and I really adore My Hero Academia and you should all read/watch it tbh

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Do you have any tips for overcoming that language learning plateau between the B2 and C1 level?

tbh i dont have any tips bc i havent really surpassed that C1 level in any of my target langs yet LOLL but i want to get to that point in german within the next year or two so WE’LL SEE. since i dont have any actual experience overcoming that plateau, ill just talk about what i plan to do! and if theres anyone with actual tips, let me know down below !!! heres what i was planning on doing:

- have lots of immersion (i think this one is pretty obvious) - whether it be through television, books, any kind of resources you can get your hands on. depending on your target language, you might be able to find some books on my blog or other langblr blogs so dig around to find books/resources that are interesting to you! if you have a specific field of interest, I find that reading about that topic in your target language is also extremely helpful. (although you will probably end up with oddly specific vocab LMFAO) ALSO SURROUND YOURSELF WITH THE LANGUAGE IN YOUR DAILY LIFE!!!! download songs and podcasts in your TL and listen to them on your commutes, or when you’re waiting in line. 

- PRACTICE WITH NATIVES !!!! there are tons of apps out there to help you connect with native speakers from around the world. personally though, talking to natives in real time can get really intimidating, so if social anxiety gets the best of you, you could also opt for lang-8, which is a bit more passive in terms of your interaction with a native, and less demanding since you have more time to think and write posts

- this might not work for everyone, but a lot of major languages of the world have standardized tests, and along with standardized tests there are often vocabulary lists, textbooks, listening resources, etc that go with them! some people find it helpful to study with a set guideline, so if that’s you, this could be an option to consider. 

just remember that progress is sometimes hard to feel when you’re in that intermediate/advanced range, but its happening without you realizing it! one thing that always gets me going is that there are tons of things that i don’t even understand or know how to say in my own native language, and THATS OK bc you’re not going to know every single word or grammar structure in existence. take language learning one step at a time and you’ll get there without realizing it. good luck :D

with all due respect, i’m supremely hesitant when christians want to walk around saying that jesus was jewish.

factually, that may have been true. but in the public consciousness, the space he occupies is definitely not one that’s jewish or even one that’s anything less than hostile to jewish people. so like, it’s really suspect to me to have folks insinuate that he’s jewish like. it feels very….very weird.

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Which man is Richard dating??? Is he really gay?

Yep, or bisexual. Hes dating this fine majestic giraffe, Lee Pace:

Theres a very good chance they’re together, this isn’t some silly fan girl ‘ship’ like Aidan/Dean. They share clothes, live in Millbrook NY together and whenever they’re spotted out and about in public its petty much with the other one in tow. Lee spent 2 months not working and in London with Richard supporting him during the run of the Crucible he saw it 5/6 times that were aware of, he was also the first one to get up for a standing ovation on opening night which is super cute :P. They also spent Thanksgiving and Christmas together with one anothers families. There are just too many instances for me to name tbh.

Anyway, theres a load of instances of clothes sharing/being linked together so I shall point you in the direction of where to find it so you can make your own mind up.

lgprca provides a really good masterpost/timeline of events.

richardandlee also provides good examples of the clothes sharing under ‘wardrobe husbands.’

If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to ask :)

I really hope that the bnha illegals series will touch on the fact that the quirk registry allows quirk users to update their quirk information on their own.

I mean, obviously the vigilantes won’t be able to outright /lie/ and say that they have, say, a snake mutant form when they look like a deer, but more subtle things that wouldn’t immediately out them as a vigilante in day to day life

  • For instance, someone with the ability to alter structures at a molecular level. Depending on how fast they are able to do so, they could punch a surface and shatter, making it look like a strength quirk (when in reality they f-ed up the molecular integrity and are weaker than heck).
  • Or they could boil water and say that it’s a heat quirk and not them just stirring up the molecules like a glorified microwave
  • Someone with a registered fox form mutant quirk; they have pointed ears, pointed teeth + large eyes
  • SIKE their hands can also morph into webbed wings. They aren’t a fox form mutant dumbass they’re a flying fox mutant (fruit bat)
  • Quirk that lets someone control fire. They constantly keep matches and/or lighters available, hidden, so they make it look like they’re conjuring the fire when in reality they really, really aren’t.

I just want to learn more about the BNHA society, tbh. It’s fascinating

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I actually just don't understand why they did the reveal early into the storyline, that makes it seem like theres more to come imo...which obviously isn't the case but SIGH. I really don't see the drama in giving Robert a child, this whole thing has been insanely boring even if I forget about how much I hate that it's happening to A&R. Even general viewers are saying how dull Emmerdale is. Wish they'd just change the storyline at this point tbh, there are so many things wrong with it.

The drama isn’t even about Robert…it’s about making Aaron miserable which they loooooove to do.

Since we can’t change anything anon, let’s just hug and power through together, ok. We got this.

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9x06 Meta Links

A collection of literally every meta-y post about this episode on my blog :3

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Yall have no idea how much i love battle royale (or how much i cried over it)

It was such a good movie? And im sure the light novel is also great. But like there were many really interesting things to talk abt with it honestly

It gets compared to the hunger games often, and thats not completely wrong tbh. A lot of the story implies (or explicitly states) that the version of japan has become a dystopian society, where the entire point of the games is to display the government’s control + because they fear the power of younger ppl organzing against them.

To me, it seems likely that they also intended to enforce the idea that nobody was trustworthy - thereby helping to squash rebellions before they start (however, the validity of that statement depends on how much society as a whole knows abt the games). Though the winners recieve media attention, most of the students seem both afraid and confused, so it isnt clear.

i believe the novel, manga, and movie all have slightly different thoughts abt this, but i’ve only seen the film and read a bit about the other two, so my knowledge there is a bit lacking.

Ultimately, the seemingly - gratuitous violence highlights both the horror of the situation, as well as the lengths to which the government will go to maintain their power. This version of the japanese government plans to exterminate “rebellious” students before they become a risk to government security. It is possible for the people personally running Battle Royale to treat the disturbingly violent and heartbreaking deaths of teenagers as /normal/ or even /positive/ because they believe that those teenagers have the power to dismantle the existing power structure and make positive change.

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the latest gif of chris chECKING OUT SEB you know he's thinking imma break me off a piece of that after these press interviews tonight oh ho ho ho yes i am. omg boy does not know the meaning of subtlety.

Chris both wants this press tour to never end, and needs to be done with it already.

He wants it to go on forever because spending so much time with one of his best friends, and also with the guy he’s totally not had a crush on for years now, is pretty awesome.

He needs it to be over because he’s absolutely sure Sebastian’s going to find out about his not-crush soon if they keep this up.

He’s trying not to be too obvious. He is.

It’s not his fault that the interviewers and the fans keep asking all these questions, that Mackie keeps making so many not-quite-subtle remarks… That Sebastian’s gotten over his adorably shy and overly-deferential phase and has turned into such an asshole.

A gorgeous, funny, incredibly sweet asshole that’s also both the biggest dork in existence and the most stunning guy Chris has ever met. It should be illegal to be so… so everything.

He is trying not to be too obvious, and failing spectacularly. Chris doesn’t even need Mackie’s confirmation to be sure of this, he can see it himself whenever he rewatches that day’s interviews or listens to his own answers.

Sebby. ‘There he is! Right here, I got you!’. The way he’d involuntarily wrapped his arm tighter around Seb’s neck the moment he’d ended the hug, his body acting on instinc, chasing his warmth. The thing with the goddamn spider, honestly Chris? Why not just tell everyone exactly what you’d been fantasizing about while ogling Seb’s thighs?. And he knows that whenever he looks at Seb his eyes speak volumes.

So yes, he really needs this to be over asap.

But, because life apparently is a bitch like that, the interviewer just had to ask Sebastian that question about their quirks and mannerisms, and fucking hell

Yes, Chris has noticed. Boy, has he noticed.

It’s pretty much impossible not to notice Sebastian’s mouth.

The way lips part slightly and he tips his head back a bit as he gathers his thoughts. The way he smirks, driving Chris completely nuts. The way he worries at his bottom lip. The way he pushes his tongue into his cheek. The way the tip of his tongue comes out to wet them, seemingly without him even realizing, and God does Chris want to suck that tongue into his own mouth and claim Seb’s bottom lip for himself until it’s shiny with spit and red and swollen, to drag his teeth across that glorious jaw, to watch those lips stretched wide around his–

“Chris?” Sebastian’s question and worried tone brings him back down to Earth.


They’re in some dressing room, waiting for Mackie and Joe’s part of the interview to be over. And Chris could’ve sworn there were more people here with them a moment ago but now they’re alone somehow and Sebastian’s sitting right next to him on the couch and he’s been staring unabashedly at his mouth for the past 5 minutes.

Oh fuck. He looks away and clears his throat.

“Y-Yes?” perfect, Chris. Sebastian’s brow furrows.

“Everything ok?” he asks, raising a hand to his shoulder. Touches, reassurance. Because of course he knows that those things help when Chris’ brain gets too loud. Because he’s perfect.

And Chris wants to answer, to tell him he is, indeed, ok, but then Sebastian’s doing the thing, and his brain just short-circuits.

“You’re doing it again,” he blurts before he can stop himself.

Sebastian stares confusedly at him for a few seconds, and then there’s realization in his eyes and a blush creeping up his neck. “Oh…” he says, and stops.

His blush is nothing compared to the shade of red Chris has got going on right now. “Fuck, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean–It’s ok you know? You can do it, it’s cute.”

And that right there? That’s exactly the reason why he needed this press tour to end.

Because Sebastian might’ve not realized–or minded–until now, but that? That was definitely crossing a line, and Sebastian’s not an idiot, and Chris can just feel the world crumbling beneath his feet, the panic creeping in and clutching at his heart. He needs to say something, do something, but it’s like the air has left his lungs, and as much as he wants to get up and run he can’t. fucking. move.

And then he freezes all over again, but for an entirely different reason.

Because Sebastian, wonderful and perfect and incredible, smirks, says: “Guess I like to keep my mouth busy,” and gives him a jab in the ribs.

Chris sits there speechless and gaping at him for 2 minutes. And then cracks up. And then grabs Sebastian’s left boob because that’s a thing he does and he’s not really thinking, doesn’t even realize he’s doing it until Sebastian is resting his own hand on top of his.

“You’re doing it again, too” he tells him, smiling fondly. Chris smiles back.

“Yeah well… I like to keep my hands busy,” he says, and winks at him. 

And Sebastian laughs. And Chris, who’s greedy and still not thinking and who absolutely doesn’t deserve this man but still keeps asking for more, leans in. 

Sebastian does too.

Trying to stop himself from staring at or even just thinking about Seb’s mouth after having tasted him proves itself to be impossible. But it’s ok, because Chris no longer needs this press tour to be over soon.

neyzilla replied to your post “neyzilla replied to your post “Okay so. Don’t get caught up in callout…”

I had a feeling, tbh what happened with Lemonteaflower happened and she seems to have grown from it as a person. LIKE HUMANS DO. I don’t get why this call out culture thing ever happened because time does some wonderful things to people who may have done something considerably bad. idk it’s just getting to be ridiculous at this point.

idk theres an obsession with people just kinda. labeling folks as completely irredeemable after theyve done something. it’s just counterproductive and really tiring for everyone. i just wanna watch a cartoon damn