tbh the winner is

Remember the glorious 2012 season when there was a different winner for the first seven races and tbh I don’t think I’ve ever seen f1 fans so happy and calm as then

Thank you Taehyun

Thank you for your hard work, your dedication and your sleepless nights, for putting your heart and soul into everything you did for yourself and for winner, thank you for putting a smile on your face even though you were hurting and thank you for dedicating your life to a group that made so many people happy. Nam Taehyun your hard work will never be forgotten.

look at it this way, Nam left for his own mental health and he might be happier like that, you should be happy for him, and keep on supporting Winner.

and 2NE1…..yeah i have nothing to say about that just grief away that one of the most legendary GG who broke stereotypes had to disband AND DON’T BLAME ANYONE OF THEM.

i’m a week behind but i finally have my winners! this was such a hard decision for me, honestly, i’m surprised i managed to finish this? it was so hard to pick the winners because there were so many wonderful blogs! if you didn’t win an award, please remember these are all just my personal preferences and opinions(and i really am serious when i say this was haaard)! also, to keep things fair (and help spread the love since i had quite a few entries) i’ve kept it as one award per user! thank you to everyone who entered!

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