tbh some of these posts are kinda weird

okay so since the carmilla fandom is basically dead / going into hibernation until the movie i figured i’d make a fic rec post just for fun (and then go drown myself in riverdale), going from my favourites to decent ones:

white blank page - angsty college sports au and the dopest thing ever

exposure - slow burn and internal suffering and emotions it is gorgeous, college au again but carmilla does photography

i’ll keep you safe if you keep me wild - bounty hunter carmilla moves to the country and an adorable love story 

pens - one shot (which is unusual bc i normally hate them) but its a subway strangers kinda thing

chasing ghosts - post military laura comes back to hometown, spoiler carmilla has a daughter shit gets real fluffy tbh but there’s also some angst

clockwork - i honestly don’t remember this one that well but apparently i liked it so heres a flower shop au 

pandemic - weird infection dystopian thriller au thing but holy shit the plot twist in this one is wild, also i cried at the end soooooo (happy tears i think)

this distant image of our tiny world - space au in a mars colony, hear me out, holy shit the setting is so well described and you can imagine this all so well its beautiful

the minister’s daughter - lgbt christian community, it’s acc quite sweet

absolution - short hollence-hollstein cheat fic, it’s a bit of a guilty pleasure

your mom called, you left your game at home - softball rivals and mucho angst turned hate sex??? turned dating (I’m spotting a trend here)

music to my ears - high school band and orchestra au don’t judge it’s cute alright

the road to home - road trip au with a v slow romance but hey ho its a good one

where your treasure is, there will your heart be also - fluffy but mostly plot based hogwarts au yet i ended up enjoying it v much so give it a go

the triwizard tournament - another sappy and soft but more hollstein centric hogwarts au why not

on our last leg - olympic running au, a v v v long one shot i believe

this just can’t be summer love - pretty writing, hawaii romance one shot

four walls - like a fucking action novel holy shit y’all

strangers - incomplete fwb story but damn i wish there was more

(of all persisting stars) - their first time from both povs 

the mirror between us - an okay one shot but i loved the twist

[also not with haste, back to back, god knows it’s not what we would choose to do, she smelled like lilacs, no space among the clouds, maybe the spark between us can light my cigarette, touched by stars, just stay with me, meet me halfway to your heart, gossip column, the sun dont set if we keep heading west]

okay I’m done (for now) (or maybe not wow this takes a long time)

instead of hero/villain ships being about weird power dynamics or sexual tension or whatever, hero/villain ships where is just kinda.. happens… like the hero spends so much time with the villain, trying to save them or rehabilitate them or kill them in some instances, that they actually start enjoying the villain’s company more than they’d like to admit. both sides end up have post or pre-battle heart to hearts, where they discover they have more in common than they thought. maybe the hero can understand the villain’s plight, or the villain comes round to the hero’s way of thinking. 

more hero/villain ships where the villain just sort of hangs out with the heroes. they’re bound to betray them at some point, or so the hero thinks, because they’re a free spirit who follows their own whims. but now the villain is crashing at the hero’s apartment and the hero doesn’t even care. sometimes the hero and villain eat takeout together or fall asleep in the same places. then the hero really notices the villain’s absence when they’re gone.

more hero/villain ships where the hero and villain have known each other since they were kids, or certainly for a long time. they were friends. somewhere along the line they became more, or at least one of them started to develop feelings for the other. then when they eventually become the hero and the villain, those feelings don’t just go away. they manifest themselves into strangled pleas and frustrated yelling. alternatively, the relationship continues, but it’s not healthy and they need to stop, but they’re addicted to each other. 

more hero/villain ships where it never goes past flirting and battle banter. they’re always teasing and flirting with each other, maybe even been close enough to kiss and smiled with shit eating grins on their faces, but both recognize it could never work. 

more hero/villain ships from the villain’s perspective. pining away for the hero in their secret lair or from prison. being so close to almost letting slip that they love the hero. the villain being mentally ill and unable to cope with their attraction to the hero and having that drive them deeper into themselves, to the point where the hero almost becomes the villain’s villain.


Talent swap cuz i can

Fuyuhiko is prince, Sonia is mafia, Mahiru is mechanic, Kazuichi is photographer, Ibuki is traditional dancer and Hiyoko is musician

There are some drawings i don’t really know if i should post or not tbh and this is one of them. I just hope i won’t delete it in my sleep (trust me, it has happened a few times already)

hi. sorry for disappearing and leaving that weirdly crypted post. i wasn’t feeling too good bc some things were stressing me out - i’ll be honest it had to do w peach. i think one my major weaknesses is that i tend to overthink things and bc of that i tend to get really nervous and anxious about certain things how ppl view me. i jumped to conclusions and kinda panicked. not the best of days ahaha. anyway my dramatic ass deleted my acct and tbh i feel a lot better. i think it might also have to do w thinking things through some more. ofc then i got bombarded w more school stuff bc we have all the last minute stuff due this week since exams start next week.

but i do wanna say thank you to everyone who messaged me. i’m sorry for not replying and making you all worry. i wanted to post this first before i answered your messages. not to get tooo ~weird~ on ya, but i do make it a point to always be honest on my tumblr. i recently missed a few appts w my psychologist and i think that also influenced me. i really like my psychologist and i think by not seeing her i’m kinda avoiding some problems that i’ve been having. i think i’ve left the ‘figuring things out’ to her, when technically it should be me…

anyway i’m hoping to see her soon and i’m doing a lot better. i hope to pick up on things i’ve left off of.  

hungover astrology
  • Aries: probably telling everyone to shut up; brutal headache
  • Taurus: just sleeps the entire day
  • Gemini: keeps talking about how they're so hungover
  • Cancer: sleepy and whiney it's kinda cute tbh
  • Leo: always ranting about something
  • Virgo: doesn't get hungover bc they googled how to avoid them the night before
  • Libra: bitchier than usual
  • Scorpio: wouldn't get out of bed if their room was on fire
  • Sagittarius: denies that they're hungover
  • Capricorn: *throws up in the bathroom at work*
  • Aquarius: has some weird remedy that they think cures them
  • Pisces: lazy as shit and won't stop complaining

Hi hello to the people who will actually read this and not just delete the caption and reblog, i got a photo internship for a minor league baseball team and they’re letting me use my film cameras the entire season which is dope.  These are just some pictures from the first 3 rolls I got back.  I’m not really a huge sports person (or commercial/sports photography enthusiast) tbh but i appreciate the aesthetic and the weird americanaishness of baseball stadiums so yeah, might post more of these, might not, enjoy regardless.  I never post long text like this because I think it’s kinda ugly but it’s just kind of a cool thing and I thought I’d share.