tbh since i was crying while making this this is pretty damn good okay

Okay??? But??? Beauty and the Beast???

I just got done watching Beauty and the Beast, the new remake, with @icarus-will-rise and… wow… I think there were times I cut off the circulation in his hand I loved it so much

Let’s start at the beginning, shall we?
As usual, spoilers. This will be tagged as such tho.

• THE. CHOREOGRAPHY. AT. THE. BEGINNING. As a dancer, this was what made me instantly love the movie, like IT’S HISTORICALLY ACCURATE AND BEAUTIFUL AND??? WHY??? I LOVE IT SO MUCH
• C O S T U M I N G. I especially loved at the end that some of the servants still had face paint on their faces, like “oh yeah, that’s still there, it’s not like they’ve magically had their human faces cleaned while they’re not human or anything”
• speaking of the end, “Turn back into a clock. TURN BACK INTO A CLOCK.”
• and when the piano turned back he had no teeth? I approve
• also speaking of the end, HOT DAMN, Dan Stevens’ growl when Emma Watson asks him to grow a beard… like… damn… that was hawt
• THE TRANSITIONS FROM THE HUMANIZED OBJECTS INTO NORMAL OBJECTS MADE ME CRY. Cogsworth not being able to talk, Mrs. Potts’ face disappearing, Chip’s dish shattering (I GOT SO SCARED), Lumiere and Plumette, the dog with his legs up, just, AH
• Okay, unpopular opinion here, I didn’t love the songs all THAT much. The originals are better. Emma and Dan definitely did a great job recreating the songs and all, but I think we can all agree the original “Beauty and the Beast” by Angela Lansbury smashes the new one to pieces, right?
• However, on that note, the new songs were pretty good and fit right into the soundtrack in everything from background music to lyrics. Evermore was good, but the one in the movie was def better than the credits one, I mean, come ON, guys.
• Okay, back to the movie–
• LeFou.
• L E F O U.
• Props to the casting director for ALL of his/her choices (Emma Watson could not have made a better Belle if she spent DECADES preparing for this role), but OH MY GOD JOSH GAD AS LEFOU.
• I don’t know WHO saw Olaf in Frozen and went, “This snowman would make a great gay sidekick for Gaston”, but whoever did, I love them.
• Speaking of LeFou, he went through some GREAT character development. From being completely obsessed with Gaston at the beginning (telling the Bimbettes they didn’t have a chance, talking to an imaginary Gaston in the mirror, calming Gaston down with thoughts of the war <which was HILARIOUS btw>, winking during “Gaston”) to actually having a backbone after they tie Maurice up in the woods (you can see him begin to shift his alignment, and lose his love for Gaston, there) to finally being like “yeah, screw this, Gaston wouldn’t save me from a falling talking piano with key teeth missiles, I'mma help the talking teapot spraying my fellow villagers instead”. I LOVED LeFou.
• You know who else loved LeFou? THE DRAG QUEEN. I know he’s either Tom, Dick, or Stanley, and I think it would be pretty ironic if he was Dick. I’ll have to check when it comes out on DVD since I wasn’t really paying attention, and by GOD I loved that little hint that they ended up together during the dance at the end.
• Anyway, back to the plot
• Those wolves were TERRIFYING
• Also, I don’t know about you guys, but instantly when I saw the beggar lady I was like “she’s gonna be important”. It was when she rescued Maurice I knew she was the enchantress in disguise, don’t ask me how, I just knew. They wouldn’t put a character in there randomly unless she was essential to the storyline, so I guess that’s why I guessed that.
• …did I mention LeFou was by far my favorite?
• But Emma Watson came in as a close second. By GOD, she was a great Belle. Her reaction to that library was tbh exactly how I would’ve reacted.
• Like I said, casting was spot-on amazing.
• You could FEEL the angst radiating off of Beast.
• Maurice was great, not as kooky as the original but I like him better as a sad artist.
• ^By the way, Belle’s parents’ backstory had me in tears. The plague representation was so accurate and answered SO many questions of mine.
• Also, Gaston was really good
• He actually tried to woo Belle a little instead of being like “I’m so great, you should totally marry me just for my looks and charm and hunting skills and my luxurious hair”
• He gave her flowers, sorta kinda pretended to be interested in her books, and seemed genuinely interested in saving her when the townsfolk were being mean so at the beginning I was sorta like “gee, why’s Belle being so rude and shit”, which was the only reason I didn’t like the change in Gaston’s behavior
• Then he started being a dick to her dad and I was like “whoops never mind”
• Umm,,, the fight against the villagers was really great?? Mrs. Potts seeing her husband (who was the citizen with the most sense, let’s be honest here) and falling from the chandelier, the boiling tea, THE DRAG QUEENS, Chip being a badass smol, Lumiere’s fireworks display, Plumette dusting people’s faces and the piano being heroic by trying to cover the door? It was A+
• Also “GRANDMOTHER?!?!?1?????!!??!!”
• Le Fou… the gay is strong with this one…
• Basically, I loved Beauty and the Beast’s live action remake, 10/10 would watch again.

• My only problem is her dress, really. My only GIANT problem, that is.
• They didn’t include the dog in “Beauty and the Beast” (the song), but fine, I’ll forgive that
• My major problem is that dress
• Okay, fine, it’s got the appliqués, but WHERE IS THE NECKLINE
• We demand the truth
• (Side note: what is it with Emma Watson’s dresses being inaccurate in movies because this is now the second one???)

msa ch3 asks

Anonymous said: I love how msa Izuku comes across as an honest to god cryptid: can’t see his face, absolutely the kind of person you’d find at a gas station at 3 am, doesn’t want attention, most likely distant cousins with Mothman

msa au is just me fulfilling all of my ‘protagonist is a cryptid’ dreams by making msa izuku as cryptid as possible. favorite character archetype: cryptid 

Anonymous said: so the msa au is my life right now thank u for that & I just read through the update twice so thank you for that x2 and I had to go back and look for Izuku and Kirishima’s deal when it came up again and realized oh hey Kirishima agreed not to try and stop Izuku from leaving after 3 minutes and they didn’t put a time limit on that i wonder if that’ll come up again (& then my brain jumped to Izuku using that Forever. “we had a deal” every time it comes up. he cannot be stopped bc kiri promised)

got it in one!! izuku will abuse the wording of that deal forever if he can. good eye! 

Anonymous said: relatability of msa izuku: trying, doesnt trust feds, inability to sleep, ready to jump out 4th story window at a moments notice, anti-attention-

that’s msa izuku living the cryptid life of his dreams

Anonymous said: So wait you don’t have to answer this if it’s a spoiler but the collarbone blood tattoo™ is what’s making deku’s existence confusing to electronics, maybe?

yep, you got it! normally izuku is able to keep his presence from overtly affecting the electronics around him but scripting really starts messing with them. 

Anonymous said: quirkless msa deku anon and can i just say that deku looking eraserhead straight in the eye with lie detector policeman there and him saying “i don’t have a quirk” and said policeman not detecting a lie is arguably the best thing i have thought of today.

tsukauchi: wh 
tsukuachi: how did you even do all of [gestures at ch2 events] that without a quirk? 
izuku: it’s a special talent of mine.

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Lai Guanlin Medical Au

Back and late as always~

> • You hadn’t expected to spend your Saturday night in the hospital,
 >• But then who ever does except for doctors?
 >• It’s been a while since you last saw the bright lights and overworked doctors and nurses,
> • I mean it’s been a year,
> • But as someone infamous for being incredibly clumsy, a year was a break,

> • It had started at the age of 6, breaking your arm, and then it’d just tumbled,
> • From broken noses to crushed feet and bruised ribs, you’re sure that you’re at least 40% metal at this point,
> • You’d be an awful superhero but you’re half way there,
>• So you should be pretty used to pain by now,
>• Hahahaha nope,
> • Propped in a wheelchair in a busy part of the waiting room, you’re pretty happy to whine to your best friend,
> • Who sits next to you, a veteran at accompanying you to the sterilised building after your accidents,
> • But she was part of your reason for ending up there in the first place,
> • It’d started a completely innocent day, hanging with your best friend, dancing goofily to songs on the radio and chatting endlessly,

> • But of course there’s always an element of boredom, which only means one thing for the two of you,
> • Couples yoga,
> • It’d always been a tradition for the two of you to try the weirdest couple yoga positions after you’d quit gymnastics together when you were 15,
> • You’d actually become quite good tho???
> • Throw any weird position together and you’d find a way,
> • It’s not yet known if you just liked throwing your best friend around or if you actually enjoyed the activity,
> • During the warm up, a double plank,
> • A move that you’d previously perfected despite the fact you now sat in a bustling hospital,
> • You’d made a quick comment which had your friend bursting into a laughing fit, collapsing down onto your legs,
> • Because you were always the bottom in yoga, stronger than your friend,
> • Which made your pose break and your knee slammed in the ground,
> • Okay maybe yoga isn’t the place for puns,
> • (Isn’t everywhere the place for puns?),
> • Or clumsy people,
> • But now your knee looks a little off angle, and maybe a little swollen and yeah, maybe a little blue,
> • Which really isn’t reassuring,
> • And it’s screaming at you like a child having a tantrum in a toy store,
> • Smh children are a lot of work,
> • So your best friend listens to your complaining as you watch the waiting time leap from 4 hours to 5,
> • That means you’ve got to sit in that all too familiar room for 3 more excruciatingly long hours,
> • And one of the girls from the couple across from you has a bandage wrapped around her head and you feel bad for giggling at how cartoon-like it looks,
> • But her girlfriend can’t seem to stop laughing at her, unable to fully meet her eyes without bursting into a new fit,
> • Couple goals,
> • I mean if you can’t laugh at each other what can you do?
> • But while you have to wait a short lifetime, you also feel bad for all the nurses and doctors, rushed off their feet, as always,
> • You pass your time by buying sweets from the vending machine and trying to throw them into your friends mouth, unable to move yourself,
> • Which nearly ends in another broken bone,
> • But tbh what a good place to break another bone,
> • Then you’d be matching,
> • And you make up people’s life stories as they walk/limp/roll past,
> • Your friend naps on your shoulder and you wish your knee wasn’t keeping you awake,
> • You’re pretty sure you can see the light when a nurse finally, finally, calls your name and you wheel the hell out of there,
>  • One of the kids across from you had just started crying and it broke your heart, you just wanted to wrap him in blankets,
> • You rolled to a stop and one of the doctors/ nurses (you were way too tired to try to be able to tell them apart) dropped into the seat opposite,
> • He looked about as tired as you felt and you nearly sent him to go for a nap,
> • But despite the tired eyes he still smiles at you and it’s 10/10,
> • Like damn,
> • A warm ass smile as well, not one of the mandatory ones,
> • It warms your heart and you grin goofily back despite your knee, who does not like the notion of movement and protests heavily,
> • He takes one look at your knee and is like whelp it’s screwed,
> • Like yeah bruh, that’s why I’m here,
> • So then you have to wait another half hour to get an x-ray, which is honestly awful,
> • Not only are you getting radiation blasted at you, they have to move you,
> • While you understand that they have to find out what’s actually wrong with your cursed knee,
> • You don’t want to understand because it’s easier to complain when you’re ignorant,
> • (Whoop too real here sorry)
> • You eventually end up back on a bed with doctor Lai again, full circle,
> • He cracks another heart warming, full gummy smile when you tell him how you’ve broken your kneecap, to which your friend hangs her head in fake shame and you grin,
> • Cus his smile is damn intoxicating,
> • That smile makes your head tingle; heart flutter,
>  • So you’re infinitely glad you’re not hooked to one of those heart rate monitors,
> • So after Doctor Lai confirms you’ve broken your kneecap, which is really a surprise to no one,
> • He confirms you don’t need surgery and you thank the universe for being less mean than it could have been,
> • You know what pain is coming when he says he’s going to cast it,
> • His hands look delicate though so you comfort yourself with the knowledge you haven’t got a rough ass nurse casting your leg,
> • But then you also have an extremely handsome doctor/nurse seeing you at your, admittedly not lowest, point (but still pretty low),
> • Getting ready to cry because you can’t actually bend your leg,
> • But when he passes you that gas,
> • Oh boi it’s like a whole different you,
> • It still burns like hell and you wanna scream but your mind just takes a laid back view on life,
> • “You must be tired but you’re still beautiful like wow what’s your skin care?”
> • You giggle from the laughing gas, not comprehending at all,
> • Your friend has to leave the room from their overflowing giggles, second hand embarrassment and their imagination at your future horror at what just spilled out of your uncontrolled mouth,
> • Lai’s cheeks redden
> • You make sure to tell him it’s adorable,
> • And he chuckles with a shake of his head,
> • And then pain shoots up your leg and you cry out again, tears trailing down your face as you breath into the gas,

>  • But apparently you’re brain is still having a chill time,
> • Your head is completely confused because this shit hurts, you’re crying, but yOU GOTTA LAUGH,
> • “I don’t think you need my skin care routine to be honest, you look pretty cute already,”
> • His words muffle your pain further and you giggle
> • From the gas or from the compliment, a literal doctor cannot tell,
> • “Well thank you, that’s a compliment and a half seeing as it’s coming from you,”
> • Lai smiles shyly as he finishes setting your cast, eyes jumping to you as the gas wears off,
> • And then it hits you,
> • Oh man it hits you like a damn truck, full on and straight to the chest,
> • I mean you already knew laughing gas had a stronger reaction on you than most, but you did not expect this,
> • You wanna apologize to the doctor but you actually can’t make eye contact,
> • You go through the usual, Lai giving you the rundown on what to do next and where to get your meds,
> • He wraps his arm around your shoulders to help you shuffle off the bed and makes sure you’re steady enough on your crutches before shaking your hand,
> • You finally manage to meet his eyes and practically melt,
> • His eyes are tired, yes, but still warm and welcoming and his smile numbs your burning pain and it’s your time to blush before shuffling out of there,
> • Your friend greets you buckets of laughter and it’s really what you need,
> • That is until you see some pen scrawled onto your cast, something black and shiny standing against the cast,
> • You plop down onto a chair,
> • Even though you don’t know if you’ll be able to get back up again,
> • And your best friend reads you a series of numbers scrawled quickly into the casts white surface,
> • Above the number,
> • “I’ll share my skincare secrets over a coffee”
> • And really nothing has ever been more tempting,
> • Guanlin has a busy ass schedule being a doctor, but he always finds time for you,
> • Which really amazes you tbh,
> • Your little dates are always laid back, because being a doctor is tiring AF,
> • And it really suits you because what’s better than just lying around together chatting, or catching a coffee with cake(!!),
> • Or playing truth or dare,
> • Which is, not gunna lie, kinda dangerous but you gotta live life on edge™
> • And then when Guanlin has a weekend off and he has more energy, it makes the days where you go to theme parks or actually go outside even more special,
> • And you’re on a chilled back date when Guanlin doodles over your admittedly bare cast,
> • And it’s actually really cute and creative and you’re glad you had previously gone for a minimalistic theme,
> • And when you heal you teach Guanlin your couples yoga poses,
> • As your bestie had insisted it was a cute couple idea,
> • And the fact that yoga had actually bought you together,
> • And he gets the hang of it quickly and it’s really good for the two of you because Guanlin has a high stress job so the yoga relaxes the both of you,
> • You become one of those couples you see on Instagram with all the crazy poses, looking cute af,
> • lmao ‘goals’
> • But yanno, Guanlin really does teach you his skincare secrets and you don’t know if you’ve ever looked healthier,
> • But you also don’t know if that’s the routine of the fact you’ve never been happier,

anonymous asked:

If children inherit one of their parents' quirks, or a combination of the two, what do you think Bakugou's parents' quirks are? Also what do you think Izuku would have gotten if his power manifested like usual(his father breathes fire and his mother has minor telekinesis)?

Actually anon!!!!! We know Mitsuki and Masaru’s quirks! Mitsuki can sweat glycerine (no explosions) and Masaru has oxidizing sweat (can make small explosions) so when combined you got Bakugou’s nitroglycerine sweat! I find it super neat tbh I was really happy when I found out about it (…also because I kinda headcanoned Bakugou taking the explosions from his mild and lovable father and he did what a good)

As for Izuku tbh I don’t know? I never spent much time thinking about it, but if we exclude the possibilities of him having his mother or his father’s same quirks, the neatest combination would have probably been firebending I think - he could either produce his own fire (like his father does, that would be the strongest outcome I guess) and bend it through his mother’s magnetizing-type quirk, or he could bend already existing fire only, which is also pretty neat but not as self-sufficient and therefore a lil less strong… anyway it would have been hilarious tbh because if he’d had a fire quirk Todoroki Bakugou and he would have all been fire babies and that’s ???? amazing™

Anon said:  You know, as funny and adorable was seeing Kiri cry because Tetsu’s quirk is similar to his, the new chapters that revealed his insecurities made it more sad, because the Sport Festival is for gaining popularity and attention, and Kirishima already thought his quirk was not flashy, then he meets another student who has a quirk similar to his. It must have been really devastating to his self-esteem

I’m gonna be honest anon, I’ve been keeping track of Kiri’s self-esteem issues since he first mentioned disliking his quirk before the USJ attack so anything that’s happened after it in that sense hasn’t really been a surprise for me? I’ve been hoping Horikoshi would properly address it like he did in the lastest chapters for ages - seeing him honestly upset about Tetsu having his same quirk made me go aw baby the first time I read it in the manga too, so when I saw it happen again in the anime I did still find it kinda sad BUT ALSO it does make you think about how much he grew into himself!! How much better he got with his confidence and how much he tries and works hard oh my god I love that child

Also!!! The fact that even though at first he had that reaction to Tetsu they still ended up being seriously good friends and gunning for each other and having the healthiest rivalry ever is!!!! So good!!!! He could have held a grudge against him forever but instead!!!!! Oh man!!!!!

(… what actually made me sad because I’m weak and a baby is Kaminari going “aw man I’m not good at those” when they announced the second round, like, god save me how many times has this boy been left out of children games through his childhood because his quirk is incompatible with teamwork I want to  c r y)

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A/N: I said I would post a few days ago but I’ve been pretty busy since then so oops. Anyway I hope you like this one! I’m not too satisfied with it tbh but oh well. I’ve gotten two asks for this scenario so might as well do it first hehe. There will be a Part 2 and 3 to this also, and maybe a Part 4 or an alternate ending :) Hope you guys enjoy!

“Jongin, what is this?”

He looks up from his phone lazily, making eye contact with you. His eyes briefly gaze over your outstretched hand, where the disgusting article is open on your phone. He doesn’t bother trying to read it, even if you’re shaking and your eyes are wide - he doesn’t seem to notice. Or maybe he doesn’t care.

“What is what?” he asks, clearly unaffected by the way you seem so distraught. He goes back to looking at his phone, fingers rapidly tapping the screen. He cracks a small smile, one that hasn’t been directed to you in a long, long time. You’ve always wondered why - was it you? Were you doing something wrong?

But no, you weren’t. You aren’t doing anything wrong – it’s all Jongin’s fault.

“Texting your girlfriend, huh?” you ask hatefully, glancing at the headline of the article you had just found.

f(x) Krystal and EXO’s Kai revealed to be dating!

That gets his attention. He looks up at you properly this time.

“What are you talking about?” he asks, walking over to you. You hate how this is the only time he goes up to you now, when he had all the time to do so since he’s been at your apartment for an hour now. All he’s been doing is ignoring you, despite your many attempts at striking a conversation with him.

“I’m talking about this!” you yell, shoving your phone in his face. “You better have a good explanation about why you were out with her when you were supposed to come over.”

He takes your phone from you hastily, scrolling through the article. You wait for him to finish reading, your arms crossed. You’re absolutely seething, but you don’t want to yell at Jongin just yet - you still trust him. Even if he’s given you every reason to think that he’s been cheating on you - the missed calls, the unreplied texts, the fact that you barely ever get the chance to see him anymore - you still trust him. He made a promise to you.

Besides, the article could be false. The whole thing could be a publicity stunt, or a way to attract attention.

When he’s finished reading the article, his face pales. “This isn’t going to sit well with SM…” he mumbles to himself.

“Seriously? That’s all you have to say?! Jongin, is it true? What the hell do you think - ”

His phone rings then, interrupting your yelling. Both of you look at the caller – it’s his manager.

He’s about to pick it up, but you stop him. He has to explain everything to you first – it’s your right as his girlfriend.

“Answer me before you take that!” you shout. “At least tell me if you’ve been cheating on me with your supposed best friend!”

He stares at you for a while, the ringing of his phone being the only thing that breaks the silence between you.

And then he answers it.

You suck in a breath - you can’t believe him. Shouldn’t you be the first person he explains everything to?

“Hello? Ah, yes manager-hyung…yes, I saw it…alright, I’ll be there in a while.”

There’s no yelling on the other side of the phone from what you can hear, which is a good thing, but it doesn’t mean he’s out of the woods. At least not with you.

He hangs up, looking at you for a brief second.

“I have to go, Y/N,” he says quietly. Just your name. Not ‘jagiya’ or ‘yeobo’. “I have to explain things to them.”

“Shouldn’t you explain things to me, first?” you all but yell. “Are you seriously cheating on me with Soojung, of all people? You said I never had to worry about her because all you would ever be was friends!”

He’s quiet again.

“Damn it, Jongin, answer me! You can’t just keep shutting up every time I fucking ask you to explai - ”

“Yes, okay?!” he yells back, his voice raising for the first time. “I’ve been cheating on you with Soojung, so just shut up already with your yapping!”

Immediately, tears spring to your eyes. You can’t believe he’s just said that to you - who says something like that to the person they’re supposed to be in love with?

“Oh, don’t start fucking crying on me, Y/N, you already knew.” he says, as if he’s fed up. As if he’s tired of you.

“Just because I knew doesn’t mean I had to believe it!“ you yell. You can’t believe this - you can’t believe him. “I trusted you, Jongin!”

“Yeah?” he sneers. “Well, you can stop. I have to deal with SM, I don’t need you on my case too.”

You’re hurt. You’re so hurt and you honestly can’t believe that the man in front of you is Kim Jongin, the love of your life. The one who had promised that one day, he would marry you because he would always love you and only you. After all these years you’ve stuck by his side, all he can give back are hurtful words and betrayals.

“Jongin,” you say, trying your best to be angry and demanding, and not as hurt as the way you’re feeling right now. “I spent years with you, supporting you and loving you. And all you’ve done for me is date another girl that you always said was only your best friend! I can’t believe you!”

He rolls his eyes. “Just stop trying to make me guilty already, Y/N. It’s not working. I don’t love you anymore - in fact, I don’t think I even like you as a person. All you do is yell at me when I do something you don’t like. I’ve had enough of that - enough of you.”

You’re speechless. Is this really Kim Jongin?

“Jongin…” you mumble. Is this how he’s thought of you all this time? Has he always thought of you as a mere nuisance? All those days you spent supporting him in his trainee days, those days you spent cheering for him in his concerts, those days you showed him nothing but love and support and concern - did he never care? Did he never love you the way he said he did?

“Don’t call me anymore, Y/N,” he says, picking up his phone, his wallet, his keys. “We’re done.”

And you can’t move. You can’t scream at him like you want to. You can’t tell him that he’s wasted your time, that he’s betrayed you, that he made you a promise. You can’t do anything because you’re so hurt, so heartbroken and it’s all because of the man that said he would never hurt you.

It’s only when he shuts the door behind him that you collapse. You cry and cry and cry because not only has Kim Jongin cheated on you, he’s also completely destroyed your heart.

-Admin Nyx

man okay since i’m still being a big gay baby about it here’s a list of nice moments i keep replaying from the ft wayne ritual

- two of my friends were in hella accurate ghoul cosplays and we were right in front of fire of my loins and fire was losing his goddamn mind over them it was SO cute, at one point one of my friends (who plays guitar) put his hand up and mimed the solo fire was playing and fire was like !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and brought it up later when we met them at the bus

- since the ghoul cosplays were hella accurate and we had a papa with us, there were many small children (and drunk adults) that assumed they were the band and came up for pictures and lost their shit

- this girl (who was v clearly inebriated upon arrival) walked up and i figured she was about to ask for a picture with the group (which a lot of people did, like tf dudes i’m not their handler) but instead she turns to me and is like “YOU JUST…… LOOK AMAZING. YOUR WHOLE LOOK. I LOVE IT.” and hugs me before walking away

- i finally got to meet @grucified and she fuckin made fun of my tattoo in person after cyberbullying me, the N E R V E 

- i did not stutter in front of papa during the meet n greet and it was nice AND ALSO as soon as i was like “hey so ghost was pretty fundamental in my recovery from an attempt last year and i just wanted to thank you for doing what you do” papa just looked at me and pulled me in a lil closer and went “i’m glad you’re here, i’m really glad” and i was like DAMN IT MY DUDE YOU CAN’T MAKE ME CRY BEFORE WE TAKE THIS GODDAMN PHOTO

- when everyone started cheering during the choral section of ghuleh i was still singing and fire pointed at me like !!!!YES!!!!!!!!!! and then immediately threw me a pick (and then later aether did the same thing and water was blowing kisses and it was lit) 

- i had many staredowns with papa, noticeably while he spent a solid ten seconds making ass grabbing motions directly in front of me and it was fucking hilarious

- also like……. first of all this whole trip was a miracle, like i got offered a vip ticket and a ride there & back out of nowhere and i would do it again in a heartbeat because holy FUCK i had forgotten how peaceful i feel around other ghost fans, i was sleep-deprived and awful and running on autopilot and probably not the best road trip companion but i still had such a genuinely good time

- once we got up to the band after the show, aether was like “you’re having us sign a nun habit??? brilliant” and i told him how much i love sisters of mercy and he and fire were like OH BLESS and were just overall more adorable than any grown man has a right to be

- my friend in the papa cosplay was having the band sign his casual papa vest and water just immediately hones in and goes I’M GONNA DRAW A DIIICK 

- i get over to tobias and he immediately does a double take and is like JESUS AREN’T YOU COLD ARE YOU SURE YOU’RE OKAY (why yes my dude seeing as i am mostly topless i am in fact cold) but like. the boy looks tired. somebody make him go take a nap for like a week. the fuck.

like damn okay i’ve been at the rail and met tobias before and everything but this was just. idk man. this was something special.

Stuffed Animals MC-Minor Trio

Well it’s been about an hour, let’s do this Minor Trio Stuffed animal HC!!! Haha! Plz tell me you like my stuff. ;_;


  • He couldn’t see them, so you didn’t think that it’d be a problem, you just had to make sure that he never found out my accidentally grabbing one or some such thing
  • It worked out pretty well actually, well, until he had the surgery
  • Yeah apparently there are downsides to giving your boyfriend sight!
  • Whowould’vethought!
  • Either way you weren’t used to the fact that you now had to be careful.
  • You hid the plushies in your closet, praying that he would never think to look there for anything
  • Sleeping now as a hassle, you kept a stuffed dog under the bed so when he finally closed his eyes you could cuddle the damn thing.
  • You got used to it eventually, though it was annoying and half the time you thought of telling him
  • Of course, like a moron you always backpedaled like CRAZY
  • Things were going well, that is until you got careless
  • You guys had gone on a vacation to a nice beach spot, and you were a mess making sure that V was going to have the best vacation of all time oh my goddddd!!
  • You had been so busy making sure he didn’t forget everything that you forgot some of your own stuff, like your stuffed dog
  • You didn’t realize it until it was nighttime and time to sleep
  • “Um, V, I left something at home…”
  • “What is it darling?”
  • Oh God you wanted to die.
  • “…Well, it’s, it’s this stuffed dog I have, I can’t sleep without at least one stuffed animal, and, well I forgot to bring one.” By this time, you were jacked up on panic-caused adrenaline, so you didn’t think about telling him more than the embarrassment.
  • “Oh, I didn’t realize that MC, I never saw you with one, if I’d known I would’ve brought one, I’m sorry.”
  • “I’m sorry, I never told you, I thought you would’ve thought me too, too childish for you.” By now you were beginning to grasp the situation more, which unfortunately made things worse and worse.
  • You could feel hot tears sliding down your face, practically steaming with embarrassment, and the worse part was that Jihyun could now see it.
  • You were looking into your palms, so all you could hear was the rustle of fabric when suddenly you were lifted off the ground by a set of strong arms.
  • Opening your palms, you saw Jihyun gazing at you.
  • “Don’t cry my love. I don’t and will never think you’re too childish. You radiate sunlight and youth. I promise tomorrow I will get you something, but for now I will make one!”
  • Saywhat
  • Honestly Jihyun is too good for this world.
  • He ended up lumping a bunch of his shirts together and tying them with a bow
  • But to his surprised during the night instead of holding it you latched on tightly to his nightshirt
  • It was a very cuddly night tbh lol
  • Now you alternate between bear stuffed animal and human stuffed animal
  • V loves that you trust him that much
  • And you love him too!


  • Let’s be honest Saeran is shit at noticing this
  • You’d practically have to slap him with a beanie before he’d noticed
  • You didn’t really bother to hide it, at least the fact that you had them
  • When he asked why you just shrugged.
  • “Because I like stuffed animals, since I was never allowed a real pet why not a cuddly soft one?”
  • TouchéMC
  • But though you didn’t mind him knowing you had them you did mind the fact that you slept with them
  • You two didn’t sleep in the same bed normally, you knew that there was too much and it would take a while before anything like that happened
  • Your beds were nevertheless in the same room (in case of nightmares, which went either way depending on the night) and you made sure that he never saw the three stuffed animals that you held tight every night
  • Unfortunately, fate didn’t like that idea
  • You were having a nightmare one night, one about blank-faced people experimenting on you, and in your panic, you’d thrown all the stuffed animals off the bed
  • Saeran had heard the rustling of sheets, as well as the small shrieks and whimpers, and had promptly shaken you awake
  • When you finally woke you’d promptly started crying, and he rocked you back and forth for a bit
  • “W-where are my stuffed animals,” was the first thing you whispered, a secret you’d kept, “I-I can’t fall asleep without them, I’-I’ll just see the walls again, the office, the cell, the drugs.” You began another fit of heaving sobs and Saeran’s heart tightened in his chest.
  • He reached over and picked them up off the floor, while still holding you (badass)
  • Giving them back to you, you held onto them for dear life, and Saeran felt his eyes grow hot and knew he was also going to cry.
  • “Oh MC, I’m so sorry.” He whispered into your hair as he rocked you back and forth
  • You just shook your head.
  • “Don’t be sorry, please, don’t feel bad. I, I love you too much.” You whispered back, causing a small sob to escape Saeran’s mouth.
  • The next day you guys didn’t say anything, but you knew something was different
  • And that night as you climbed into bed Saeran asked you something.
  • “Is it, is it okay if I sleep with you. Just for tonight.” He added on quickly.
  • You smiled a smile that lit up the Earth and nodded
  • It was an incredibly peaceful night


  • They’re an overdramatic shit, so if you’d told them you knew there’d be a problem on your hands
  • So, you instead voted not to
  • It worked pretty well, at least for a little while
  • You guys didn’t really sleep at each-other’s houses that much anyway, and it was usually at your house, so you could easily sneak a plushies under the covers on your side
  • That is until thunderstorm mania set in
  • So many thunderstorms! Just one right after the other! You swore, you were going to die and stab mother nature!
  • So, yeah, you obviously weren’t going to sleep without at least a plushie
  • And Vanderwood knew you hated thunderstorms, so they opted to stay at your house for the night until Gaia got her shit together
  • SorryGaiadon’tkillmeplz
  • It was awesome that they cared about you in that way, but unfortunately that required you telling him
  • “Um, Vanderwood.”
  • “Yes MC?”
  • “I, should tell you. I can’t sleep without a stuffed animal, I, I just won’t sleep, I’m sorry, I hope you don’t think it’s weird, I hope you don’t mind.” Your heart was practically palpitating as you waited for his reaction
  • “That’s okay MC, whatever makes you happy and comfortable.”
  • You were shook
  • “Really?”
  • “Yes, really.”
  • You hugged them so tightly they practically fell over
  • It was a touching moment

Okay, so I got three things out of this. One, I like writing Saeran too much; two I tend to torture him also lol, and three I write waaay too much lol. Sorry if I didn’t write that much Vanderwood. It’s late and I’m SUPER tired, but I really wanted to finish this HC. Hope you like and love you all!

Still so happy to be writing again eeeehhh!

Can you tell I was listening to emotional GoT music lol?

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Knowing I have both a katsudon son and a Tayaki son is so good

Isn’t katsudon Izuku’s fav food too? :D

Anon said: In your head do any of the characters in Boku No Academia have weird kinks?

Sorry anon, I don’t really ever think about that sorta stuff so I’m definitely lacking in that type of headcanons (try @syblatortue‘s blog for that sorta things!!!! nothing especially weird imho but I’m 100% sure you won’t be disappointed :D)


I’M GLAD TO HEAR THAT!!!!!! Honestly I don’t think he used to be generally a sad kid? He seemed pretty fired up and ready to do good, generally!! I loved it t b h !!!!! So I’m, like, pretending there’s no angst for now. Cause I’m a weak baby.

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why I ship theon/robb

or: a sadomasochist exercise in sunday morning meta for the anon who left me some asoiaf questions here, sorry if it’s taking me ages to reply.

so, one of those questions was why theon/robb. beware for the wordvomit.

general premises first out of the way: they fit a good number of my tropes of choice (as in, I tend to ship best friends with very close relationships/character a who has a fairly unhealthy life and his only healthy-ish rship is with b a lot of the time, and I apparently like age gaps as well sooo, or at least half of the stuff I ship has an age gap I don’t do that consciously though) so like, it’s also fitting in some of the patterns I notoriously like.

but other than personal preferences (also sorry if I end up linking some meta I previously wrote but if I rehash everything it becomes extra long) there’s the part where this two doomed idiots have the most fucking beautiful and tragic relationship ever and it’s built in such an exquisitely cruel way I can’t even with them and they’re so important to each other even if they should have never been and guys listen I just - okay let’s just do the list.

  • instance one: these two idiots were best friends and they should have never been. by all logic theon should have hated robb just on account of being related to the person who is holding him hostage and the reason he’s been pretty much eradicated from his homeland. and robb should have disliked theon just on account of his heritage never mind that robb was probably discouraged from befriending him throughout his life and people didn’t understand why he actually hung out with theon. also in canon they have an age gap that might have been an issue, because I mean, four years are nothing when you’re both in your twenties but in between kids/teenagers they’re not a small gap, especially teenagers. instead they weren’t just friends, they were close enough that robb was more of a brother to theon than his real ones let’s just have that sink in for a moment. that’s also because robb was a westeros saint for the standards and didn’t look at surnames when judging people (and there goes my other theory, as in, he liked theon that much because theon was genuine just with him and theon at his genuine is the person who ends up saving jeyne poole when he has to take that decision, but I’m gonna shut up before I word-vomit for the next two years while I drown in my tears).
  • instance two: their storylines are a complete masterpiece of literary crafting, because not only they’re intertwined in the best and worst ways and everything is connected in the most tragic way, but they’re actually very well-placed foils. as, in if you look at it it’s just - we have theon who goes back home genuinely wanting his plan to succeed so that both robb and his family get what they want and they’re peers. at the same time he’s still riled up over robb being angry at him when he saved bran’s life, but that is one of the reasons robb brought up to cat to justify his decision - as in, theon can be trusted because he saved bran LIKE. then theon, in order to get the love/respect of his family (and no one except  his sister deserves his efforts tbh because his dad had already written him off the moment he was taken hostage) ends up betraying the only person who ever gave that to him without him needing to prove anything. but at the same time when he conquered winterfell he was like ‘well robb can be king in the trident who am I to take that from him’ (SERIOUSLY THEON DO YOU THINK YOU’D HAVE EXCHANGED FRUIT BASKETS) while robb didn’t go back home at once because even with the betrayal he thought theon could never harm his brothers. and theon faked it, technically, but that was what pushed robb to sleep with jeyne and therefore served tywin & co a pretext for the red wedding on a silver platter. this when no one else would have risked a war for the likes of a jeyne westerling… same as no one would have risked their life for the likes of a jeyne poole *cough*. meanwhile that entire stint ends up with theon getting tortured and robb dying and what does theon realize before doing the Right Thing and saving jeyne poole? yeah, that he should have been with robb. who died because of a jeyne no one cared about, while theon is currently living also because he saved a jeyne no one cared about. I honestly can’t handle that okay I mean it’s just so well put together and thought-out I can’t even. I just love it on both technical and feels-inducing plane.
  • instance three: even after all the betrayal they still cared about each other in frankly ridiculously tear-inducing ways - as in, there’s a part in asos where roose bolton gives robb news of what happened at winterfell (long before the piece of prince thing) and robb is completely distressed when asking what happened to theon (and roose noted that he looked upset, but not in the angry way), and later when roose gives him the piece of skin from theon’s finger robb is basically wanting to vomit in his face and tells him he doesn’t want theon tortured. meanwhile if you take care to notice, in the reek povs in adwd as I think @capitaineblackbird once noted, robb’s name shows up more than theon’s actual name and even when he’s supposed to be reek he thinks about robb more often than he thinks about his life pre-ramsay. 
  • instance four: the way acok theon pre-meeting his dad is just so fucking gone re robb makes me cry because I mean, first he goes like ‘well yeah I have a certain affection for him but I shouldn’t mention it’ and then proceeds to mention how much they’re friends and how awesome robb is to just about anyone. including his uncle and father. like he honestly can’t keep himself from doing it and if you compare it with the way robb defends his decision to send him to cat I just cry again and curse balon for being an unreasonable idiot who could have just made everyone happy by going with theon’s plan. yeaah.
  • instance five: guys robb is about the longest lasting healthy relationship that theon ever had with anyone because they knew each other ten year straight and it was the longest theon ever stayed in one place, and not counting his mom and partially his sister he didn’t have a healthy relationship with any of his relatives I honestly can’t with the knowledge that he had to throw it away for people who couldn’t give a damn, mostly.
  • every other instance: theon was on robb’s war council when most probably no one else in it thought it was a good idea (and they laughed about roose bolton together christ guys), theon was the one robb was with after knowing ned had died (GUYS MY FEELS), grey wind pretty much wanted to at least attempt to rip the throat out of everyone who was later involved in the red wedding but he never had that reaction to theon guess why, theon not only wishes he was with robb, he wishes he had… died with robb, and let’s just remember that robb died in the worst possible way anyone could. I mean, he doesn’t just want to talk things out, he wishes he had died in that massacre. robb spent pretty much two thirds of his life since he was five being friends with him because he liked him that much when everyone else didn’t understand what he saw in the guy and wouldn’t go back to take his castle even after the first betrayal because that was how much he was sure it was supposed to be a misundestanding.
  • then I have to live with the knowledge that robb never actually knew that theon never technically harmed his brothers or destroyed his home. grrm is fucking cruel guys. and theon has to live with the knowledge that they can never straighten things out, which isn’t that much better at this point.

the above reasons are enough to send me into throbb hell but honestly I’m complete trash for this kind of relationship and I’m complete trash for how much they cared for each other whichever way you want to look at it and again, robb was probably the one person who really knew theon beyond his coping methods/the image he fronted to everyone else and guys, I just really love this ship okay.

also it’s about the one thing about both characters they got right in the show, except for the entire part where they didn’t understand their storylines were foils and so they completely missed that train, but that’s another story altogether I guess. DDD:

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Okay.. But what if there is no Twincer. I don't know, I feel like a lot of people want there to be Twincer. But, I think since it's so obvious that it won't be that. Plus I'm so sick of twins. If there is a twin, let it be one of the other girls, so they can have some relevance to the story instead of being collateral damage.

Tbh, Spencerietta was funny at first but now as I think about it, I’m really wondering what would be her endgame. Like there could be a legit reason for vengeance against the family but what did the girls do to warrant such abuse from her? At the end of the day, it always circles back to the Drakes/DilLaurentis/Hastings drama and it’s like Emily, Hanna, and Aria just are victims by association. I’ve said this from the beginning and I’m saying it again, the girls HAVE to have done something wildly serious towards someone to deserve all of this. Jenna’s anger towards them, for example, is 100% justified because they all had a part in it. And even after the accident happened, they still treated Jenna like a disease as if they didn’t take her sight away. If I were Jenna, I would be BITTER until I died and would want nothing but pain for the girls lmao but that’s just me. 

I’ve been kinda anti-liars for a while now because after all these years, they haven’t learned anything. They continue to act like juniors in high school: lie, keep secrets, and create more conflict. Sooooo many things could have been avoided if they just done the right thing, sat down for a second, and used common sense. But they just keep digging their gives with their own shovels while crying out, “why me!”. 

I’ve always felt the girls being tortured would make sense if they all did something horrible like killed Bethany Young during That Night™ or something like that, you know? IDC what anyone says, Emily’s “hypnosis dream” will never leave me and I’ve always hoped that somehow that was some kind of possible clue/direction because it would make sense!

The only twin route I get SO ERECT for is a possible Alison twin. Even though it seems like “Oh, that’s just more DiLaurentis drama!”, if done right, it can be more than that. MK wants to make A.D.’s backstory “tragic” and have us feel sympathy for them. IDK WHAT FOR. I would be much more satisfied if A.D. was just pure evil and has no remorse for doing the things they did because they are psychotic. When they tried to make Charlotte’s backstory this tear-jerking past, I must be heartless because I truly didn’t care. While the idea of a kid being abandoned by their parents is heartbreaking, I did not feel anything for her (particularly because they did a horrible job of making us care about Cece in the first place). If Alison were a twin with let’s say Bethany and had the whole ‘Bethany stole Alison’s identity as the real Alison was A.D. because she is truly unhinged’, I would love that more than a “boo hoo, you made fun of me in class and now I want you dead.”

Ezra being A.D. as well not only gives a clean slate from all the family drama but that leaves creativity to come up with a valid reason why he became who he was - involving all the girls. 

At the end of the day, this show was systematically crafted to have clues pointed at everyone to keep us confused and the writers room to pick whoever and say “the clues were always there”. While I have my suspects, I do not care who A.D. is AS LONG as they have a damn good reason as to why if their MO is revenge. And I mean a damn good reason. So good that even I would be like “Man, I’d be A.D. too if that happened to me”. And I hope that A.D. was here from the beginning and just didn’t appear out of thin air because of Charlotte’s death. Also, I’m praying that “and we all lived happily ever after” picture was just a dream because I don’t want this show to end on a fairytale note lmao

Boyfriend! Jimin

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-so you two have been best friends ever since you grew up in Busan together like you went through all of the awkward puberty phases but you didn’t start dating until you both were 17 because you were playing truth and dare with each other and you ended up kissing and you’re both like “wow I really like this why haven’t we done this before"

- but you have to schedule dates around his debut training so most of your dates would be eating ramen together at the 24 hour convince store across from the bighit trainee dorms at 1am

- tbh when BTS debuted you were the biggest ARMY out there because you also love all of the others a lot because they are basically your brothers

- you love his body no matter what like honestly you can and will cuddle with anything and everything

- you two just love to reassure and comfort each other so much

- like sometimes he’s like “wow I’m super awful at everything and everyone hates me!” and you’re like “!!!!listen that is very incorrect!!! You are very good at everything and so many people love you,, you are loved!!”

- and sometimes you’ll just pull up one of his fans tumblrs so you can show him how much his fans love him and appreciate everything he does

-then you’ll kiss every part of his body until he’s giggling because that shit is like music to you ears and drugs to your veins like you could listen to his giggles for days

- there are other times when he has to comfort you because you’re like “omg im the worst! And you deserve the best because you are the best!” And he’s just like “???ummmm you are the best what are you talking about??? Im so confused???” Then he’ll just give you a really tight hug and you’ll stay there for a really long time because youre really warm and you don’t want to let go but also all of your limbs are numb so it might be a good idea

- you still go on a bunch of ramen dates but like you have got to be sneaky about it so you aren’t caught but like you’ll be walking down the street both wearing facemasks and sunglasses and hoods and shit at like midnight and you just hear Jimin next to you loudly humming the theme from Mission Impossible

- he pretty much likes to stay at your apartment when he is given time off but sometimes you two will go to Busan to visit with each other’s parents and they all are really happy because they knew you’d be a great couple ever since you both were toddlers

- when he goes away for long periods of time for tour or filming something in another country it’s really strange for you because you’ve always had him around and you’re comfortable with his presence so you find yourself walking into the living room like “Jimin can you go get some mil- oh wait you’re in New York shit.” Or you’ll be taking a shower and be expecting him to walk in and join you but he’s in Japan so that’s kind of impossible

- when he gets back its full of endless cuddling and kisses because you missed each other a lot and he tells you about everything that happened to him while he was gone and you’re really proud and happy that he is living his dream and doing what he loves to do

- you two end up getting a cat together so that you have something to cuddle with while he’s gone and also cats are the best

- fighting him anytime he’s like “maybe the fans would like me more if I got abs” because he’s beautiful the way he is and real fans wouldn’t give a shit if he had abs or not

- also you love his tummy and fingers when he puts on a little weight, it’s something that drives you crazy and you basically worship his entire body because more body means more to worship and he’s just so thick and and also you need to take a very cold shower anytime you think about it too much

- sometimes you just kinda look at his hands and his short lil fingers because they are so nice with all of the rings that he wears and they fit so perfectly into yours and you just love them so much and he’ll get kinda self-conscious like “what!! I know I have tiny little sausage fingers you don’t have to stare at them!!” And you’re just like “I just really like your hands boy???!!! They are Good™!”

- you’re fights are usually really tense and awful and it just starts with something that’s really small but it will turn into passive aggressive comments from both of you that make you snap every time and it lasts like a week and stresses you both out so much and you end up just not talking to each other because every time you say anything you start another fight and it’s just really exhausting

- one night during one of you’re fights you’ll wake up in the middle of the night to sniffling and the sound of Jimin trying to cover up his sobs you’re like “hey what’s up?? why are you crying??” then he’s just like “I’m so worried that you’re going to leave me because I’m so hard to be in a relationship with and you deserve someone who can spend all of their time with you but I just love you so much ” then he can’t talk any more because he’s sobbing really hard and hiccuping and you’re furiously wiping at his tears like “no baby it’s alright I love you so much and I would never want you to leave me so I can have someone who can spend all if their time with me I love you and I couldn’t imagine being with anyone other than you ,,,also just because we’re fighting doesn’t mean that we’re going to break up every couple has fights but I know that this is just going to make us stronger and I’m sorry that this has been going on for so long but we’re both just so damn stubborn and I love you so much please don’t cry!!“ And now you’re crying and you two just get really close to each other and everything is tight but also soft and you know that it’s going to be okay

- the day after you two spend a lot of time physically close and talking about all of the things you wanted to say the past week and drinking hot drinks and watching movies together and everything is better and you feel like you can breathe again

- anyway dating Jimin would be a wild ride but also very soft and good 99/10 would recommend

Mixed Messages (Part 2)

A/N: IT’S J-HIZZLE BACK IN THE HOUSE WITH ANOTHER FIC. I apologize for the long wait for the second part of this. Tbh I have a test I should be studying for, but I made a promise this would be up today. SO HERE IT IS.

Word Count: 2, 182

Your POV

“Shit.” I mumbled to myself, scrolling through Twitter. 

Once the video went up last night, there were endless comments and tweets. Most of them hate against me. Most of them were saying I was attacking Dan, which I didn’t understand because I got his permission to make this film. Also, it said so in the description. I felt terrible because people were choosing sides of the breakup. Whose fault it was, that I was the bad guy, that Dan messed everything up, etc.  

I felt tears build up in my eyes. This was not a way to wake up. I sat in bed, scrolling through the tweets, and comments, deciding if I should answer some (Keep in mind they were some really nice feedback). I finally decided to answer a few of the ones I saw often. I replied with a screenshot of the description saying I got Dan’s permission to make, and post this film to a tweet saying something along the lines of, “You didn’t get his permission to make this. Why are you attacking him? I thought the breakup was mutual.”

After 10 minutes of replying to people, I put down my phone, and went about my day. I made myself breakfast and coffee, then watched TV for half an hour. I needed the break away from all the social media. I wasn’t expecting such negative feedback to a film that I was proud of. I contemplated whether or not I should call Dan, but figured it was for the best. I walked back to my bedroom, and turned on my phone. Just like when I woke up, there were a thousand notifications on the home screen. 

“I fucked up didn’t I?” I mumbled while trying to find Dan’s contact. I pressed call, and held the phone up to my ear. There was lots of ringing before I heard his voice. 

“Hey, did you see what’s going on?” He asked. 

“Of course I did, Dan.” I sighed. 

“Everything’s going to be okay. I can post a tweet saying you got permission from me.” Dan was speaking so gently, and tried to be calm. He could probably tell that I was freaking out. 

“I guess that could work. But there are so many questions.” I sat on my bed, then grabbed my laptop to check all the comments again. 

“This is a massive shit storm.” Dan chuckled. 

“Dan this isn’t funny, how are we going to calm everyon- THERE’S A FUCKING NEWS ARTICLE ABOUT THIS ALREADY. HOW DID THEY MAKE THIS OVER NIGHT?” My eyes shifted back and forth to skin over the article. "People are saying we’ve been faking the breakup, and we’re secretly still together.” I sighed.

“I wish.” I heard Dan mumble over the phone. 

“Nice try Howell, I heard that.” Even though I tried to sound stern, the heat rose to my cheeks. God damn, I still love him to death. I’ve tried to convince myself it’s for the best (which it is), but I have trouble believing it sometimes. 

“Okay look. Come over to my flat in 15 minutes, and we’ll make a Q&A video for your channel, addressing people’s comments and questions.” Dan suggested. 

“Okay I guess that sounds good." 

"Alright, see you soon. Lov- bye.” Dan hung up before I could reply.

I quickly through on an outfit that was comfy, but also looked cute at the same time. I did pretty simple makeup then I was out the door, hauling a taxi to my ex’s flat.

Ever since this morning I’ve felt like crying. I’m surprised I haven’t had a complete breakdown yet. I’m trying to keep it together, but it’s getting harder as my phone gets more notifications. I mute my phone, then silently look out the window the rest of the drive.  

I run up the billion stairs to Dan and Phil’s flat, and knock on the door rapidly. I tapped my foot while waiting for someone to answer the door. 

“Y/N!” Phil excitedly yelled, and pulled me into a warm hug. 

“Hi Phil.” I said quietly. 

“Dan told me what happened.” He gave me a sympathetic smile. “He’s in his room setting up.” Phil moved away from the door and let me in. I took off my shoes, and set down my bag then I walked to Dan’s room and saw him sitting on his bed, staring at his phone. I knocked and he jumped, looking over to the door then greeting me with his beautiful smile. 

“Hey.” He got up and gave me a long embrace. I promised myself I wouldn’t do this, but I could NOT help it. I wrapped my arms around his waist and pressed my face into his chest. 

“Why do I have to fuck up everything?” I asked. My voice was muffled, but he could still hear. 

“You didn’t fuck up anything. People just took it out of context.” He rested his chin on the top of my head and held me tighter. 

“Dan,” I pulled away from the hug to look into his eyes. He looked disappointed but I had to do it. “Can we just film the video and get this over with?" 

He stared at me with sadness in his eyes, but walked around his bed and sat down. He patted the area next to him and I sat down. He turned on the camera, and that’s when the video began. 

"Hi guys! So I posted a film last night that was the story of why, and how Dan and I broke up.” I sighed at the last part, and looked over to Dan who was staring at me. I tilted my head towards the camera so he could talk, but he must have blanked out. “Dan.” I smiled at him, and he finally snapped back to reality. 

“Sorry, um. We wanted to give some answers to the questions, and comments everybody has been saying." 

I reached over to Dan’s phone because I left mine in my bag at their front door. 

"Oh, why can’t we use your phone?” Dan asked. He seemed nervous about something. 

“I left mine at the front of the door and I’m too lazy to get it,” I laughed. “What? Are you hiding something?” I teased him and he mumbled no. I turned on his phone and saw that his lock screen was a picture of us. We bought matching onesies for Halloween last year for Spooky Week on Dan and Phil’s gaming channel. People kept requesting for me to make an appearance so we finally gave in. After trying on the onesies Phil took a picture of us. My arm was around Dan’s waist, while his rested on my shoulder. His face was turned away from the camera since he was kissing my cheek, and I had a huge smile on my face.

I turned to Dan and furrowed my eyebrows. “Why is this still your lock screen?” I held the phone up for him to see and he looked down. 

“Can we talk about it later?” He looked back up into my eyes and I was in a trance. I couldn’t say no, but I also wanted to know what it was about. 

“Fine.” I sighed. “I’ll cut that out." 

"So, what’s the first question, Y/N?” Dan asked, rubbing his hands together. 

“The most popular question, is ‘Did you get Dan’s permission to make this?’ That’s an easy answer. Of course I did. I asked him many months in advance and he was all up for the idea. People were choosing sides and I wanted to clear the air with what actually happened. It was a mutual breakup." 

"Yeah, we didn’t want to break up, but at the rate we were going, we might have killed each other one night.” Dan laughed, and I giggled at his remark. 

“Don’t give away my plans.” I chuckled.  

Dan took the phone out of my hand and yelled, “NEXT QUESTION.”

“What the fuck Dan! Bursting my ear drums, jesus christ.” I laughed, nudging him with my arm.

We answered plenty of questions before we finally got to the one we were dreading to answer. 

“And the last question,” I stated. “Are you guys together again?" 

"Okay, I can’t speak for Y/N but I still love her. A shit ton. It hurts being a part but all the fighting that we did, it would have hurt us even more in the end. I wish we were together, but we agreed to take a long break this time. I miss almost everything about her, it’s almost unhealthy and just not right, ” Dan chuckled. I stared at him in awe. I knew we missed each other but I had no idea he really missed me that much. I couldn’t take my eyes off of him, and I kept waffling on about everything and I completely blanked out. “Y/N? I know I talked a lot but I’m done now.” He gave me a warm smile and nodded his head, signaling for my turn to speak. 

I turned to the camera and spoke to it, “Sorry. It’s safe to say we both still love each other. But this is what’s needed for both of us to heal. Maybe in the future we’ll be back together, but we’ll always be good friends. No matter what happens.”  I looked over to Dan again, and smiled at him. “Anyway, to anyone who took this video out of context, this is an answer to all your questions." 

Dan leaned over to the camera and turned it off. I let out a huge sigh and flopped back onto his bed.
 "Fuck that was hard.”

 "That’s what she said.“ Dan joined me on the bed again, laughing. 

"Shut up. Now tell me what that lock screen was about.” I got up and stared into his eyes. He was quiet for a bit, but he finally answered.

 "I’m sorry. I know you said this is for the best, and we both need this break, but I can't…not be with you. You know? These past months have been hard as fuck. I want to get back together. I know you’ll say no, but I want you to know that’s what I think.“ His eyes got glossy by the end of his "speech”.

  I stared into his eyes in shock, I didn’t want to hurt him, but I also didn’t want to hurt myself by going back into a relationship where every night ended in yelling. “Look, I know I’m a tough person to date. I don’t express my emotions, or just anything as much as I should. I promise I’ll try to communicate with you more.” A tear rolled down his cheek. He quickly wiped it away and got up. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said anything. I’ll be back.” He walked out of his room to god knows where.

 I sat on his bed, running over what he just said, and trying to process what just happened. I didn’t even notice I was crying until I felt something warm fall down my cheek, and onto my lap. After 5 minutes of Dan’s disappearance, I got up and went looking for him. 

“Dan?” I yelled. I walked around their flat for a bit until I heard sniffling coming from inside their office. “Dan?” I opened the office and saw him sitting on the sofa with his head in his hands. What am I doing? He’s hurting so much, and seeing him hurting is making me hurt. God dammit what do I do? I thought to myself. 

“Why am I like this?” Dan mumbled, knowing I would hear. I sat next to him. Sitting with my hands awkwardly placed in my lap and staring straight ahead. When I finally gained the courage to look at him, I almost broke down. I wrapped my arms around his torso and nuzzled my head in his neck.

“I feel the same way Dan. But we really do need this break. Okay?” Dan nodded his head, but I knew he didn’t want to agree with me. “I’m going to go home, then edit and post this video. Then after, we can go out for coffee, dinner, whatever you want. And we’ll talk." 

Dan finally lifted his head up from his hands, and looked down at me. "Yeah, I guess that’s a part of the relationship we needed to fix. We didn’t talk to each other about how we felt.” He chuckled. I nodded, my head still resting on his shoulder. I lifted my head and stared into his eyes, then kissed his cheek before getting up and heading out. 

When I finally arrived home, I edited the video. I waited for it to upload, and waited for the feedback. There was still some negative feedback, but most of them ended up being positive, and some even apologized. All in all, my film ended up being a hit. It explained everything to the fans. But now, it’s time to figure out what’s going to do with my personal life, not my online persona.

A/N: Honestly, I didn’t know how to end it. So…I just ended it on a point where you can think whatever you want. Maybe the reader and Dan did work things out, and are together again. Maybe they decided it’s best to take a long break and see what they need. It’s all up to the imagination. (People could say that’s lazy writing but tbh I love having an ending I can make by myself.)

Xu “The8″ Minghao | Highschool!AU

this was a Good Concept. i actually got this from an anon awhile back, so all credit goes to them for helping me write this! i think i like this one a lot, it’s probably one of my faves out of this whole au!! tho mingyu’s and s.coups’ make close seconds. anyway, i hope you all enjoy this!

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anonymous asked:

what is your opinion on mineta?

A pretty neutral one? I don’t like him, but I don’t actively dislike him either since his type of character is just something I’m assuming Jump editors outright ask for considering they’re in every single shounen ever - mostly I just forget he exists tbh, which is rude but he’s really rude too so that’s fine lol he has his moments and I’m very lowkey hoping he’ll be developed and grow out of the walking trope he is (it’s just wishful thinking, probably)(I appreciate that Horikoshi writes his behaviour as something as disgusting as it is, tho, kudos to you Horikoshi) but as things stand right now I mostly roll my eyes at him and forget he’s a thing the moment he walks off screen haha

Anon said: I. LOVE. SHINSO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SO DO I!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anon said: What did you think of the little todoiideku moments in the last chapter? :)

I CRIED literally, actual tears, I’m not making it up I love all three of them so much - Iida’s the most precious boy ever and Todoroki is wise and beautiful and them all offering food to Izuku to make him feel better was PURE 

but also waddup with Izuku suddenly saying he shouldn’t cry, he’s been crying since the beginning of the manga? It’s okay Izuku let it out

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My Bias List

1.      Changkyun (I.M; Daniel)

Originally posted by seunqyoun

           So anyone that knows me will tell you that I used to pride myself on having never fallen for a maknae. It’s nothing against maknaes but I’m part of the ‘94 line so I’d feel conflicted if my bias was underage. However, I was casually bingeing Giriboy’s music videos one day when my perfect record was shattered before I even knew it. This disrespectful cutie climbed my list so fast and severely strained my relationship with Namjoon in the process! I’m not as salty about it as I once was now that I’ve gotten to know Monsta X a bit better.

           To me, Changkyun is like the human epitome of a cat; so incredibly caring and affectionate to those he is close with but a bit wary of strangers to the point where they’re like, “why do you keep this thing around?” To which I reply, “because he is the most precious, infuriating creature I’ve ever beheld and I have no choice but to love him!”

            Also has a sense of humor that leaves me in tears and sass that makes me want to slap kiss his smug face. And he speaks English which I never knew could be such a sexy thing before I heard his voice. Like I know he doesn’t speak English with the same confidence as Namjoon but he knows enough to rap and flirt in it which is really all I can ask for from a living meme.

           Fun fact: my friends and I have a group chat called “the prime time hummus” (BTS cypher part 2) in which we send devastating pictures of each other’s biases because we are gluttons for punishment apparently. They bombarded me with I.M pictures the moment they found out until they realized that I had stopped retaliating. They asked if I was okay, and in truth I was coming to terms with the moral quandary of having a maknae as my ultimate bias, but all I could say was: I’m fine. Thank you and you? (Blue Moon reference for my Monbebes)

Recommended Song 

Recommended Song 

Bonus Video 

Extra videos are an ultimate bias privilege

2.      Lee Sunghwa (Gray)

Originally posted by kimhoody

         Between black and white there are a lot of shades of Lee Sunghwa and I want to experience all of them. Gray is another one that caught me by surprise. I was caught up in the whirlwind otherwise known as Jay Park when I stumbled across him interviewing Sunghwa about his new album. The whole thing was just too damn cute so I checked out his music. Pretty much as soon as I heard that “Gray” intro on the track I was hooked. Fun fact: that’s Zion T’s voice.

            Gray is a sweet, reserved guy in general and takes some encouraging to get him to talk during interviews. I think that would make a relationship with him all the more intimate. Getting him to open up from his shy exterior would take some time but still endearing. I can picture him being quite talkative to those he is close with and hearing his notoriously cheesy jokes would be a privilege.

           Gray is the balance that AOMG probably needed when you have a couple of flirts like Jay and Simon D running the company. He works so hard for his boys (and Princess Hoody) and deserves to be appreciated. I’m genuinely torn between wanting to tuck him into bed so he sleeps or cuddling the stuffing out of him.

Recommended Song 

Recommended Song 

3.      Woo Jiho (Zico)

Originally posted by ygnj

           My sweet, sweet Woo Jiho. Another truly talented name on this list if I do say so myself. The thing that gets me about this boy is just how versatile he is when it comes to his music. I love how serious he is about being successful in this industry despite the hardships that Block B endured in the past and that he encourages his big brother to do the same (the best brothers in kpop tbh). He seems to encourage everyone around him to live up to their potential and I stumble across so many great artists because of their collaborations with Zico.

            Zico is that guy in school that has more than one friend group and loves them all equally. The boy has legs and lips for days and knows how to use them both. I am forever grateful that I find 50% of his hairstyles tragic. He’s still a lovely string bean and would be a confusing mixture of sexy and fluffy in a relationship that’s borderline addicting. Also, he laughs like a fake bitch and I love it. Just saying.

Recommended Song 

Recommended Song 

4.      Jay Park

Originally posted by sukiieeeee

         I love and hate that Jay’s extra self is on this list. He was the first one of the AOMG crew that I discovered because of course he was. “Mommae” was the first mv I watched and I was a little put off by it. It’s just nothing that I had come to expect from kpop or khh and I did judge him a bit for it. “I mean yeah his voice is good and the song is hella catchy but objectifying women is not that cute. Why is everyone so thirsty for him?”

           However, the thing about Jay is that he’s so much more than a good body/face. Yeah he’s the leader of his own fan club and he knows how painfully sexy he is but I actually think he’s humble for all his accomplishments. I mean, he left Korea and his group amidst so much controversy only to be welcomed back and start his own record label. And when both Simon D. and Gray say that meeting Jay was one of the best moments in their lives, you know the boy is good people. He’s also low key the fucking fountain of youth but c'est la vie. He always picks up the tab whenever they go out to eat and he paid off Loco’s debt for crying out loud! If you needed more convincing about how good Jay is then just look up pictures of him with kids and weep. I don’t even want kids that badly and it hurt me.

           Finally, I can’t help but mention those tattoos. Never did I think I would go for someone with “King Life” written on their fingers but oh how the mighty have fallen. Having one sleeve with half the chest tattooed has always appealed to me but I foresee Jay getting a lot more coverage in the future and I don’t mind. As long as Jay keeps showing that beautiful smile of his, he can do whatever he pleases.

Recommended Song 

Recommended Song 

5.      Dean

Originally posted by korean-rnb

          My strange, precious Eskimo. Thank Zico that I found you. It’s like someone took all of my favorite traits in a person and made Dean. Artsy and talented? Check! Humble and hardworking? Check! Handsome? Check! (Though Dean only thinks he has good lips).

           If you haven’t experienced his music (and yes, it is an experience) then stop reading this, get off tumblr, and go check out his work immediately. It doesn’t even matter if you watch his live performances or his recorded work because they are equally sublime. It has been a while since I bought a complete album but I love every single song on his so I splurged.

           Music is this boy’s life and he pulls inspiration from an eclectic group of artists. He’s a visually oriented person so when it comes to composing his music he builds from an image which I think is an interesting process. His emphasis on visuals also kinda dashes any of my hopes because his ideal type includes someone with brown eyes.

           I feel obligated to address the fact that Dean is low key sassy and I endorse it. He’s humble and his goal is to make music that he likes as opposed to any sort of glory that comes with being successful but if you perform his songs then you better come prepared. He did a q&a recently and someone asked what he thought of another artist that performed his song. To paraphrase, Dean basically said that everything he does (like the extra noises and shifting melodies) has a purpose and that if someone is going to perform his songs then he hopes they will have actually listened to it first.

Recommended Video 

Bonus Video 

6.      Namjoon (Rap Monster)

Originally posted by simondismydaddy

           Oh Joonie… where to even begin? He was the first one to ever knock TOP out of the number one spot in my bias list which was an ordeal. Let me paint the picture: me with a huge bottle of wine (drinking straight from the bottle cause real life breakups and stuff) sitting on the floor of my friends’ apartment with a picture of Joonie enlarged on an ipad so that we could watch Moulin Rouge together. That was our first “date” and my friend has the regrettable snapchat to prove it.

           When I started following BTS I really did not see the sexy appeal to him. I admitted that he was attractive but that doesn’t mean much in the crazy world of kpop. I’m not the type to fangirl over dimples or someone’s visuals alone. I have to love their personality before I can commit them to my bias list. I didn’t actually notice Namjoon like that until I figured out how smart and dedicated he is.

        There was just so much passion put into his mixtape and the way he plays with the flow of his words against the beat that was like heaven to me. Don’t even get me started on that voice. When Namjoon turns into Rap Monster on stage it makes me feel like I need to go to church immediately with all of the sin running through my mind.

           He’s also one of the idols that I follow that would have some idea of what to do in a relationship, and more importantly, knows what they want in a partner. Namjoon gives me the impression that he is caring towards most people but only opens up to those he is close with. Like you know you’re seeing the real Namjoon when he keeps you in late night conversations or constantly asks your opinion on things. It’s that closeness that would speak for itself when Namjoon forgets can’t find the words to express how much you mean to him. There is a kind of security in that unspoken understanding that makes me weak.

Recommended Song 

Recommended Song 

7.      Min Yoongi (Suga)

Originally posted by sugaglos

          Min Yoongi. Genius. Those words should be enough… but I’ll keep going if you insist. Grandpa Yoongi is a bit of a secret bias for me because he was my best friend’s bias. Was.

           That being said, I technically saw Yoongi first. He was in all of his “rich housewife” aesthetic glory and I looked over at TOP like, “this boy is gonna be trouble for you.” However, Yoongi got overshadowed by Namjoon and never really usurped TOP but he’s higher on this list because TOP is at an age where I really just want him to find someone that makes him happy.

           Surprise of surprises: Yoongi is my bias because of his personality. He’s the quiet, sassy hyung that does a lot of behind the scenes caring for his members. I feel like I could go to him with a problem and his energy would be enough to reassure me that everything was going to be okay or at least make me take a nap. He can be a bit blunt but he usually does it with the best intentions. And if he was serious about the relationship, I think Yoongi would do his best to take care of you but he would also depend on you a lot. He’s a workaholic and would need the emotional/mental support of someone he loves. The thought of being both protected and needed is what makes Yoongi such boyfriend material to me.

           Min Yoongi is another one that transforms on stage and damn can Suga rap. Too bad I’m still waiting on his mixtape but at least Rap Monster’s second one will keep me company in the meantime.

Recommended Song 

8.      Seunghyun (TOP)

Originally posted by b-wtabi

          The original bias who will forever have a home on this list. Little did I know what was coming when I watched my first kpop mv and casually announced to myself, “the blue haired one is kinda cute.”

           Bigbang was my introduction into kpop and for a long time they were the only group I followed because I’m stubborn like that. And what a time to get into Bigbang because 2012 was the golden year. I still find myself reminiscing about their 2012 comeback. I love their old stuff too but working your way from debut to “Fantastic Baby” leaves you questioning where the hell they got the nerve to get so good.

           I digress because The Original Pimp *cue cringe* has been my neglected bias for too long. I fell so hard for this man it’s not even funny. Like I made an instagram account for the sole purpose of admiring the hot selfies and artsy shit he posts. His voice made me swoon and I’m pretty sure he can cut diamonds on those cheekbones. He always looks put together yet never seemed too flashy about his body considering how rarely Bigbang likes to keep their shirts on.

             Being a formerly chunky person myself, I suspect most of that comes from the self-conscious habits he picked up when he was overweight. I am a sucker for guys with some struggle in their past. If only TOP had left me with more than Doom Dada, he would probably be higher on this list…

Recommended Song 

9.      Jackson

Originally posted by b2utygot7

       I’m not even sure if Jackson should be counted as a bias because if you love got7 then you love Jackson by default. That’s just how the world works. You can say you have a different bias but you are painfully aware that Jackson can make a move any time he pleases. Like, he can just demand compliments whenever he sees you and then one day you realize you’ve been complimenting him for weeks without him having to ask and that little voice in your head just whispers, “shit…”

Recommended Video 

10.  Siyoung (Giriboy)  

Originally posted by blobyblome

          And here we are; the bias I would argue is the most stubborn and confusing on my list. At least he is to me but my heart skips a beat whenever I hear “G R Boy” on a track. Giriboy came to my attention at an interesting time. I am a self-proclaimed music addict, and though I do have my genre preferences, I try my best to give everything a chance. The same goes for my dating history; for better or worse there is a lot of variety there.

           But I was surprised at myself for having such singular tastes when it came to Korean music so I did one of my favorite things when it comes to music: I explored! I listened to everything that I came across and Giriboy’s name kept popping up. “Take Care of You” was the first song of his that I listened to and there was something about it that felt sincere. Then I watched the mv with subtitles and cried my eyes out. I have since learned that when he is composing, Giriboy thinks of the saddest situation he can imagine which explains a lot but also leaves me a little salty.

           But I don’t think Giriboy would really care about me being salty because he is a stubborn, high key sass king with an ego to boot. He is so unapologetically himself and I adore it. Like, I’m imagining a healthy amount of banter, cussing, and lazy days in with this boy. Don’t forget the snacks. Just so many snacks that it makes you wonder how the fuck he manages to stay so small…It all sounds like a dream until the realistic part of my brain kicks in. We are way too similar to make things work  which is why I’m keeping him at the bottom of this list. It’s for the best or so I tell myself.

Recommended Song 

Yuri!!! on Ice Episode 10 (feat. my shameless fangirling)

Okay, since our crappy internet connection isn’t cooperating (and I can’t make any gifsets) with me again, I’m just gonna dump all my fangirling feels here. I need a fucking outlet for all the feels this episode had given me. I’M NOT SORRY

Brace yourselves, because this is going to be one long-ass post full of my nonsensical nonsense.

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Celebrating Larry Masterposts: 2012 Boyfriends

Celebrating Larry Masterposts: Part 3

So this part is going to split into 3 parts bc there’s so much srsly these guys went fucking crazy in 2012 and i’m bawling bc cute….

Aaaaanyway part 1/3 here we gooooo……

well it’s as good a place to start as any

this is going to probably be the longest post of all of these

so buckle up ladies and gentlemen….. 

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With 2015 overhead, it marks almost four years on this site that instantaneously ruined every chance I had at a social life and seriously makes me question what I was doing before this. This year, I went through multiple URL, theme, and fandom changes, and reached not only 1,000, but more than 1,500 followers - 1.6K is not that far away either. (Seriously, where did all of you come from? This is really just a hodgepodge of lame & emotional text posts and reblogs.) But because so many of you are oddly sticking around for the long haul, I don’t think I’ve done a follow forever since 2012 so, here goes! Prepare for some love~

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