tbh one of my favorite photos of him


He’s my favorite. Great suggestion, anon! (。・ᴗ-)✧

Thank you for your kind words! ♡

Edd is a pretty fly ace guy, and I’m honestly so glad he exists, because I relate to him on a personal level. 

Probably my favorite Edd scene was him just raising his hand and yelling “I don’t like anyone” when Rolly asked if anyone else was going to come out, because I’ve literally done that myself when coming out to people as asexual. I love him.

I’m determined to get to all the characters before Pride Month ends! 

🌈 Happy Pride, y’all! 🌈


I usually don’t make posts like these unless I get really really mad (or frustrated). I just need to get this out there - I love tumblr but nowadays I keep away from it cuz….I’ll be honest - I’m in so many fandoms but tumblr made me hate them (well…people on tumblr). one of my favorite things in the whole world is Harry Potter and it has been since I was a kid (like…six years old or smth) but one thing (person) that’s been as important (well…even more important tbh) and for even longer…is Johnny Depp…..I understand (and at the same time I don’t) all the hate that came towards him after AH incident….I know how people love to jump on the hate train without even looking at facts (like come on people…srsly….them photos that girl put on internet….those bruises? give me a break..police saw her and do you know exact words they said? “there were no sign of the crime” and dont get me started on other bs that girl has done since then (and even before)(giving all that info to freakin TMZ and not to the judge …who even does that) if u dont see all that by now I dont think you have enough brain powers to see it after Im done with this speech) and even when I thought for a second that Mr. Depp actually became an abuser (which broke my heart tbh…for some personal reasons that i wont disclose to yall) and even when I was basically ready to give up on him …I still wasn’t hypocritycal enough ,unlike yall, to call him ugly…and even more hilariously - untalented !!! that man could be a psycopath and …I dont even know…a pedophile …and it still wouldn’t change that fact that he’s one of the most handsome and talented actors in the world…..you can hate him all you want but come on…don’t be so dumb…and btw….yall seem to have a problem with how he looks in the movie…. ARE YALL SERIOUS???? there’s nothing NOTHING cooler then white hair and omfg dem eyes/…..especially since it’s on a freakin villain !!! i just had to get this out there since Depp in a HP franchise is one of the best things that has ever happened to me and yall are ruining it !!! yes I wish we didn’t have to loose Colin Farrell ( I have loved him almost as long as Depp…he’s basically family that dweeb) but you can’t have everything…I just want you get your heads out of your arses …I actually saw someone hating on CAPTAIN FREAKIN JACK FREAKIN SPARROW !!!!! …………………..How dare you…………………

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Can you pleaseeee explain what happened with Connor and Ty??? I tried to search trough your blog and tumblr but I can't find anything! Pleaseee it makes me so sad that they are not friends anymore...

Okay so here is everything that has lead us to conclude that Tyler and Connor are fighting. It is still speculation and we don’t know anything for sure bc neither Connor nor Tyler have directly addressed the topic. It is all just talk and rumors until they personally say something. 

But here’s what we “know”

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Hi! Since you seem to know almost everything (you blog is honestly a blessing), I wanted to ask if you know if Yoongi ever performed (even a candid video is fine) in this outfit or if you have photos of him in the same clothes: img10(.)deviantart(.)net/1542/i/2015/306/e/4/leather_by_cathee123-d9fae1u(.)jpg (this is just a drawing, for some reason i can't seem to find the pics? and i need them badly tbh) Thank you so much, keep up the good work! <3

This isn’t a performance outfit, it’s airport fashion so it’s his own clothes ^_^. That’s his beloved Lewis Leather jacket. Here is the original photo and it was taken at the airport before their flight. It’s still one of my favorite Yoongi photos to date ^_^ © If there’s an airport fancam then you can try and see if there are any videos. If I’m not mistaken, this was taken 151025