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Glitch Effect Tutorial

ayyeee here’s a tutorial no one asked for made this for college assignment, but i hope someone will find this useful! >w< (original drawing)

Easter with Svt
  • Okay
  • I’ve got to start with this
  • Otherwise it just wouldn’t be right 
  • But shua going to the morning Easter service with his family 
  •  tbh all I care about 
  • The fact he is home in general sends me over the moon 
  • But the idea of him getting to go to church with his mom and dad 
  • Freakin gold okay 
  • And he gets all fancied up 
  • Because it’s an Easter service 
  • So he’s looking fine 
  • Then again when does he not look good 
  • Anyways 
  • Maybe he takes the other members 
  • Maybe he doesn't 
  • Maybe a few tag along 
  • Either way he’s going 
  • But then after that he goes home for a late lunch 
  • Cooked by his mama 
  • Yes our shua gets a home cooked meal from his mom I’m in tears 
  • But the rest of the members show up 
  • Here’s where it gets wild
  • Okay so that’s a lot of mouths to feed 
  • So the kitchen is jam packed 
  • Mrs Hong is running all over the place 
  • But I feel like shua and her are quite similar so she’s obviously level headed and calm 
  • Mingyu is totally there helping her cook everything 
  • Wonwoo is there too
  • Offering more moral support than actually cooking but that’s okay 
  • Jeonghan is in the kitchen too 
  • Striking up a lively conversation with Mrs Hong 
  • Tbh they are probably complaining about the various things shua does that is a bit annoying 
  • Like the whole not bringing a towel when he showers thing
  • Vernon, Seungkwan and Chan would 100% be gushing over their hyung’s lil baby photos that are no doubt framed all over the house 
  • Seungcheol and Mr Hong would totally talk for a while 
  • Like the two great dads they are 
  • But then eventually Mr Hong and the boys manager would go out and hide Easter eggs 
  • Mrs Hong thought it was a good idea 
  • And tbh these 13 guys that are legit 5 year olds at heart aren’t going to object 
  • So while those two are out there legit hiding like over a hundred of those colorful plastic eggs 
  • The rest of the guys are inside doing something
  • Whether it’s cooking
  • or pushing tables together and setting up the chairs 
  • Pouring the various drinks 
  • Everyone is doing something 
  • Everything is happy and the house is full of life and laughter 
  • This is the best time any of them have had in awhile
  • Including the Hongs 
  • So the meal is finally made 
  • Shua has changed into something a little less fancy 
  • Cause let’s be honest 
  • Fancy clothes aren’t the most comfortable 
  • So everyone crams around the table 
  • And Mr Hong prays 
  • Because yes 
  • And then they all dive into the meal
  • Shua’s probably melting because it’s his moms cooking 
  • Nothing is better than that 
  • Tbh the other 12 guys are in heaven 
  • Because amazing food 
  • Everyone’s talk and laughing 
  • Lots of giggling 
  • Happy happy happy 
  • Like neighbors can just feel happiness radiating from the house 
  • Insert wonwoo saying happiness here
  • So they finally finish 
  • All the food is gone 
  • Everyone is stuffed 
  • Everyone who was dieting which I don’t think any of them are but I could be wrong went out the window 
  • Because as seungkwan said 
  • Diets always start tomorrow 
  • So now it’s time for the great Easter egg hunt 
  • So imma just take a shot in the dark
  • But I have a feeling most of them haven’t done Easter egg hunts 
  • So they are all hell excited 
  • Soonyoung is break dancing with seokmin 
  • Jun is talking at the speed of light he’s so excited 
  • Vernon and minghao are just dabbing all over creation 
  • Seungkwan is no doubt spinning around the yard and singing super loud
  • Joshua is probably telling coups and jeonghan about all the crazy things that happened back when he did these hunts as a lil bean 
  • Mingyu probably stepped on one of the plastic eggs that wasn’t hidden so well and broke it 
  • So now he and wonwoo are flipping out because what !!!
  • Jihoon would be acting all nonchalant and like “I’m a grown man I don’t need to do this”
  • But tbh he’s already trying to find some of the eggs with chan because THEY WILL WINNNNNN 
  • So everyone’s got their bags and baskets and the race is on!!!! 
  • Lots of screaming and yelling 
  • Tbh the neighbors are probably worried why there are 13 grown boys screaming and excitedly looking for small colored plastic eggs 
  • So they start off strong 
  • Everyone is finding them left in right 
  • Mr and Mrs Hong and the manager are practically wheezing from laughing so hard because it’s all so comical 
  • People are crashing into each other 
  • Others shoved out of the way because “I saw it first!!1!1!!1”
  • Someone’s gonna die if this doesn’t end soon 
  • Things finally start to calm down 
  • And it’s just down to the last few eggs that are the hardest to find 
  • Everyone’s looking 
  • Everyone. 
  • Even the two that hid them
  • They had counted before hiding them 
  • They knew how many there were supposed to be
  • And some were missing 
  • The guys get tired of looking after a while 
  • So they do what any other person would do
  • Plastic eggs aren’t good for just hiding 
  • They make excellent things to pelt at your friends 
  • And so starts the great Easter egg battle of 2017 
  • If the neighbors thought they were loud before 
  • Oh no 
  • Now it’s loud 
  • All the hard work of finding and picking up the eggs is gone 
  • They are everywhere now 
  • So when everyone is out of breath
  • And their sides are broken from laughing 
  • And their cheeks hurt because to much smiling 
  • They start to pick up the lil eggs 
  • And of course 
  • A few more than before are missing 
  • Naturally
  • As it goes with every other Easter egg hunt 
  • And the battles that follow them 
  • These eggs will never be found
  • Until one day 
  • When someone is out gardening or something 
  • Three years from now 
  • When they find half of a faded blue plastic egg 
  • And then finally you’ve got all the eggs 
  • Lmao 
  • They would have a blast on Easter okay 
  • All the candy that would get consumed 
  • Tbh it’s be a mess 
  • A beautiful, happy, spring, pastel bunnies, lil yellow chicks, Easter mess 
  • And by far 
  • Everyone’s favorite Easter ever 

as a fellow mentally ill person, i encourage y'all to not think of healthy goals as “sure Karen im just gonna will myself better and do hot yoga at 6am after going to bed at 10pm with exfoliated skin, only to come home to a breakfast of egg whites and kale smoothies and drinking 8 glasses of fresh water”

but if it suits you more, like “i drank that glass of water that’s been sitting beside my bed for 2 days, and i managed to like, sit up and stretch my arms, and honestly right now eating anything at all is better than nothing – but maybe I’ll try to eat like 1 serving of vegetables this week even if that just means chewing frozen peas while i stand in front of the open freezer in my underwear”

I understand the annoyance with seeing health talk because people feel frustrated with lack of resources! (energy, willpower, financial, etc) but like ??? literally me, i get it. I just hope y'all know you can take baby steps, mess it up sometimes, and still try to set tiny manageable goals. bc that’s how you’ll feel better, tbh. It’s a struggle, but I’d rather keep struggling against my brain than letting its tantrums screw me over kfksjfkw

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ok you're kind of turning me into a jily shipper so i need to know- do you have a jily fic rec list??

yes yes good (i have a fic rec page here) but it hasn’t been updated in a while so


the two big ones (or, the ones that pretty much everyone in the fandom has read):

  • the life and times- over 600k, woefully incomplete, the entire fandom (and then some) know about this fic, and my favourite part of it is the dynamic between the marauders
  • commentarius- over 700k, also woefully incomplete, written pre half blood prince so there are some canon deviations and it’s a bit ridiculous but in charming way

in-verse fics (this is a very loose term because all we know is that they got together sometime during their seventh year)


(100 days of productivity : days 9 + 10 + 11) 

- from 28th to 30th March -  I’m horrible at updating, but tbh nothing much is happening (except for a thousand things, yes). 

these three days weren’t exactly​ my best but hey - something is better than nothing. That is exactly why, I forced myself to atleast do a bIT of work, even if I didn’t feel like doing it. thus, they haven’t been exactly super productive but atleast it is something to say.

today was super tiring, I went and I bought books for my next year (woo I’m a freshman at high school) and labelled them up. went out with fam in the evening, and god my legs were aching. started planning for April too, april is going to be one busy month for me :’)

I hope everyone here is also surviving, let’s do this together. 

theres nothing wrong w/ writing a femme gay man or a butch lesbian but tbh often at times when straight people write them thats when it comes off as stereotypical and performative  

like. a femme gay man written by…an actual gay man is usually always 100% executed better than what a straight person could come up with, and im not trying to say straight people shouldn’t include lgbt characters in their writing! its important to diversify ur media in 20-fucking-17 but u know, if ur nervous that “real gay character” is going to come off more as a sterotype than a good idea is to maybe, idk, talk to actual gay person, and ask them how to improve 

u shouldnt shy away from writing femme gay men and butch lesbians, bc they are actually under represented in media in the sense that theyre!! never fuckin written properly

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There were a lot of mistranslations and people should have fixed that (there were no subtitles for me during the whole thing so I didn't know) but you know what is not mistranslated, because I saw them without subs? Their actions lol apparently they hugged in a performance of camera and were being adorable af during the whole show, including the drawing bit and bumping Jimin on the head lol. So, honestly, I am not worried about it. Why? Because Jungkook still only bought a gift for Jimin 😉

Okay but for real though???? what was that little boop on the head with the whiteboard and why did they both smile so happily afterwards with this shy aura surrounding them??? why did hoseok stare at them fondly as if something was happening?? i feel so confused by jikook it’s honestly nerve wracking for me. And idk i’m just not over how cute and perfect they are, like those boys are adorable together. And the hug????? i swear someone better have gotten a blurry ass pic of that or else i’m going to fight everyone who was there. I need that in my life okay?? and lmaoooo nothing will ever beat how jungkook only got a present for jimin tbh… like without the romantic connotations, it’s very apparent that jimin means more to jungkook than everyone likes to think. I just…. i thought 2015 and 2016 jikook were alive??? lmaoooo 2017 jikook has been so alive, we are all blessedt. 

I bet people who haven’t watched Hannibal enjoy a show like The Following a whole lot more. I just started episode seven and so far this show has made me feel exactly nothing. I mean for a show that has Poe as its central theme, it sure is lacking in poetry…

Does it get better? Or has Hannibal just truly broken me?

  • Tsume: nothing feels better than winning monopoly. not love. not sex. not free pizza. nothing
  • Hige: I’m sorry, have you tried pizza…?
  • Tsume: yes and it doesn’t compare to owning half the board and watching the light die from your friends eyes as you take their money and feel your friendship slowly deteriorate

so i see a common excuse when it comes to translating work with nonbinary characters (as im in the undertale fandom, this happens a lot with chara and frisk, but i’ve seen it with other nonbinary characters as well) into a language like spanish or french where there aren’t really gender neutral terms: “It’s alright to misgender them here, because there’s no other options!”

there are so many problems with this kind of arguments, so im gonna try to break it down piece by piece.

first: assuming there are no gender neutral terms is an act of laziness. nonbinary people exist in every community, and guess what? those people aren’t passive. english speakers aren’t the only people participating in trans activism. i can 100% guarantee that people who speak those languages have already invented neutral language you can use. one example that comes off the top of my head is the use of -e in spanish, such as latina/latino becoming latine. you’ll definitely find even more resources if you search in that particular language instead of english, like i did.

“But those aren’t common enough, I don’t think people will understand them!”

then add a translator’s note? like, these terms are designed to be unobtrusive anyway, so people are honestly going to be able to pick it up from context. and again, if you’re really concerned, that’s where translator’s notes come in! just add a few notes explaining that this character is nonbinary, and thus you’ll be using certain terms for them. list them, explain what they mean, boom, done.

“But I can’t find anything of that kind in my language!”

listen, i feel this struggle. i don’t know of any urdu or pashto gender neutral equivalents for certain terms (i’d argue that male is technically neutral, as at least colloquially “male” words like bheta are constantly used for everyone, but that’s not like, an actual tangible argument, especially since i haven’t studied these languages formally, and obviously there will be people who are uncomfortable with this regardless), but anyway, tbh? get creative! make your own!

they won’t be as easily recognizable as a more established set of terms, but still, it’s better than nothing. and again, translator’s notes are your friend! i make up my own forms in pashto for gender neutral things (like -ay as a suffix instead of -a (masc) or -i (fem)), and sure, i don’t actually produce any content in pashto, but if i did, i’d add a translator’s note in the beginning explaining this stuff.

translation is hard work and i have respect for people who put the time and effort into it, but you can’t just misgender characters out of laziness. it would do well to examine your own beliefs about nonbinary people if you choose convenience over being respectful to nonbinary people, and especially nonbinary people who’s first/only language is the language you’re translating into.

  • Baby: M-M-M
  • Parent: Oh honey, I think our child is trying to speak!
  • Baby: M-M-M
  • Parent: Mama? Are you trying to say Mama? Say Mama!
  • Baby: M-M-Moriarty was a real piece of shit for the way he treated Gob. He might have been a ghoul, he might have looked and sounded different than everyone else, but Gob had feelings too. He never did anything wrong. There was no reason that he should have been treated so poorly. I always shot Moriarty in all of my playthroughs just to spare Gob further abuse. Fuck Colin Moriarty quite honestly.

ppl who draw/think of rey as a hairless photoshoot-ready makeup-wearing sun goddess weird the shit outta me cos like……… ya girl literally lived her whole life in a desert where all she did was scavenge around for junk and eat nothing but magical bread and probably bugs and shit

tbh rey probably has the most hairy legs in the galaxy, they’re even worse than chewie’s, and even better honestly she and everybody else in the galaxy does not give a fuck about them

hello everyone ! so im going back to school this week (omg) and i thought i’d share some of the things i learned and picked up last year in my first year of high school. i hope you enjoy ! :)

1. do your homework !

this one’s pretty simple. always do your homework so you’re caught up with what’s being taught in your class. i know it’s a lot easier said than done because realistically, im sure most of us won’t really want to do it after a long day of school. but it makes a world of a difference if you do what your teacher assigns you. you’ll understand the concept better and won’t fall behind ! 

2. don’t be afraid to ask questions !

for some odd reason, i was afraid of asking my teachers questions last year. i honestly don’t know why, but i regret it. i asked a lot of questions back in middle school, and i realized i did better those years than i did last year. your teachers are there for a reason, to enhance your learning and understanding. you’ll come out a better student, and it’ll help SO MUCH. also, don’t limit yourself to just your teacher. if they don’t help you as much as you would have liked, ask another teacher !

3. be independent with your learning

don’t be too dependent on your friends in class. aka don’t take all of their answers and/or ideas just to get your work done faster ya feel ? if you’re too dependent on your friends for answers, you won’t know what to do when a quiz or test comes up because your friend won’t be there to help you :( but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with helping each other !

4. studying and study buddies

study. studying is key my dudes. just think of a time you did great on a test, and think of the feeling you had. you know what feeling im talking about. strive for that feeling. because tbh there’s nothing better than being proud of yourself and knowing that all of your hard work payed off ! and if you struggle with staying focused, there are so many helpful studying masterposts here on studyblr ! also get yourself some study buddies ! it makes studying just that much better. it’s so fun. wowowow. 

5. online resources ! 

if your teacher didn’t explain a concept well enough, there are so many online resources. they’ve helped me a boat load my first year and i use them all the time now. my favourites are Khan Academy and CrashCourse, and there are so many masterposts on here specified to one subject ! bless the studyblr community bc y’all have saved me so many times ♡ 

6. goals goals goals

always keep your goals in mind. they’ll help you push through the year and the rough patches. i always think of this grey’s anatomy quote. “how’s the view? do you like what you see? are you living the life you pictured for yourself? or are you dreaming of something even bigger?”. so, think about it. if you don’t accomplish your goal, will you like the view ? so work hard my dudes. s/o the meredith grey for being oh so wise.

7. have a good mindset

im gonna keep this simple and sweet. don’t let yourself settle for anything less than greatness.

8. learn to love the sound of your feet walking away from things not meant for you

i saw that quote somewhere along those lines on here a while ago and man is it true !! if something isn’t meant for you, don’t be afraid of letting it go. it could be a class, or a person, anything. if the class just isn’t your forte, look into something else ! if a person isn’t enhancing your life, don’t be afraid or feel guilty for wanting out. at the end of the day, it’s your life. do what makes you the happiest person on earth ♡

9. sleep omg

i cannot even stress how important getting enough sleep is. your homegirl is working on that herself ya feel lolol. get enough sleep. you’ll be refreshed in the morning and you’ll be ready to go on with your day. your body and brain will thank you for it !!

10. don’t forget to relax

burning out is the last thing you want to do, so don’t forget to give yourself the free time that you deserve. let yourself recharge and destress with the things that you love to do. my personal favourites are colouring, reading, music, and watching grey’s anatomy lolol. after all of your hard work, you deserve it !!

♡ ♡ ♡

so, those are my ten tips for back to school ! i hope that this was somewhat helpful, i really enjoyed making it ! if you have any questions, my ask box is always available. and if you just want to talk, shoot me a message ! with that being said, i hope you all have an amazing year, and good luck ♡

with love,
lauraliestudies  ♡

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7:51pm how utterly alone I am, How I will probably go get drunk after I send this. Days off are full of self destruction, how I don't feel like I'm important to anyone. And everyone will always have someone better than me in their life. I feel like I'm nothing and my mind is killing me slowly.

Same tbh. You’re not alone anon ❤️

Yo ok so im on mobile so i cant do a read more and its 3am but ive been thinking about overwatch college au all day specifically for genyatta pls hear me out
Ok so middle school genji would be the equvilent of “before he fucking almost died” genji so hes loud and brash and probably in the anime club
And then i figured the equvilent of him “dying” would be like if he got kicked out of the house. Ive seen a lot of ppl do things were he got super physically injured but i like him being kicked out more. It’d probably be necause of Hanzo or something so like, the end of freashmen year of highschool genji (maybe sophmore? I havent decided) just kidding i just decided sophmore. Genji is kicked out but im not sure why? Genji is trans so maybe like transphobic parents? I dont wanna put genjo through that but it makes the most sense,,, escp if he comes out
So Genji is kicked out end of sophmore year, the year hanzo is a senior and geaduates
Genji’s homeless for a bit and the equivilent of him joining overwatch would be like, him joining video game club? Im still working on this but i want there to be a club that genji joins thats all of the og overwatch members and that gives him a circle of friends, een if hes not very open with them. Also everyones queer so its like a nice little gsa club on top of the video games so genji feels good there. Even though hes not super close to anyone, everyone basically opens up their homes to him so hes like couch surfing for the last two years of highschool. (Mercy, who was a grade above Hanzo, maybe has an apartment and thats where genji frequents the most? Mercy used to be in the club so Genji only knows her through upperclassmen who used to hang with her but the arangment is still better than nothing)
But Genji is also like furiously dysphoric during this time bc thats pretty much what his canon backstory talks about with him “feeling wrong in his new robot body” or whatever, which made him really irritable and anti social. Same goes for this au, so people who knew him before see him going from the guy he was in middle school to this irritable ball of anger and distrust and its a big chane tbh. It prevents genji from getting closer with anyone from the club bc he isolates himself a lot, but he sticks around for the living arangments
He doesnt have the means to afford or attend college and is in a shitty place mentally so he decides to take a gap year after highschool probably. This is probably when he meets Zenyatta, whose a senior from a different school during Genji’s gap year (a year younger than genji) Idk how they should meet? Maybe just, randomly at a park but then they keep bumping into each other and Genji hates it but Zenyatta thinks its fun. Maybe Zenyatta’s school is near Genji’s work so Zenyatta will visit Genji a lot and Genji is like Why Are You Here. Zenyatts gives some cute answer about thinking Genji isnt as happy as he could be and wants to help. Also in case u didnt know Zenyatta is nonbianary (they/them) so they could invite genji so some trans support event? And they hang out after the event and genji starts warming up and they become good friends throughout the rest of Zenyattas school year. (Genji always forgets Zenyattas still im highschool because of how mature they act) Their friendship makes Genjo way calmer and more acxepting of himself, so we see the transition from angry genji to at peace genji
And then zenyatta is like “im going to college, you should try applying to some schools to! So you arent stuck at this deadend job for the rest of your life”
Maybe he gets a scholarship? The kids been through a lot he deserves it, so he gets a scholarship and he and zenyatta end up attending the same school >:3c both freashmen and idk what their majors are its not that important
And i know this isnt really practical but what if all of the overwatch videogame club ends up going there?? And theyre excited to see genji because he seems so much happier, asks him if he’d rejoin the video game club if they started it at the college. (Basically this aus versiom of the recall)
He says yes, invites zenyatta, its a fun time
UNTIL it turns out hanzo also goes to the school and was invited to join the club by mcree (despite never being in the highschool one)
And shit gets tense
Genji and Zenyatta kiss at some point
Are you proud of me


-Other members who werent in the original overwatch group (in game) like the junkers or d.va are from different schools but joined the club regardless

-i think 76 and reaper should either be like way older (a couple grades) and in the club or club sponsers. Reinhardt would be a proffesor, same with hob goblin man

-this part of the au focus’ on genji but like it could be anyone with this same concept? Im thinking of doing a version for the junkers

-what if genji finds out hanzos a big gay and hanzo freaks out bc of internalized homophobia and the fear of being rejected by the family like genji was and thats what makes genji like “im here for you”. Because genji’s wasted so much time on hate he doesnt want that anymore (basically the same as in canon)

-hanzo is still screamimg though like hes convinced genji hates him and he hates himself and hanzos just having a rough time tbh

- i guess thats it im sorry for all of this maybe ill draw s/t for it later or make a reference sheet for everyones classes in relation to one another (ie how d.va and lucio are in the same class and tracer is a class above them)


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So what do you think would have to happen before Bakugou would be willing to accept (or god forbid offer) a hug from anyone?

An awful lot. I don’t think Bakugou really likes hugs enough to just accept them from anybody. Physical contact is something that is reserved for those closest to him and he’d probably only take hugs from his s/o.

But I think getting hugs from him is another story. He’s sparring but he knows when someone needs a hug. He can tell when someone is really, really upset and my god his hugs are the absolute best. Nothing makes a person feel better, and more blessed tbh, than a Bakugou hug.

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i feel like nothing Monolith Soft makes will ever surpass XC1 because literally how can you make a character better than Sharla

I’ll be honest they really didnt do Sharla justice she had her fair share of revealing outfits as well as melia and fiora plus she didnt end up a big part of the story but tbh the guys were super fanservicey too and?? Sharla still actually?? looks pretty??? as well as everyone else in the party the art style looked much more mature and appealing whereas XB2 is straight up not even trying

XB1 looked a bit anime, but it was a likable style. XBX looked Anime with those humongous nasty ass eyes but other than that it was OK?? XB2 just looks pure Animu™ where even if the girls are adult they still gonna look like they 10. Just…give it a different name already Monolith please.. Xenoblade Chronicles is not This..,,