tbh it seems to me this one has more similarities than the disney version

The Liars and their dresses (meaning behind them)

I haven´t been very active lately but now I´m back and I read some pll theories and I orginially wanted to write a theory but this turned out to be more of predictions and the liars past/future.

It all has to do with the dresses the liars wore in the season finale. As you already know each Dress is insipired by a fairytale queen/princess. I made some Research about the old fairytales not the Disney Version to see if there are some simliarties between the liars and the princesses. Little Note: This theory is just for fun and I only made it because I think some things are pretty interesting, some things don´t make any sense but you know us theorists we try to make everything fit. Also sorry for writing mistakes, english isn´t my first language.

Here we go:

Although Alison isn´t in the Picture you can clearly see that the dresses got inspired by fairytale princesses.
Spencer - The Little Mermaid:

The Little Mermaid, is a fairytale about a mermaid who is the youngest Family member and wants to see the world above the ocean. She falls in love with the human prince and gives up her life as a mermaid and turns into a human. Instead of a happily ever after, the prince falls in love with a human princess and they both marry. The mermaids sister tell her to kill the prince so she could turn into a mermaid again but she can´t and kills herself instead.

Similarities to Spencer: - Spencer is the youngest Hastings - Spencer always seems to want what she can´t have (her sisters boyfriends, overshadowing Melissa, getting her families approval) but in the end she still goes for it and gets what she wanted especially her sisters boyfriends aka Ian, Wren….I also thought about Toby, he is the opposite from Spencer and her Family and what they stand for but they still end up together, does that mean he is the prince? As we now know Spoby isn´t together anymore and I don´t see them being together at this Point, also Caleb and Hanna still have Feelings for each other making Spencer be alone once again. Poor Spencer.

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Hanna - Rapunzel:

To make this short, Rapunzel gets locked up in a Tower, saved by her prince and then marries him. There are different Versions on How this fairytale Ends but one of them is really interesting. Rapunzel gets pregnant and gives birth to twins.

Similarities to Hanna:

- fucked up Family (dad leaving her, crazy stepsister and mother etc)

- Caleb her “prince” finds her and sees more than the pretty Body, they both fall deeply in love together

- Biggest similarity for me is the whole twins Thing. We know that the twins are Jessica and Mary but you all know that Hanna and the twin theory for her was big. She was the only one to see the twins in Ravenswood and there were many more hints towards her but maybe this doesn´t mean that she Ends up having a twin (I thik that would be too many tgwins on the Show, Marlene wouldn´t do that) but maybe that Hanna will end up having twin babies., who knows?

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Emily - The Evil Queen:

The evil queen is the Antagonist from the fairy tale Snow White. We all know emily isn´t evil and is always the anchor in the Group. I still have some more theories about her. Maybe this means, that she will start to care more about herself, she was always loyal especially towards Alison, but through the Show we see her Standing up for herself, and what´s best for her (her sexuality)

A line I read from Wikipedia sounded very interesting to me: “No Suggestion, the queen´s Absorption in her Beauty ever gives her pleasure or that the desire for power through sexual attractiveness is itself a sexual Feeling.” I feel like Emily always Needs to be in some sort of a relationship and she has many throughout the seasons, which I don´t find good considering she can be strong on her own. Maybe this means she isn´t happy so that´s why she Needs someone to make her happy (girlfriend)

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Mona - Little Red Riding Hood:

A Girl who visits her grandma, her mother warns her to stay on the path, the wolf asks her where she goes and she tells him, he goes there eats her grandma, then later etas her but they are saved and safe and Sound, the wolf gets Stones put in his tummy.

Similarities to Mona:
although red riding Hood stays on the path Mona doesnt, this could mean her past being A and manipulating the liars

Both get in Trouble but the consequences are harmless, Mona gets discovered being A, she is put in Radley but doesn´tstay there for Long. Tbh she could have had it worse, put into prison etc but she got away lightly.

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Alison - Belle:
Belle has six siblings and her two older sisters are the complete opposite of her. They are selfish, vain and wicked. While Belle is Kind and pure of heart. Because of a deal her father made with the beast she goes to his Castle and lives with him, they both fall in love with each other.

- Could the two sister hint towao seem to be wicked and selfish?

Or the difference between Belle and her sisters is just Alisons Story from being sefish and bitchy to what she has become now.

- Belle ing to the beast could also mean that Alison flew from A or that Ali is in the Hands of a beast now (Elliott)

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Aria - Snow White

Snow White gets a new stepmother who is evil, she runs and meets seven dwarfs, in the end the evil queen wants to kill her but she survives it and then Snow White lets her Dance to her own death.

Similarities to Aria:

- Byron has an affair with Meredith who turns out to be crazy and evil

- the seven dwarfs may hint towards Arias many boyfriends

- Although in the fairytale it is the evil queen who is obsessed with mirrors , the fact that mirrors are a big Thing with Aria is a big coincidence

- Snow White is innocent but then lets her stepmother Dance to death, Aria Looks innocent too when you see her but she isn´t as innocent as it seems. She has Anger issues and killed someone.

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So I probably thought too much into this but this post was made for fun and not to take super seriously. I hope you liked it and maybe it has something to do with the caracters and maybe not.