tbh im really proud of myself

I kinda dont know why I bother posting any of my doodles I just end up deleting them half an hour later at the latest.


jamaica inn (2014) [1/?] 

koohiss replied to your post: tfw you want to ask people “tell me what progress…

I’ve seen you fight to get better and be more “okay” according not only to societys rules but also to self defined terms of success. And tbh, because when i started following you we were in the same place in life, so seeing you get a job, get a car, try to get along with family, take care of yourself, etc, really helped me keep going when i wasnt making progress on those things myself. So its a lot of really little things added up, but know youve grown a lot and im proud

Thank you, it was very kind of you to say that.

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Once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly, and send it to 10 of your favorite followers (non-negotiable). SPREAD POSITIVITY! ♡

i also got this from the awesome @jt-snow so i figured i should do it even though honestly is was super hard but here we go…

- i have nice hair
- im a pretty good friend tbh
- i really preserve with reading so much since i find it really hard
- im really good at my job
- and well im really proud of myself and how ive moved halfway round the world and im just being all independent and shit

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what do you think is the best way to respond if someone comes out to you? its not ever a problem for me, but i want to make sure that whatever i say gives the impression that i am an available support system and that im glad that they're happy with the part of themselves that theyve discovered

omg this is sooo sweet of you ily for it BUT i really dont know what the right answer is!! if i were to be the one to come out to u id like you to tell me that youre proud and happy that i was brave enough and that i love myself enough to take that step i guess? i would just want someone to tell me that they’re proud and happy for me bc being gay isnt easy tbh

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Giant candy for the ask me 😄

✿ Giant candy: What is one of your biggest accomplishments?

one of the coolest and most surreal things i’ve been able to do is about 10 years ago yea omg it was exactly 10 years bc it was in 2007 when it started i won a big singing competition and got to sing around a few big stadiums in the uk. the main one was about 25K people, then following from that between 5-8K venues over a few years. got to be on music tv, radio and have interviews. met a lot of artists/bands that were playing at the gigs too. 

that was a really amazing experience. got a fleeting taste of that kind of life. i’ll never forget how amazing it felt to perform to that many people tbh and i am proud of myself for working hard and doing that, though it feels worlds away!!!!  it’s something i keep tight-lipped and dont really mention bc i worry i sound like im bragging or something and it feels like another life lmao. 

thanks 8))) 


Was feeling really shitty about myself earlier so I threw on my new top for Lightning and my half styled wig (though for a 5 minute job im v proud of the bangs?? and the 6 inches i cut off the main length and its still super long and curly holy cow) but yes??? this wig makes me feel like i can take over the worl with an army of hot babes tbh 
maybe punch a 6ft blonde guy wearing a bandana in the face

who knows

tonight was my first Real Night as a waitress…. i emptied my mind of everything except fine dinning and breathing! 

anyway but ya, the restaurant i work at had an Event tonight, so they had a costume person come in and fit the whole wait staff in costumes, and then there was like a band playing & belly dancers & performers and it was super cool! I only messed up 2 times: once bc i put water in the wine glass, and once bc i bussed the wrong tables. I didnt drop anything tho, which was my biggest fear!!! my arms are THROBBING and my legs are THROBBING and my feet hurt so bad that i can only wobble around, but im SO PROUD OF MYSELF! my first real big girl waitressing job! I talked to ppl about wine and I poured wine and I smiled and asked how their meal was and i think i did a good job!

my coworkers are all really really nice and went out of their way all night to help me & ask how i was doing! tbh it’s probably the most welcome/supported ive ever felt when entering a new job! and we all got to sit in the girl’s bathroom and do each other’s makeup & it was honestly so fun and sweet and kinda funny

my life has been full of so many odd jobs and strange experiences… i usually don’t stay at a job for more than 6 months, as is life, but im glad to know that at least for this summer i have a job with nice ppl that i feel good about where ill probably make decent money

plus at the end of the night i got to take a whole dinner home & a slice of vegan chocolate cake which is funny bc the restaurant is a Nice Place so all the food costs more than i could ever spend on food and i was gonna go home and eat a $0.98 cup of ramen but instead i got Real Food that’s so cool!!!

me: happy as a clam, but so, so, so, so, SO exhausted. i am surprised by how out of shape i am. my poor tiny body is in… so much pain. no one told me this 1 fact about waiting tables: it replaces any need to ever go to the gym

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To be honest, from everyone who published a book, I genuinely believe that Dan and Phil are kinda the only ones who really put a lot of effort in it and actually care about our reaction. Like idk man.

i know!! like it’s pretty obvious that it means so much to them? so many youtubers have published books but they are all like “yeah buy my book it’s v cool thanks” but dan and phil are so fucking proud of it and it’s rly adorable tbh?? im a writer myself and the thought of having my own published book fills me with so much joy i can only imagine what it feels like to actually hold a physical copy of smth you’ve put so much effort and love into,,, im so emo tbh


normally I’d put this on a more personal blog but tbh I’m so damn proud of myself. ive been working out as often as possible and ive improved so much both physically and mentally.
im pretty much 150 pounds of pure happiness right now 💪😊