tbh im really proud of myself

WE’RE IN THIS TOGETHER. songs for the healer and the soldier.

a kane & abby fanmix in five parts. 

listen here

1. Moondust - Jaymes Young / Eyes on Fire - Blue Foundation / 9 Crimes - Damien Rice / Salvation - Gabrielle Aplin

2. Mess is Mine - Vance Joy / I Found - Amber Run / Poison & Wine - The Civil Wars / King and Lionheart - Of Monsters and Men / Let it All Go - Birdy / Your Soul - RHODES / All Comes Down - Kodaline

3. Wait - Get Set Go / Oceans - Seafret / Girl That I Love - Falls / Hope in Front of Me - Danny Gokey / We Remain - Christina Aguilera / Where’s My Love - Syml / Killing Me to Love You - Vancouver Sleep Clinic / Glass Heart Hymn - Paper Route / The Cave - Mumford and Sons

4. Turning Page - Sleeping at Last / Hunger - Ross Copperman / She Burns - Foy Vance / Take Me to Church - Hozier / Saturn - Sleeping at Last / Set the Fire to the Third Bar - Snow Patrol / I Need My Girl - The National / Safe & Sound - Taylor Swift & The Civil Wars / Never Let Me Go - Florence and the Machine  / Last Day of Your Life  - Glass Pear / Through the Eyes of a Child - AURORA

5. I Won’t Let You Go - James Morrison / Somewhere Only We Know - Keane / Arctic - Sleeping at Last


jamaica inn (2014) [1/?] 

i just want everyone to know that im having a really healthy night! i got most of my work for class done then came home and meal prepped healthy lunches for the week and now im really making progress on my screenplay :D im proud of myself tbh because this afternoon i was insanely depressed and crying in my painting class so this is an improvement lmaoooo

feeling really inspired rn tbh my short story might just be finished in time for my thesis tbh

Headcanons for X6-88

Woo, first post! I don’t have any followers yet but to get them I need to post! X6-88 is also not really ever shown in reactions so my first post will be to him!! Cheers!!

• He starts feeling insecure about his synth identity after hearing what people in the Commonwealth think of synths (especially around Danse)
• He really likes the junk food in the Commonwealth, especially Fancy Lad Snack Cakes
• Gets along with Cait and MacCready the most
• Nonchalantly flirts with Sole but will stop if they appear uncomfortable
• Cait has beaten him in an arm wrestling match and he’s not ashamed
• After spending a fair amount of time with Sole, he realizes he enjoys Sole’s company more than Father’s
• At first he rejects the Commonwealth and calls it dirty, but after a while he starts to like it

maria-kart  asked:



I haven’t animated in a long while and had some free time on my hands tonight

So Please enjoy this short, really rough animation of my OC Andy and his scooter! (I might clean and color this one all up later on tbh.) 

i havent had a super bad full on crying panic attack (the kind i used to have when my depression was at my lowest, it used to happen almost every day) since the beginning of my senior year (September 2016) and tbh? im really proud of myself


Was feeling really shitty about myself earlier so I threw on my new top for Lightning and my half styled wig (though for a 5 minute job im v proud of the bangs?? and the 6 inches i cut off the main length and its still super long and curly holy cow) but yes??? this wig makes me feel like i can take over the worl with an army of hot babes tbh 
maybe punch a 6ft blonde guy wearing a bandana in the face

who knows

fykai, more like fuck you.

I’ve really been contemplating about adding my opinion about this whole fykai issue, but I really feel the need to express myself.

Firstly, to that admin/mod that shamelessly bashed both Kai and the asian exo -l’s who were at the LA  concert, please take a good look at the mirror before judging anyone at all. I find it extremely disturbing how an update blog about Kai has admins that actually insult him ( his skintone, his eyes ) etc. What the fuck? Absolutely ironic if you ask me.

As a Chanyeol stan myself, I’ve witnessed multiple accounts of Yeol getting into deep shit bc of what he said about Kai’s skin colour or anything about being dark in general. Im not stereotyping anybody, but weren’t all of you quick to put Yeol down bc of what he said? And now look what’s happening.Please get this right though, I am not in anyway supporting/condoning or backing Chanyeol up , in fact I was pretty disgusted myself. But he learnt, at least. Everyone is quick to judge/bash/criticise idols whenever they make any comments that are rude/discriminative, but it looks like we have a greater problem amongst the fandom itself isnt it? Im sure we all know how sensitive Kai is about his skin colour. He IS trying to embrace it, but by all these nasty comments you obv arent letting him do so. Give him a break!  In fact, he goes along saying that his ideal type is someone who has a dark skin tone. Really? Does he deserve this??? Even if he is a victim of nasty comments about his skin tone, he made sure that his dark skinned fans will never feel the same. So how could you ? Im glad that admin/mod decided to move on from being a Kai fan, bc tbh he dosent need a fan like you, oh and please, jfc I think Sehun wouldnt want someone who insults his close brother as well, so you can fuck right off. 

Regarding the fellow exo-ls that she insulted, body shamed, how dare you. Im an asian myself and Im proud of it. Whats wrong with being short? Whats wrong with being on the chubbier side? If they have no problem with it, who are you to judge? We all come together as one regardless as fans of exo, noone gives a fuck shit about how tall and skinny and glamorous you look standing in that god damn pit. Stop racism, stop body shaming. Everyone is beautiful in their own way regardless. I hope we can get this message through.

I’ve said my fill, Im sure that there are many other kai update blogs out there whom yall can follow, who provide you with un-white washed updates of our nini.  please unfollow @fykai. She dosent deserve her followers, She dosent deserve to be in this fandom at all. If you are so judgemental and disgusted about Asians, mind you, the day you created this blog, you were creating a blog dedicated to a south korean ASIAN BOY GROUP, with an ASIAN member KIM JONGIN. What were you thinking? Get your brain checked, please.

Lastly, spread the Kim Kai love everyone, show him how much we love and embrace him regardless, and that he is perfect in every way. Same goes for the fellow Exo-L’s she insulted, Your’e beautiful, never forget that.