tbh im really proud of myself

tbh i know i say this all the time in a gaggy way but i really am in a great place and had the best time of my life in japan and learned so much about myself!! i cant remember the last time i had this much self-love and confidence and was making such mature choices!! but still also being the fun bitch i am!!

i hate how writing both makes me incredibly happy and is the cause for most of my self-loathing. i hate the fact that i’m never as comfortable with myself as when i write something i’m really proud of, that i choose writing as my coping mechanism for the problems in my life, but i also desperately need others’ validation of it. i hate that i feel worthless and stupid when people dont immediately flock to praise my writing (as if i didnt know that i dont deserve it). i hate that it makes me not want to write or share it with others, despite the fact that it brightens up my day. i just. i hate that art is something so subjective that my opinion of myself varies so drastically and i never feel satisfied.

You're My Best Friend (A Cappella Cover)
  • You're My Best Friend (A Cappella Cover)
  • Riccasze

Your Best Friend from the Red vs Blue Revelation Soundtrack, originally by..Caboose? I guess ?? Pfft

The ending of Episode 3 of Season 13 really kicked me in the Church/Caboose section of my heart, and this song became the soundtrack of my woes p much lmao

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normally I’d put this on a more personal blog but tbh I’m so damn proud of myself. ive been working out as often as possible and ive improved so much both physically and mentally.
im pretty much 150 pounds of pure happiness right now 💪😊