tbh im not even surprised but

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Let me just say i love your blog and i respect u a lot for standing up for jumin but also not being too biased and actively acknowledging his god and bad traits. I came here to say that the kabedon trope is sooo common in shoujo mangas and is often romanticized (and its not romantic tbh) so im honestly not surprised about that CG of jumin kabedon-ing MC ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. like he even admits it was wrong 2 seconds later??

Thank you for saying so 💕 Though really, I’m not that great of a person, just a salty girl getting tired of all the ignorance/hate and wants to always have a say in matters lolol

Yeah, I mean I can see the appeal of kabe-don in fiction, especially if it’s done between two people who are in love with each other and the action is drawn/described to be a lighter gesture (?) Though it’s not specifically a ‘romantic’ thing and if it happened in real life I’d probably get really nervous, but yeah, it’s so common in fiction. Compared to the more forceful ones (the one about grabbing wrists and stuff), Jumin’s CG is not even that shocking, and the action is drawn to be a smoother gesture (?)

17 up in the club

Joshua: Always the designated driver because he isn’t about that life

Hoshi: The wild raver who doesn’t even need alcohol in his system to do stupid things tbh. But also the type to blame all his shennanignas on the alcohol.

Woozi: Surprising heavy weight drinker. Will drink anyone under a table. Only came because he was forced to and spends most of his time doing bar games. Talks so loudly that the bodyguard threatens to kick him out.

Wonwoo: Dances sexily without really meaning to

Jeonghan: Constantly getting hit on by both genders. Bright side, free drinks.

Seungcheol: Runs around the club trying to keep every one in line while trying to scare off any potential suitor for Jeonghan. Really regretting not staying at home.

Mingyu: Not even fifteen minutes in and he’s already drunk. Giggles stupidly at everything and constantly trips over his own two feet.

Minghao: Walks in, walks back out

Jun: Came out to have a good time but he’s honestly feeling so attacked right now.

Dokyum: Constantly confused for some famous movie star. The type of person to record all the stupid things his friends are doing for black mail.

Seungkwan: Leads the whole club into singing YMCA

Dino: back at the dorm playing games cus’ he aint old enough

Vernon: Wondering where he can get a fake ID at

Thank you guys so much. 450+ followers wow! Im still surprised that I got 50+ followers tbh lol. Again I appreciate every single one of u guys here. Not just for following me, but also even taking the time to message me about anything! Brightens up my day. :) thank you all for being awesome!

Again if I miss anybody I apologize:
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// lmao there’s really no point because it’s almost over but im being Bad™ & sneaking out to go to this halloween party B)  will be back probably pretty soon lmao it’s not far + it’s ALMOST OVER LIKE I SAID LMAO !! i just wanted to sneak out tbh & dress up cute also it’s MUNDAY !!

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I was tagged by @ariirin​ and @thetinycatbug​! Thank you for tagging me!! im kinda late but im always late so…

  • Tokyo Ghoul/Tokyo Ghoul:Re: Touken (Kirishima Touka/Kaneki Ken)
  • Haikyuu!!: Kagehina (Kageyama Tobio/Hinata Shouyo)
  • Miraculous Ladybug: The love square (Adrien Agreste/Marinette Dupain-Cheng/Chat Noir/Ladybug)
  • Voltron Legendary Defender: Klance (Keith/Lance)
  • Akatsuki no Yona: Hakyona (Son Hak/Yona)

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Wildclaw Headcanon

So I wouldn’t be too surprised if something like this has already been done, but I figured I’d throw it out there anyways.

What if Wildclaws’ horns grew like tree branches would? They would start out small and stumpy, but would extend and branch out over the years. Maybe they would even have the twisted, gnarled texture that many old trees have? A Wildclaw’s age could be told simply by the complexity of their horns, although some dragons may trim their horns down, either for appearance or to keep them from getting tangled up.

As a bonus, imagine how being in different flights may effect how the horns look. A Wildclaw from Plague flight may have horns that seep toxins/bacteria instead of sap, or one from Fire flight could have horns that looked charred and burnt, pitch black with bright orange cracks running through them and a flaky texture.

This is about all I have for now, but feel free to add on other ideas! I’d love to hear what people think of this.

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Y'all are making me so happy rn you cuties loving on each other

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tbh im surprised you have friends, well just emo friends anyway your not even that pretty and im not the only one who thinks that lmao dont know why people are asking you to do ass dps when you have no ass i think you just made up an account and asked them yourself lol dont take it to the heart take it to the brain xoxo

Wow pathetic, you’re the one who makes fake accounts😹
As if i would take that to heart anyway xx

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tbh I'm getting really tired of ml spoilers. These aren't even sneak peaks anymore they're just telling us the season :/

Yeah, I mean. Im pretty sure Astruc was preparing everything to be a big surprise and with all the new spoilers… I’m…


I dont mind spoilers tbh, but that’s just me. I’m sure there’s a lot of people that didnt want to get spoilered and were wishing to be surprised with the show itself. There’s no…joy anymore about knowing everything.

I understand about Winny posting spoilers about the balcony scene cause that was/is still very ambigous but these leaks are telling just everything. It’s like a very bad trailer.

I will still post the spoilers tho, cause I dig the designs, but with the proper tag tho. But yeah…it doesnt feel like a surprise anymore.

im literally not even fucking surprised at dc anymore yep selina has killed over 200 people this is just the kinda bullshit theyd pull like they literally just swapped harley and selina’s roles like all of a sudden harley is the big anti hero and selina is a mass murderer okay dc you can eat shit tbh 

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Does ur mom know ur bi

honestly sometimes i think she might know even though i havent said anything like….there have been so many clues throughout  my entire life lmfao but i think it’s just like unspoken between us. 

tbh i dont even think like any of my friends know because i havent said anything. no one has asked. i havent told. it’s no one’s business lol i think everyone just assumes im straight. doesnt matter. im that friend that like, appears places but isnt like significant lol so what goes on with me or who i am in detail isnt really important but im sure if they or my mom knew of any of my *cough* experiences, they wouldnt be surprised.