tbh i'm so jealous


I remember when I first started watching thrones and I fell flat for robb and honestly nothing has changed I still love him and I especially love that he’s alive and healthy and alive

have you ever had one of those situations where you’re attracted to a person and they’re attracted to you and you both know it but you’re both so awkward that it still takes a bit of alcohol for stuff to happen

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I'm surprised so many people think Tyrion is jealous tbh. I can't be the only one that noticed every time Tyrion tried to advise Dany on something she didn't listen, asked Jon his opinion, he said basically the same thing and she listened. Her line about the Lannisters being his family was never really touched on and it wasn't brought up for nothing. I suspect that will come up again and knowing Tyrion he will try to save himself before he (wrongly) thinks she's going to betray him.

I need the show to stop tearing Dany and Tyrion apart. I love their dynamic-it’s so different from anything that we’ve seen in the show before and she needs Tyrion to be her voice of reason and control their worst impulses, as he told Cersei. 

That being said…I don’t know whether I’m more frustrated with their characterization of Dany or Tyrion or both. Because personally? I don’t really see what Dany has done that’s so awful. I understand Tyrion’s familial loyalties and obviously I don’t want all a million people in King’s Landing to die, but he has to realize that this is war and there’s going to have to be violence-Cersei won’t just give up easily. And I really didn’t have a problem with her burning the Tarlys; she did give them a choice but she stuck to her word. I mean, I’m a probable self proclaimed Daenerys stan but I think Tyrion is being too harsh on her and she’s also not listening to him. And I don’t know why she isn’t listening to him. I understand that she’s frustrated but she also trusts Tyrion as her advisor. But then again I don’t really know why Tyrion came up with half of the plans he did this season. I can only assume that it was meant to even the odds for Cersei and keep the tension rising because in no way do I believe that Tyrion was outsmarted that many ways. 

*cough* manufactured conflict (?) *cough*  

But of course, he’s also upset about this whole Jonerys thing. I’d like to think that Tyrion ships it but he realizes that it could be dangerous for both of them (hence why he’s looking so upset during boatsex). And Dany did go north to save Jon and lost one of her dragons in the process so his concerns have merit. 

Tyrion’s a Lannister; he doesn’t want to see his family torn apart but he knows he can’t let Cersei stay in power. I can’t see him betraying Dany for his family. In fact, the only way I can see him betraying Dany is if he believes that it would save her life. 

But then again, I just love their PLATONIC friendship and I don’t want to see it ruined. Hopefully they can keep it together because I’m counting on Tyrion being Hand to Jon and Dany when they eventually take the Iron Throne. 


Mob City meme » ten outfits - [6/10] - Ned’s blue suit + “loud” tie

“I know you’re in here.”


“‘Cause your tie is so loud.”

i had a dream that bucky went to my high school and he was kicked out of the national honor society because they were like “well we can’t prove he didn’t mean to kill all those people” and i was like :O i know he didn’t!!!!!!!!! and he’s like it’s fine :( and i’m like it’s not fine!!!! now all the other honor societies are gonna do the same thing?? this is outrageous!!! #teambucky!! so all these people got on our side and it was beautiful. i don’t remember how it ended but he had a braid in his hair like thor does and that’s really all that matters