tbh i'm so jealous

the signs as kpop boy bands
  • Aries: EXO
  • Taurus: B1A4
  • Gemini: Infinite
  • Cancer: Teen Top
  • Leo: Big Bang
  • Virgo: U-Kiss
  • Libra: Uniq
  • Scorpio: SUPER JUNIOR
  • Sagittarius: BTS
  • Capricorn: TVXQ!
  • Aquarius: B.A.P.
  • Pisces: NU'EST

have you ever had one of those situations where you’re attracted to a person and they’re attracted to you and you both know it but you’re both so awkward that it still takes a bit of alcohol for stuff to happen

  • Jack: WAKE ME UP
  • Maurice: Wake me up inside!
  • Jack: I CAN'T WAKE UP
  • Maurice: Wake me up inside!
  • Roger: *sigh* Save me...

Mob City meme » ten outfits - [6/10] - Ned’s blue suit + “loud” tie

“I know you’re in here.”


“‘Cause your tie is so loud.”

i had a dream that bucky went to my high school and he was kicked out of the national honor society because they were like “well we can’t prove he didn’t mean to kill all those people” and i was like :O i know he didn’t!!!!!!!!! and he’s like it’s fine :( and i’m like it’s not fine!!!! now all the other honor societies are gonna do the same thing?? this is outrageous!!! #teambucky!! so all these people got on our side and it was beautiful. i don’t remember how it ended but he had a braid in his hair like thor does and that’s really all that matters

Hey, it’s Eli! So happy that now you can submit on mobile, it’s much easier for me to do tst! Anyway I’ve been having ups and downs lately but I’m in a partial hospital program so I’m safer and more stable. Here’s me getting some flowers with my mom the other day- I’m gonna go back and get a little succulent for my windowsill! Hope everyone has a good week, shine on my trans siblings! ❤️

anonymous asked:

How do you just not give a shit what people think about you? You always seem so fucking free and I'm so jealous tbh

Because I don’t get my sense of self from a comment on YouTube, or a person I date, or a friend, or a review of my shit. I already know I’m badass, so why would someone else’s thoughts about me affect me? They don’t define me, I do!