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Getting There

When it comes to his feelings for Midorima, Kazunari is way past the point of denying anything, but apparently accepting your feelings does not automatically allow one to receive the mystical wisdom of whatever the FUCK you’re supposed to do next.

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~4k, MidoTaka  [read on ao3]

It happens so fast that he’s still thinking “oh shit, I’m about to eat it” after he’s already facedown on the ground.  The cement is rough under his hands and surprise has stolen the air from his lungs, but Midorima’s laugh is a new one – one Kazunari has never had the chance to hear before – and suddenly it’s the most important thing in the world that he be allowed to see it happening.  He peels himself off the sidewalk ungracefully, wobbling a little as he gets up as far as his knees, and turns to the side as much as he can without actually standing.

Midorima has one hand over his mouth and is curled into himself slightly, trying to stifle the laughter that sounds like it’s been pulled uncontrollably from his chest.

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