tbh i think this quote is one of the most important parts of the article

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I really loved your well thought reply to the previous anons. I really hate when random ppl tell others that theyre "overreacting". I think this attitude is self-centered and insensitive. When ppl discuss something that actually didnt shock me, i either try to understand or i move on and mind my own business but i dont guilt trip them by saying theyre overreacting. I love BTS but theyve said some ugly stuff and ppl have the right to react and discuss about it.

thank you! and i agree with you, it’s important to think about these things critically

@that anon that was wondering about bts being problematic, bebitojoonie made a post about namjoon (since he’s the one who tends to get the most backlash it probably contains what they were looking for) it’s worth a read and she doesn’t play down the issues with his or the other members mistakes only gives examples of them growing from them /post /161878380803/ problematic-namjoon

here, i find the article still a tiny bit biased, but for the most part it’s good. tbh i’m always mad when people use namjoon as the example of a “problematic” idol, when in my eyes he is the best example of someone who does their best to learn from their mistakes, he always learns and grows from it and then actively tries to do well and be a positive influence, that is the least problematic thing in the world in my eyes :/


“Further than a mistake, it was a wrong.”

“I was really wrong then“

“I want to be an artist that has good influence. I hope my music would help others. So, I decided to go in a better way. My goal for 2017 is to be mature in many ways, including my way of thinking. “

“My words or behaviors, regardless of my intentions, could cause troubles or hurt others feelings. In the process, I thought I need to hold responsibility for that and I need to think about such things. What I said or did would not be undone. “

“Anyways, to become a better person, I need to hold responsibility for what I do.“

“Everything is my fault.“

“I apologize to the people who pointed this out and to individuals who were hurt. I am sorry and thankful for the fans who are always supportive, despite my shortcomings. I would like to apologize once again to everyone I have caused trouble for. “

and one of my fav quotes:

“I don’t think I’m always right, or that I’m the one who can explain everything. I’m just a man who wants to be better and make better things. That’s it.“

like he listens to people’s criticism and he wants to do better, that’s why it’s not a good thing to go around screaming that people are overreacting when something happens and trying to coddle and hide the controversy, if a wrong has been done, well then it has to be known to them so they can correct it, and the fact that namjoon is the way he is when it comes to his fuck ups is actually what makes me like him even more, he’s the kind of guy that will go and read a book on feminism after being accused of misogyny, like.. what else do you want

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What are your favourite things about Tom Hardy?

  • His humanity.
  • Seriously, he’s got one of the biggest hearts I’ve seen from an individual, celebrity or not.
  • His diligence. His work ethic. That man delivers what he says he’s going to deliver and gives every bit of himself to the roles he takes on, and you can see it clear as day through his acting.
  • His humility? I mean…not only does Tom not have an ego about himself or acting, but he completely gives credit where it’s due to those who are owed recognition just as well as himself. Have you seen the video of him accepting the award for Best Actor for Locke from the LA Film Critics Association? Like the guy fucking apologizes for taking too much screentime for an 85 minute film that relies ENTIRELY on Tom Hardy’s performance. And what does he do? He stresses the film crew and Steven Knight’s role in making the film happen and completely downplays his part in it. I mean, a large part of why I really love Tom is that he will give recognition to people beyond himself, who deserve it. Take a look at how Tom insisted on taking Jacob Tomuri, his stunt double with him for press junket interviews for Mad Max and insisting on him getting recognized? I really don’t see many actors do this, who really fight for the people behind-the-scenes, or people who don’t get as much recognition and give them a shoutout as to their success, any success, because Tom realizes he’s a cog in a machine. He’s part of a greater whole and that a film consists of many moving parts and many people slaving themselves day after day to make a film happen, and rarely do those people get recognition and Tom gives it. And I absolutely love him for it. Like truly, I fucking love him.
  • His support, love, and absolute respect for women. I’m not going to sit here and praise Tom for rising to the defense of women in light of the Mad Max film because that’s what anyone should do and goes without saying, but nonetheless I appreciate that again, he gives recognition where it’s due. He doesn’t deny the women in his life their agency or importance, and their significance in shaping who he is today or getting him to where he’s at, and I feel like it’s rare I see any man, celebrity or not, fucking acknowledge what their mothers, sisters, daughters, cousins, girlfriends, wives do, and that’s a damn shame. 
  • Lets also talk about all the numerous animals he finds on set and while working and nurses them back to full health or finds them a home or a means of getting adopted? I mean. There was the incident with him finding a cat, CJ, there are numerous times he’s found dogs and found homes for them or housed dogs himself while filming, and honestly…someone who absolutely cannot leave an animal alone, stray or not, until they find them a secure place to live is telling of the sort of person they are. Also all the causes he supports! I have admiration for his commitment to organizations like Help for Heroes, even though I (personally) take issue with the zealous support of military/police force but, you know. 
  • His honesty. I mean, have you seen the fucking quotes? No? You’re in for a wild ride. Every interview with Tom Hardy both in-person and in an article are absolutely fucking glorious. He’s not only a very, very, intelligent person, but he says the most ludicrous and hilarious things that somehow end up making sense? My personal favorite interviews recently are his Details Interview, Esquire Interview UK & US, his GQ interview, Tom’s interview with Vulture and being a huge fan of dogs, and Tom Hardy Life Lessons for Men’s Health, are some of my favorites just to name a few.
  • His ridiculousness. I mean, have you not seen Tom’s old myspace photos? Allow me to introduce you to the strangest motherfucker on the planet. And even though he no longer has a myspace, his ridiculousness lives on whenever Leila Shirazi gifts Tom with free things. I mean…I’m in love?
  • Tom’s brief love affair with social media. Listen, the week he had a twitter and facebook account was the week I tried not to combust. That week was a roller coaster from start to finish, and since I had subscribed to Tom’s twitter updates I had “fkn Legend” texted to my phone at a rate of 20 fucking tweets in five minutes. It was the best kind of experience tbh. Never forget.
  • Tom’s constant praise of others. I mean it. Like every time there’s been a rumor about Tom getting into a fight with a costar or a colleague, or some rumor of Tom not getting along or being difficult, he gets interviewed and he has nothing but kind, sincere things to say. He’s honest, but Tom being labeled as somebody who gives people a hard time is, I think, all about perspective and context. Ultimately I think Tom has nothing but respect for those he works with and those who have gotten him to where he is today.
  • And lastly? Tom’s response to my reddit AMA question I asked him in April 2014. One of my most favorite things is not only the fact I got a response, but that I asked someone I look up to greatly a question and I got a response better than I could have EVER asked for, and I will never forget it and never stop reading it for days I don’t feel like I’m good enough.

I love Tom. He’s human, he’s sweet, he’s goofy and a giant dork, he’s soft, he loves people, he gives and he gives and he gives, and I am just truly like…I’m truly a fan of how sincerely good of a person he is. I really do not care about celebrities, or care about many people, really, on this level of infatuation. But Tom? He’s really won my heart.

I absolutely adore the man that is Tom Hardy and everything he is. 

He’s one of the good ones.

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Im horrible at writing essays and i know this will take a huge part of college life. Any tips?

My high school has a pretty useful timeline for research papers:

  1. Topic
  2. Thesis statement
  3. Bibliography cards
  4. Note cards
  5. Outline
  6. Rough draft
  7. Final paper

You can adapt this to however you want, depending on what you’re writing. If it’s a quick essay, you don’t have to do bib cards or note cards (unless you really, really want to), but for term papers I would recommend doing all of it. The important thing to do is keep a schedule of everything so that you’re not pulling an all-nighter to finish it.

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