tbh i think she's drunk lol

rivenmoiety  asked:

100 OC asks: 8, 17, 18. Would you mind if I asked an "unofficial" one? Has Melinda ever met Thranduil? How did/would she react to him?

8. What’s the weirdest thing they’ve ever eaten?

I don’t think she’s ever eaten anything weird, tbh. Though that’s an interesting thing to muse over..

17. What are they like when they’re drunk?

Being a maia, it would take a lot to get her drunk (like elves, I guess, ‘member Leggy? LOL), but when she IS drunk, she gets real flirty and says stupid nonsensical stuff.

18. What kind of music do they enjoy?

R&B mostly from modern world, but she digs some music from ME :3 like harp music.

I don’t mind at all! :)

Yes, she’s met Thranduil before; actually I pair them up together sometimes (so an alternative pairing). She thinks he’s a little smug sometimes, but respects him as the King of Mirkwood. Still, that doesn’t stop her bold big mouth from making unnecessary commentaries and teasing him :D he gets used to her after a while though, mainly because she’s a maia (so the same kind of tolerance he has for Gandalf for being maia/istari) and friends with Legolas who’s more tolerant of her personality. 

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