tbh i think my lyric is better


“It’s about a prostitute, but not in a misogynistic or glamorising way. I was, like, 19, and I met this woman who I didn’t actually have sex with, but she was a prostitute. It was my obsession with the utilisation of femininity, and how it has power over everything. Over intellect, over anything that a man holds dear to himself. I think that that song is an ode to how I was very impressed with her as a young man.”

Matty talking about the intent behind ‘Woman’ (x)

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hey this is random but for some reason the song Kings and Queens by 30 seconds to mars always makes me think of kuroken. but like specifically kuroo as the singer. not necessarily like he means what the lyrics are saying i just think of him up on a stage singing the song. anyway i’m in class rn but i wanted to share, hope you have a good day and weekend and feel better soon 😚😚

band au kuroken is one of my weakness tbh

i love the idea of kuroo being this idol celebrity that kenma is secretly in love with but he’d never in a million years admit to it, but then he and a friend win tickets to see them in concert and there’s a meet and greet afterwards and kenma goes with his friend to get stuff signed and as soon as kuroo sees kenma he’s, like, captivated by him and kenma is embarrassed but likes the attention from his favorite idol and kuroo slips him his number …

and of course there’s potential for angst considering the love ban and crazy fans but … kuroo would want to get to know kenma and kenma would be inwardly freaking out but outwardly be cool and casual and kuroo thinks that’s refreshing cuz so many of his fans are crazy, ahaha

le siiiiigh

i do feel a little better after imagining this ;;; thank you <3

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what are your favorite(s), most beautiful of annie's lyrics?

Oh My God (all of it TBH)

I don’t think the past is better
Just ‘cause it’s cased in glass
Protecting us from our now and later
(Teenage Talk)

Holed up at the Motel Ritz
With a televangelist
At the bottom of a swimming pool
With all the water out of it
(Laughing with a Mouth of Blood)

You’re like a party I heard through a wall
And I’m always watching you through a keyhole

I wish I had a gentle mind
And a spine made up of iron
Mouth connects to the teeth
And teeth to the loves and the curses

And I do my best impression of weightlessness, now too
And I might be wrong, I might be wrong, I might be wrong
But honey I believed I could

Float away
I’m just the same
But brand new to you
(Just the Same but Brand New)

But honey, don’t mistake my affection

For another spit-and-penny style redemption
Cause we’re all sons of someone’s
(Prince Johnny)

You’re all legs

I’m all nerves

Black lacquered

Horse hair whip

By your heels

Heal my hurt

Horse hair whip

Be your floor
(Chloe in the Afternoon)

Can I make a pet of you?

Dress you up for all the girls

Will I keep you begging now?

Or touch you with my gentle words?

Must have been a case

Of hysterical strength

To stand up while the room moved off its axis
(Hysterical Strength)

Morning, pry the windows open

Let in what’s so terrifying

Summer is as faded as a lone cicada call

Memories so bright I gotta squint just to recall

Regret the words I’ve bitten more
the ones I ever said

Wake up puddle-eyed

Sleeping in a suit

The truth is ugly well, I feel ugly too

We’ll be heroes

On every bar stool when

Seeing double beats not seeing one of you
(Severed Crossed Fingers)

My pockets hang out like two surrender flags

But I’d pay anything to keep my conscience clean
(The Party)

One, two, three floor apartment street-side

Bodies like wrecking balls fuck, fuck with dynamite
(The Sequel)

I feel as guilty as Jiminy

And like a piggy-headed Yankee

But I did not see this wave coming

In time to wake you up

In time, in time to warn you of

In time, in time to pull you from it
(This Wave)

Italian shoes

Like these rubes know the difference

Suitcase of cash

In the back of my stick shift

I had to be the best of the bourgeoisie

Now my kingdom for a cup of coffee
(Year of the Tiger)

hi taylor! ive never fully written you a note thingy on here but im going to now :) my name is Raya (pronounced ray uh like a ray of sunshine!) and im 15 but ill be turning 16 on july 31 (backwards 13!!1!1) when i was in fourth/ fifth grade i would go to camp during the summer. i remember one of those years i would sit and listen to teardrops on my guitar and watch the you belong with me music video on repeat. i had a babysitter who would always play the speak now album in her car, thus beginning this obsession and love for you. on july 20, 2013 i saw you live for the first time. it was a dream come true and for that weekend i forgot everything that was going on. you have been and still are one of the biggest influences in my life and im so so glad that you’re in my life. as cliche as it may seem you’ve taught me to be fearless. you’ve inspired me to strive for my goals no matter how far out of reach they may be. i want to be surgeon and you’re the one that’s inspired me to keep working towards that goal even if it’ll take a while. your confidence makes me want to be confident and your kindness and your generosity make me want to become a better person. you make me so so happy i can’t even begin to explain. whenever im upset or something’s not right or im just having a bad day, you’re the first thing that i turn to. your music and your lyrics comfort me and they make me feel like im not alone. when i finally meet you i want to have you write lyrics so that i can get them tattooed (that’s one of my biggest goals tbh) even if you think it’s weird, watching your interviews and videos of you make me feel so much better too and you’re honestly the reason for the smile on my face. ive gone through some rough things in the past and your music and you are the reasons why i didn’t do things that i would regret and you are the sole reason why i am where i am today and why im the person that i am today. i don’t think that i could’ve made it through freshmen year without you and i most definitely could not have survived this year (sophomore) without you either. ive also made the bestest friends in the world through your music and those relationships are some of the best i have so thank you for indirectly introducing me to so many people that make me so happy. your big heart and your selflessness and everything that you do for us makes me ecstatic. this is getting long now ahah so I’ll save it for the letter that’ll get to you eventually. i just have to meet you and when i do im going to attack you and give you the biggest hug. thank you times a million for making my life better and making me happier.
PS ill see you june 13 (section 225 row 9) and july 11 (floor 2 row 8) !!!!