tbh i think he's exactly what carrie would need in the long run

Got7 trying *but kinda failing* at Valentine's Day

Group(s) & Members(s): Got7

Genre: fluff 

Warnings: none

A/N: Surprise I’m finally here with something! sorry i’ve been gone, life is crazy yall. The order in which they appear are Jackson, Mark, Youngjae, Jinyoung, Jaebum, Yugyeom & Bambam. please ignore any typos or errors im too lazy to edit this rn i’ll get around to it eventually. 


Jackson is THE MOST about Valentines. He’s all about the ~romance~ and all about getting alllll the cliche gifts like chocolates and roses, despite you telling him that you didn’t really care about those sorts of things. You walk into your apartment to find the biggest teddy bear you’ve ever seen and you know Jackson is behind it when you hear his suppressed giggles. “Isn’t this great Y/N!” and tbh he seems more excited about it than you are so you get the feeling that he mainly bought it for himself. After dinner he takes your hand and leads you to the bedroom, stopping only to tell you to cover your eyes. “Wait right here while I go get your present” and you feel like you’re waiting forever and after the 5 minute mark you get worried so you call out to him. He doesn’t respond and instead all you hear are some suppressed grunts. Finally you give in and head to where the noise was coming from. You burst into immediate laughter when you find him, shirtless with his arms tangled up in black and red lace. His eyes go wide when he sees you, “GIRLS ALWAYS GET TO WEAR LINGERIE SO I THOUGHT I WOULD TRY IT TO BE SEXY FOR YOU BUT I’M STUCK”. After laughing for a good 10 minutes at him you finally grab some scissors and free him. 

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So, I had planned to write Captain Charming post that  ep… but instead it’s mostly Killian/Snow  interaction.  I don’t even know.

              He’s pacing outside the loft when Snow opens the door.

              It startles him for a moment, seeing her rather than Dave.  He knows the two have been trading out, of course, but he’s spent so much time with her husband, that seeing Snow leaves him unsure for a moment.

              He hadn’t known what he would say to Dave, those bloody pages burning a hole in his pocket, so now that he’s faced with the man’s wife instead, he’s left utterly speechless.

              Snow looks at him for a long moment with those eyes so like Emma’s.  Her purse is draped over her arm, but after a moment of looking at him, she sets it aside and opens her door wider.

              “Come in, Killian.”

              “I…” Killian scratches his ear, not knowing what to do.  “You were leaving.  I don’t wish to keep you.”

              “It’s not important. Come in, Killian.”

              He obeys the order the second time it’s given, and perches on a chair at the counter, watching Snow as she moves around the kitchen. It takes her just minutes to put together some tea, and then she joins him at the counter, placing large mugs in front of them both.

              “You’re troubled,” Snow remarks, and it surprises Killian somewhat.  Dave doesn’t tend to notice when he’s troubled so quickly, and Emma would immediately ask what was wrong.  But Snow just watches him and waits

              Killian thinks to out wait her, burying his attention in his mug. But her gaze is a heavy weight  on the top of his head as he stares into his mug, and finally, to turn her attention elsewhere, he pulls out the page and tosses them in front of her.


              “If you’re worried about making Emma think poorly of her friend, then you shouldn’t. It’s not like you ran off to this-”

              “The man in the pages is David’s father.” Killian stares into the tea, even as he cuts Snow off, unable to bear the thought of her trying to make him feel better.  And the words don’t stop at that.  “I killed him.”

              Silence again, and he can feel her gaze on him once more.  Killian can’t look up.  Not when he knows that he’ll see disappointment – or worse, hatred – in those eyes so similar to the woman he loves.  

              “Does David know?”

              It’s the tone that makes Killian’s head jerk up. Because there isn’t anger there, but rather compassion.  It’s a testament, to how very kind Snow is, that her expression is that of empathy.

              “We thought it was George.  It would have been George… but I was there.  I should have let him go free, but it would be an irritant, to have a king after me.  So I murdered him, and never thought of him again except…”

              He looks at those damning pages, and recalls his own childhood, and that feeling of abandonment – the one that ruins a boy and leaves him ruined into manhood – and it makes him feel ill, to know that it’s his fault that Dave knows that bitter experience as well.

              “I didn’t know.  Not until the puppet brought me those pages last night.”

              He’d gone through the motions with Emma, and his loving may have been a bit fiercer, because he’d known it might be the last time. He should have told her… but another part of him needed to tell Dave first. And yet another part had needed one last taste of her, before he very likely lost her forever.

              Emma Swan wasn’t the type to welcome the murderer of her own family into his bed.

              He had left that morning before Emma awoke, and wandered the streets  until the  clock hit an acceptable time and he’d found himself outside the loft..

              “And now you’re here,” Snow remarks.  “To tell him.”

              He can’t say anything, just nods miserably.  Snow joins him, and runs a hand over his hair.  It’s such a motherly gesture, and Killian has few memories of his mother, so he has to close his eyes lest he embarrass them both with his tears.

              “You’re a good man, Killian Jones.” He shudders, and his breath is a sob at Snow’s words.  She hugs him, and he can’t help but hug her back.  “You may not have always been, but you are now. David knows that.  Tell him, and then give him time.”

              “Why are you being so kind to me?” he asks her, as she walks away.  She keeps her back to him as she cleans her mug, and Killian is thankful, as it gives him a moment to  wipe away the tears that want to fall. “Dave… this tore him up. And it’s because of me.”

              “You’re tearing  yourself up enough for  us both. And maybe  I understand  you a little more than you think.  Despite my name, I’m not entirely without darkness,  Killian.”

              He thinks that her darkness is nothing to his,  but then  again, who is he to belittle the pain others carry?


              “Will forgive you, because she knows you’ve changed. So will David. You’re here, Killian. You’re telling the truth. That… it counts for a lot.”

              Killian swallows and gives the smallest of nods, though he doesn’t quite believe her.  Snow’s expression  says she knows his thoughts, but rather than say anything more, she wipes her hands and heads for the steps.

              “I’ll wake David for you… Killian?  Just tell him the truth.  The way you told it to me.  Whatever happens, I believe it will work out in the end.”

              Killian says nothing and for a moment he considers fleeing.  But then a heavier tread comes down the steps, and now it’s Dave.

              Killian swallows, and lets him read the pages, and decides to do exactly as Snow had suggested.

              And perhaps, someday, he’ll regain all he’s sure he’ll lose.

gelgar Gelgar GELGAR

Or, “Let’s talk about why Gelgar is a really cool character.”

Edited: 3 April 2017

Featuring: “Why Gelyn is a viable ship.”

Okay, so like I said in my posts about Petruo and Mikenana:

1.) Even though it’s sad that both characters in this pairing are dead, the advantage is that the creators can’t mess with them much more. The anime may change some things (for example, hair/eye color, the way the manga interactions read to me), but generally speaking they probably won’t overturn our expectations in any way.

2.) In order to really appreciate a pairing you first have to appreciate the characters involved in said pairing. I’ll talk about Gelgar and Lynne to the best of my ability.

So yeah! Let’s get started!

(Under cut for length/images!)

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Guard!Jungkook Part Two

Last but definitely not least is our darling maknae who did so well MCing like I saw some gifs and he looked really comfortable like I’m really proud of him actually go kookie go I’m just proud of him in general bc really when you think about it he’s come so far like he used to be a lil bit more on the shy side but like now he seems a lot more open and free like he isn’t afraid to make weird faces whenever he wants and he goofs off a lot more and it makes me so happy to see him just having fun and chilling out and I just l o v e seeing him be all silly bc it’s so endearing and I just love

  • For anyone that hasn’t read part one and would like to, click here
  • Guard!Jungkook is lowkey your best friend
  • You two grew up together but he was always more focused on his training
  • His family had a long line of skilled warriors and the best guards in the entire country so he had a name to live up to
  • Sometimes you’d get him to be a kid with you but most times he was too busy following his parents around
  • It’s almost funny to think of how serious he was around you when he first signed up to be your guard
  • He could barely touch you bc he was so strict about the rules and he only ever spoke formally to you and he was just so !!! around you
  • But after a while he calmed down a t o n
  • It goes from barely being able to make eye contact for longer than 0.8 seconds to lowkey demanding cuddles every two seconds
  • He doesn’t like to outright say he wants cuddles but he makes it extremely obvious that he does
  • He brings out all of the fluffy blankets and big pillows
  • He kinda just gets really comfy and sits there with his arm casually draped across the bed, silently inviting you to come cuddle
  • If you ignore all of it, he starts clearing his throat until you look over and then once he has your attention he gives you the big smile that’s basically just “comE CUDDLE NOW PLZ AND THNX”
  • If you somehow manage to turn down all of that cuteness he just starts throwing shit at you
  • He finds some paper lying around and kinda just starts aiming at you
  • If you can still reject that, he literally gets up and carries you over like smh I just wanted cuddles why you gotta ignore me and shit when I just want love
  • B a n t e r
  • When you two are alone, it’s literally all banter
  • Everyone who sees how respectful he is around you in public would never guess that when he doesn’t have to be a guard, he’s calling you a lil shit
  • He loves you don’t get me wrong but he also loves teasing you
  • He’s the only person that can get you so riled up but also so giggly at the same time
  • You two could be insulting each other back and forth but you’d both have huge smiles on your faces
  • By the end of every “fight” you two are all cuddled up and are just giggling
  • You’re the only person he’s himself around tbh
  • Like he has friends but you’re his best friend
  • You know all of the lil secrets he has and he knows yours
  • He wouldn’t fall quickly
  • It would take him a while to open up to you and then even longer to fall in love 
  • It was a gradual thing really, there wasn’t any one day that he fell in love, there wasn’t an exact moment
  • Whenever you smiled, he could feel his heartbeat speed up
  • Whenever he casually grabbed your hand to lead you somewhere, his mind began to wander off to how it’d feel to be able to just hold your hand without any reason
  • Would you let him?? Would you rub the back of his hand with your thumb would you write your name onto his palm what would you do
  • And when you hugged him it was heavenly
  • He could smell your shampoo and he gets to hold you as close as he wants to for as long as he wants to
  • Hugs aren’t bad for you either though
  • You can smell his cologne and he’s just so warm and you can feel how strong his arms are bc they’re holding onto you all tight and shit and you just feel really safe
  • Like nobody would dare touch you when you had kookie by your side but when you were in his arms that was like a giant X on any plans
  • It takes him a second to realize he’s in love but after he does it’s kinda just like “shit”
  • He goes back to being lowkey awkward around you bc he doesn’t know how to handle this new information and he’s trying to make the feelings go away bc he’s been training his entire life to be a guard he can’t believe he broke rule number one
  • He has z e r o clue on how to handle this new situation
  • He’s never been in love before, he’s never really done that whole romance thing in general but to top that off, he’s in love with literally the only person in the entire kingdom he’s not allowed to be with
  •  It wouldn’t be until he sees the new prince that you’re supposed to marry that he actually makes a move
  • Something inside him snaps when he sees the prince holding onto your hand like um excuse me that’s supposed to be our thing
  • And before the prince leaves, he kisses your cheek and kook just about loses it
  • He should be the one strolling through the gardens with you and kissing your cheek, not some random dude neither of you have ever met
  • His mind is a bit clouded with the picture of the prince kissing your cheek tbh
  • He doesn’t exactly think anything through at that stage
  • He runs up to your room once everyone’s gone to bed and he’s just like I need to get something off of my chest rn I have complaints
  • Lowkey starts ranting about the prince while you’re trying really hard not to smile or laugh bc it’s so painfully obvious he’s jealous as fuck
  • “What do they see in him anyways?? He’s tall and shit but that’s literally it I mean his face isn’t horrible but he isn’t worthy of you, he had the personality of a stick!!! Why are you laughing excuse me this is serious I expect you to report all of this back to your parents and tell them it’s a no go bc he just didn’t sit right with me I don’t like him”
  • You kiss him instead of answering bc honestly you’ve been wondering if he feels the way you do
  • You knew it was true when he whispered an “I love you” to you when he thought you were asleep but you wanted to be sure
  • He freezes up and like his eyes are all wide when you smile up at him afterwards and he’s just !!
  • He’s gonna need an actual minute to realize what just happened and then he’s gonna be even more confused
  • You two would need to have a bit of a conversation after that just to tell each other how you feel
  • When he hears you say you love him he gets that really cute smile where it’s all just teeth and eye smile and lil bunny
  • Jungkook would be another person I see not wanting to be king
  • He’s just never wanted that and he still doesn’t so when you offer to pass it onto the next person he can’t agree fast enough
  • You two ended up getting a lil cottage on the castle property and he’s honestly so happy
  • He gets to kiss you whenever he wants, as many times as he wants to (and of course as many times as you want to) he gets to fall asleep and wake up next to you
  • Most importantly, he gets to say “I love you” as loudly as he wants, for everyone to hear

oh-helvete  asked:

Can I request a fantasy/supernatural smut with Kyungsoo? Maybe like vampire or wolf.

this is my first try at fantasy au but vamprie!Kyungsoo sounds like a fun challenge! 

also this is super nsfw i can’t believe i actually wrote this omf but yes read at your own caution!! this is pwp also so don’t expect it to make too much sense hahah 

((a/n sorry if i write vampires weirdly, i had to do some research tbh because i dont know much about them so there might be subtle references to twilight lmfaoヽ(;▽;)ノ ))

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Sarge. Bucky x Reader

Bucky x Reader where they are at Tony’s famous parties and the girls keep flirting with Bucky but the Reader gets jealous.

word count: 1.5k

Two months. That’s how long you had been gone for. That mission took every inch of your patience and sanity. You had to go deep undercover in Pakistan, transforming into the alias that was given to you. Yourself didn’t exist for two months, and you thought that a certain other teammate forgot that you existed as well. Before you left for your assignment, you told Bucky that you were thinking about moving more towards a relationship with him, and you had thought that he was receptive and his own words were:
“I want that too. But first, you have to be safe over there and come back in one piece.”

Well, you were back and in one piece, but Bucky was more distant than when he had first met you. Steve and Nat showered you in eagerness and relief at your return. Bucky barely stayed in the same room as you.

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lastcenturi0n  asked:

doctors piper and jason and their easily injur boyfriend leo

omg like just imagine tho, clumsly leo is so possible tbh like he’s good with his hands bc he made a freaking ship!! but i mean like leg wise…think about it…when he’s not fighting and he doesn’t have the adrenaline…he’d probably trip over everything like just…

  • piper and jason having boxes of band-aids in every room in the house
  • leo always calling them whenever he bangs his knee or stubs his toe even though it might not hurt he just wants to tell them “i did it again”
  • piper and jason putting a band-aid on his cuts and kissing it
  • piper and jason having this caretaker complex, and won’t admit it but they love fussing over him 
  • leo can’t get burnt by fire but one day they go for a walk during the winter in central park or somewhere with a playground and there’s no kids cause it’s snowing so leo has the bright idea to go play on the monkey bars but he doesn’t realize how frozen everything is so he gets ice burn and his hands are raw so piper and jason have to take him back to the house and warm him up and they make him hot cocoa but he can’t even drink it bc his hands are still burning from the ice
  • leo ending up in the hospital that they work at so much that whenever he walks in people just assume he’s hurt and tell him to go to room 224 which has p much become his room
  • leo getting sprained ankles every few months bc building ships and fixing dragons gets you in awkward positions and he might have fallen once or twice or a bunch of times (this would obv happen at camp)
  • piper and jason wrapping his ankles in gauze every time
  • leo becoming great friends with all the nurses in the hospital and bringing them snacks and hanging out with them at night when piper or jason have to work late shifts or perform sudden surgeries 
  • leo pestering jason or piper in front of the nurses saying that they should appreciate the nurses more bc they carry half the weight around here, maybe more
  • leo flirting with the nurses, male and female, for fun and he’s been around long enough that they know he’s just joking around but jason and piper also do get a little jealous when they see him wooing the nurses and twirling them around
  • the janitors know
  • jason and piper getting him ice packs when he hits his head, kissing his bruises every time they see one
  • getting the tweezers every time he has a splinter
  • making sure the cabinets are stocked with cough medicine and vitamins and advil
  • leo getting seriously hurt one time, attacked by a couple monsters while coming back from work and having to call 911 even though the police obviously don’t know what happened, but when the word gets to jason and piper at the hospital they sprint to his room bc they know exactly what happened
  • leo having a black eye, scratched lip, and a gash on his arm, but that’s only what isn’t covered and the nurses are mumbling about him being jumped but piper hugs him as hard as she can and jason is standing to the side just silently blaming himself but leo’s trying to keep the mood light bc “come on, my loves, this happens all the time! i am the clumsy one!”
  • them fixing him up and slipping him ambrosia while none of the other nurses are looking, but then they have to get back to the other patients  and a woman in labor just came in not even 30 seconds ago and they need to go so leo wishes them luck and tells them to get back out there
  • they both kiss him on the forehead once and run off
  • later, when they’re both off their shift, he wakes up to jason sitting on one side of him holding his hand, his head next to his hip, sleeping, and piper on the other, still awake, running her fingers softly through his hair
  • he gives her a soft smile and she does the same
  • “you ok?” she asks
  • and he knows they’re both beating themselves up, so he says the best thing he can think of, “as long as i’ve got you guys, i’m always ok”

i’m back in the headcanon game

i accidentally cinderella au

I tried many times but I did not succeed so INSTEAD OF WRITING THIS FANFIC I’LL THROW THIS AT THE TAG AND SOMEONE ELSE CAN DO IT SAVE ME FROM WRITING FANFIC oh my god this was supposed to be a brief plot outline but it’s 2000 words long save me this wasn’t supposed to be long enough to need proofreading THANK YOU NONNIE FROM MY INBOX FOR YOUR HELP!!!!

Okay so: Cinderella Reaper76 AU. Gabe is a spy in an enemy nation where Jack is the youngest prince. People in Jack’s kingdom just kinda casually waltz over to Gabe’s every once in a while and take shit and are generally assholes but it isn’t enough of a problem for the royal family to notice lol it’s mostly just a local thing. Jack may be the youngest prince with the fewest responsibilities but he’s still just a dude who wants to live his life without his bodyguards tailing him all the time (he loves Ana, Reinhardt and Genji to pieces but oh my god let him live you guys)

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spoilers galore

Before I lay down and die I thought I’d share this post that pretty much outlines my reactions to reading Kings Rising. Hopefully you’ll share in my flailing :’’(


please please pleeease don’t read this and then get angry at me for spoiling things liiiike there’s a read more for a reason whu (/~\ ‘)

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Why the finale ruined my favourite character Barney Stinson and the premise of character development

Okay so after 24 hours, and reading some really spot-on bad reviews about HIMYM’s finale, I think I can finally wrap my head around why I was so ridiculously angry (and tbh I’m still seething quite a bit) yesterday upon reading spoilers of the finale. I did not even watch the whole thing. I just scanned through the episode, merely to make myself believe that all the spoilers I read were actually true. I cringed, actually cringed, upon seeing the kids say that Ted “still has the hots for Aunt Robin”. I shut my computer screen at that very moment, in fact. I couldn’t bear to watch it.

My two favourite characters in the entire series are Barney Stinson and Robin Scherbatsky. Robin is very dear to my heart because I consider myself the “Robin” in my circle of friends. One of my friends even joked that I was a lot like her, having studied journalism, and acting more ‘masculine’ than ‘feminine’ in some ways. Robin is such a strong female character, and her development as an individual is crucial, so good for her, particularly in seasons 6-8. A very excellent meta has already been posted about women and how the finale completely and utterly destroyed the characters of Robin, Lily and Tracy, so I encourage you to go read that.

On a side note, the more and more I think about it, even what Robin uttered to Ted about wanting to run away with him was a foreshadowing that the writers were going full circle with the ending (because honestly no matter which way you look at it, what Robin said to Ted about “let’s run away together/everything Barney does are lies” in 9x22 is completely OUT OF CHARACTER considering what she has come to accept is Barney). But I didn’t want to believe it, because that would have been the most idiotic writing decision on the planet. Stupidly, however, the writers actually are idiotic enough to make that decision. So many reviewers and metas have pointed out that going full circle is the most irrational decision to make simply because it no longer makes sense. It is ILLOGICAL, and it completely DESTROYS everything they built the characters out to be for the last nine years.

But above all, if I had to choose, Barney is my favourite, and this is the reason why I’m writing this post. Barney has been a truly phenomenal three-dimensional character, especially if you project his growth since season 1. Neil Patrick Harris won my heart the moment I saw him being a womanising goofball in a sharp suit, and even more so when he was able to, time and time again, portray such complex emotions through this one character. Simply put, he is my favourite because he is the one who has, truly, undergone the most drastic and significant character development out of all five main characters on the show. He has gone from womaniser to committed and thoughtful man. He has discovered who he really is, why he was who he was, kicked his bad habits, and changed; not just because he loves Robin, but because his friends (Lily is one big advisor) have pushed him to see that he can be who he is, deep down, but also be a better person at the same time. And he has done exactly that.

He is, even to the end of the show, in 9x22, the Barney we remember, but a completely different and changed person as a whole. He does crazy things like writing a whole thesis of vows and breathing into a brown bag upside down because he is hyperventilating. But then he has already become a better person, so instead of doing something dumb like running away, he stays, and he admits that he wants to be honest to Robin. The vow he made to Robin came out of the heart of a man whose life has changed, whose character has changed, PERMANENTLY. That kind of change is not thrown out the window, and more importantly, the kind of love that he has for Robin does not die just because distance or time stands in the way. The amount of affection he demonstrated towards Robin over the course of season 5-9 has been astounding to the point that we as fans are made to truly believe with every ounce of emotion we’ve got, that these two are destined, forever. Not just for a period of time, that they are meant to be together for the rest of their lives. Why else would he say that “The Robin” is the last play he would ever run? Why else would he pass on his “Playbook” legacy to two other men to ‘carry it on’? Why else would he admit that he has been broken for a very long time, until Robin came along? Why else would he propose to Robin, if he did not want to be with her for the rest of his life? Why else would he say that he does not need a story to believe in true love anymore, because now he has Robin? Why else would he fight for her and actually even look out for her, to make sure she could stay in New York, and be there for her when she needed someone? All that time, all those moments, everything he did for Robin, was because he really loves her. And don’t you dare tell me that their love is not strong enough to withstand distance and time. I understand that in reality, the divorce rate is very high and more people are getting divorced. And yes, distance can cause difficulty in relationships. So can time. But if you look, just look at what TIME has spanned from the start to the stupid-i-don’t-accept-this-finale ending they gave Barney and Robin, and how across time, their feelings have not changed, their chemistry has not faded, and they have kept loving each other, though they were separated, though they were apart from each other, despite the DISTANCE put between them, and the high stakes, the challenges, the obstacles in their faces. So if we look at ALL THAT, which is a giant and huge pile, mind you, and see with clear eyes that they have withstood all those tests put in front of them, then how can the writers expect us, as fans, to buy the story that they oh, just divorced, and it was no freaking big deal at all. SERIOUSLY? As a HUGE, and I mean, HUGE, fan of those two being together, it was not just a giant slap in the face, it was an evil laugh, a bloody stab in the back, an atrocious ignorance of everything they have put Barney and Robin through, both individually and collectively.

And it’s not just what they put Barney and Robin through as a couple; it’s what they did to Barney Stinson in the finale. It is so insulting of them to make Neil act through his last few scenes as a man who threw his whole life away and went back to his womanising ways, effectively shattering his entire character development across nine years, and make him look like a misogynist and have an illegitimate child, on top of trying to RE-redeem him in the space of less than 60 minutes. From what I’ve seen, Neil has not yet said anything in response to the finale, and I’m really not surprised if he is not completely happy with the ending they have decided to give Barney Stinson, who honestly is the award-winning character of the show.

Character development is the most important thing in any show, to me. If any show lacks a consistency in character development, I immediately feel like leaving the show. HIMYM, to me, demonstrated this very well through Barney, and that, really, above all, is the reason why I stuck by the show from seasons 6 to 9. I only started watching the pilot when season 5 was airing. So think of it this way; the fact that they invalidated all of Barney’s character development to satisfy some personal fantasy and premature plan of theirs is proof that they do not value character development, and that they do not valuethe characters themselves which they have built and created over nine years. So many people have said that the journey is always more important than the ending, because the journey precedes the ending. If the journey is the most important thing to the writers, they would have realised that the ending cannot be what they planned nearly a DECADE ago. Because the journey took them down a different path. A GOOD DIFFERENT PATH, may I add. So if they KNEW THAT, they would not have executed this ending despite having filmed it, despite having the vision for it, 8 years ago.

Storytelling is a fluid process. The best writers write stories as they go along. They make sketches, outlines, rough plans, but the plan is still flexible. It’s there, but it can change. There must be allowance for transformation in time. Because Bays and Thomas, themselves, as writers, would also have changed. Therefore the stories SHOULD rightfully change as THEY themselves change. And IT DID, but AT THE VERY END, they unbelievably, foolishly, astoundingly decided to forget the entire journey they had gone through, as writers and with the characters. And honestly, this is the part that makes me so incredibly outraged.

From what I’ve read online, even Ted/Robin fans are upset with how they’ve ended the show. Now doesn’t that SAY SOMETHING? I can’t imagine how horrible and devastating and ludicrous this finale must be to result in such a response from even the fans of Ted/Robin. It’s clear that even fans of Ted/Robin can see that how they ended the show made absolutely no sense. It’s the stupidest thing in the entire world right now, and I can say that forever, from this day forward, if anyone wants to reference WORST WRITERS OF TV or WORST FINALE OF A TV SHOW, they will first mention How I Met Your Mother. And how stupid it is, to have such a loved and supported show, end on a note that destroys not only their characters, but the reputation and the quality of all its nine seasons? To have just 60 minutes erase all the credibility of their previous episodes, to have 60 minutes cause all the fans and everyone who has ever heard of HIMYM to now think of the show in the worst possible way?  And for me, a person who considers shows like TVD and GG to have the worst TV writers on the face of planet earth, to say that HIMYM trumps all the bad shows as having the worst writers ever, is an abomination. It is an absolute disgrace.

I want Carter and Craig to acknowledge everything the fans and TV reviewers have said about the show that point out every single little detail they have done in this finale that is DOWNRIGHT WRONG. I want them to SEE IT, READ IT, and REALISE THEIR MISTAKES. Because I don’t really care if they career ends right now, or if HIMYD fails, or whatever. I really don’t care about them. But I care to see justice served for the fans, and for the beautiful fictional characters of this show, that is Ted, Marshall, Lily, Robin, Barney and Tracy. For them to make even Ted go back on his word that he does not love Robin anymore in 9x22 is the most contradictory thing I have seen on television. And the reason I want to see justice for the characters is because stories live forever. They live on in our minds, in our hearts, in the fictional universe we create for them. And by gorge, even if we as fans remember these six characters in the best way possible as we had hoped for them, I won’t be satisfied until the writers of How I Met Your Mother apologise for the selfish, thoughtless ending they have given their millions of fans.

A narrative point of view - why Ash will win the Kalos League

Ok, so i got an ask requesting me to expand on what i said here, but more specifically this part:

“Ash’s goal is to win the league, and has been for a very long time… and he’s going to do his very best in place of all the trainers who couldn’t get 8 badges. Alain? Well, he’s there to battle Ash and to gather ME energy… and that says it all really.”

To start - i’ve made no secret of the fact that i think XYs writing has been some of the best writing we’ve ever seen in pokemon. There’s good character growth, strong fillers, great parallels, and consistent, evocative multi episode stories. The Ash Greninja arc is the most recent example of this, and features some of, if not the strongest writing that i’ve ever seen in the last 20 years of the pokemon anime.

The rest is under a cut because it got long xD

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Pairing: Ravi/Reader

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Explicit oral sex, penetrative sex, foul language, alcohol use

Wordcount: 3712

Request: Anon requested a scenario where Ravi is your ex-boyfriend of two years and you run into him at a party organized by the rest of Vixx, leading to some serious sparks flying.

Notes: I took a few liberties with this one anon, I hope it ends up being to your taste ^_^ I had loads of fun writing this tbh I really love writing Ravi hnghhh…*dies*

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OKAY so i am trying to get my brain onto something more positive so i’m going to tell the internet a story that i told a girl on saturday who is doing the master’s degree i did in the midst of an attempt to be a wise mentor figure and instead she just laughed at me a lot, which was probably better in the long run, to be honest, i’m not in any sort of position to be anyone’s mentor. i may have told this story before but obliquely and not at any great length, i think. i love this story and i think it communicates everything you need to know about me as a person. now i think about it i might have told it in detail but whatever LET’S DO THIS ANYWAY.

SO. i had all these ideas for what i wanted to do for my master’s thesis and actually, objectively, some of them were genuinely quite good and almost no one had done them, but it turned out that i had been accidentally misled a little by the department and i probably should’ve gone to our city’s other university because no one at my university did graphic novels, and asking someone to read most of the corpus of alan moore’s major works was too big of an ask. (i’m not being sarcastic, it genuinely would’ve been. from hell is soooo long.) so there was a bit of a panic where i rapidly restructured my ideas and there was a month and a half or so where i just turned up at the director’s office and was like, NEW JOURNALISM. THE TERMINATOR FRANCHISE. THE RECEPTION OF THE ROMANTICS. DOES ANY OF THIS SOUND DOABLE. 

eventually we settled on edgar allan poe, mervyn peake, and h.p. lovecraft. (it possibly would’ve also incorporated other parts of the cthulhu mythos and maybe other stuff, too. it was too big, shut up.) and then we were like, shit, who will even supervise this thing. there was a brief, horrifying period of about three days where one of the country’s foremost poets was suggested which made me want to stab myself, because sitting in an office with one of britain’s foremost creative forces being told my writing was shit did not sound like my idea of a good time. and eventually it was decided: a professor in his seventies who specialised in something else but was obsessed with m.r. james and thus was the only person who could possibly understand anything i was talking about.

and he was so amazing! everyone was jealous of me, he almost never took on postgrad students, his lectures were legendary for being really fascinating but ‘above’ most people’s heads, he was great, our first meeting was talking about hammer horror and how i spoke greek, which excited him because the poets he was writing his book on were really into greek. i miss him and i was a terrible person to supervise because my life was falling apart and i was teetering on the edge of breakdown, but i’m immensely grateful to him because he told me that i was a very good writer but obviously not an academic writer, which is true, and something i needed to deal with. he was a bright spot in a terrible period of my life, and we had a lot of fringe interests that, frankly, most sensible people never have, and one particular fringe interest is the hinge of this story.

we had a meeting, and i went into his office and sat down. i noticed when i sat down that there was a giant– something behind me. i realised after a couple of seconds that it was a painting. it was lots of swirling pink and purple and blue, green towards the middle, with grey smudges and smaller black smudges. an abstract? i couldn’t tell.

“i brought that in to show you,” he said, which, to contextualise: he lives in the countryside, so he had to put that thing in his car and drive it about 30 miles down the motorway.

“oh, wow,” i said, genuinely interested but also totally baffled.

“it’s a painting of my dream,” he said.

okay. this was going to places i had not foreseen.

“i had a dream about a stone circle where priests were carrying out human sacrifices,” he said, “and i thought to myself, [postcard] would be interested in this! this is exactly the sort of things she likes.”

and i looked at it, and yes, that’s exactly what it was. pagan-druid priests stabbing a person to death as a human sacrifice in a stone circle. and i thought to myself, ah.

and i told him it was amazing and it was exactly the sort of thing i was interested in and i was so glad he had brought it to show me, and asked him tons of questions about it. because he was right. that’s exactly the kind of thing i like. and even as this was happening i was thinking 'what are you DOING’ and this other part of me was like, 'shut UP, this is the person you are, it’s time you got on with it now’.

no one i have told this story to thought it was adorable and completely lovely and appropriate, but it was. my thesis supervisor showed me a painting of his stone circle human sacrifice dream because he knew i loved stones circles and arthur machen and it was one of the nicest things anyone has ever done for me. and i am the person to whom you can say 'look, i brought a painting of my stone circle human sacrifice dream thirty miles to show you because i know you love that sort of thing’ and it will be entirely true. i do. tell me more about the ritual. are those masks the priests are wearing. does the blood drip into the earth.


anonymous asked:

can I get a vampire AU where Oikawa has been hiding his vampy-ness from his female SO for a while because he's scared of what she'll think of him but she finds out in some way and he's afraid to face her but she just wants to help/understand him?? thank you so much and i'm sorry for the incoherent request, this blog gives me life tbh

It’s not incoherent at all, no worries, and thank you so much! Got a little carried away with some world-building heheh but I had fun with this!

Things were more alive at night. There was the sleepless city, glittering with lights not unlike the stars, but there was also more of his kind—silent, wraithlike killers of ancient lore.

Being a vampire was almost enlightening. He knew of things most people didn’t know about, such as the steadily increasing number of missing persons, or the uncanny amount of patients in need of blood donations. He had been keeping track of the statistics.

Being a vampire wasn’t very different from being a human criminal. It wasn’t uncommon for his kind to resort to underground activities just to be able to survive, because it was easier this way and survival was guaranteed. Where there once were clans, now there were criminal syndicates. Morality be damned, or was there ever morality? He believed his kind had no choice but to be born inherently abandoned. 

The folktales weren’t exactly true, or maybe vampires had just evolved through time: vampires didn’t really die at all anymore. Sacred items, sunlight, staking—these lost the power to kill long ago. The only necessity that had prevailed through the test of time and biology was human blood.

To be virtually invincible was to be powerful. To be invincible, and yet to have one’s entire existence be anchored to something as small as human blood, so insignificant yet not; it only made sense that these creatures would do anything in their power to obtain it, even if for at least their pride.

Oikawa was starving. He hadn’t eaten properly in years. 

(In the back of his mind he knew the exact moment in which he stopped feeding. The eighth of January. On a cold winter night, on the last train, a vampire boy met a human girl…)

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