tbh i need to be more careful with her.

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WHo do you think says I love you first kaz or inej

ooohhhh omg tbh i have a feeling that it might be kaz who says it first. Because although inej is the more emotional of the two, she keeps her heart well guarded. I get the feeling that her deepest emotions are almost private.
Besides, i think that she is very careful of not imposing on people or making them feel like they are forced to say or do anything. Her past experiences have taught her to value her own agency and so she respects the need for that in others.
As far as the situation goes, i think it is probably in a moment of vulnerability. Kaz is maybe half-asleep or has just had to stomach misfortune in his business ventures, etc. and he sees inej leave. He’s seen it often enough and understood it, too, but just then it was too much. He needed her there with him and so he would quietly say something along the lines of “i need you to stay with me. please. i love you.” And inej would freeze, but she’d be glad he’d said it. I feel like that would be a turning point in their relationship.
Inej wouldn’t say it back right away, i think. She would wait for a time when it feels right for her.

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How about Zelda? Or any girl from the series.

Time for a speed round! Every Zelda from the series

The Legend of Zelda

Simple design, nice poofy hair, cute but not very memorable. Prototype design at best. Next to no character. 6/10

A Link to the Past

Much more thought out design, more iconic. Nice use of hair to frame face, simple yet consistent color pallet, the pink is a little garish. Not much screen time. 6.5/10

Ocarina of Time

Nice young maiden, good design, sad we don’t see much of her hair, but the do-rag is neat. The choice of pinkish-purpleish here is a little garish still. No tomboy show on screen 5.5/10

Grown fair princess captured well here. The pink from her younger self fits better with a deeper purple to contrast. Has a very royal air to her. Representin’ Hyrule for sure. Sheik is also pretty darn cool. No wonder she became the template for future designs! 7/10

Oracle Saga

Litttle cutey patootie. Simplified design from OoT, but still pleasing. Soft pastel color pallet gives a very warm, kind feel. Not much character tho. 6.5-soft 7/10

Four Swords

Apha-Wind Waker Zelda. Cute but didn’t make the cut. Further simplified design that’s still good. Unfortunately, there is a obvious ‘not-Zelda’ about her. It comes from the hair most, orange and tied back just wasn’t working for her. No real character. 6.5/10

Wind Waker

Tetra is best girl. Skin tone change is a bit disappointing, but I don’t dislike or anything, still a cute kid. Love the hair she has, blonde works much better than orange. The makeup is an interesting touch, guess to help her contrast with Tetra’s more tomboy personality. Wish we saw more with her. Nice color pallet. 8.5-9/10. Minish Cap gets the same score, happy to see her get more of a speaking role as the games progress since OoT.

Twilight Princess

Nice reimagining of her old outfit from OoT. Feels the most regal of them all. Really stands out at the brunette of the Zeldas. Total royal badass. 9/10

Spirit Tracks

Same as her grandmother, but with her own personality and attitude, very take charge. 8.5/10

Need I say anything? 10/10

Skyward Sword

Nice, cute, airheaded Zelda. Good friend, cutie-pie girlfriend. Comfirmed Canon Waifu. Good, simple design, not really a princess, so being regal doesn’t matter too much. Like her bang tape. 8/10 

Link Between Worlds

Nice, kind Zelda. Tries her best. Very caring, princess like. Somewhat regal, but mostly down to earth. Light, airy color pallet. 8/10

Goth Zelda. 10/10

Breath of the Wild

Without spoiling to much for myself, this Zelda needs a hug tbh. More of an advernturer than princess, which is A-ok! Her design fits her as a traveler with a regal background. Nice hair, like the thicker eyebrows on her. Speaking of thick

Mmm-mmm-mmhp. 10/10. Best Zelda. Yoga pants? Best Zelda. 10/10

Feel Free to request more anime/-ish girls, or even some that aren’t, for me to critique!

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Hey I was just reminded of talalay's tweet and I know she might not know of a special or the writers' intentions but her words annoyed me... it makes me feel like they dislike us, but if she thinks so i don't understand some of her directing in tst (like sherlock being revealed in the chair and mary=thatcher smashed). How do you interpret this whole thing, if you don't mind me asking? P.s. I loved your the ring meta!


Thanks so much for the compliment about my meta! <3 Glad you enjoyed it. 

I only just learned about Rachel Talalay’s comment. I’m guessing you’re referring to this

I would say it’s worth disregarding, as is anything any creator has to say about work they’ve released into the world. 

Before I explain further, I just want to say that this in no way reflects any feelings or thoughts I have about Talalay’s skill as a director. I’m rewatching tst right now, and I think it’s very beautiful in many ways, despite the reservations I have about its reality status / the script / that wife / how we’re supposed to understand the episode. There’s nothing, I think, in the way it’s directed that gets in the way of the story that’s being told, and it has its own gorgeous qualities (that shark transition at the beginning is just…wow, really lovely.)

As for her comment, ugh. It was offered, it seems, spontaneously, in the context of answering a much more straightforward question about how a particular scene was filmed in Doctor Who, so it was unnecessary, to say the least. Now, I don’t know, I have no idea what has been said to her. I don’t know how much she’s had to deal with people coming at her for things over which she has no control, like the overall direction of the show. I don’t much care, tbh. Because I think that if you’re going to engage in social media interactions with people, you need to be cool about it. You should try to be gracious. Understand that people are excited about what you’ve made, which is, like, the point of making it? Isn’t it? 

The main thing for me is, I’ve been on both sides of the creator / critic spectrum, professionally as a writer (on a really small scale), and academically as a literary scholar (at the highest level one can go). So I’ve thought about literary interpretation a lot, and thought a lot about its role, relative to literature itself. Here’s what I know: 

When people make a thing, a creative thing, they pull on all kinds of stuff of which they may or may not be aware. It’s an art. There’s planning, and there’s purpose, and there’s the story they know they want to tell, and then there’s serendipity, and the intuitive ways in which symbolism builds, and there’s the mass of art and literature that came before yours, there’s the direct source material (acd canon) and there’s indirect source material (the tons and tons of Holmesian pastiche); there’s tradition (like the Gothic); there are brands (Hammer horror, Bond, and, weirdly, the Muppets). It all goes into the mix, and out comes a thing that works, or doesn’t. 

This is why authorial intention is garbage as a concept: because literary texts are made from a combination of conscious and unconscious content.

And this is why all creator commentary about what they meant to do, or didn’t, is rubbishy bullshit at best. Ideally, I think, a creator should ask, “What did you think of it?” Rather than, proclaiming, “Oh, that’s not what I meant.” 

(I know, I know. We want there to be a plan. We want johnlock to be part of the consciously crafted content of the show. I obviously do. I want mofftiss to be good. I want them to be clever. I want the clearly inferior quality of s4 to be part of a meta-level Reichenbach arg. I hope it is. But even if it isn’t, even if they meant tfp to be a totally straightforward end to s4 and possibly the series as a whole, there is still much we can do in terms of reading it, interpreting it, enjoying it. This is not reaching. The subtext is practically hanging off the text like ripe fruit, begging to be picked.)

It is up to the critic, the literary analyst, the audience, to decide what the thing they’re consuming means to them. The symbols, tropes, character arcs, plots, etc., etc., which the creator has put together–all of this interacts with you, your personal experience, the other texts you’ve enjoyed, the symbols, tropes, plots, etc., that are part of your cultural experience, and there, in you, is where they make meaning. 

You can emerge from the experience of a text and say, this is what it means, and interpret it in light of what you know, and what you’ve felt, and back it up using the textual evidence that made you think what you did, and no one–that is to say NO ONE–can tell you you’re wrong. They can tell you they think there’s a better reading. They can tell you they think yours has holes in it. You can, if you wish, engage in discussion about it. But you don’t have to. Above all, you should do what makes you happy. This is supposed to be fun–which, it seems, is something that Talalay, with her snarky comment about “rationality,” seems to have forgotten. 

Nonetheless, for those of us who do choose to craft arguments out of our favourite readings of this, or any literary text:

There are good interpretations–ones that really hold water when you interrogate them and subject them to argumentation. There are less valid interpretations–ones that fall apart if you so much as breathe on them. 

Johnlock is a valid interpretation. It is as solid as granite. It has a metric fuckton of evidence backing it up. The only thing it doesn’t have, right now, is an explicit confirmation from the text that satisfies much of the audience who supports that interpretation. (Right now, there’s sort of a johnlock light reading we can glean from the most superficial level of the text. In my opinion, there’s a much more intense johnlock reading possible via the subtext.) 

There are, of course, other readings. Of course there are! But let me tell you, having had a run-in or two with the dude who made that anti-tjlc blog, WELL, he is far from rational. He transforms into a squalling infant if you so much as push on one of his ideas. And then tells you you’re bullying him. Methinks he enjoys being fighty. 

THE BOTTOM LINE IS: Once a creator has released something into the world, their role is done. It’s then up to the audience to take the thing and run with it. I am so glad–SO GLAD–to be part of a fandom that voraciously consumes, analyzes, critiques, and otherwise shakes the thing we love until all the best bits and pieces fall out. That’s the fun of it! For a creator to turn around and say, NO! You’re loving the thing I made in the wrong way–well, that is really small.

So: thanks for this ask, sorry to go on for so long but I have LOTS of feelings about this, clearly. 

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Okay, I have this weird headcanon that in an alternate universe where Sunnydale isn't destroyed Willow becomes the new principal of Sunnydale High; Xander a teacher, and Buffy the guidance counselor. Willow because I think she's actually a really good leader, Xander because he's really good with kids (thinking back to Halloween), and Buffy, despite what the fandom thinks, can actually be very caring, sympathetic, observant, and a good listener/advisor (when she's not so overwhelmed!)

OH, MY. GOD. i’m so into this alkajsdfbn;dsgk

willow protecting the school with her powers. all the kids respect and look up to her (not to mention all the precious bby wlw who have crushes on her) but they’re also appropriately scared of her because…even they don’t know exactly what she’s capable of, they know it’s best not to piss her off.

xander teaching history because, hey, it turns out he’s a pretty good storyteller, and if he thinks of history as a story he can actually remember all the dates and stuff. plus, when he’s got buffy cluing him into all the supernatural parts of history that historians have explained away and rationalized, he finds everything so much more interesting. and so do his students.
imagine him paying special attention and giving extra care to the kids he sees himself in, too. the poor and the abused and the bullied. they all feel like they have an adult to talk to because of xander.

and buffy! buffy being able to help the students with their ‘normal’ high school problems and the supernatural crises. the kids like that she’s such a good listener, but they also try to get her talking about herself a lot because they know she’s a badass and they want to hear about some of her deadlier conquests.
buffy inspiring little boys and girls to stand up for themselves and to be better, more caring people in general. buffy leading by compassionate example. buffy leading a fashion revolution at sunnydale high as all the little ones who look up to her try to emulate her style of dress.

this is perfect tbh.

sleepover weekend

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The RFA Members (V included) on their first time alone with the babies???

Author’s note: OMG SORRY THIS TOOK SO LONG I FELL ASLEEP AGAIN I really shouldn’t write in bed


  • As soon as you left the house he started FREAKING out
  • And he wasn’t the only one
  • When you left him with your soon to go to work
  • You were convince that one of them would be dead when you got home
  • But when you opened the door and saw your two boys asleep together on the  couch
  • Your heart did summersaults


  • When you got home, the first thing noticed was how quiet it
  • “Zen? You here?”
  • When you didn’t hear your husbands’ chipper voice your mom senses kicked in 
  • Whatiftheygotkidnappedormurderedorcaughtonfire o h n o
  • You called his phone
  • “Please pickup, please pickup, please-“
  • “MC?”
  • “Oh thank god! Where are you two???”
  • “Well, our daughter wanted ice cream.”
  • “Okay… but the nearest store that sells ice cream is an hour way?”
  • “…yeah.”
  • “Oh.”
  • You smiled
  • Your daughter is so spoiled


  • “Don’t worry, MC!! I’ll be fine!!”
  • he was not
  • ten minutes after you left he reached for the phone
  • “Hey, MC, I need you to run by the store on your way home and buy another baby bottle, no questions asked.”
  • “Why?”
  • “whAT DID I JUST SAY?”
  • “I’m not going out of my way unless you-”
  • “Fine, I tried to warm up the baby’s bottle in the microwave and it melted. NOW PLEASE SHE’S BEEN CRYING EVER SINCE YOU LEFT AND I CAN’T TURN HER OFF!”


  • Not a lot to say about her bc she’s an A-1 mom
  • Tbh she’s more worried of you being left alone with the kid LOL


  • You walked in on him pointing a camera at your daughter
  • “Come on! Say it again for your mommy!!”
  • “Say what again?”
  • “…Her first words.”
  • “She’s a quick learner. I guess she takes after her father.”
  • “Ignoring that… what did she say? Mom or Dad?”
  • “…”
  • “Jumin?”
  • “Elizabeth… she said Elizabeth.”
  • “She really does take after her father.”
  • She might be spending too much time with her dad


  • When you went to the grocery store and left Seven alone with your daughter you had no idea what to expect
  • But when you came back home
  • And opened your front door
  • You ran into the kitchen to drop off the groceries
  • And there was your daughter
  • Playing with her doll on the floor
  • And seven
  • COVERED in glitter and glue
  • Frantically making a PB&J
  • “What-“
  • “Don’t ask. Just… don’t.”

some mina redesign notes, redesigning characters and stuff is so fun :D

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I was really disappointed where they went with Amya's storyline. I would have liked to see her and Mick really develop their friendship rather than that romance with Nate. Or really develope a bond with any of the Legends. It felt like her storyline had to revolve around her romantic life. She joined the mission because the man she loved was killed. She then remained at the end of the season because she fell in love (not seeming to care about her descendents).

Yeah tbh, I wish they hadn’t made her and Rex Tyler romantically involved? It didn’t seem to go anywhere or really mean anything, and we never really got to see her grieve, not after “I’m here for revenge” was established in the plot. Which didn’t need romance to be established?

If that wasn’t part of her storyline, i’d have been more down with her here for romance. Especially….

Originally posted by ms-jully

… if they went poly with it.

(But it does feel weird/off in terms of plot to not have her return to the timeline, like what does that do to Mari, her granddaughter? Is that plot point ever going to be resolved? I would much preferred seeing Nate stay with her in the past, except I’m also excited we get to see more of her so???? #internalconflict)

I liked mass effect 2 but come on. My only gay options are either my assistant (my… Assistant. Come on) or a tepid “I’m glad ur still alive” ~relationship~ with Liara (if u romanced her in the previous game) like.. It’s barely anything more than hey I care about you but I’m not really gonna say it it do anything more than imply it while I hold ur hands for two seconds

anyways i think shit around voltron and allura is complicated bc i think the reaction to say that not shipping her w someone is racist is like. valid. but tbh if shipping her w one of the boys gets her the same treatment as sha/llura which was to ignore her chara and just have someone for a boy to fuck then im good. i dont need that. no one in this fandom who isnt black cares about her and id rather see more content with allura just interacting with the team and being herself than a completely bland version of her shipped w whoever the boy of the week is.

new fun and hip au:

Mahiru is able to stop Sato from murdering Natsumi by walking into the music room beforehand. Mahiru literally drags her out of the room before anything bad can happen. She’s so emotional that she’s able to confess to Sato. They both have a good cry and Sato is also able to confess all of her feelings towards Mahiru. Natsumi realizes in this moment that ‘’hey i’ve really hurt them and i need to deal with some internalized issues’’ and has her own good cry with Fuyuhiko (tbh he started tearing up a lil too and broke his record) and Peko. 

This prompts Fuyuhiko to try even harder to properly express his feelings and care towards Peko, and through more tears and a lot of effort, his relationship with her and Peko’s own well-being improves. Fuyuhiko also attempts to become a better big brother, mellows as a person, makes friends with some of his classmates and decides to give up his heirship to Natsumi, because he never really wanted to become the next clan leader anyway and she had the yakuza qualities much stronger than he ever did. Peko is set free from the responsibility of being a hitwoman and is able to slowly become her own person and find value within herself with lots of love and support behind her (she also starts hanging out with Mahiru, Sato and a bunch of other female classmates and they spoil her and it’s precious).  

Sato and Mahiru are loving girlfriends (the cutest ever) and double date with Peko and Fuyuhiko somewhere down the line. Natsumi become a badass clan leader (possibly with an equally badass girlfriend?), yet has learned from her mistakes and has become a somewhat nicer person. There’s no despair and the tragedy never happened. 

Fuyuhiko can reach for his own dreams and learn how to show positive emotion without feeling the burden of family honor and being forced to become an instigator of violence. He never has to depend on his family, or anyone else ever again and is allowed to be sensitive and caring. Peko will never have to kill anyone again and is no longer doomed to exist as a tool. She’s allowed to be as soft and gentle as she wants. Fuyuhiko gives her space, although he’s always there when she needs support and also buys her a puppy.

When they’ve both properly healed and found themselves, they grow a precious relationship of mutual adoration, trust and support. They always make sure the other is 100% comfy in their relationship and date for many years. Their love matures like a fine wine and their bond as individuals and as romantic companions is unbreakable. They’re each other’s best friend, not one totally dependent on the other for worth and protection, but both perfectly bonded together in mutual, healthy affection. They basically become that couple who can show intimacy just by knowing what kind of socks the other prefers and slow dance in the kitchen or some shit. 

Basically, everyone is happy, and it’s all sunshine and rainbows (mostly).

Also, did I mention Sato lives and is forever in love with Mahiru? They hold hands, share pajamas, go on cute dates and Mahiru helps out with Sato’s mental health and everything becomes A-ok. Mahiru travels the world for her photography and Sato is there alongside her. Sato is so, so proud of her. They have albums full of photos of them in different countries being cute. Sato proposes in the world’s romantic way. Their wedding is the most beautiful event known to grace the face of the mortal earth. They live happily ever after. Sato brews coffee for Mahiru every morning and Mahiru makes them breakfast and they cuddle while they have cute bedheads and it’s 👌

Ok I need to start being more positive tbh like genuinely?? I’m so happy with my friends and I feel so loved !! They care about me and it’s so nice I appreciate all the things they do for me and all the advice they’ve ever given me. I’m so glad to have known @grafitipete for a year now and to be their spouse and for how much they care about me, and @marthanna going on a year now and being her best friend and getting to listen to all her passions and cheer her on, I’m so grateful for my talks and friendship with @henshal, I absolutely adore @heroiris and I can’t believe we’re literally the same person, I’m so excited for my growing relationship with @nashira!! Love u guys.

tbh im glad my dad fights my mom because he notices my mom abusing us. no matter who tells her she’s excessively abusing her kids, whether it be her own kids or husband, she fights back by saying she doesn’t care what we think and she will do as she wants. this happens too often. we want her to stop her toxic behavior but we don’t know what to do. i told her to get help from a therapist or psychiatrist but she refuses. at some point she took my antidepressants away from me because she said she needed them more than i did which obviously prompted me to feel very sick.

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no one talks about Allison and Andrew enough tbh I need more hc with them being bffs because i'm rereading the Kings men and Allison nudges Renee to go comfort Andrew before Neil goes to comfort him like 👏🏽explain👏🏽this👏🏽

major thanks to @aristptle who helped create this monstrosity

  • okay, these two are like secret friends bc they have to stay on Brand™
  • but they do care about each other bc foxes are family
  • they’re mostly there for each other in little ways, like getting other people to comfort the other and tiny gestures
  • like Allison will give all her sugar to Andrew when the foxes get coffee bc she drinks it black and Andrew likes a tooth rotting amount of sugar
  • and Andrew will send her pictures of stuff he sees around that reminds him of Seth, bc none of the foxes ever really talk about the fact that he isn’t here anymore, so he acknowledges him bc he knows it’s what she needs to get over him
  • also, he’s the first one to bet that she and Renee are going to date, he places said bet before even they know they want to date, the only one who doesn’t bet gainst him is Neil bc he knows that Andrew doesn;t bet unless he’s sure 
  • also in other bets they help each other out in bets, they’re both the best and guessing what others will do, and together they are pretty much unstoppable, they text each other to confirm and then split the winnings
  • also, they bond over mutual hatred for humans and despair over fucking awful everyone is
  • like they can complain about people until the end of the world
  • they both do the *looks into the camera like on the office* thing when someone is being stupid except the camera is each other’s faces
  • eventually, everyone falls asleep on movie nights and it just turns into Andrew vs. Alison ‘who can make the snarkiest comments
  • they’re working their way through shitty horror movies and the sharknado franchise one quip at a time
  • the first time Allison gets the slightest smirk in response to her jab she feels like she just won all the awards, also she discovers the secret that when Andrew smiles normally, not the drug induced manic one, he has dimples and then she understands Neil’s choice a little more
  • also, they’re the founding members of team ‘Stop Neil Dressing like a Loser’
  • End the Jorts 2k16
  • Allison would just walk up to Andrew and be like, hey you little freak, your boy needs some good clothes and if he doesn’t get them soon I’m going to burn all the clothes he has and Andrew would just give her the side-eye, and be like, fine, Neil we’re going shopping 
  • thus begin shopping trips where Neil is basically dragged around like a kid with his parents 
  • he buys light up trainers
  • Allison tried to stop him but he looked so happy with his glowing shoes and he’s already won Andrew round by looking so pleased with them
  • and Allison gets him a haircut that’s more advanced than his usual ‘just keep it out of my eyes’ style
  • he looks Hot
  • also, Andrew has punched people who try to hit on her and won’t take her ‘No’ seriously
  • like they’re all in Eden’s and some dick decides that Allison is an easy target and won’t leave her the fuck alone
  • all of a sudden the dick is sprawled on the ground with Andrew holding a knife against his throat whispering “No means no you fucking dick”
  • Allison could have dealt with it herself but she get’s that this is Andrew’s way of showing that he actually cares about her, he only extends his protection to those who mean something to him

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My old best friend is a Cap Rising and either everyone called her the most beautiful thing alive or some type of reptile (?) she has superrrrr long legs, and is super skinny. She is somewhat introverted, but extroverted is def her. She's a sag sun & moon lmao. She did not care what so ever what she told ppl. She did not held back on her thoughts but she's def not like you, you're funny as hell & blunt as fuck. She was more like "is everything alright with you.." bc of somethings she says

Lol I’m skinny as fuck too. I look like a strip of beef jerky tbh. but ya I am blunt I just say what I need to say I don’t hold back. ;3

New Girl Finale

Tbh the finale would’ve probably been a billion times better if Zooey weren’t pregnant and they weren’t just trying to hide her stomach for the last half of the season… like could you imagine the Nick and Jess reunion if she didn’t have to be careful with her stomach???? We could’ve gotten some Cooler and Quick Hardening Caulk type of scenes

skullheist  asked:


Tbh we didn’t talk that much but the fact that we share name is already cool enough to make me like u ;)) jkjk — okay but for real you’re such a nice, fun & sweet person to talk to?? i might say that a lot ngl but i really mean it!! 
It’s really nice to see how much you care & love Kanami, makes me want to learn more about her ( since i didn’t play the games / neither did i know of them before last month ) and rp a lot bc i believe both her and Tomo could def get along pretty well, they are already but more y’know!
Your writing is truly wonderful and I love to read your replies as much as whatever else you write; your mun posts makes u look like a really lovely person and it’s super cute to see when you get excited about something tbh?? hahaha i love enthusiasm what can i say <3

@lolotoituaiga ( starter )

        Now Alyssa wasn’t the one to usually raise her voice, not unless she absolutely felt like she needed to, but after seeing him pull such a stunt… it really just came out of herYou have to be more careful! Braun brutally attacked you and not a week later you’re coming after him? I know you’re fuckin’…. angry but you can’t do that when you’re not one hundred percent!

Who I will protect at all costs: Olivia Benson

Who deserves better: On this show, who doesn’t tbh? But for the sake of actually giving an answer let’s go with Dana Motherfucking Lewis because there was no reason to bring her back specifically to assassinate her character like that.

Who was killed off too early: Mini Dodds. They should have spent more time developing his personality if they were gonna kill him off bc I just did not care at all.

Who I used to hate but now I love: Carisi has definitely grown on me.

Who I used to love but now I hate: Like… everybody, kind of?

Who needs to be killed off asap: I don’t want anybody else killed off because it’ll just be another round of Liv Blames Herself (But Not Enough to Actually Change Anything).

Who is unfairly hated/loved: idk, I’ve been staying out of the fandom for a while.

Who needs to sort out their priorities: I love her, but Liv. The fact that she’s still projecting her issues about her birth father onto Noah is fucked up beyond reason (and honestly, boring af). I thought she put all that to rest years ago.

Who needs a hug: Barba. <3

Who needs to get out of their current relationship: P sure they’re all currently single in canon? Liv needs to stay that way for a while; they keep pairing her with guys who make no sense (Hayden, Cassidy, Tucker) and I was willing to suspend my disbelief and go with it but then they break up for no reason so like??? What’s the point???

Who the writers love: I can’t tell if they love Olivia or hate her tbh.

Who needs a better storyline: Literally everybody but especially Fin.

Who has an amazing redemption arc: Tucker could have had one if they’d done more than a half-assed job developing that ship before they tanked it.

Who is hot af: Benson, Barba, Cabot, etc.

Who belongs in jail: I mean it’s Law & Order so that’s kind of obvious.

Who needs to be revived from the dead: Justice for Sister Peg tbh.