tbh i need to be more careful with her.

help: cat needs a home in Chester County, PA

hi everyone! so my girlfriend @copperphosphate recently moved out and couldn’t bring her cat, and i can’t take care of any more pets on my own so we need to find an indefinite foster home for her. here’s a picture of her! 

her name is kalameet, she is 3-4 years old and very sweet. We are looking for a foster home because when our living situations change again we’d love to have her back, but we don’t know how long it will take so we’re asking for someone to keep in contact with us and take care of her. I live in New London PA, please contact me if you live nearby (anywhere in the tristate area) and are willing to give this lovely kitty a nice place to chill until we’re back on our feet together. thank you! 

new fun and hip au:

Mahiru is able to stop Sato from murdering Natsumi by walking into the music room beforehand. Mahiru literally drags her out of the room before anything bad can happen. She’s so emotional that she’s able to confess to Sato. They both have a good cry and Sato is also able to confess all of her feelings towards Mahiru. Natsumi realizes in this moment that ‘’hey i’ve really hurt them and i need to deal with some internalized issues’’ and has her own good cry with Fuyuhiko (tbh he started tearing up a lil too and broke his record) and Peko. 

This prompts Fuyuhiko to try even harder to properly express his feelings and care towards Peko, and through more tears and a lot of effort, his relationship with her and Peko’s own well-being improves. Fuyuhiko also attempts to become a better big brother, mellows as a person, makes friends with some of his classmates and decides to give up his heirship to Natsumi, because he never really wanted to become the next clan leader anyway and she had the yakuza qualities much stronger than he ever did. Peko is set free from the responsibility of being a hitwoman and is able to slowly become her own person and find value within herself with lots of love and support behind her (she also starts hanging out with Mahiru, Sato and a bunch of other female classmates and they spoil her and it’s precious).  

Sato and Mahiru are loving girlfriends (the cutest ever) and double date with Peko and Fuyuhiko somewhere down the line. Natsumi become a badass clan leader (possibly with an equally badass girlfriend?), yet has learned from her mistakes and has become a somewhat nicer person. There’s no despair and the tragedy never happened. 

Fuyuhiko can reach for his own dreams and learn how to show positive emotion without feeling the burden of family honor and being forced to become an instigator of violence. He never has to depend on his family, or anyone else ever again and is allowed to be sensitive and caring. Peko will never have to kill anyone again and is no longer doomed to exist as a tool. She’s allowed to be as soft and gentle as she wants. Fuyuhiko gives her space, although he’s always there when she needs support and also buys her a puppy.

When they’ve both properly healed and found themselves, they grow a precious relationship of mutual adoration, trust and support. They always make sure the other is 100% comfy in their relationship and date for many years. Their love matures like a fine wine and their bond as individuals and as romantic companions is unbreakable. They’re each other’s best friend, not one totally dependent on the other for worth and protection, but both perfectly bonded together in mutual, healthy affection. They basically become that couple who can show intimacy just by knowing what kind of socks the other prefers and slow dance in the kitchen or some shit. 

Basically, everyone is happy, and it’s all sunshine and rainbows (mostly).

Also, did I mention Sato lives and is forever in love with Mahiru? They hold hands, share pajamas, go on cute dates and Mahiru helps out with Sato’s mental health and everything becomes A-ok. Mahiru travels the world for her photography and Sato is there alongside her. Sato is so, so proud of her. They have albums full of photos of them in different countries being cute. Sato proposes in the world’s romantic way. Their wedding is the most beautiful event known to grace the face of the mortal earth. They live happily ever after. Sato brews coffee for Mahiru every morning and Mahiru makes them breakfast and they cuddle while they have cute bedheads and it’s 👌

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im out so i can't legit reply to ur reply on faith+pizza hut but like listen half of what i do is try to figure out how exactly faith manages to pay for food and her motel room while she's in sunnydale and tbh if i think too hard about it i get Mad because like... how was she supposed to do that???? h o w. my child

YEAH LIKE WHAT THE FUCK i’m so fried from The Spike Discourse but i’m honestly always mad and worried about faith…sometimes i feel like some people (giles) didn’t take care of her because they (giles) told themselves “well she obviously doesn’t need/want help and i don’t want to get my feelings hurt” but really they (giles) were too busy focusing on other people (buffy) who they (giles) thought appreciated them more


some mina redesign notes, redesigning characters and stuff is so fun :D


SO my skullgirls team is beo/squigly/cerebella and ever since i watched ore monogatari i like to think beo has personal space issues sometimes and that’s a constant bother for a certain acrobat who admires him very very much (and who also i like to think has a bit of a crush on him but thats a secret). squigly doesnt mind though tbh leviathan cares more than her.

haha who needs backgrounds honestly

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How do feel about plance and a toradora! Au taiga looks, to me anyway, a bit like pidge. Omg i just saw the show and i need an au like that in my life

I always saw toradora as more of a kidge scenario tbh considering takasu is depicted as a scary looking guy who’s actually not really that scary. But honestly taiga reminds me A LOT of pidge especially because I see her as a big tsundere with people she cares about

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what kinda girl do you see the devil boy going for? he's kinda hard for me to figure out tbh because he's said he wants her to see him as a man and sort of depend on him a little but then he makes it obvious that she'd need to take care of him ego wise so i'm just like ????

tbh idk why but i can see jimin really being into a thicc girl who look high class af even tho she lowkey broke. he’d really get a pretty ass hoe bc he gonna wanna brag about her so hes gonna b sure di girl he get with is gonna b beter looking than di rest of bts’ girls/boys tbh. she’d really gas him up n i think she’d b di type to bring his hoe / devil side out more

Moving out really does help you get a better relationship with your parents tbh

My mom is a lot nicer to me now that I’m gone, and both her and my dad seems to miss me.

I just feel a lot more cared for now then I was

Like… life at home really sucked before and I was sad. Like I’m still generally sad but when I go to my parent’s house, I don’t hide in my room and they ask me if I need anything or some times ask me what I wanna eat that night??

And I talk more to them and it doesn’t feel like it’s forced.

Headcanon where McGonagall asks professor Remus J. Lupin some help, because her office is full of very old paperwork that she does not need anymore and she needs help to throw away some useless material. Remus, the caring useful baby he is, is promptly willing to help.

It’s almost midnight when he knocks on McGonagall’s office, but nobody answers. The door is half-opened. He hesitates only a minute and pushes the door slightly open. The office is empty, but there are at least twenty dusty boxes on Minerva’s desk. Remus has no idea what impels him to go forward but he suddenly finds himself alone in the room. There’s a box, probably the biggest one, in which a note is attached. He recognizes McGonagall’s handwriting even before he takes the piece of parchment.

“You can start with this one, if it’s not too much trouble.”

Remus frowns for a moment, but pulls the box closer. Inside, dozens of very yellowish and timeworn parchments. He randomly choses one and unfolds it. He is still frowning when he realizes what he is dealing with. That boxes are familiar to him - he had seen them before on Filch’s office so, so many years ago. It was the registry of years and years of detentions given to the past years Hogwarts’ students.

Remus’s knees suddenly goes weak and he’s already aware of what he’s going to find, but he rolls the box frantically until he recognizes another handwriting - Argus Filch’s - marking two names on its surface.

James Potter and Sirius Black.

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I think we need more Carla/Eren interactions. She's the best mom tbh

She is the best I love her so much! So this was the first thing that came into my head lol I was gonna do it as Eren being a kid in canon but I really wanted teenage Eren and Carla :3 so it is T for sexual implications and discussions. I think she’d be the type mother who’d be like I don’t care if you’re doing it but I’m gonna make sure you’re doing it right

Also HAPPY BIRTHDAY eremikadefensesquad. I hope you enjoy all this awkward embarrassed Eren I know you love so much <3

“Any reason you didn’t want to go grocery shopping alone?” Eren asked from his spot in the passenger seat glancing over at Carla. “Cause normally you ban me from coming.”

Carla laughed putting her eyes on the road. “Is there something wrong with wanting to spend time with my son while he’s still on summer break?”

Eren eyed her, probably thinking she was up to something which was not the case. Mostly.

“Oh fine,” Carla said. “What time is Mikasa coming over?”

“4pm when she gets home from practice.”

“We have plenty of time then, stop whining.”

Eren snorted but he didn’t say anything else, he just leaned back in his seat and looked down at his phone. Carla could remember when he couldn’t even sit in the front seat, when he was in his carseat calling out all the colors of the cars. Now he was as tall as her and could probably carry him around like she did to him. He wasn’t a little boy, he was seventeen years old and growing up fast. Very fast judging by the condom wrappers she found in his pants pocket.

Okay, maybe she did have an ulterior motive. She just wanted to make sure they were being safe and that everything was healthy. It wasn’t like she didn’t know this day would come; he was a teenage boy who had been in love with the girl next door for longer than he probably knew. It was always bound to happen, and that was okay. It was normal.

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chat noir being super worried about marinette’s wellbeing bc he saw she was in the vicinity of an akuma attack and rushing off after the akuma is cleansed to make sure she’s ok and ladybug rushing to beat him and transform back to marinette is among my favorite marichat fic tropes tbh