tbh i love all of them

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Classic: Yuri!!! On ice (and yes it's a classic already for everyone who wonders :P)

  • Favorite Male Character = Yuuri. My boy. I don’t draw enough of this anxious bundle of joy.
  • Favorite Female Character = tie between ALL OF THEM. ALL OF THE GIRLS.
  • Least Favorite Character = I guess I could care less about Minami tbh. Cute kid, but like… eh
  • Favorite Friendship = Otabek and Yuri duh. They’re lovely. (Ishipthemhardcorebutlet’skeepthatbetweenusfriendseh?)
  • Favorite Quote “He meets me where I am” if that moment didn’t shake you to your core we can’t be friends
  • Worst Character Death (if any) = God I hope not lol
  • This made me so happy you have no idea Moment = THAT FUCKIN. DRUNK DANCE SCENE. AND THE STAMMI VICINO DUET. THE WHOLE END OF EPISODE 12. I JUST. I
  • Saddest Moment = for me it’s when Yuuri basically breaks down on the ice after performing Eros at the grand prix final. He did such a good job but he got stuck in his head and it wasn’t enough and he KNOWS it and it hurts. I feel that so deeply it’s insane. 
  • Favorite Location = That church in Barcelona. I need to visit there soon.

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92 please xx

92. I think you’re an angel

It had been the night of their wedding, where they flew to Greece after the after party and wound up entangled in bed all night and through the early A.M.

Harry was the first one to wake, blinking his eyes a few times to the fuzzy, bright room around them. The Greek sunlight shone through the windows, painting the sun’s rays in funny patters along the bare hotel room walls. Her wedding dress lay messily folded in the corner, his tux jacket strewn somewhere he didn’t have the energy to look.

But most importantly, his wife lay in the nude next to him, love bites covering from her neck to her thighs. Her make up still heavily painted on as obviously the two were a little too busy for her to wash it off last night, mascara flecks down her cheeks.

Harry would never get use to waking up to his wife, as even she in the midst of her slumber was a sight for sore eyes, beautifully displaying his physical signs of love for her.

Y/N stirred, stretching her arms out above her before shuffling around and languidly popping her eyes open. They instantly met Harry, whom smiled lovingly.

“Morning my love,” He whispered, petting down pieces of frazzled hair from her forehead. “How are you feeling?”

“Sore. So sore but I feel good.”

“S'what I like to hear.”

Harry shuffled closer, pulling her by her hips into the shape of his body in which they resembled cutlery. He tucked his head on her shoulder, breathing in the left over scent of her perfume the night before.

“Yesterday was like from a dream.” Y/N beamed. “Everything that could’ve gone wrong went right and it was the happiest day of my life.”

“Mine too. Happiest man on Earth, marrying you.”

They sunk back in to silence, one full of lazy movements and soft sighs. Harry was even sure he dozed off a little bit, awakening again with Y/N playing and twisting the rings on his fingers.

“You know,” Harry started with a raspy voice. “My exact thought when you were walking down the aisle was, ‘My God. I think she’s an angel. I think I’m marrying an angel sent down from Heaven, specifically made for me.’”

Y/N’s cheeks heated and she kissed his knuckle with a bashful smile. “You’re too sweet.”

“M'serious.” He murmured, spinning her around in their embrace so that they faced each other, the cream colored blankets getting twisted in their legs.

“I… I can’t say what it exactly is but you were made for me. Sent down from Heaven or sommat but I’ve never felt so lucky in my whole live as I do in this moment with you.”

Tears welled up in the back of her eyes as she felt the exact same way as Harry did. The rest of
their day was spent lying in bed, giving themselves to each other in the Greek summer over and over again.

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I have an actual question. What form does Leaf like to eat in? It only makes sense since a human and a raccoon are very different animals(yeh we animals, deal ppl) and would have different taste preferences. Like, we all know he likes fish and chips, but does it tastes better as a raccoon or a human? Idk I'm just a curious cat.

He would buy some chips, find a nice lovely spot, turns back into a raccoon and eat them. Nothing to do with taste reference tbh. he likes a certain food, that normal human wouldn’t eat but fish and chips are good either way.

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Maybe some hance headcanons if you're up for it? ~soft-pidge

i’m always up for hance. i’m gonna do “if hance were to happen in the actual show, this is how i’d imagine it happening” cause that’s just what i wanna do lol

  • ok, so these two would be ridiculous levels of slow burn. like, “hint at it a lil bit the entirety of the last season, and don’t confirm it till the last episode (and inevitable post-show comic)” k0rrasami levels of slow burn
  • they’ve been shown as best friends from the beginning of the show, but tbh, i’d love to see them not knowing things about each other, and honestly being surprised by each other
  • we all know that hunk and lance are in for some character development in the coming seasons (i’m v excited about it), and i’d really love for them each to be surprised by the other and really have some deeply emotional scenes with them both, where we really get to see their inner workings, especially Hunk
  • OK SO ANYWAY, like i said, I imagine them largely getting real  relationship build up in a final season, so assumedly the Bad Guy is still yet to be defeated, and everyone is concentrating on that, but they’ve all been fighting for probably years now, and i’m sure other relationship drama has occurred/is occurring. 
  • and then there’s lance and hunk. they’ve been through a lot together, by this point, and they’re closer than they’ve ever been. they’ve both changed, as people, but they’re still themselves and they still both care deeply for each other, and are closer than than they ever thought possible. like, they thought they were good friends before all this started, but now it’s like they’re two sides of the same coin (coughcough two halves of the same soul coughcough)
  • they’re that slow burn couple that both love each other so deeply, who both realize pretty naturally that their feelings aren’t so platonic and don’t really freak out about it at all cause it just feels so right and natural
  • so, they defeat the Big Bad (probably Zarkon and the Galra Empire, but ya never know who else may come into play) and they’re probably back on Arus havin’ a party cause hell yeah Voltron won. and both Hunk and Lance are in nice attire and enjoying the party, but then Lance goes off alone and Hunk notices and follows him
  • They chat for a while, about how it’s really all over, how they’ll actually be going home, now. Hunk turns away from Lance to look out at the setting Arusian sun and comments how “everything is so different, now”
  • Lance watches Hunk for a moment, lost in how the softened light looks on his skin and hair, before he grabs Hunk’s shoulder, giving it a squeeze and grinning in his face.
  • Lance tells him to come to Varadera Beach. Hunk says he has to go to see his family, and Lance is like “they’ll come too, obviously. we don’t have to worry about travel, I’m sure Allura won’t mind if you use your Lion for some free air fare”
  • And Hunk is like “what about the others” and Lance says “I guess they can come, later, but maybe just the two of us, at least for a little while”
  • and Hunk says ok, kinda soft and a little breathy cause this feels like more, so much more, but is it?
  • and then they’re just looking into each other’s eyes as the sun goes down, and Lance’s hand that had been resting on Hunk’s shoulder is slowly placed against his cheek. When Hunk doesn’t move away, just keeps looking at Lance, eyes brimming with hope, Lance slowly brushes his thumb against Hunk’s cheek.
  • Hunk raises his hand and places it over Lance’s, pressing his face further into it, and then Lance’s hand is slipping into Hunk’s hair and their faces are suddenly closer and then they’re kissing. and it’s so soft, so quiet, so natural and right, that it doesn’t matter at all that they kind of missed each other’s lips, or that this is their first kiss, because it feels like they’ve done this before and that they’ll keep doing it, again and again and again.
  • And that’s Hunk and Lance’s end:)

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Haha Alex when she's older and can read more at Lexa's football game be like: "Mommy, why do all those people have papers saying 'I love lexa?' We love her more! And then she does something towards those people or runs on the field or something lol

People have crazy signs lol. “We love Lexa”, “Fuck me Lexa”, pics of Lexa’s face. Alex doesn’t understand them at all and she’s jealous as a kid tbh

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Is it bad that RNJR is my favorite team and I'll be sad when they disband? It has all my favorite characters and my two favorite ships. RNJR is for me what JNPR was to many fans. Beat Team and Team Ship. They were also my favorite storyline in Volume 4, I'll miss it. 😳

aaaa it isn’t! I definitely feel ya! I love RWBY and JNPR so much but tbh I felt like the dynamics between RNJR were the most natural. even though they’re not really “official”, RNJR is obviously my favorite team as well and I honestly would like to see more interactions between them in V5. and plus I ship everyone in RNJR together except for perhaps red lotus lol

I don’t think they’ll really “disband”; I assume they’re still going to be working together, just this time with _WBY around. I’m actually pretty excited for _WBY to come to Mistral because it’ll be the first time team RWBY will be together after the Fall of Beacon. That being said though, I will miss seeing just the four of them as a team.

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The perversion in AB is insane tbh. Like RP is one thing but when they write out detailed sex scenes I felt that's over the line. I love all my yaois and stuff but with these kind of stuff I would say it should be in private. Some accounts I see them writing so much of these stuffs in detail I just try to avoid them because it just feel really uncomfortable lol. Also I've played DG before and tbh the community reminds me of my other game. People are just so desperate for free stuffs I guess :/

Yup and I hate to say it but a friend and I may have started the whole sex thing in AB… we didn’t write out sex scenes, but we did do several RPs in our memos that were quite popular and after that the sex started popping up everywhere…. :( Yeah DG just has a ton of greedy people. I’m glad the other games don’t have gifting or trading options. I can only imagine the harassment I’d get if something like that came to AB…

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It's strange. I've never met anyone with the exact same taste as me and yet here you are. I think I've kinda hero-worshiped you since I stumbled across your pretty little blog. But tbh how could I not?

( ♡ ♡ ♡ i’m so happy you enjoy the look and feel of things around here. it’s sort of the same as gathering up all of your cherished things – embarrassing old love notes and expired lipsticks you just can’t throw out, novels gone yellow, concert ticket stubs, a stuffed puppy you’ve had since 1986 that was once pink but now it’s beige from time and too much handling when you were little and your dad won it from a crane machine  – letting someone look at all of those things and having them smile and say fondly, “oh shit, i have one of these, too.” or something. tysm for sending this my way. so much. xxxo) 

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I think it's nice how most of the characters have different colored eyes and all but like there's only like one character with brown eyes. Most of them have blue eyes. I feel like it's a little backwards :/

Brown eyes are lovely and I wish they were as admired as blue eyes tbh

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She also has been getting mad at me if I hang out with other people without inviting her, and gets mad at me if I even bring it up. Then hangs out wih other people and talks about how much she had, and how she loves hanging out with them and cant wait to see yhem again. She never asks me how I'm doing or texts me firsr and gets mad if I am busy with school. What should I do? (2/2)

tbh from everything you’ve told me that all just seems like a really unhealthy friendship. i’d advise ending the friendship in one way or another. whether that’s simply telling her you’re done with her or slowly distancing yourself until she’s not really part of your life anymore. if she gets mad at you for it or tries to confront you about it than remember what she’s said and done- she doesn’t really have a right to be mad if she’s been treating you so badly. she did it to herself.

regardless of what you choose to do with her i’d really suggest investing your time in your other friends no matter what she says about it. she is not a good friend. hang out with other people, spend your time with them, she isn’t owed an explanation as to why or owed an invitation, especially since she’s been so callous to you.

i get that it’s difficult to cut off someone who you once viewed as a best friend, but in this case i think it’s probably the only option. she wasn’t who she was before, regardless of whatever you’ve been through before she isn’t your best friend. if she was she wouldn’t demean, belittle or try to control you you, she’d be supportive of your interests and of you as a person. and she’d be fine with you having your own friends and wouldn’t feel entitled to being a part of all of your life while keeping your separate from her own.

so idk the answer to this question seems obvious.. what should you do?? get the f outta there she is not being an even halfway decent friend much less a best friend… sometimes we have to let go of people even if they held some importance to us previously. it can hurt but idk if she would change even if you confronted her about it. if you want to bring up your grievances with her you can, tho sometimes people just aren’t worth the effort.

really sorry you’re having to deal with this, it sucks when someone we put so much trust in just completely ruins it. you can mourn for who she was but it’s best to let her go and find and cultivate relationships people who you know actually care about you and will treat you well. you don’t want to be in any kind of relationship with someone who makes you feel bad about yourself and drains your emotionally. our relationships with people should be centered around support, encouragement and understanding.

wish u the best, hope this helped somewhat.

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Hi Mon! Which is your fave dessert? Showers or bubble bath? Do you sing under the rain? If you see a "mountain" of dry leaves, do you walk on them or do you avoid it? Favorite team in KnB? In a café AU, which of the 19 boys would you prefer as waiters and which ones as customers, why? *huggles*

aah, this reply comes a bit late, but thank you so much for asking, gaby!! im sending you all the hugs 💕

moving on to your questions!!

- im not really a desserts kind of person tbh, but i LOVE tiramisu, it’s just so delicious!! i like simple lemon cake quite a lot too, and i have very fond memories related to it of when my grandma used to make it for my birthday when i was a child!!

- bubble baths!!!!!! i don’t have the time to enjoy one very often, but they are so relaxing, and i always feel so good after i take one!! im also slightly allergic to mosquito bites (which is damn unfortunate, because mosquitoes love me apparently), and baths do miracles when it comes to soothe the itchiness

- im not taking the risk to make someone’s ears bleed, so that’s a no;;;;; as much as i like singing, im terribly off-key, so i only do that when im in the shower!! i also get the urge to sing when im in a car, especially if any queen songs come up on the radio, but again, i don’t hate anyone so much to make them go through that kind of torture;;;;;

- i like to walk on dried leaves, but if i see them rounded-up in a pile i usually avoid them tbh (you never know what you could find underneath it;;;;)

- [RIPS SHIRT TO REVEAL A SHUTOKU JERSEY] (not that im not very fond as seirin as well, but shutoku is just so good, the match against rakuzan sealed the deal to me and it always breaks my heart every time i reread it)

- i usually prefer to imagine guan shan as the waiter in coffee shop AUs, mostly because i can’t really see he tian as one?? i feel like he would be great at charming costumers and convincing them to come back again, but really terrible at making the drinks!! as for jian yi and zheng xi, i don’t really have any preference tbh, i can see it working out pretty well either way!! i like the idea of guan shan and zheng xi being colleagues, and jian yi coming in every single day and being painfully obvious about his crush on zheng xi, until one day he tian shows up as well to see this zheng xi he heard so much about and make fun of jian yi, but JOKES ON HIM, because he comes back from that with the most embarrassing crush on guan shan!! but at the same time, i can also see waiter jian yi falling in love with college student zheng xi - who is quiet and serious and always comes in at the same hour every day to study - and guan shan having to deal with jian yi’s over the top reactions and dreamy sighs every time jian yi sees zheng xi, as if he didn’t already have enough problems dealing with that asshole he tian who for some reason keeps bothering him!! so yeah, i think my favorite combination is probably guan shan and zheng xi as waiters and he tian and jian yi as costumers, but all the combinations could be very interesting!!

each house musicals



Rocky horror picture show



I’ve actually had this rolling around in my head for weeks and it was funny when I first thought of it. Sometimes I am self-conscious of my dumb ideas.  


“It’s hard to tell the truth, and it’s hard to hear it. It involves feelings. It could make us feel uncomfortable with each other. But, to all of us, [hearing the truth] wasn’t bad. I believe Solar’s words strengthened our unity.”