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Hey y'all, I’m Spencer, Spence or anything you can really think of. I’m a model and I survive on coffee and anything crime related. When I’m not behind the camera you can bet your ass I’m watching the investigation discovery channel. I love dogs tbh and if you have one I’m gonna pay more attention to them than you, sorry, dogs first. As you can tell I like tattoos and yes I hate clothes. If you wanna be friends like this or message me at oliveemoji 🤙🏼

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Giorno and josuke Headcannons for a s/o who was pronounced dead, but later its found out that theyre a certified assassin that had been sent to kill them. Of course the s/o dosent wanna kill them, but its a great time for a reunion right?? (Im horrible at request scenarios but all i know is i love giorno so im sorry if its a horrible prompt)

Aaah! I love this request tbh, even if it’s hard for me to think of a reason why Josuke would have an assassin sent after him lol. (ALSO THE JOSUKE ONE WASN’T SUPPOSED TO BE THAT LONG BUT IT FELT INCOMPLETE WITHOUT ALL OF IT!)


  • Josuke refused believe his love was dead. At first he thought the note on his door about you being killed was some sick prank, but after days of you going missing, the reality of the situation would sink in. Rather than the police or something, Josuke would immediately get the crew in Morioh and call up Jotaro to tell them about the letter and that you were missing.
  • Even though they searched for months, there had been no sign of you, and every day that passed deepened the cracks in Josuke’s heart. Every day had been a nightmare of self blame and of thoughts of what might have happened to you. Thoughts of how your death could have been so, so painful, and that he wasn’t there to fix it like he always promised he would.
  • After accepting that you weren’t going to be a part of his life anymore, Josuke would head to the spot where the two of your first met. He’d close his eyes and take a deep breath, before feeling a knife press against his neck. Though you were prepared to for him to fight back the moment he opened his eyes, when he did, his face went from completely tense to overwhelmingly relieved, almost as if he completely forgot the knife to his neck (which is mostly because he DID.)
  • “Babe… Babe, you’re back!” He’d pause, holding back his tears. “I looked everywhere for you! Are you okay?! Were you hurt?!”
  • His genuine concern for you caused you to drop your knife and cry as well. He’d immediately hold you as close as he could to him, all while crying into your shoulder about how much he missed, and how he had wished everyday that he could see you again.


  • Losing his lover was devastating to him. At first he didn’t want to believe it, he hadn’t been there when you ‘died’ after all, and he knew that you were strong enough to protect yourself… but after ‘DNA’ evidence was taken from your ‘corpse’, he would have no choice but to accept. While he didn’t allow himself to be affected for very long, he internally blamed himself everyday you were gone.

  • So waking to you hovering above him in bed was immediately like a dream to him. He reached out to you, running his fingers through your hair.

  •  “Amore mio… Please, forgive me. I never meant for you to get hurt.“ 

  • Though his face was serene in his half asleep state, the tears that were forming in his eyes stood in contrast as they begun to drip down his cheeks and his breathing became unsteady.

  • In response, you couldn’t help but pull the knife you had away from his throat before holding him in an embrace. You began to cry and apologize profusely, admitting to him that you had been hired to assassinate him and that you were too scared to defy your orders. Though you expected him to become angry at your revelation, all he did was rub your back as you cried, whispering sweet nothings and kissing the top of your head, promising that he’ll take care of everything as long as you continued to stay by his side and never leave him again.

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If someone of YOI was to be asexual, who do you think it would be?

I think it could be anyone tbh! It all depends on how you want to read the characters. I think I can definitely see Minami or Seung Gil as asexual the most though, but I’m curious what other people think?!

If anyone has some asexual headcanons you should reply or reblog this and let me know because I would love to hear them, and I’m assuming this anon would too 💕

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What is your tumblr squad?

ive seen a lot of people get asked this so about time i jump aboard the tumblr squad train

uhhh, basically, there’s only about 3-4 people who i talk too daily on tumblr but then i have some friends who i dont talk to for weeks and then we just start up a conversation (over something stupid or whatever) and we end up talking all night & tbh i count them both type of friends as my tumblr squad so here we go

@pixiebeansimmer breanna is my bae, dont mess with her ok? she has a fab legacy & wants to be some kind of doctor so that means shes super smart. she also sends me loads of physics questions she gets & it gives me migraines. 

@simaroosimblr eleanor is the absolute fucking devil, i send her so many spoilers for my legacy and what i get in return is NONE whatsoever so go fuck yourself (dont rlly i love you). eleanor was also one of my first (if not actually the first) tumblr friends so i really appreciate her for that as it let be more confident in making friends on this website

@spritsi what can i say they’re bobi. bobi bobi bobi. i could say their name for hours on end & still love it. i bitch to them about everything, just dont get drunk around them they gets triggered easily jkjkjk. they also have some fine ass good quality content right there, “lol”.

@sims-creations helena is my partner in crime. we be creating plot twists all night to surprise her followers/audience and tbh it’s so amusing & fun. we also get some bitching in there v v v trustworthy, she da bomb. i’m also her editing queen for pictures ;)))

@floydiansim alice is amazingggggg and she is not rude whatsoever, she makes amazing cc and i love her. shes one of them people who u dont talk to for weeks & then u end up just talking all night, once again i love her. she also one of my baes. (but breanna is my main bae)

@fadepixels last but not least amber. she was also one of my friends in my early days of kattsimmer, who remembers the pierce legacy anyone??? (ha, no one will because it was a pile of poop) amber got to like generation 11 or 12 of this witch legacy meanwhile i struggle getting to generation 2 so gg amber, gg.

i think thats everyone but if i forgot anyone im sorry these are just the people i talk too a lot and they’re da bomb so go check out all of their tumblrs!

Bellarke Fic Recs

I love this show so fucking much but I did stop watching after season two because I stopped loving it and I never wanted that to happen so all of these fics will only be set pre season three or au (mostly au). You can view my other fic rec pages here and if anyone knows who wrote any of these please let me know and i’ll give credit

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i’ll find the drabble (or re-write it) later, but the basics of human!thea is that she started out as an intern back when OW first started (i think she’s around mccree’s age, maybe two or four years older) and then was hired on when she turned eighteen. 

got her master’s in computer science at 15, phd at 20. (actually that would put her right at winston’s age, wouldn’t it? anyways) she and winston worked side by side all the way until overwatch was shut down. she returned to gibraltar with winston all the way until the recall happened.

reaper attacked. she took a shotgun to the back. winston saved her life, but she is now wheelchair bound.

if anyone would like to work in her human verse, i would love it tbh. i would really love some older members of ow who know her (including reaper!!) and have them interact. she’s a lovely tiny woman (4′11″) who just wants her family back together

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Will Carol be the one to make a move on Daryl or will it be the other way around? What's your ideal scenario for what their first kiss will look like?

I can see both of them making a move tbh. My ideal scenario though, would be him making a sort of love confession while she initiates the kiss. He talks about how much she means to him and that he can’t lose her, and she closes the gap, kissing him. She breaks the kiss (while Daryl is all “wait wait, I want more”). Then they both stare at each other, she says “me too” and he kisses her all eager while she smiles.

*wow I made myself emotional*

I love how those adult coloring books claim to be “relaxing” or “stress-free” but tbh I find them to be the complete opposite, do u know how much stress I was goin through tryna color all those tiny-ass little dots? or my hand cramping up cause I had to color all those unnecessary detailed patterns??? that shit ain’t relaxing, it’s tedious asf


robert „romance novel” sugden